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  1. This is xax, in response to the last comment made in the last open thread, about that Seddit user being reprimanded:

    “No no, this guy had field reports in Seddit where it was written that he claimed that he got all kinds of girls from German/European girls to “hot HB9 blondes from Texas and America to 19 year olds at airports; along with Japanese/Asian girls; nearly all of his field reports are on the wayback machine archives.

    Do you want me to link to them on the archives way back thing?

    What’s your opinion on Seddit, on posts like this?


    1. Seddit wrestles with the same problems as every forum that has seen some mainstream appeal. A particular problem I see with it is that, unlike in a moderated forum, guys don’t build up much of a reputation. That guy just came in and dumped what looks like RSD marketing. Obviously, my first question would be why he contributed virtually nothing for years and suddenly spammed an entire thread with posts. On the old mASF forum you occasionally had people with a very small number or even zero posts come in and leave very long posts, singing the praise of some guru in more or less awkward ways. It’s just thinly disguised marketing.

      Yes, feel free to post a few links to archived posts of that guy.

    2. Here are various numbers of his field reports, please tell me your input and thoughts on them:

      This guy built a reputation on seddit, and something happened and he ended up deleting a lot of his old field reports. He was one of the popular mods on seddit:




      Here is a thread he made where he again claims looks don’t matter:


      I haven’t seen any more field reports from him, ever since that online drama thing with him. But what do you think of these field reports?

    3. Thanks for those links. The first one has him as a “gaijin” clearing up in Japan. That’s nothing out of the ordinary. The second link doesn’t work. The third is just a phone number, which, as we all know, is worth very little, and the fourth is just bullshit. You can shout “Looks don’t matter!” all day long. You may also believe that gravity doesn’t exist. But biology and physics do not care about anyone’s misguided beliefs.

  2. Here’s an interesting thought – Would you want to be a Hollywood celebrity in this day and age when Hollywood is driven by extreme and insane political viewpoints (e.g. Leonardo DiCaprio claiming that ‘climate deniers’ should not be allowed to hold public office)?

    1. What do you mean exactly? That it’s best not to be famous in a environment that’s a bit hostile to your views? I think I’d disagree with that, especially if you care to make a stand against your “opponents”. Of course then it’d be a much better scenario to have a lot of money and fame to back you up. That holds true even if you live under an authoritarian kind of regime.
      Speaking of Hollywood, let’s not forget that business comes before anything else. Di Caprio might have extreme views on climate change policy, but his opinions would mean nothing if he did a shitty job as an actor.

  3. Also Aaron, I was searching the other day on google, with the words “hot intelligent women” and “sexy intelligent women”…

    And I came across this:



    Granted I don’t doubt there are intelligent and fairly attractive women in the world; but one thing I noticed is that not a single one of these women made a breakthrough paradigm shift or come up with a completely original and groundbreaking idea that changed the field that they were in, or really society in general. They all followed in the footsteps of, or followed ideas set up originally and created by men in the first place and where those said men died either penniless and/or without as much recognition as attractive women in their field.

    They never gave really up to the temptations to conformist female group think and herd behaviors, and urges, such as a narcissistic need for attention and vanity and shallowness, fame whoring, and to rigidly attach themselves to hierarchies and not question mainstream accepted thoughts and ideas within their field and in general; which seems to be characteristic of women in general regardless of background.

    My feeling is that a lot of these attractive female scientists are infact not competent in their fields, and either sucked a large amount of dick to get where they are in the first place; and/or got there due to female affirmative action and bias all the way from the pathetic modern indoctrination and creativity sucking and destroying feminist female supremacist modern Western K-12 system, to the collegiate and professional level.

    Let’s just admit that women, if they are attractive-to-highly attractive and semi-intelligent to intelligent at the same time , have a tendency and/or the potential, to have this machavilliean tendency of hyper gamy, deception, superficiality, manipulation, excess vanity, sinister behavior, EVIL, hierarchy and sucking up to powerful entities, and narcissism and ego-centrism, selfishness, and elitism; on such a grand scale that it would make the biblical sodom & gommorah look like Puritan New England. This is from my experience and from what I’ve read about intelligent and attractive women so far.

    The reason why I am saying this, is due to examples like this; did you hear about this recent Elizabeth Holmes medical fraud case?






    Here is some background on this women, she seemed to be one of those girl wonders, gold nugget found in a river case , who was fairly attractive and intelligent at the same time and became one of the youngest female billionaires in the West:



    When I first came across this women, I smelled something wrong but I didn’t know what it was; I mean you really don’t see attractive and intelligent women in the West do all the stuff that she claimed that she did and pull all that off by herself; and my bet is that all of the stuff she claims she did is a lie, just like how her company was a lie and was fraudulent from the start.

