Women who don’t shave respect neither themselves nor others

Let me tell you a story of two Toms. The first Tom went on a date with a woman he met through his social circle. They met for a drink, and one drink led to another. A couple of hours later they ended up back at his place. He undressed her, pulled her pants down, grabbed her thighs, eagerly looking forward to dip two fingers right into her pussy. Yet, he was rather taken aback because the path there wasn’t quite as smooth as he had imagined. Instead, he worked his way up some hairy legs. Well, not quite, because he stopped halfway. His date then stammered that she didn’t expect things to progress so fast. Thus, she didn’t shave. Tom left it at that.

Another Tom has been in a long-term relationship that had been deteriorating for quite some time. After a longer business trip, he thought he might try working on his relationship by giving the gift of cock to his partner. When he came back from the airport, it was already 2 a.m. He undressed without making a sound, tip-toed into the bedroom, and snuck under the blanket. His partner seemed receptive at first. In order to heat things up, he started kissing her, from the neck downwards. He unbuttoned her pyjamas, and his lips worked their way down to her tummy. Now it was time to pull her pants down too. He grabbed her ass. He finally pulled her pants down. A micro-second later, though, he pulled her pants right up again. Then he grabbed one of the pillows and spent the night on the sofa in the living room.

The women in both stories have something in common: they did not bother to shave their hairy legs. Now the cucks among my readers may scream, “male oppressive pig!” and stammer something about the patriarchy. Yet, standards of beauty exist for a reason. If you willingly do not conform to them, you may have some justification for it. Nonetheless, this does not change the fact that you couldn’t be arsed to spend a few minutes making yourself presentable. It’s your choice if you want to look like shit. Just don’t expect anyone to compliment you for it.

The first story was from a client whom I advised to not bother with that kind of woman. He wanted to know why I was so sure. After all, she claimed she didn’t expect to have sex. But now let me ask you this: do you skip taking a shower on days on which you don’t intend to leave the house? Do you say to yourself, “fuck it!” and don’t bother brushing your teeth in the morning when you expect no to smile during the day? Of course I’m being facetious, but this does not change the fact that hygiene is simply a routine you do no matter what. Sure, if a German V2 rocket blows up your apartment block, you are more concerned with survival. If you’re the typical complacent Western schmuck, you really don’t have a good excuse. Any woman who claims she is “too busy” shaving her legs or running on the treadmill for half an hour a day most certainly consumes four hours’ worth of crap on YouTube every day.

If a woman told me she only shaves her legs when she expects to get laid, she’d drop right down to a 2/10. This is particularly relevant for the second story. Healthy women (and men) do want to look good. If they deliberately make themselves look unappealing, for instance by getting fat, growing a nasty bush, or not shaving their legs, they only show that they hate themselves at least as much as they hate you. Why on earth would you want to get involved with such a woman? You don’t. This also implies that if a girl you’ve been seeing all of a sudden neglects working on her appearance, you’re on the way out. She no longer wants you to find her attractive. However, rest assured that once you’re gone — either because you finally dumped her or because she left — she’ll may remember where she put her epilator and her gym membership card. Or she may feel entitled to Mr Right because she deserves it, and bitches because no man is able to see the “beautiful soul” that is hiding in her ugly shell of a body.

4 thoughts on “Women who don’t shave respect neither themselves nor others

  1. About girls losing shape… Long ago I talked about a girl I met at work. She’s incredibly cute, with brilliant green eyes and freckles. But then she was thrown into another area so I couldn’t keep in touch again.
    Some time ago I found her again. She gained weight, but I was like “Uh, ok, she’s a little bit chubbier, but she’s still cute”.
    A couple of days ago I found her Facebook account, with some recent pictures of her.
    OUCH. It was painful to see this very cute and slim girl being turned into a landwhale. Well, such is life in the Zone.

  2. If you are going out meeting people, basic hygiene and maintenance are just table stakes. If you do not shave, then hang out with hippies.

    I think it was Dan Savage who said that relationships have an implied maintenance clause that you have to try to keep up your appearance throughout the relationship, to be fair to your partner. If you are in a long-term relationship, there can be a tendency to let things slide. If in the middle of this, one person suddenly embarks on a fitness kick, starts caring about what he or she looks like when they go out, this usually is not a good sign for the other person.

  3. I don’t know how things are in “first world” countries with all this feminist streak, but in this region if you see an otherwise attractive young woman who doesn’t shave her legs, men either 1) don’t even give her the time of day 2) assume she’s already married and kind of letting herself go.

    A much more interesting question to me is, rather than hairy legs, what about hairy forearms? Most women whose genes gave them this flaw just bleach them, and most men who go out with them seem to be OK with the measure, or even with no measure at all.

    In my case, I kind of let it pass too, but in the back of my mind I think “welcome to the jungle down there”.

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