The Algorithm for Maximizing Female Life Satisfaction

When pondering how much the former supermodel Toni Garrn messed up her life, thought I should help out womankind once and for all. Instead of lamenting their poor decision-making, I am happy to say that I have found an algorithmic solution to problem of maximizing female happiness. Obviously, female happiness cannot be reached by getting railed by thirty Chads in one’s teens and twenties, waiting around for some big-dicked billionaire until your mid-30s, and embarking on the “cool wine aunt” lifestyle afterwards, all the way to dying alone as a childless shriveled prune at 85. No, instead women are happiest if they are kept away from temptation and take care of their own children.

This is how women can maximize their happiness:
Step 1: Don’t fuck random dudes in your teens.
Step 2: Between the ages of around 18 to 22, check out a few men, without riding their dick or engaging in any other sexual activity. Pick one of them.
Step 3: Delete social media.
Step 4: Have kids and live happily ever after.

I am quite serious. Of course, to increase her chances of this working out, you better move out of the big city. If she can go to the in-club Chad’s Big Bulge every weekend, she may just decide that she would much rather have more fun for a few more years than embracing her biological duty of ensuring that the human race prospers.

The lower bound of the stated age range is simply due to Western morals. Not too long ago, we married off girls at the age of 14 or 15, when they were fully sexually developed, but if you notice that a fifteen-year old looks like a fully-developed woman, you are a pedophile and as bad as those gays who sodomize little boys. Probably this bizarre equivocation is supposed to engender support for the latter. Clearly, you are a bigot if you think that having sex with a sexually fully developed woman who happens to be not 18 years old yet should be OK but you look down on boy-loving gays who were “born this way”, and were not at all molested as children themselves.

Within three or four years, when women adult women are at their sexual peak, there should be enough suitors. The women are not going to get any better looking, no matter where on the looks scale they sit. Of course, there could always be an even more desirable guy, but realistically, the older a woman gets, the worse a bargaining position she has in the sexual marketplace. Imagine you told a 19-year-old that she has to take one guy before she turns 22 or she will remain single for the rest of her life. That should lead to a sense of urgency. Of course, reality is not much different: if a woman rejects one suitor after another during her prime, chances that she will remain unmarried for the rest of her life will only go up. She could of course bang a few random guys and engage in some kind of pretend-play, but this will not offer her the comfort and security of marriage.

When I shared the aforementioned novel algorithm with Lucretius Carus, he remarked that I should make it explicit that women need to marry that man, instead of dating for a decade, and afterwards they should forget that the word “divorce” even exists.This would help a lot, too. As “liberating” as a divorce may feel in the moment, it surely does not nearly feel as good to the woman once reality sinks in and she realizes that even with all the alimony she gets, she does not nearly enjoy the lifestyle and comfort she had gotten used to during her marriage. Lacking practical skills, her house or apartment may further fall into disrepair. Of course, the impact on the children is even worse. Single mothers reliably turn boys into misogynists and girls into sluts, and total failures. All of this can be avoided by following a few simple steps.

7 thoughts on “The Algorithm for Maximizing Female Life Satisfaction

  1. Sadly I haven’t seen hardly any negative consequences to modern Women’s behaviour. There are tons of men, some even successful who are willing to wife up these women. I have seen countless cases online(albeit) of successful men settling down with porn whores. Things are just going to keep getting worse. I don’t mean to be a black-piller

    1. Ever since Genesis 3, SIMPs have been basically ruining it for all of us. SIMPing is just a plague!

  2. We’ve talked before about how beneficial Medici style Homeschooling would be over the public schooling system in Open thread #260,but its probably especially beneficial (maybe even “crucial”) to raising a daughter on the right path. Its really been an eye opener for me learning just how nasty women can be to each other and will work to sabotage one another. I suppose that’s the real dark secret behind Feminism.

    Playing with the thought experiment,I get the impression a Monastery (the ones that allow women obviously,some don’t if I’m not mistaken.) might potentially be one of the best places to start a daughter’s socialization development. I don’t want to make it sound as if I think Meditation is some sort of Panacea,but isn’t one of the big fundamental points of trying to achieve enlightenment through serious meditation by the monks is to curb materialistic desires? Being raised in such an environment might just be a great way to curb Hypergamy,which leads to the doom of countless women out there.

    Women are also known for being more naturally prone to explosive/uncontrolled emotions over men (not that we are in short supply of men who can’t control their emotions either especially in this day and age,unfortunately)and “overthinking”,which hopefully gets effectively addressed here as well.

    Assuming an ideal scenario that you manage to raise a very calm woman with beauty (through a lifetime of healthy living,regular physical activity and elegant way of being) to match,I wonder how one would go about trying to set her up with a wealthy (but of good character as well) husband?