    Whenever I see any article mention anything about intelligent and attractive women as in this articles that I linked to; I always smell and sense a taint and hint of Elizabeth Holmes in them. And the fact that so many of these supposedly intelligent women resorted to a career of attention whoring and vanity, as in the first articles, instead of pulling a Thomas Hobbes and Leonardo Da vinci, dying and failing in tragic circumstances to completely changing and shifting the field or society in general; proves women really are the creatures many on the MGTOW/Alt-right/manosphere communities have described them to be. REGARDLESS OF THEIR SUPPOSED INTELLECTUAL LEVEL!

    I don’t know, what do you think about this?

    Because I also came across this rather eye-opening ROK article on women in STEM the other day:


    You should a post on this Elizabeth Holmes girl, and how she represents how, many fairly attractive and intelligent women actually are deep inside……

    1. I wrote about Holmes on my old blog. I fully agree with your comment. Occasionally there are women in STEM who do good work, but you just don’t see them sacrificing their life for work. Of course, then there is always the pseudo-argument that women work smarter. You know, they are better at multitasking (lol), but they would get absolutely roasted if they had to compete with an equally well-trained man who works both smart and hard. Due to affirmative action for women, many guys have their academic or industrial careers cut short, though.

    2. Check this article out: http://www.davidairey.com/girls-life-vs-boys-life/. I really wonder why “Girl’s Life” is still on the shelf. Don’t they loose money everyday, wouldn’t it be more profitable for the publisher to change the aim and layout of the magazine the way it is suggested in the article mentioned above? Strange world this is.

    1. That’s locker room banter. He made some interesting statements in that audio clip, which I will elaborate on in a separate post.

    2. Hey Alek and Aaron

      What do you think of stories and stuff like this? Do you think this happened because this guy was rich and became a beta-provider or because it was genuine attraction by a mechanism not entirely dependent on looks?


      Granted I don’t know the entire story, but I have come across stuff like this and it confuses the shit out of me

    3. I’m not sure I follow. What exactly is odd about an aging actress settling down with a wealthy guy?

    4. Is this man a beta shlump and provider? A guy she fucked and had kids with after sleeping around with other guys before him? Because this man is not good looking or aesthetic or remarkable looking at all, he looks like a typical weak beta guy you could find in middle america or in countries in Europe. He looks like a boring bland humorless frustrated low-end office schlub, who’s wife/girlfriend is most likely cheating on; but this actress seems to be quite good looking even after having kids and being married with this bland-rather non-aesthetic guy. Does this reality sort of prove that looks doesn’t matter all that much, because this women had a whole variety of options in terms of good looking wealthy guys to choose from and settle with, but instead chose this beta unaesthetic schlub to procreate with, despite the strange sort of repulsive incidence and thought of it?

    5. Well, some women like a man they can control. If he is such a “beta”, then that may very well be such a situation.

    1. Feminist woman-childs who can’t go up and tell the man himself anything, but on the internet she wants to be a hero…

  4. I dont know if its true, but the average american women is now size 16: http://fusion.net/story/349892/average-woman-size-16

    I just thought how women on my faceboom startet arguing in typical “women way”: its not the average women got bigger, companies make clothes bigger or marilyn monroe had size 6 and would be now size 12.

    From personal experience – and by talking with older people: girls and women have never been as fat as current. As long as the media presents women like kim kardashian or tv shows search for the “best curvy model” on rtl2, young women think its ok to got 3-4 times a week to mc donalds and have unhealthy carbs after you did some sports.

    1. The problem isn’t that they are wrong and insanely dumb , but that they thing they are right ignoring everything confidently.

  5. Hi Aaron,

    Probably this link will not add a lot of info (it’s a bit related to your posts «An Extreme Case of Female Attention Seeking» and «”She is just young and healthy”», although with a then-chubby now-bovine East German Frau turned porn model and currently living in America), but I think it has some interesting info showing a detailed example of a woman looking for attention and money through sex. Reading the deposition transcript, it is totally clear she is an airhead through-and-through and she had no problems cheating on her first husband (a guy named Dieter Broers, a total quack) with the porn photographer of her choice, by the way:



    1. Thanks! I just had a look at that file (the fun starts at p. 77, for anyone reading this). My expectations were moderate, but the first few lines made me put this on my reading list, just for its potential entertainment value. She gets asked questions, and after the second one she responds, “Oh, are we starting?”. By the end of the next page it is well established that she is a moron. In fact, the examiner essentially treats her like an imbecile (“We are not giving testimony. You are.”). The questions about nicknames had me cracking up already. I think this is going to make for some fun reading on my next flight or train ride.

