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Why Women Live Beyond Their Means

Most men are probably aware of the fact that a lot of women consider shopping a hobby. They do not buy thing because they need them but because it makes them feel good to spend money, in particular if it is money they did not earn themselves. I have met quite a few women who did not even care much about the things they bought on a whim, and sometimes they just threw them out after a while, unused. In a recent article, I wrote about how I benefited from this myself as a woman who is living within driving distance gave away an essentially unused table that costs about 400 euros new. She found a table she liked better, thus she was fine with just throwing the old out.

There is a somewhat underappreciated aspect of female consumerism, however. Perhaps you have noticed that some women spend well above their means. Sometimes, you meet a woman and you learn that she is driving a fancy car, lives in a very good neighborhood and seems to have a lot of clothes that do not exactly look cheap. Yet, it is not quite clear how she is paying for it. Sure, there are some women who get a lot of money from their dad or their sugar daddy, but it is more common that women spend money they do not have. At first, this may seem counter-intuitive, but from a female perspective, this behavior looks like a rational choice.

Did you ever notice that, on dating apps, a lot of women barely describe themselves. They all love hiking, despite not having left the city in two years, enjoy vegan food, and care about climate change, refugees, the Ukraine, or whatever else they get told by the mainsteam. It is exceedingly rare that a woman writes something polarizing, let alone edgy, on her dating profile. From an evolutionary perspective, this makes sense as she is not the one pursuing guys. Thus, by describing herself as being nondescript, she will not repel any prospective suitor from the coveted group of men who are tall, make money, and have a big cock. She wants to, ideally, appeal to 100% of the men in this top group and therefore she wants to be as inoffensive as she can be. Of course, female thinking here only applies to the long-term as for a short-term encounter, Chad also bangs hot women who would like to tell him that he really has to stop eating red meat and mind his carbon footprint.

Women like to pretend that they are some kind of canvas onto which men can project their desires. If she meets one of those mythical provider Chads, she will shape her personality and feign to be interested in whatever he happens to be into. You would be surprised how many women will tell Anti-Semitic Chad that National Socialism probably was not such a bad idea, and any horny vegan chick will readily admit that she misses eating a nice, juicy steak. Only very few women hold on to their proclaimed positions. To them, it is just some kind of psychological window-dressing anyway, which they discard on a whim if it suits them.

Projection is one of the favorite female pastimes. They want a guy who is successful in his career, has a college degree, drives a nice car, and looks as if he is well off. Thus, women will tailor themselves to be that themselves. This is, of course, bizarre as those guys are well off themselves and would much rather date a young, carefree, and attractive woman than an old, embittered hag who is trying to climb the career ladder. Men do not want to date a mirror image.

It is downright bizarre to what extent the female impetus to spend money in order to appeal to an imaginary well-off suitor goes. Some women have walk-in closets for themselves that contain more clothes than what many families have at home. There are also women who celebrate their addiction to spending money by dedicating an enormous amount of space in their apartment to displaying their purchases. For instance, I met a woman who put many dozens of shoes on display in the hallway of her apartment, and another one dedicated a spare bedroom to an absolutely ridiculous number of handbags. She must have owned in excess of 100 such items.

Housing is also a very interesting topic for this discussion. Normally, people create a budget for housing. Perhaps you do not want to spend more than 1/3 of your take-home pay on rent, but if you are single and live in a big city, you may have to part with up to 1/2 of it. Your budget is fixed. However, it can be spent in many ways. To simplify this problem, just consider location, quality, and size of an apartment. You can decide for yourself what is more important for you. Perhaps you want a bit more space and are willing to make concessions with regards to the location or maybe you realize that you can make several concession and stay easily within your budget. In contrast, this is not quite how a significant number of women approach this problem. They instead go for the most “presentable” apartment, even if this means that they live in a shoebox.

I also wonder if part of the aforementioned spending behavior is due to women wanting to act as if they have a well-off man in her life who can take care of her. She has her nice car, eats out with friends all the time, and lives in a swanky albeit small apartment — and she really can’t afford it. Yet, this is all set up so that some man can come in and just keep paying her bills. Perhaps the rationale is also that she thinks that if she has grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle, her future big-dicked millionaire boyfriend will be a lot more willing to just keep paying for her expenses. As there is no explanation for this kind of female overspending that makes any sense to me, we have to work with reverse psychology. From this angle, the last explanation seems quite convincing.

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