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Why Toni Garrn’s Marriage Had to Fail

I wrote a lot about Toni Garrn recently, and her biography also inspired a few follow-up articles. Her mistakes and poor choices tell you a lot about modern women, after all. Recently, Lucretius Carus sent me a video of her. In it, you see her and her then-husband engage in a silly game for Vogue. Shortly after having gotten married, they played a game on camera in which both have to write down answers to the same question, to see if these two people really know each other. The video is quite short, but revealing nonetheless:

Let’s look at a few timestamps:

0:17: She is very excited. He is embarrassed to be there. Most likely, this was her idea.
0:29: She is visibly annoyed because he could not remember when they first kissed.
0:42: He passive-aggressively states that he is not going to answer the question “because he has a wife”. The question was about her most divaesque behavior.
0:48: Her answer was that she wants him to carry her luggage. He is quite displeased by this, and she laughs at him in response.
1:02: He seems to brag about having had sex with her on the first date. As a guy, you probably do not want to brag about your wife having been easy.
1:37: His answer is that her favorite piece of fashion are handcuffs. Her answer is “underwear”. Neither look good here. He looks as if he would rather be somewhere else. At this point, I wondered if he is making fun of his wife.
1:41: Upon hearing “handcuffs”, she is not pleased at all. She looks away and even rolls her eyes.
1:53: Her guilty pleasure are sweets. He laughs, and she says, before stopping herself, that he is “so bullshitty”. It is hard to understand what she exactly said but it was nothing nice. The hardcoded German subtitles are “Du bist so be…”, which translates to “You are so sh…”. Even as a joke this is highly disrespectful, and so is his laughing at her.
2:01: Sex is their favorite activity. Well, for a sustainable relationship, you need a bit more than that.

For a couple just starting out, these are a lot of red flags. What is worse, this was just a two-minute segment. I would not recommend seriously dating a woman who rolls her eyes at you, and these two even got married. Both show a lack of respect for each other. Their behavior is quite rude at times. If this was their honeymoon period, then their relationship must have soured rapidly. Thus, it is surprising that their marriage lasted for as long as it did, which was a mere two-and-a-half years. The brainwashed YouTube audience, though, thinks that they are “joking” and that they are “so cute together”.

Overall, this is not a good look, and neither is them taking part in this video. It was a really bad idea. The fact that they took part shows that neither of them makes good decisions. Clearly, they did not do this for the money. Perhaps they got a few thousand bucks for this, but possibly they got no money at all, just doing it for publicity, considering that Toni Garrn was no longer a household name in 2019, and her then-husband is a Z-lister. There was nothing in it for them.

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