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Do Not Find This Woman Attractive!

As I am currently on a Schwarzenegger binge, I watched Conan The Destroyer (1984) today. This movie did not get a particularly favorable critical reception, perhaps because it did not contain high-brow Nietzsche quotes, unlike the first one. Yet, if you have liked Conan the Barbarian (1982), you will most likely also enjoy its sequel, despite this obvious drop in literary qualities. If anything, Grace Jones, a black actress with unattractive facial features who plays a foreign warrior that is closer to animals in behavior than humans (how racist!) might be a distraction for you. Anyway, this movie has an interesting piece of eye candy, Princess Jehnna. Have a look at her:

Is this really a fully formed woman with voluptuous breasts?

It may surprise you, but this actress was either 14 years old in this shot, or had barely turned 15. Thus, you need to make sure that you adequately respond to such imagery. Here are some basic rules:

1) Do not get aroused!
2) Do not view this innocent little girl as a woman because she is not!
3) Understand that when you catch a glimpse at her secondary sexual organs, you actually see something else.

The third point bears repeating. Indeed, when you watch a scene like the following, there is a difference between perception and reality:

Despite her words, she does not lust after Conan.

She is not craving Conan’s cock. Instead, she has an objective mind that allows her to study human anatomy in a disinterested manner. In the screenshot above you may have thought that you had seen tits but those were not tits. This is clearly a child, not a fully sexually matured woman. Thus, there can be absolutely no connection between her image and you having sexual thoughts. Do not find this woman attractive!

It really is time that we humans cement ourselves on the next level of evolution. Billions of years of evolution, since the time when there were only microbes on this planet, may work against us but we can still do it. If we have learned anything in the last thirty years, it is that women are not women, and tits are not tits. We have advanced so far that three decades of social engineering can easily win out over billions of years of evolution.

Furthermore, you have to understand that while little girls who look like women are not women and under no circumstances can be viewed as sex objects, the same reasoning does not apply to little boys. According to leftist activists and Democrat lawmakers, there is no such thing as pedophilia. Love between a man and a boy, or male toddler, or a male baby, is a wonderful thing, even if it leads to the transmission of monkey pocks. It is an even more precious thing when those love-starved boys in question have been adopted by a homosexual couple. This is normal. In contrast, a scene like the following absolutely is not:

The actress is more than 20 years younger than the male actor in this scene. They proceed to kiss but this is absolutely revolting.

I repeat, do not find this woman attractive! Your brain may trick you into believing that this is a woman at her sexual peak, but that is not true. We now know that women are only fully developed human beings once they are in their 30s, and it would be best if women only had children after their 35th birthday. If you think otherwise, you are a pedophile! In fact your pedophilic impulses are so wrong that they give leftist and Democrat boy-lovers a bad image. You are the problem, not them! You lusting after women younger than 35 is scandalous whereas leftists and Democrats desiring to give love to little boys, but being prosecuted for it, is a crime against humanity.

20 thoughts on “Do Not Find This Woman Attractive!

  1. On a similar note. I’ve been imagining if technology ever reaches a point where we can have robots that are identical to a 19 year old chick. I’m sure leftists would protest and demand the robots resemble a woman of at least 35 years of age.

    Though, to be fair, by then deaging technology is going to be so advanced that any ugly feminist will be able to push a button and look like a 19 year old milano model. At that point their protests will magically dissappear I think.

    All of a sudden the shaming will stop, and you will no longer have feminists shaming men to go for 35 year old fatties. Since I bet you that when the technology makes it possible, feminists will be the first to use it and drop feminism.

    1. Don’t get your hopes up! It is not the case that all ugly 35-year-olds were once hot 19-year-olds. They will have the same markers of poor genetic health so nothing will really change for them. To de-uglify some busted 35-year-old, you would need to redo her entire skeleton, replace her hair, reshape the ears, etc.

    2. Yeah I thought of that when writing, but forgot to clarify before hitting send.

      By the time deaging is possible, beatification will be completely “push button” as well. So I actually mean “deage and beatify”, not just “deage to how the feminist looked when she was 19*.

      Actually deaging is a harder problem then beatification. Converting an ugly feminist into a 19 year old hottie Is more difficult on the de as deaging part.

  2. On the US the lawd (18 and up) changed in the 1950s. The only reason I can surmise Is that is when high school enrollment became commonplace. If a woman is to get married and have children, then she should at least be educated. Then they moved the goal posts to college graduates should be the ones to get married (21 and up). But in my experience that is even considered young. I guess the arbitrary age for marriage is 26 or some shit. But what if she blew it with prince charming at 20 y/o?. Prince charming moved on to a different hottie because of artificial liberal societal norms. Cinderella turns into a pumpkin.

