Women who “forget” taking the pill

Let’s talk about one of the biggest fucking lies women tell, and the mainstream media is unwilling to correct. The story goes roughly as follows: Susie is stuck in her shitty retail job, pulling down eight bucks an hour. Then she meets Chad who drives a nice car and has the job to afford it. Chad and Susie start banging. At first Chad is using condoms, but Susie tells him that she trusts him, and that she is on the pill anyway, so nothing could happen. At first, Chad is hesitant, but she keeps telling him that she wants to “really feel” him. It doesn’t take long and Chad stops pulling out. “Please, baby, come inside of me.”, she whispers in his ear. Chad is super-horny and happy to blow a load. Feels good, Chad, right? Chad is getting used to raw dogging Susie. In fact, it turns him on when she tells him to fill her up with jizz.

A few months in, Susie has to tell Chad something. We’ll she knew that she has been pregnant for a while, but she didn’t want to be too obvious. Chad is pissed. “How the fuck could this have happened?”, he shouts at her. Susie coyly says, “But, baby, I …, I didn’t mean to, I must have forgotten to take the pill that one time.” Well, the story is normally some of variation of that. For her, it’s a win-win. In the worst case, she’ll get child support from a man who has the financial means, unlike that colleague of hers whom she used to fuck in the storage room before starting her shift. An even better option for her is getting a ring, and getting taken care of.

The problem with this story, though, is that it is horse shit. Of course, not all contraceptive pills are the same, so I may make some hasty generalizations. Yet, commonly the contraceptive effect is due to maintaining a certain level of the hormone estrogen, which suppresses ovulation. If Susie stops taking the pill, it will take some time for her body to readjust. In extreme cases, it may take months (!). Normally, we are talking about several days if not one or two weeks. Yet, you don’t just happen to forget taking the pill for that long. In any case, it is extremely unlikely that just forgetting to take the pill one single day results in pregnancy. It’s not as if it’s a binary mechanism that flips after exactly 24 hours have passed without taking another pill. Besides, how can you forget taking the pill if it’s a routine? Do such women forget brushing their teeth as well?

But why would women do such a thing? Aren’t they all sweet little angels? If you believe that, we should start talking about that bridge in Mexico I have been trying to sell. Here, have a look at this:

Google doesn’t suggest random search terms, in case you didn’t know.

The bottom line is that the pill can’t be relied on, and not because it isn’t effective. It certainly is, but not if you and the girl you fuck have different goals.

13 thoughts on “Women who “forget” taking the pill

  1. Funny ( and scary true) screenshot of the Google search.

    (I wonder if there’s an auto-search completion for “trick her to…

    -sleep with you
    – have sex with you”.

    But that’d be pre-meditated rape according to SJW’s. I digress.)

    It is interesting why a male birth control pill fails to exist. It’s related to your “pussy cartel” blog post. Controlling the means of (re)production.

  2. That google search suggestion blew my mind. Tried to do it in spanish, but the wording is different.

    If you start typing “how to trick…”, which in spanish would use the word “cheat”, one of the top suggestions by google is “how to cheat on my husband without him noticing”…..

  3. Wasn’t there also this thing that a woman has only a very tiny window of I think 36h per months to get pregnant?
    Like 12-14th day?
    If that’s correct it’s yet another case for having “forgotten” it that “on time” being pure BS.

  4. Not that Reddit is a representative sample, but I would say about every third day there is some guy on there on how his GF is pregnant and the usual explanation was that she “forgot” to take the pill. Given how often it comes up, it is commonly accepted to be a lie. It is not uncommon that this leads to additional drama of the Jerry Springer type because paternity is often not that clear cut. In more than a few cases, the supposed father also happens to be the candidate most capable of supporting said child.

  5. This is truly a sad topic for men.
    I have three +35 years old friends in my wider social circle, who have been tricked by their GFs/wifes into pregnancy without consent. Now they’re fucked. Even though they all love their respective children, it’s a terrible toll for them, emotionally, financially, mentally. One of my friends – who admittedly has a somewhat weaker personality – is literally getting tortured psychologically on a daily basis by his dominating and much tougher GF, now mother of his little 1,5 years old son. He’s been trapped inside a prison which he couldn’t have anticipated and from which there’s no quick escape. It’s so sad to witness all of this, but that’s what happens when guys just cannot refrain from raw cumming for 20 blissful seconds into older +30 vaginas…
    The only tangible antidote to this female machinery is
    a) getting a vasectomy (costs you around € 400.- e. g. in Germany)
    b) deposit a portion of your ejaculated sperm frozen at a sperm bank, in case you wish to have children at a time of your choosing as well.