      How did you come across this?

    2. And you are right about that, Titus Lucretius: her matronal aspect allowed her some success on a niche in porn, she wasn’t mainstream porn material.

      The images on the Tumblr link you shared show she was quite chubby in her thirties, although her photos from the late ’80s and early ’90s may be a better example of her young period. You better don’t look at her bovine figure now that she’s 48 😉

  6. Hi Aaron

    You made some references to the financial world and investing.
    Out of pure interest, do you trade?

    1. In that case you might want to check out this channel (not mine). No ads, no selling of winning systems. No bullshit. Nice guy.
      check out his minimum wage law rant:

      And really. I’m not making a dime out of this. Just been through years of crap in that industry. It’s worth sharing the only good source I found.
      If you want his entry scripts, you can write him. He sent them to me for free, a hundred plus codes…

    2. 90/90/90 rule states that 90% of new traders lose 90% of their money in 90 days. Aaron, don’t be that guy who puts money to trade thinking he is going to beat the masters. You are smarter than that.

  7. Youtube game/ women bullshitter detective, Birdman, has a great commentary on the lies a woman told to get sympathy after video of her being body slammed was put on her twitter feed. The problem was, she edited it and the full version shows something completely different, thus no charges were pressed.

    1. Are you based in the US? There are a few guides floating around online, and from what I gather, they tend to be very US-centric, for obvious reasons. In Europe, where prostitution is (mostly?) legal, it’s a much more straightforward process. Long-time whoremongers told me that they primarily rely on customer reports. Thus, look for forums online where people discuss their experience with sex workers.

  8. I don’t know if anyone is following this topic, but SJW corporations have been cracking down on anti-pc and anti-sjw content. There’s a trend of people deciding where they’re going to move in order to continue discussing stuff like this.

    One of the current recommendations seems to be:

  9. Whats your opinion on the importance of learning new languages? I’ve been struggling with the question of whether to learn a new language or rather use my limited free time to improve my general knowledge (mostly I’ve been spending my free time on Khan Academy in the last months or else reading books on different topics). I actually enjoy learning languages in general but I enjoy general learning, too. I want to add here that I am already fluent in German and I’m able to speak English and French as well. My aim is general personal improvement as well as enhancing my career (I work in consulting/law if that matters for the question).

    1. I would not learn a language without a clear goal. If you are in a field in which mathematics is beneficial, which may be the case in consulting, depending on your area of specialization, I would focus on that. With German, English, and French you are positioned very well already. Let’s put in differently: What do you want to achieve in the foreseeable future? Once you have figured that out, decide what you need to do to get there.

  10. Just LOL at the latest woman to come forward and accuse Trump of sexual assault. Jessica Drake, ex porn star, says in 2005 Trump forcefully kissed her and offered $10, 000 for a night with her, after she accepted an invitation to meet him in his hotel room.

    All one has to do is google “Jessica Drake” and “Porn” to see videos of this attention seeking, whore and note how she gets paid to go in front of a camera to take dicks in ever hole of her body. So I highly doubt she would refuse 10 grand from a billionaire. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame you lying, bitch! Although I’m sure her Twitter will have a few more thousand followers after self promoting of her “brand” in 100s of news outlets

    1. This seems like a sad attempt of an aging porn star — she is 42! — to give her rapidly declining career a boost. The only plausible way I can see her declining ten grand for sex, which seems like an absurd number, to be honest, is if she thought Trump was lowballing her. As we all know, all womyn are special, and a woman as special as “Jessica Drake” may have believed that she’s worth at least $50k for a fuck, at least when the client is a billionaire.

    2. Lol, this is my favorite story about it.

      New York Daily News · 3 hours ago
      Donald Trump’s offer of $10,000 and the use of his private jet couldn’t turn a porn star into a prostitute. Jessica Drake

      Translation: Even 10k couldn’t turn this low-paid prostitute into a high-end prostitute. xD

      – She got paid 0.6 to 2k per scene
      – Privately (when she did it without a camera) I doubt she’d have been able to charge more than 300-600$ (depending on a guy’s negotiation skills)

      So get the logic… If there’s a camera on and she gets paid to bang a random dude* for 1k it’s not prostitution.

      But if she does it with the camera off for 10k, then it’s … wait what? My mind can’t even finish the sentence due to the absurdity of it all.

