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Biden’s Disastrous Debate Performance and Its Impact on the Mainstream Narrative

The first presidential debate between the Democrat and Republican nominees was a complete disaster. Donald Trump was tired but Joe Brandon was not even there. He walks in, greeting an imaginary audience, and for large stretches does not even speak coherently. If you have not watched the debate, maybe click on a random segment on the video below and listen to it for a few minutes. I cannot recommend listening to the entire debate.

Of course, in the aftermath the Democrats panicked. Supposedly, some even want to replace Biden with Heels-Up Harris. All of this is just theater. I think the Democrats are so deranged that they are seriously considering printing 66.6 million fake ballots. Yet, there is a much more important implication of the Biden disaster. For years anybody in the know was aware that Biden has no idea of what is going on whereas the deranged mainstream was busy hyperventilating about Donald Trump. Yet, now the elites can no longer deny that Biden is senile and unfit for any activity other than staring into the boomer tube.

A question anybody with the ability to think for himself has asked himself is, “Who pulls Joe Brandon’s strings?” This question used to be dismissed as entirely conspiratorial. Yet, looking at Biden fumble badly live on TV, any rational person has to ask himself that very question. Clearly, Biden is not running anything, so who else is instead? Biden’s debate performance has pushed conspiratorial thinking into the mainstream. Obviously, if he is not running things, someone else has to run things. But who is it? I have some ideas, but, quite frankly, in this context it does not even matter who it is because the damage has been done. The mainstream narrative now has a deep crack. It is plain to see that the supposedly most powerful country on earth has a shadow government that only uses Biden as a sock puppet.

For the establishment, Biden surely was the perfect candidate: old, senile, and easy to control. This only works as long as you can keep up the pretense that he is an effective leader. For a few years this has worked well enough, of course primarily only because of the tight grip some shadowy figures have on the mainstream news machine. After Biden’s performance, not even this tight grip is enough anymore. Even the New York Times published a few pieces that were critical of him. Where do the shadowy figures behind the curtain go from there? I am sure the plan was to prop Biden up until the election in November and then, if needed, replace him with Harris who likewise would be easy to manipulate.

I do not think that Trump is our savior. He got very little done during his term in office, but at least he was good for a few memes. Also, Trump at least openly tells you where he stands. You know that a vote for Trump means more money for our biggest ally. You almost wonder if Trump would not make for a better establishment candidate. He could be Jared Kushner’s sock puppet, and Jared would of course listen to the people who whisper in his ears. In any case, disillusion with politics will only grow, and so will the delegitimization of government.

2 thoughts on “Biden’s Disastrous Debate Performance and Its Impact on the Mainstream Narrative

  1. I was wondering earlier how the left expected this to work.

    But then I remembered some of my Boomer relations who have openly admitted for years that Biden is senile. They don’t care, because he isn’t Trump.

    Biden’s incapacity is not new. He was visibly senile in 2020. He campaigned from his basement and held rallies where he yelled at three people in their parked cars who were terrified of COVID. His press events were timed for early in the day, plainly to keep him from sundowning.

    I saw a story this morning calling this a “preference cascade” and that lit the light bulb. There’s a saying in the stock market that “it doesn’t matter until it does.” People knew there was a housing bubble in the 2000s, but they didn’t say anything because (1) their financial fortunes were wedded to it, and (2) no one wanted to be the first to say the emperor had no clothes. They were fooled because they wanted to be.

    Nassim Taleb has pointed out that some events that seem to be black swans are really just these preference cascades. The reality was there in plain sight all along. What you can’t predict is what exactly will wake the sheep up to it. Presumably, the left and their MSM propaganda arm were so complacently accustomed to the sheep wanting to be fooled that they figured the debate would be no different.

    1. Good point! At any rate the m/o rather ought to be: “Don’t get high on your own supply!”

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