The Minimum Job Requirements for Women

A while ago some thot made the rounds on TikTok by summarizing what she does to keep her man happy. She says, “I do what I am supposed to do as a woman: I cook, I clean, I suck, I shut the fuck up.” While I find her attitude rather unappealing and would not even want to be in the same room as a woman this crass, her statement is not a stupid one. Expectations on women are quite low. Yet, many women ignore them and instead want to turn themselves into men. Nobody likes girlbosses, no matter what the mainstream wants to tell you. Any woman aiming to meet the minimum job requirements outlined above would do very well.

In terms of looks and life achievements, guys are happy if women just abstain: keep the fork down, keep your legs together, keep your wallet closed, and don’t get any tattoos. It seems that woman can be basically completely passive and most guys would consider her a dream girl, assuming she is at least about a 6.5 or 7 in terms of looks. It is hard enough to get a slim woman who has a low bodycount or, better, is a virgin. Add the requirement that she has no debt, no tattoos, and no piercings, and you are looking at a unicorn.

The statement made by Stacey-Shaqueesha may be catchy but even that is asking for more than most guys care about. Women cooking is a nice-to-have but most guys I know are better cooks than basically any woman I know (my wife cooks really well and takes pride in it, though). Plenty of women I met were barely able to prepare pasta and some managed to even mess that up, as ridiculous as this sounds. Cleaning is likewise a nice-to-have. If need be, guys can just clean the house themselves. Besides, cleaning help is not that expensive. Today’s men do not even expect a woman to take on a significant amount of household work even though it is surely something they appreciate. It is probably not much of a stretch to say that most men would be quite happy about a woman who is able to keep her mouth shut, assuming she does not have your dick in her mouth at the moment. Nagging is bad enough but incessant female chatter is worse. For a lot of women, it seemingly takes a lot of effort to not just spout out random nonsense.

In contrast, modern women completely skip past these basic and foundational requirements. Instead, you get to deal with “driven” women with their own career and money. Yet, their careers are almost always complete mirages that only exist due to political coercion, and the money they make they normally spend with reckless abandon. You may think that shoebox-sized luxury apartments are an oxymoron. Women do not think so. For them, it is the first rung on the housing ladder. Anything below it they consider a violation of their inalienable human rights. They also want fancy clothes, lease a car they can barely afford, and eat out in style.

The relationships between the sexes could be pretty straightforward, and in the past they were. Society was also better off overall. Of course, one way of destroying nuclear families, the foundation of fascism according to some people, is to pull women out of the home and make them spend most of their waking hours in service of some horrible corporation instead of taking care of a brood of children. Our hostile elites achieved that goal. They also managed to make housing unaffordable, money worthless, your jobs insecure, and daily life dangerous. I mean, some kind of racist or anti-semite would say that, not me.

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  1. I always laugh whenever a feminist says that succesful men owe it to having a woman back home taking care of cooking, cleaning, laundry and stuff. What about all the single men? I have been single and taking care of cooking and cleaning and doing my laundry myself for many years. Do I get a fucking medal? No. So why should a woman?

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