Below are testimonials from customers who have booked Aaron Sleazy for live coaching sessions or phone consultations as well as feedback from attendees of his seminars and lectures.

The results I got from following your recommendations blew my mind. I’ve now gotten makeouts within minutes, and almost fucked a girl in my car within a a short interaction (I could have done her but let her put me in the boyfriend category haha oh well).

Your tactic to just go for it and make it happen, might just work out great for me. Last weekend I brought a cute blonde girl home with me. Without that much effort, without thinking about it, it just happened. Kind of weird to not think about rules/routines/etc. I hope this stays. 🙂
—Mark D., Netherlands

Also Sleazy plays the numbers game, but in a very particular way. He (almost) never gets directly rejected by girls, as he has an amazing eye for screening just by looking at the girls and indirectly testing her reaction. If she reacts really well he goes for it, if not he leaves. I should be noted that he approaches around one girl every hour and those he approaches are into him. He also has such a good escalation skills that he usually won’t fuck it up once he gets along with a girl that wants him.

I’m still seeing two girls regularly and will be closing on two more very soon. Your weekend here made a big impact on my life! Thank you so much. Things are very different now.
—Jonathon, Chicago

I would just like to say thank you for all you have taught me. I had my first closet pull in a club tonight. What a rush!
—James, Cincinnati

Sleazy has an aura around him which attracts women. It does not come from looks, but from style and body language.
—Stian, Norway

He is a cool guy who happens to be one of if not the top practitioner of club game in the world.
—Terry, London

Despite his intense and whirlwind club pickup style, I found Aaron Sleazy to be a cool and easygoing guy to be around. He patiently took me through the basics of his process, and gave me a gentle “nudge” in the club to apply it on a nearby girl. Within 15 minutes I was making out with her and within 30 minutes I was fingering her. She looked at me in awe and was amazed I was doing all of this completely sober. It was a true mind-opener for me. Since then I have applied it on other girls and I continue to be surprised how delighted they are. I highly recommend his short but powerful coaching weekend, and probably so would the girls I meet if they knew who taught me what I now know.
—A., Philadelphia

I got a hand job and fingered a girl and played with her boobs in a lounge tonight with so many people around. She was too scared to go in the bathroom with me… Hopefully this is just the start 🙂 Thanks for the talk today!
—J., Los Angeles

Aaron Sleazy’s approach to seduction is different than others I have learned from in the past. Yet, his methodology is easy to understand and implement. Not only does he teach you how to escalate quickly on women, he also gives valuable tips on how to learn club game, enjoy venues and have a great time when you’re out.

Aaron’s phone coaching took my club and overall game to another level that I didn’t think was possible. He also has great tips on fashion and how to stand out.
—Art, Los Angeles

Thanks for a great experience and the new look!! It’s actually strange as some people on the street just say hi to me during day time, it really makes a huge difference.

Aaron Sleazy has completely changed how I think about game. I used to think I need to go out and do x approaches. It was a lot of pressure just to hit that number. Most importantly, it wasnt that fun for me and my approaches arent very energetic either. So rarely did I actually even tried to go out. However, Aaron showed me that learning seduction should be fun. We went out to several clubs, it was fine to just enjoy the music and have a good time. We dont need to hit on every single hot girl there. As long as you are having fun, the girls can tell and are definitely warmer to you. Now learning seduction is no longer a drag, I am happy going out and actually try to pick up girls. I really like this new mentality since I feel so motivated to go out and game.
Aaron’s game is a little ridiculous to say the very least. Seeing him in person going up to a girl and have his hand under her shirt in 30 seconds is just mind blowing. I have never seen anything like that! It just convinced me that girls are sexual creatures and want your advances. On top of that, it looked so easy, as if anyone can do it. He told me it is just escalation and judging her reactions. If she is into it, just keep on escalating! Well it fucking works, at the end of that night, I had this hot blonde eastern European girl straddle me, biting my neck while I was sucking on her boobs. This was all under 10 mins, in a night club in Berlin. I didnt even say a word to her! Aaron helped me realized that girls are very receptive to advances, it is not a big deal and everyone just wants to have a good time. Push farther, and you will get fantastic results. If she doesnt like it, there is a girl just as hot right next to her.
After being with Aaron for 2 days, I feel that I have a much healthier mentality about learning seduction and is genuinely excited to go out and learn it. On top of that, he has taught me important skills and guts that will expedite my learning process. i am already starting to compile my own Sleazy Stories 🙂
—Damien, New York City

Just fingered a girl on the dance floor. Also, while kissing her outside, an argument broke out between 5 girls who were pointing at me and arguing over who was going to approach me first. They settled this by all walking past me and brushing their breasts into me. The girl I was kissing said “Who are you??” and offered to take me home immediately.
Pickup now is easy to the point of being trivial. And it has made me not actually care about it. I thank you for actually seeing how easy it is first hand.
—E., Nottingham