Blast from the Past: The Return of Sophia Thiel

Sometimes I read up on what is going on in Berlin, Germany. It is getting close to reading the Liberty Tree newspaper in GTA. Then I noticed a name in a headline I vaguely remembered: Sophia Thiel. I wrote about her on this blog eight years ago. Today, she looks nothing like that, when she was on steroids and hawking fitness books. A before/after comparison may be apt, but the “after” image is quite off-putting. She has a face not unlike a young Jabba the Hut.

I think there is a good life lesson here: you cannot cheat nature indefinitely. Plenty of disciplined roiders were able to limit the problems of long-term use, albeit even some of the biggest icons of roiding like Schwarzenegger seem to have paid a price. In his case, all the estrogen his body produced in response to his substance abuse seems to have made him embrace female thinking.

Sophia Thiel is just 29 years old. I have a hunch that she is not going to recover. She is pretty overweight and perhaps there are health-related issues that prevent her from injecting various illicit fluids into her body that would allow her to cheat nature some more. In any case, there is a reason she does not do that. The remaining question is simply for how long she can stay on the Z-list circuit before dropping out. A pretty bad outcome for a male bodybuilder is to die of a heart attack at 40, or at 22 like Zyzz. For a female bodybuilder, being Sophia Thiel at 29 and looking at a long downward spiral is pretty much the worst outcome. No Chad is going to save her.

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