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Woke Company Party Fun

Two months ago a friend of mine sent me a picture of a poster that announced the summer party at the tech company he works at, a place with over 1,000 people, so it is a large organization. About half of the employees are women in adjacent roles like customer support who are likely on the brink of mostly getting replaced with AI. Anyway, the corporate poster promised a fun event. They had rented a hip venue in his city. There would be booze, some techno DJ who was big three years ago, and a few hundred people in their 20s and 30s. It would be like a typical club night out, expect that the people were not as attractive and also much more homogeneous.

The most remarkable aspect about the poster was that it showed a chick in a bikini with fake tits, but not comically big ones, and a buff dude who was half-naked. This went well with the summer theme they were going for. However, any thirsty tech bro getting his hopes up was surely not pleased to read the warning at the bottom of it. Here it stated that this summer party is “100% a company event” and that the “community guidelines and code of conduct apply”. Basically, if you ended up talking to the wrong woman, or ignore mid-tier Jenny from customer support who has a crush on you, you would be likely to get invited to a meeting with HR the next Monday during which they thank you for your years of service before escorting you out of the building.

Personally, I avoid corporate events as much as I can as nothing good can come from it. At some companies there are strict no-alcohol policies, which seem to be liberally ignored. There is little worse than semi-drunk women from your office floor hugging you for half a minute after some company event. It is utterly pathetic, in particular if you are dealing with the typical wall-hitting woman in her early-to-mid 30s who is preying on every man in her vicinity. As a pro tip, if this ever happens to you and some former Stacy hovers around you, waiting for her chance to wrap her arms around you, pretend you are getting a phone call or message, and use this to exit the scene as soon as possible.

The modern workplace is a lot of fun, really. It is so much fun that I know of managers who only have team events when there is someone external present, a so-called “facilitator”. You don’t need those people, but their benefit is that they make the atmosphere particularly awkward and everybody has an excuse to GTFO as soon as possible. Another issue is of course the rampant diversity. At a corporate party, you therefore see blacks talk to blacks, Indians talk to Indians, and the occasional white woman pretending that race only exists in the imagination, forcing herself to be friendly with everyone except white men.

My buddy did not know how the party went, by the way. He did not got, and neither did any of the guys he voluntarily talks to at work. There were no pictures on the company intranet either, despite their “culture team” otherwise being overeager to post about all kinds of bullshit nobody cares about. I am sure the party was super-fun, though. The flyer said so, after all.

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  1. Is this like a tech company phenomenon mainly I wonder? I’ve honestly never experienced this level of wokeness at any company and I work around mostly chicks even. At this place I’m contracted to right now there are a lot of Mexicans. A couple weeks back this chick asked me if I wanted to try her pumpkin spice lotion and I said, “isn’t that a white girl scent? You need the cumin/lime/cilantro shit.” And she busted out laughing.

    1. I’m assuming we’re talking about tech sort of environments. The things is, in my like of work you would expect a certain level of chicks and diversity. However, in more tech oriented types of work you would not. I would imagine it to organically be comprised of white and East Asian men. What seems to be the case, though, is that every single type of person not suited for such work gets crammed into it and even incentivized.

    2. This is mainly a phenomenon in tech and other office jobs. The situation is so bad that HR sets racial quotas in some companies, telling hiring managers that they need to increase the number of black women (good luck with that!) or that there are too many Indian men in some department. Of course, if you bring up that there is a dearth of white men, you will get told that “ethnic hiring” initiatives are not appreciated. This can get you fired. We also know from some Google leak a few years ago that there is a public humiliation ritual where they boo managers who have hired too many white men.

      The tech industry is really off-putting. Your only escape are smaller companies, i.e. those that are profitable, do not intend to grow indefinitely, and do not rely on external funding. You want to work for a place the public does not know about and that keeps a low profile. Otherwise, you get all the ESG bullshit. There are also a private companies with a few hundred employees that make an active stand against wokism. There is a company out there I quite like as they have a nice product, and whose CEO, who was also one of the founders, gave a bunch of red-pilled interviews, making statements about not caring about pronouns and tone-policing, and that they do not humor people who have an agenda.

    3. That’s ludicrous. Basically any industry that is dominated by white people and Asians then is deemed a space to be degenerated essentially. Maybe too personal, but what’s keeping you from seeking more lenient employment in terms of not giving a damn about societal trends? Is the pay maybe not as competitive?

    4. The place I work at is somewhat woke. My main reason for staying, for now, is that it allows me to build up a particular skill. Well, I am very good at it already, but any HR chick filtering out CVs may only look at years of experience, so it is good to put in a bit more time. In the hopefully not too distant future, though, I want to work for a more based company. This will likely come with a bit of a pay cut, but my hope is to own a small house on a 1/4 acre plot at that point, allowing me to get by with even just a part time remote gig.

    5. It makes sense that the most woke companies pay more (for the time being) as they seemingly have access to unlimited funds to be able to disregard hiring based off of merit. Is it your plan to buy property outright and avoid a mortgage altogether? You would certainly be able to coast by that point I imagine. However, if kids come intobthe picture then it is hard for me to factor that in personally.

    6. I have been looking into some of the most racist affordable areas in my country, and in these corners, property is surprisingly cheap. Around the major urban centers, I would pay at least three times as much. In fact, the fanciest houses in the former are cheaper than the cheapest houses the latter, if you exclude outliers like some illegally erected building from the 1920s with 500 square feet, and even those might cost more because land is so expensive. Interestingly, an acquaintance of mine bought a house close to a major center of cultural enrichment a while ago and this did not cost a lot either. My preference would be to live as far away from those societal ills as possible.

    7. I’d also rather have a smaller lot around 1/4 of an acre or so. Not only would you save money on unnecessary space, but the amount of upkeep would be much cheaper also. I see this trend where people, even if they happen to have less than an acre of land, seem to want to waste money on name brand riding mowers and such. Then they’ll throw a camper and some ATVs that they rarely use into the mix and maybe even a boat, some extra vehicles and an extremely expensive and overly loud motorcycle. When I hear people complaining that they can’t afford their lifestyle and are struggling, I immediately think of a scenario such as the above and conclude that’s probably their problem. Either that, or there are women in the picture that also require new furniture every few years and lavish vacations that really don’t amount to much experience wise.

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