    That probably sounds really ironic given if we raised her from the kind of background I just described,but of course we’d want to set our potential daughters up with the best man she could get who would love and take care of her. But at the same time,we know that a lot of the men of highest LMS aren’t necessarily of the best Character,so we gotta strike a balance here…

    1. I am not sure a monastery is such a good idea. Keeping kids away from socializing with peers also damages their development. I have seen this firsthand with a close female friend.

      I have given quite some thought to this, so if the time ever comes that I start a family I can sort these things out with my hypothetical wife beforehand. I think two things need to happen in order to shape your childrens environment as best you can: you need to get them out of the big city, and you need to surround yourself with like-minded parents with whose children yours can grow up a bit more shielded from general degeneracy.

      You wont be able to keep them from porn forever, but it is more important that they dont get on social media until they have fully developed personalities, so basically not before young adulthood. Tall order I know, thats why I say surround yourself with like-minded parents who have children who can play and socialize with yours offline, like we did in the old days. Your best bet might be to look for a religiously conservative community in a rather rural setting (as a matter of fact thats also a good place to find a wife to begin with).

      In my country that would mean living far away from the best schools, so a degree of homeschooling would be a must.

      In such a community, you will be more likely to find a good husband for your daughters. How to keep a good husband? Your wife should teach her all the secrets on how to be really good at fucking his brains out several times a week. 😉 You want your little girl to be a whore as long as it is with the right man. Females typically fantasize about being the ones able to tie down a wild man just for them, males typically fantsize about being the only ones able to turn a good girl into a whore, just for them.

      Its not foolproof, but it has better chances.

    2. @Yarara

      Can you elaborate on that female friend who’s presumably socially stunted?

    3. @Sleazy´s Wife

      I am not sure stunted is the proper word, its not like she is now mentally challenged or anything. She is actually quite intelligent, but she remained pretty naive about a lot of stuff well past the age you would expect, so she got to a very late start and missed her window of opportunity. And keep in mind she is and always has been a conservatively oriented woman, who never partied and very much wanted to have a traditional family.

      What happened is that when she was very little, there was a family tragedy where several close family members on her mothers side died in an accident. Her mother was seemingly so spooked by this event that she withdrew her and her brothers from uncontrolled contact with the world. We would only see her at school, but she would not participate in any outside activities growing up. No going out, no socializing outside school, no school trips, no participating in any social events (graduation ceremony is the only exception I remember), no travel except with the family, no partying, and of course no dating. As far as I know she remained a virgin well into her 30s (and there is a non-zero chance she still might be, for all I know, I did not ask again in recent years). Smartphones and social media did not exist back then, but I imagine her mother would have kept them off those as well if they did.

      I think the fact that her mother is a practicing catholic also did not help, but I dont put the main blame on religion here, I know plenty of good conservative catholics here who nevertheless have no problem going out and socializing.

      As a result, this girl pretty much had no social circle outside her immediate family. I lost touch with her after school because it was basically impossible to meet up, and I gave up on her (I will confess I had some attraction for her at the time).

      We reconnected about a decade later when we unexpectedly met due to professional reasons, so I was able to fill in the blanks. The bubble she was in started to crack somewhere at the end of her university period, when she had to go out to the job market. She caught up a lot, and she once confessed to some mild degree of regret and resentment when she realized what her mother had done to them.

      Being so sheltered for so long, she had absolutely no idea how to go about a lot of things social that the rest of us take for granted, especially with dating and finding a partner. And so she had to learn things the rest of us had long learned, with a delay of about a decade or so.

      Her friend circle remains slim. She has had at least 2 boyfriends that i know of, one of them for a few years, the other one for 6 months, but both relationships failed. In both cases she was well into her 30s when the relationships began. She used to be very beautiful, now her looks have largely faded and she is a single, childless woman approaching 40 who just downloaded Tinder for the first time in her life to try to find a partner (and I basically had to explain to her how it works).

      Whats the point of this whole story? Kids need to grow up together and socialize with other children. They need to discover stuff, and experiment, cooperate and resolve conflicts, win and fail, with their peers. Much as you try, parents and other adults cannot fill this role, they are not a replacement for age-appropiate friends.

      You can see a similar related problem in the kids these days that spend too much of their socializing time on social networks, it also stunts them but in different ways. They remain emotionally fragile and poorly equipped to handle adversity (see the work Jonathan Haidt, Greg Lukianoff, and Jean Twenge is you want to dig deeper).

      Parents these days have a tricky job, how do you manage to set healthy boundaries within which you can allow your children freedom to grow, without alienating them from society so much it holds them back? Thats why I think finding likeminded communities is a more promising way to go about it. But I have no children of my own so far, so I am merely theorizing from what I know and observe.

    4. I just re-read my first comment, and it occured to me that perhaps having mom teaching kinky stuff to the daughter might be a tad too embarrassing, so you might want to delegate that task to a trusted friend. Otherwise, I stand by what I wrote.

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