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Pod Living and Augmented Reality

We are at the point where it is non-trivial to distinguish between real and fake videos. In the following, I assume that the video below has not been staged. It shows an apartment with a special kind of windows that can display any scene. Have a look at it yourself:

Even if this video has been faked, such technology surely is not far off. I recall reading that modern movie sets are created digitally and manipulated in real-time. This is simply a toy version of this.

Such technology opens up entirely new possibilities for our hostile elites. We know that they want to shove us into 15-minute cities while they enjoy their jet-setting lifestyle, partying it up on the island of Jeffrey Epstein’s successor. There is the disparaging term “coom pod” for cramped single-person housing that lacks amenities. I also know that there are countries, such as China, were you can find apartments that do not have any windows at all. You may also have encountered this in some larger hotels, even four-star hotels that cater to business travelers. Thus, fake widows have already been somewhat normalized, only the new digital gloss has not.

If the goal is to completely segregate people and shove them into coom pods, then getting them expensive headsets to distract them may be a bit expensive and also entail a large maintenance burden. In contrast, a coom pod with large fake windows that display beautiful nature, the kind that exists nowhere within 15-minute cities, may be a cheap solution for sedating people and accepting their fate. From a purely economic perspective, you also have to understand that it is simply not feasible that everybody has access to nature or live in anything larger than a pod. Instead, you need to embrace modern values and reduce your CO2 footprint. Thus, lead back and enjoy the view while you chew on your Soylent Green! I can very well live without this kind of technological advancement, however.

2 thoughts on “Pod Living and Augmented Reality

  1. Religion may have been the opiate of the masses during a time long ago, but now since mass media has run its course, it’s now technology.

    This reminds me of a series of books and even a television show by William Shatner called TekWar centering around “tek”, a “digital drug” in the form of a microchip that simulates augmented or even virtual reality for its users with brain damaging effects:

    Except in reality, this is something being endorsed by the elites, not prohibited.

  2. Also, the rise of “co-living” spaces in major cities mirrors the overall trend of social breakdown. While normally adults who would have friends or family to split rent with or learn to forge new alliances with strangers to make city living work was a fixture of modern young professional life, you have a generation of adults who cannot do so and are compelled to sign on such leases curated by real estate companies to pair strangers together. I’ve lived in one such arrangement and found a high number of people in that building single at an older age bracket who less and less people would tolerate living with outside of intimate or family relationships, which they could not develop. People like these, if they cannot afford their own place by this point in life, find themselves less wanted as roommates and need to subscribe to these services, being stuck living with equally damaged people.

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