Conversation with a Muslim about traditional versus Western women

I recently caught up with a friend of mine, an Iranian muslim. Now you may wonder why an alleged racist like me would hang out with muzzies, but of course the explanation is that I’m clearly not a racist. That guy is very smart, holding a Master’s degree in a STEM subject and currently pursuing a PhD, has a secular world view and, what some my find strange, rather fair skin. He has a bit of an accent, but if you saw him in the street, dressed like a Westerner, he would certainly stick out among all the people with black and brown skin that populate our Western cities.

From him I gained some fascinating insights into the lifestyle of the secular upper-middle and upper classes in Teheran, Iran. If you’re well-connected and affluent, you can certainly have a Western-style life of debauchery. Banging scores of women is also possible. For that, the Iranians have invented “temporary marriages”. According to their laws, you deserve a flogging if you bang some slut, no matter whether for free or in exchange for money, but all is good if you get “temporarily married”. The time span of such a marriage is flexible; it may be for a few hours or a couple of days, but if you just want to shoot a load down the throat of some slut, ten minutes will do, too. At first I thought my Iranian friend was bullshitting me, but it is true. Feel free to look it up yourself online. However, it’s essentially a cover for prostitution as there is normally a “fee” associated to such a marriage, which is payable to the woman. Hookers insist on it, but apparently your garden-variety slut doesn’t.

Anyway, that life of debauchery is no longer an option for my Iranian friend, so he has to do what every schmo in the West does to get his dick wet: bars, clubs, online dating. Eventually, he ended up with a girlfriend, his first Western one. As I’m apparently his go-to guy for Western mores, he shared some of his experiences with me and wanted to know whether any of this was typical. The comparison he drew was between traditional Iranian women who want to be good girlfriends so that they’ll eventually get married — and Western women who seem to have the wrong priorities.

To him, the most startling observation, and also the main reason why his relationship failed, was that he never felt that he and his ex-girlfriend were a “unit”. Instead, he felt as if he was merely an accessory in her life. Sometimes she would outright tell him to do certain things. Needless to say, he wasn’t too pleased about that, but when he objected or, later on, just told her to stuff it, arguments were soon to follow.

What I found most amusing was his statement that, “she’s 27 and should focus on getting married”. If you said that in the West as a whitey, the unified shitlib intellectual “elite” would immediately denounce you as a “paleoconservative” — what a ludicrous term! — or worse. However, he made a very valid point, fully understanding that women in their late 20s are running out of time. His ex-girlfriend, though, presumably thought that she has another ten years left to bitch and gobble down random cocks.

He also readily agreed when I asked him whether he considered that relationship to have been of a largely transactional nature. Now, Western men who know nothing but that kind of crap may not know what they are missing out on as they consider it normal that their girlfriend or wife is a bitch who would never do anything for her partner, yet expect him to be a doormat and read her mind. Yet, for men coming from a more traditional background, either because they have grown up in traditional societies or in conservative pockets of a degenerate society, the behavior of Western bitches is simply intolerable. Likewise, men who move on to dating traditional women normally don’t look back.

At then end of that part of our conversation, my Iranian friend asked me where or how he could find a traditional woman in the West, as that one experience was already enough for him. In contrast, many Western guys go through a lifetime of shit from Western women, never realizing that Western women and their typical behaviors are their problem.

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  1. The Iranian eloping story reminds me of a similar story I heard of Mormons in Utah temporarily eloping for a day to have anal sex and divorce.

  2. Shia Muslims from Iran and Lebanon are on average more civilized and secular than Sunnis. Sunnis hate them and call them kuffar.

    Shias from Afghanistan are a different story of course.

  3. Today i’ve seen a article in dutch on a health website. You know one off those websites people can ask medical questions and a medical professional will answer them. This article was a interview with a married women who had a affair. My first thought was maybe she got pregnant or had a std. This is a website for medical questions not a women’s gossip website. No rong. They were making the case for how cucking your husband is great for a woman’s mental health. And how it was a normal thing for a woman to do. When i see the women’s reactions and stories i really wonder if my country has even a single traditional woman left. I only knew one in my country and she died off old age at 83. How bad is it when even the so called medical professional is promoting to cuck your husband?

  4. Here is a similar story in a German forum for singles who seek a relationship: https://www.elitepartner.de/forum/frage/wo-meint-ihr-finde-ich-traditionelle-weibliche-frauen.18476/ (you can use Google translate to get a rough outline if you don’t speak German).

    I qoute the text here in full: “Ich bin 28 Jahre alt und habe mein bisheriges Leben immer daran ausgerichtet, was mir die besten Karrieremöglichkeiten einräumt. Im Rahmen meines Referendariats war ich für eine Station an einer dt. Botschaft in Asien. Dort hatte ich eine Affaire mit einer Asiatin. Mir ist aufgefallen, dass ich noch nie zuvor eine so warmherzige, unkomplizierte und weibliche Frau getroffen habe. Ihr Fokus lag ständig auf meiner Person (nicht im unangenehmen Sinn).Sie war sehr pragmatisch, aber überließ mir immer die Entscheidung was zu tun sei. Da sie aus einer großen Familie kam, konnte sie sehr gut mit Kindern. Ihre Freundinnen waren “aus dem selben Holz geschnitzt”. Sie erinnerten mich etwas an die Natur meiner Großmutter (sehr pragmatisch, aber unbedingt loyal zu ihrem Mann), im Gegensatz zu der meiner Mutter (gute Karriere, geschieden). Ich frage mich deshalb: Gibt es solche Frauen auch in Deutschand? Wo kann ich sie finden, wenn ich in meiner aktuellen Position sehr eingebunden bin?”

    1. The replies in that thread are great! It seems all those bitchy Western women can’t stand the thought that there are genuinely pleasant members of their sex out there.

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