    I’d wager that for rational males this is currently the best state-of-the-art solution to counter female reproductive cheating and cunning. At least that’s the way I chose to act two years ago after the impacts of female reproductive terror started to hit my wider social circle…

  6. BTW if you happen to type “gender studies” the top suggestion that comes up is “gender studies useless”…

    Google will be our modern Delphi Oracle from now on! Ask and know thyself 🙂

  7. I’ve been having a hunch about this as well and when you discuss this with women it’s insane how they want to convince you by bewildering you with guilt.

    A disucssion I’ve had went as follows. She and her boyfriend talked about what would happen if she got pregnant. He gave the perfect answer, telling her that he would take care of it etc. Now I don’t know if he ment it or simply was telling it to her in order to keep her shut. It could very well be the latter.

    Anyway she asked my opinion and I asked her but what if you didn’t plan on having children. She gave me the exact bullshit, but can’t you forget you’re birth control once! I call bullshit on that one. Besides if these women can’t even remember to take their pill, how much responsibility to they have when becoming mothers?

    I had a female colleague who got pregnant as well. According to her it wasn’t her intention to get pregnant. But how on earth can a girl get an unwanted pregnancy? I mean sure there are failure rates when it comes to medication but the rate of unwanted pregnancy is much higher then that.

    I mean for a girl to get an unwanted pregnance she must not be on birth control for a while (which is her responsiblity and which she can check by the number of pills in the bottle) and the guy shouldn’t be wearing a condom (which she can check). So it’s utterly insane that she can get pregnant.

    It’s terrifying how as a guy you’re royally fucked when this happens.

    1. Biology is a nasty little sucker. Because as it turns out, humans are a comparatively low-fertility species, i. e. when compared to other mammals like rats for example. Even when a human male and female, – both at their top fertility individually – are having sex, the probability of a successful insemination of female egg cells amounts to a max. rate of up to 33%. This means, that even under top conditions of sexual fitness only one in three copulations will result in a pregnancy. Fair enough, this is a rather low rate and – as a logical consequence – successful procreation thus does require a lot of sex acts over a longer period of time in order to truly reach a “break even”. As most women will know, she either could be fucking her steady partner much more frequently and aggressively when she’s at the right time of her hormonal cycle or she could fuck many other guys on the side, a process which is aptly called “genetic shopping” or “cuckolding”.

      Thus when viewed from this unromantic biological POV which takes those simple stats into account, it will appear even more ridiculous, when a woman (who in most cases is either quickly nearing the magical age of 30, or even having surpassed them is heading towards the nasty age of 40) is claims that she got pregnant and it all happened so “totally unexpected”. Because within those age groups female fertility has plummeted to such low levels, that all stops would have to be pulled by either taking desperately proactive action and/or removing all possible and impossible obstacles in order to achieve even a slightly improved success rate of achieving a successful insemination.
      Hence, women who are desperately trying to sell you their “oh, I surprisingly got pregnant at age 35 without ever expecting or planning it to happen” are either completely stupid – or just telling you a nasty lie.

  8. As embarrassing as it is to admit it, I was once that Chad.

    I met this one chick at work (i was young) and we really hit it off. She had that tight 18 year old body and she was really good at moving it. We eventually started getting more adventurous (doing sexual activities at the park, at restaurants, on a bus, etc…) and there was no stopping our lust once we started. It all begin when we were really hot for each other one night and she takes the condom from my hand, flings it across the room, and tells me in sexually possessed voice, “put it inside me, raw.” I didn’t think twice (again my fucking youth!) and banged her out.

    The first few times i would cum on her belly button, ass, or face (depending on what was immediately present at the time) and then i would knock the fuck out to sleep. Mind you, i probably banged her raw over 20+ times. I always pulled out, though.

    When i began to cum inside her was after she began to turn me on even more right before i ejaculated. Looking back, this bitch had it down to a science. She first studied my timing, resistance, and load. Anyway, she began to say things like, ” cum inside me. I want to feel what it’s like” or she would wrap her legs tigher once she felt that i was about to blow. I gave in one day and wew lad, it was one of the greatest feelings ever…followed by an immediate sense of dread after knowing what i had done.

    Luckily for me, it turns out that she was sterile or some shit like that. I swear I had put on the best pokerface of my life when she came back from the doctor explaining her condition.

    I wanted to skip all around the apartment shouting out to the heavens, “I’M A FREE MAN!”

    But i had to be all “sympathetic” and all that bullshit. Anyway, I dumped her a month later and went on to the next one.

  9. Man, you dodged a bullet there… more an artillery ordnance actually…

    My father warned me of this when i was 20. I did not believe him at the time.

    A year later I dumped a really shitty gf and the tried to pull the “I’m pregnant” BS to keep me around. It was a lie, and I saw right through it, but to think I had been bangin this girl raw for a year because she was on the pill and I trusted her on it… makes me shudder to this day.

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