ProtonMail/YandexMail Issue (Attn: Cycle Path)

I recently encountered a very odd problem with YandexMail, which is my primary email client, and I do not find a lot of information about this problem online. It seems to be a configuration issue. Here is the error message:

Diagnostic-Code: X-Yandex; lost connection with[] while performing the EHLO handshake

From what I gather, the issue is related to a configuration problem at Yandex, but as a mere consumer, I cannot fix it. I also never had a similar problem before. Anyway, if anyone of you needs to reach out to me via email and you use ProtonMail, perhaps send an email to my ProtonMail account (aaron.s.elias@…) and not my Yandex account.

3 thoughts on “ProtonMail/YandexMail Issue (Attn: Cycle Path)

  1. Aaron,
    What about donations? Should we still use your Yandex account?

    Should we also use your prontonmail to book consultations?

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