      *(They meet these guys on set, she doesn’t even know who she’ll be banging that day. In case someone thinks it’s a matter of choosing the client and being picky…)

  11. I asked a SJW “What is desirable in a relationship that an escort can’t give you?” like I do always when someone suggests any superiority of relationships over just renting. She said a lot of things but I gathered a few things form her rambling.

    1. A relationship is supposed to give you great sex better than anything an escort can give me even on the first time.
    2. The affection a woman gives a man is scientifically proven to boost a mans’ hormone levels for the better.
    3. I can go to places like family diners with her and you can’t be caught with a escort in those situations where your family is involved.
    4. I can show her off at official gatherings which would boost my social standing.
    5. Love is a good thing.
    6. Marriage is good for children. And, no they don’t feel like pets.

    I didn’t say much to her since I don’t like arguing with them. But I would like to know what Aaron has to say about each of the things she said.

    1. Good luck trying to show off a typical SJW woman. For the sake of completeness, we should also look at the negatives of a relationships, which you won’t get with escorts.

    2. Here’s the problem Aaron, even though I don’t think that relationships are better I certainly don’t feel that way too. So, it is hard to argue against something I feel myself. It might be dumb and downright risky (in light of your other post about taking the pill) but I feel I need it. Its as if the negatives of relationships are a necessary evil. As if the negatives didn’t matter it is far superior to just renting.

      I want to believe otherwise and I certainly think otherwise, but there is a deep nagging every time I fuck a woman that I know I am not going to be with her for long. Which kinda hurts the interaction as well.

      Is it the oxytocin?

    3. Neither arrangement is perfect. Point is: the world is imperfect in it’s own right and doesn’t exist for us to be “happy”.

      I’d say, that steady LTRs, and/or stable marriages are necessary for children to grow up mentally healthy and individuate well later in life.

      Also RLs/marriages CAN be a true blessing & great thing if the partners really like & complement each other apart from sexual attraction (which whithers away anyway), and are able to grow and together on their joint path through life. It is here that men & women actually complement each other quite well. Needles to say, that feminist poison and bile is NOT part of that equation.

      And as far as I can reliably say, I know exactly TWO long time marriages, who fit into this category. One of those couples has three absolutely charming children and I do particularly enjoy visiting this beautiful family.

  12. Btw. I hope you guys are all following the mindblowing disclosures about crooked Killary Clinton’s criminal Dem campaign machinery by project VERITAS action! Together with the wikileaks disclosured this is literally history in the making – here’s the latest installment, it just keeps getting better and better und uglier for everyone to see:


    Since I don’t reside in the U. S. any longer I can only urge each and any American following this blog to a) share those VERITAS vids (nice Latin noun btw! ;), b) vote for Trump and c) have his friends and colleagues do the same as well.

    Just my 5 cts.

    1. Mhm. I agree on the bubble.
      Do you really think there could be a deportation, an uprising and all that?
      All romantic views aside…
      I can hardly imagine this. Also that the financial system is going to implode… I don’t really think so. Risk seems less systemic. I might be very wrong though.

  13. Looks like an interesting development on the ment’s right front. It doesn’t mention that it will include funding surrogate mothers, but if the move is about giving gay men the ability to reproduce, it probably will include funding surrogate moms for single men wanting to create offspring without being a provider to some chick.


  14. Aaron, i know some guys and you do think women haven’t achieved things in life as men have. Women do most things for themselves and not for society. I do agree and found recently a website that shows some women in the past who have been successful, selfless and devoted for something more important than their ego. It’s worth a read: http://frauen-und-reformation.de (sad thing, it’s German written)

  15. I don’t know if you guys have been following the Jordan Peterson Story? Basically in Canada they’re passing a law to make it illegal to “not use people’s preferred pronoun”. Our hero Jordan here is battling them head on.



    I’m afraid of posting more links, so that WP doesn’t eat my comment lol. It tends do that when you put in too many links.

    1. Don’t worry, in the worst case your comment ends up in the spam folder, from which it will be recovered from.

      I read about that case, and even watched part of a video. Well, that’s what society gets for systematically breeding idiots.

  16. A friend of mine once asked me why he can’t get laid as much as he wants? Apparently he gets laid with just one girl he calls his baby. I told him to try looking good and see. That led to a argument about how shallow I am and how he loves women more. I still haven’t stopped cringing.

    He also told me the only reason why I get laid is because of money. For that I told him if that was the case, I would be with women who are older and are trying to get married. But none of that went through to him. I think I should get inspiration from Aaron and not argue with idiots.

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