Why I am not active on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

It seems the stakes in the political arena are getting larger, and Coughing Hillary is wondering why she isn’t 50 points ahead of The Donald. Facebook is firmly in Camp Hillary and thus willingly censors critical voices. Speak out against Hillary, mass immigration, or feminism, and you will face repercussions. No, this doesn’t just affect you if you are as popular as Lauren Southern. That Facebook readily bans pages with a large following is even more chilling, in fact, as it shows that they just don’t care anymore about how their censorship is being perceived.

If I posted on Facebook, I probably wouldn’t last long. An algorithm would pick up that I am anti-Hillary, giving me the boot as a response. Furthermore, if you don’t run a Facebook “page”, you may not be aware of the fact that you have to pay if you want to reach your audience. This wasn’t always like that. You used to be able to post freely. However, now that you are presumably locked in, Facebook seems to “strongly feel” that it should charge you.

Censorship also happens on Twitter, but that is not the main reason I don’t engage with that platform. I was quite appalled when Milo got banned on Twitter, seemingly because he was not respecting the “safe space” of libtards. You can promote violence against white guys all day long. Apparently Twitter “feels” that ISIS shouldn’t be pestered. Instead of clamping down on promoters of Islamic terrorism, you’ll get shafted if you notify Twitter about such activities of other users. I can’t say that I am keen on being active on such a platform. Besides, Twitter is just inane. When I started picking up women, I passed on the chance of fucking quite a few who sent me gibberish. I wasn’t too keen on communicating in “text speak” back then, and today we have a platform that pretends we can have genuine public discussions in that way. srsly smh

My reason for not producing content on YouTube are a bit different. I couldn’t easily fit video recordings into my daily life. If you find this odd, then I challenge you to record an anti-feminist video at university or in the office while you are on your lunch break. Let me know how it goes. Also, as a recipient, I dislike video. I can easily skim a text and get a rough overview about its content. With video this is not possible. Besides, YouTube also clamps down on women-hating rednecks, or anyone who just dares to question the status quo. Quite recently they started “de-monetizing” videos of such creators. Libtards were quick to state that this wasn’t censorship. Well, that may be the case. But by providing a negative incentive for creators of critical videos, the end effect will be quite similar.

14 thoughts on “Why I am not active on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

  1. Hi Aaron, ein bisschen Off-Topic: Die Schrift hebt sich wegen der Farbe nicht gut vom Hintergrund ab, und ist daher etwas schlechter zu lesen. Insgesamt sieht das Blog aus, als ob sich ein Nebelschleier darüber gelegt hätte. Bitte mach die Schriftfarbe dunkler (am besten gleich schwarz).


  2. Hey Aaron, have you ever considered making a podcast? You can set up with iTunes for subscribers to follow and rate, set up a Patreon for monthly donations, and do Youtube streams for special episodes. That’s prettymuch the way people establish it these days, anyway.

    1. I prefer the written word. However, I don’t want to categorically exclude producing a podcast. My plate is rather full, so I’d rather not make even more plans.

  3. Hey Aaron,

    I don’t usually post on political topics as I care very little for it, so I tend to ignore it. Sue me i’m willingly apathetic. However, as I hate the manosphere cries of support for Trump. I understand you dislike Hilary, I get she’s a very unlikeable character, but does that put you in pro-Trump category. If so, as I believe you are quite capable of making a coherent argument, I would like to hear your opinions as to why you would choose him over Hillary? If you don’t support him or think he’s asinine, forget I asked and insulted your good judgement.

    1. I am firmly in the pro-Trump camp. Hillary is a liar and crook. Her political career is littered with scandals. The latest revelation of deleting 30,000 emails after (!) having received a subpoena should put her in jail. Or think of the recent exposure of the Clinton Foundation, which amounted to little more than a pay-for-play scheme for the 1%. This is just the tip of the iceberg, though. I could write a whole series of posts on why Hillary Clinton is human garbage.

      In contrast, Trump is a straight-shooter, unafraid to call a spade a spade. Due to being a billionaire, he can’t be bribed either. Recall that Obama doesn’t even dare to utter the words “Islamic terrorism”, and neither does Hillary. The Democrats willingly ruin the United States, but all is well as long as they get to line their pockets.

    1. Yeah, I read that post of Adams’ too. He phrased it with a grain of salt, though.

      I saw the second debate, and I really liked Trumps performance. He retaliated rather well, while fighting the two mods at the same time.

      Personally I’m not sure, how much milk Killary will be able to suck out of those Feminism-SJW-tits come November. Of course the media keeps propping her up big time, but the reality-based perception of a large part of the population is an entirely cup of tea. Never forget the change-based argument and Killarys entire Clinotnite background.

      I’d say, the entire situation is so unprecedented and appears so manipulated, that the entire race can only be judged when it’s finished and when the polls are coming in. And then everyone will see…

      That being said these days I do reside in Europe and am not allowed to participate in the election anyway. 😉

    2. Also note that the polls are highly manipulated and not at all reflect the opinion of voters. I recently had a look at one of the bigger election polls, I think it was Gallup, according to which Hillary was well over 10 % ahead of Trump. However, their sample consisted of about 30% self-identified Republicans and over 50% of self-identified Democrats, while the rest was claimed to be independent.

      That pattern is not at all uncommon. Just think of Brexit, which no poll saw coming, or, which is maybe more relatable for my fellow Germans, the Forsa “institute” (= private company in that case), which has a long history of dramatically underestimating election outcomes of the Alternative fuer Deutschland.

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