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Real Men Buy Sexist Figurines!

In a recent comment, Pickernanny posted a video ad of an ultra-expensive 1:3 scale statue of the modern-day sex symbol 2B, the heroine of Nier: Automata. It sets you back over $2,000. The very tasteful video, which you can watch below, does not highlight 2B’s backside, a part of her body that found universal appreciation among cultured men online. This figurine sent me down quite a rabbit hole, and it led me to elaborating a bit on the discussion we had in the comments of the article I linked to above.

I was familiar with figurines, but I was unaware of the high-end section of the market. Of course, most famously, we have Nintendo’s Amiboo product line, which has been around for a decade. These figurines are of decent quality and do not cost a lot, assuming you can get them at retail. Scalpers love these products. Most of them are quite small, so less secure men could easily hide them in a drawer in case they expect a female visitor who is not very tolerant of such male interests.

The elaborate models companies nowadays sell, at prices in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars, however, target a much different audience. The typical buyer is male, flush with cash, and probably in the 35 to 55 age-range. Age is not the main aspect, though. Instead, the key aspects are that these products cost a lot of money, take up a lot of space, cannot be hidden easily, and are offensive to a lot of women. These products would be offensive to women even if they were all completely non-sexual, simply because they are very expensive toys. Surely, most women would much rather have their guy spend money on them, in some way, than on something so frivolous as a piece of plastic, no matter its artistic merits.

Before I highlight some of the utter degeneracy I came across, let us remain a bit more modest for a while. Here is the most expensive model I came across, Terra from Final Fantasy VI, released as Final Fantasy III in the US, riding Magitek armor (I should replay this game sometime!). It is limited to 600 pieces and it costs around $14,000. This is not a typo. For a Final Fantasy superfan, this may be a pretty attractive product. I cannot imagine any woman reacting well to learning that her guy bought that instead of getting her three more Luis Vuitton handbags.

After we have gotten the high-brow section out of the way, let us now move on to the utter degeneracy I have found online: there is an entire market of pornographic figurines! They cost hundreds of dollars and surely put you in a very uncomfortable position if you are dependent on female validation. Of course, Japanese anime is full of 10/10 waifus, but there are also artists who design original characters. A good example is the very cultured artists infinote and his creation Mihiro Sashou, also known as “bunny girl”. The first figurine I came across is innocent enough:

Stretching one’s buttocks is very important for the health of a young woman.

I do not know if it is possible to undress this figurine. I swear I did not look for imagines of this figurine in its naked form so I have absolutely no idea what its private parts look like. The retail price of the above product is about $400. If you are looking for something more edgy, perhaps you may be interested in this alternative pose:

I laughed out loud when I came across that version of the lovely bunny girl. Where would you even put this? You would have to completely sworn off women if you wanted to keep it anywhere in your home. If you are an Ultra Chad and you ran your own company, outside of the Western world, you could probably put it on your office desk, clothed or naked, much to the amusement of your male staff. On a related note, I once had a manager who used a glass penis as a paperweight, which was probably a good way to keep women out of his office, but this was twenty years ago.

“Bunny Girl” is not some kind of rare exception. There is a flood of expensive pornographic figurines, and if they did not sell they would not get made as this is not a government-subsidized industry. If anything, this industry seems to be expanding. On sites like Native Store you can find hundreds of utterly perverted figurines. I do not recommend looking at them! It would be a topic for Karens and the usual leftist busy-bodies to get really upset about. Some of these figurines are really beyond the pale, like this one that comes with a “gush of fluid” piece.

My hypothesis is that this entire industry only exists because there is a very significant number of men who not only have a lot of disposable income but who also are completely detached from women. They need no female validation at all. Some of these guys are surely Chads who have a row of seven naked Mihiro Sashou figurines lined up on a floating shelf above the bed, but plenty are surely guys who have decided that they are going to focus on their own interests, completely eschewing societal expectations. They earn a lot of money and they spend it on themselves. If this means collecting pornographic figurines, then so be it. Women should not complain about such men either because they indirectly created this industry.

One thought on “Real Men Buy Sexist Figurines!

  1. The price tag on that FFVI figurine is impressive!

    “Stretching one’s buttocks is very important for the health of a young woman.”


    “…but plenty are surely guys who have decided that they are going to focus on their own interests…”

    My assumption would be that the majority of collectors are sub 5s who have been sent their own way. I have no qualms with that. They can’t help what they are, of course. However, it is commendable that they, despite all adversity, are productive enough to be able to afford such fine art pieces. I personally don’t see the value in collecting beyond monetary gain, which I feel is a risky investment anyway. I also don’t like collecting a lot of non-utilitarian things because I move frequently. Though, I will not lie that having a 2B statue in my forever home, assuming massive disposable income is the scenario , would certainly enrich the aesthetics of the environment. At the very least, some nice portraits would do with the added benefit of not breaking the bank or taking up much space:

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