    1. It only got worse. In the past, a high-school education was considered sufficient for most jobs. Nowadays, the exception is to have a degree, any degree, for those jobs. Very few jobs require post-high school education. Just imagine what kind of society we would have if women started having kids at 17 or 18, married to men in their early 20s who are already well on their way to establishing themselves in their career! It used to work in the past, and it would surely work again.

    2. Yes, exactly. I just today had a conversation about it with a friend. Back in the 50s and 60s people were having kids at that age. They had to deal with being parents and having careers. They grew up FAST compared to today. A 20 year old back then was probably more mature than a 30 year old today. Just because of the experience and load of responsibilities.

    3. Another thing is connecting with parents and grandparents. If a kid is 10 and his parents are in their 30s, grandparents in their fifties. The bonds are stronger and last longer. Everything about having kids “young” is better when you think about it.

    1. You linked the wrong version of the film, this is the 1980’s one with Brooke:
      I saw it on TV as a kid and while the nudity and sex scenes did titillate me I was frustrated at how naive and dumb these Victorian teenagers were. In hindsight that was, of course, completely in character.

      This is apparently an evergreen concept as two more films were made with the exact same premise:
      Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991)
      Blue Lagoon: The Awakening (2012)

    2. Oops! Good catch. That Indiana Evans chick would have been 21 or so during that filming of The Awakening. She looks pretty badass there, though.

    3. Nah she was at her prime when she did pretty baby at 13 , by the time she did blue lagoon she was already hiting the wall.As a minor attracted person my favourite scene has to be jenifer conelly dancing in once upon a time in america.

    4. Maybe don’t use the term “minor-attracted person” so casually. There is a world of difference between looking at a 14 year-old girl and thinking that she is a fully grown woman, and the Hollywood-pedo approach of raping little boys.

  3. There has to be a limit somewhere, be it 18 or 16, but that doesn’t mean the biological reaction men have is “wrong”. Are you familiar with the Tracy Lords case? Busty 14 year-old bimbo fakes an ID and gets into porn, fooling the whole US porn industry and the public (if you doubt the extent to which the industry was fooled, I don’t blame you, but the main point remains). The viewer saw an adult woman because she had all her womanhood markers in place and beyond.

    At the same time, there are fully adult women in their early 20’s who look too juvenile in part because they’re lacking in womanhood markers, i.e. curves.

  4. On a related note, Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting , the once teen (underage) stars of the 1968 Romeo & Juliet film, only took about half a century to figure out that they were “abused” and “traumatized” doing that film, and tried to sue for a few millions. Hey, better late than never?

    A judge already threw their case out, but they have not given up.

    Bring back the 60s!

    1. Not all is bad, though. Today I watched Raw Deal (1986), probably the least known Schwarzenegger movie in which he had a leading role. In his autobiography there is one line dedicated to it. To my great surprise, this is a pretty decent movie, with some very solid acting. A highlight is the female lead, Kathryn Harrold, who is an absolute stunner. I thought she was perhaps in her late 20s, but she was 35 or 36 already. More interestingly, she stopped acting in movies in 1987. Later on, she retrained to become a therapist. I was under the impression that the standard progression for actresses is to do drugs, get absurd amounts of cosmetic surgery, and accuse men of sexual harassment.

  5. Aaron,
    I’ve come across stories where such women of that age fantasy about banging older men. In fact, some of these girls look older than their real age. Are these women typically outliers?

    1. I do not think that they are outliers at all. I think one reason for women wanting to bang older men are that these men have realized their professional potential, whereas a guy in his 20s can be an unknown. I have seen some people whose career never got off the ground even though they seemed to be on the track for professional success, so this makes perfect sense. The other reason is that many health issues also start to manifest itself with increasing age. If someone in his mid-to-late 30s is in great health then it implies that he has decent genes. Of course, with a healthy 50-year-old this would be even more obvious, but this is also a trade-off regarding the remnants of youth. Again, with guys in their 20s, you cannot always tell if they are in good health. Some may have heart issues, other age at a more rapid clip, the third guy may have made poor decisions such as cultivating various destructive addictions. I have also come across people musing if young women get some validation from an older guy banging them instead of a woman their own age, but I do not buy this reasoning as it would be delusional to believe that anybody perceives older women as sexually more attractive. If you want to be polite, you will tell a woman in her 30s that she is at the peak of her beauty, but let us not kid ourselves.

    2. All of the much younger-chicks I banged ended up aging much faster than other girls. Same with other girls I’ve observed who are into older guys. It’s almost like they subconciously or biologically know they will age faster, so they pursue older guys.

      I didn’t mind it at the time since, it was a case of banging a much younger chick. I’m out of the picture by the time she starts rapidly aging. But they all did.

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