Rapidly Aging Latino Women

It is well-known that Latinas age poorly. However, I never witnessed this directly. Sometimes, albeit rarely, I run into Latinas, young or old, but I never worked closely with such a woman. The other day, though, a post by a Latina I had met years ago popped up in my LinkedIn feed. Her name sounded vaguely familiar but her face did not. When I looked at her profile picture, I almost felt bad for her.

When I first bumped into this particular woman, she was bubbly, flirtatious, well-liked, and perfectly suited for her tech recruiting job. She had a slim figure, which she liked to show off, and was overall quite pleasant to look at. At that point, she was presumably between 25 and 27. Now she is in her early 30s and barely even looks as if she is the same person. She ballooned and her face, for whatever strange reason, seemed to accumulate fat in the chin and cheek areas. Her hair also looks pretty bad.

Of course, women age, and many of them do not age very gracefully, but seeing a woman I know decline in looks so rapidly over the course of a few short years was nothing short of baffling to me. I wonder how men in this culture deal with it. Surely, it does not make sense for those men to marry local women in their 30s. Latinas seem to peak quite early, and as they also lose their looks very quickly, it should be the case that they have children very early as well. It would not surprise me at all if it does not raise eyebrows when 18-year-old Latinas push prams.

Premature aging for women is a curse, though. The equivalent would be if you turned 70 or 80 on your 25th birthday. Interestingly, the Internet wants to tell me that Latinas do not akshually age poorly at all. The WEF, for instance, posted an article according to which Latinos age more slowly. When you look at the article, you quickly notice that they conflate life expectancy and youthfulness. For the question whether Latinas age poorly, it is not relevant if they live longer, but only when they lose their youthful sheen. Anyway, “experts” on the Internet can claim whatever they want. They also tell me that unrestricted immigration by some of the stupidest and most violent people to the West is a benefit to society.

8 thoughts on “Rapidly Aging Latino Women

  1. Will Alek come and break a tiny lance for the Latinas? Hah.

    In the meantime, I’ll do so myself.

    I do, of course, believe that some races and ethnicities age differently than others. I don’t think anyone will argue that Latin girls age better or later than Asians, for instance. Having said that, it’s one thing to speak of the ageing process per se and another one to speak of women letting themselves go, which I think is the case most of the time. Yes, when black and Latin chicks balloon, they balloon bad, probably worse than other races (they often look like the stereotypical Samoan wrestler), but what if they don’t eat incessant amounts of carbs? I haven’t seen empirical evidence that their skin ages worse than that of white chicks, which usually gets hit pretty bad by too much exposure to the Sun, smoking and other bad habits.

  2. Aaron,
    “It is well-known that Latinas age poorly. However, I never witnessed this directly.”

    1. Go to Mexico or just ask for pictures when they were youthful. But yes, they do in fact age terrible and fast and get fat too.

    “Latinas seem to peak quite early, and as they also lose their looks very quickly…”

    2. Latinas are extremely delusional. I’ve met plenty of Latinas in their 30s and 40s who have all told me that they can still compete with much younger women like Stacy. Latino men in general have no standards, and they will pursue any Latina no matter what her condition is. Like in the movie American Pie Stifler makes the comment “pussy is pussy”.

    1. This is the evolutionary explanation for their rapid aging. After all, if nature intended them to start having kids at 11 or 12, then there no need for them to remain attractive into their 30s.

  3. Here in latin america if you have money you just marry a white looking latina , hispanics are not a race lionel messi and pele are both latinos tecnically so maybe native american women age poorly i dont know about that, most hispanics where i live are usually a mix of white and black .

  4. The abrupt aging of Latino women can be explained (as Manuel S mentioned) because the main population of Latino women are poor (with an almost non-existent middle class) and let themselves go badly.

    That is a relatively recent change in Latino countries, as American influence permeated Latino countries in the last four decades: fast food, TV/Cable TV & streaming as a past-time/hobby, and the Disney Princess attitude added elements (and weight) to Latino women so they don´t need to have as many physical activity as they had before.

    One funny aspect of these changes is the profound dumbing down of an already quite dumb population: Latin America, as a commodity-based and produce -based economy, has access to good food for affordable prices, but you can see how the population has drown itself with debt in order to be “trendy” while using their credit cards (that they barely keep with a meager salary) to buy fast food with delivery services and fattening themselves at home in the process.

    There’s a Boastful Shrek and Fiona meme (you can look for “Shrek y Fiona buchona” in Spanish to get an idea) that was born in Mexico, where you can see this trend and it pictures quite accurately how most of the Latin American population (and Latino women in particular) acts in these days, even bloating their sons and daughters without any remorse of risking the health of their offsprings.

    1. Pretty much. Actually, the human Fiona vs ogre Fiona comparison is very apt for young vs post-wall latinas. They speed up the encounter with the wall by having one or two kids with “El Brayan” (which would be an equivalent of the “Tyrone” for lumpenproletariat latinos) and letting themselves go right after.

      Again, you have to consider the ageing process as a whole. Even after becoming ogre Fionas, these girls still have better skin than their white counterparts in better physical shape, so you have to question how much they’d delay the wall by gulping less pastries and burgers.

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