The Effects of Propaganda: “This girl likes the black boy!”

A quick Google image search for terms like “white couple” shows a surprising number of mixed-race couples, including pictures of white couples with a black baby. Of course, if you search for “black couple”, nothing like that will happen. I am sure this is a total coincidence, just like all those white woman/black man pairings in advertising. Yet, all these inexplicable circumstances have a real world effect on people, including the most vulnerable ones.

On a recent trip to the supermarket, I noticed a poster of some event for children, a fundraiser for an organization that is most definitely not associated with George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. The picture showed a bunch of children of different ethnicities. There was even a white girl on it (no white boy, though), and the only adult was a white man. A mother wanted to explain something to her daughter, pointing at the image, and then the daughter blurted out: “This girl does not like the man, she likes that boy.” What she meant was that the white girl does not like the white adult on the picture but, instead, the black boy who was quite a distance away from the girl.

It is a complete mystery how this little girl could have formed this association. Probably it has something to do with the mainstream media hardly ever showing any white couples at all. If there is a white woman, she seems to inevitably be paired up with a black man. It is not quite like that in the real world, but given that mothers raise their children via smartphones nowadays, it is little surprise that children get a somewhat distorted view of reality. None of this should be any concern at all. I am sure that all of this is nothing but a coincidence and that there are a lot of children’s books out there that to not feature mixed-race couples. Yet, when I visited the library a while later to check out the status quo of early-childhood indoctrination, my random sample of five books contained a stunningly diverse cast of characters. I guess this was just the luck of the draw, and no hasty conclusions should be drawn from such a small sample.

2 thoughts on “The Effects of Propaganda: “This girl likes the black boy!”

  1. We aren’t supposed to have anything. We are just supposed to die. Googling “European people art” yields similar results (the results for this search were even worse in 2015-2016)

  2. There is a war going on, and it’s targeted at white people. Yet, most of them are totally unaware of it. It stuns me.

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