Feeling great is a reward for doing well in life

In my post “Alpha is a state of mind, not a demographic.” (LOL), I argued that losers don’t feel great and have no reason to feel great anyway. Thus, all attempts to improve their “inner game” without trying to fix their life are bound to fail. In this post, I’d like to elaborate more on that.

I claim that real-life achievements lead to improved well-being. Also, you will not be able to fake this. Telling yourself all you want that your shitty job is great won’t make it so. Similarly, pretending that your girlfriend is great even though she is your typical materialistic, lazy, fat, entitled Western whore won’t do much to alleviate the PTSD-like symptoms you’ve been experiencing due to how immensely painful it is to spend time with her.

Some people, including psychologists, however, throw fits because “fake achievement” allegedly make people lazy and complacent. Video games used to be a prime culprit. Nowadays they harp on about porn or Internet addiction. The argument goes as follows: instead of X, which is hard, people get a similar reward from doing Y in the virtual world. For instance, instead of getting yourself a smoking-hot girlfriend you rub one out to porn clips of tattooed sluts who take dick into every hole, or instead of working on your real-life career, you max out your avatar in an online video game.

Personally, I don’t buy any of this. One reason is that when you read “no fap” forums, which are more about not consuming porn rather than abstaining from masturbation, then people seem genuinely disgusted about themselves and their behavior. The same is true with online or video game addiction. People normally don’t feel great about sinking a few thousand hours into Dota 2. Instead, such behavior masks real-life problems. Thus, it may be that the reverse is true. If real life doesn’t work out so well, some people resort to video games, gambling, porn, drugs, alcohol and whatever else there is — and they normally don’t feel great about it.

2 thoughts on “Feeling great is a reward for doing well in life

  1. I think I had come across a related study which described two situations.

    In first, there is a rat, in a cage, and two types of water supply. One regular water and one with heroin. The rat increasingly consumes only heroin water and slowly dies.

    In the second situation, it’s a rat park of sorts with lots of other rats, lots of toys, tunnels to run into, good food. In this scenario also, there are the two types or water supply. In this case they found that the rats barely consumed the heroin water.

    So yeah, addictions are more about your real life not being good enough.

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