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Young Women are Slimming Down Again

I recently had to travel quite a bit for business and got the chance to inspect, with a scientific eye, the status quo in female fashion and fitness. During the scamdemic, it seemed that women were getting fatter and fatter. In fact, you apparently could go for weeks without seeing a woman who was in shape, i.e. slim and toned. It was Kardashian-sized buttocks galore. Plenty of women were so out of shape that their clothes did not manage to properly hide their physique. This is no longer the case. Change is afoot.

Overall, my impression is that basically any young woman who has a midriff worth showing off wears clothes that draw attention to it. The current fashion seems to reveal only about two inches. Perhaps this is even a sign of women wanting to appear to be a bit more modest. Another interpretation is that this is all young women dare to reveal, given the influx of foreign doctors and engineers who may have a hard time dealing with so much titillation. Even looking at women enjoying ice cream in public is too much for them. According to woke German media, this basically justifies rape.

It furthermore seems that women are hiding their tattoos. Young women perhaps even get tattoos at much lower rates. Probably seeing tattoos on their saggy teacher hags does not really motivate them to permanently disfigure themselves either. Even in Berlin I noticed that women cover themselves up a bit more. Ugliness is clearly no longer as universally embraced as it used to be. These trends may or may not be related to the ongoing political shift towards the right, albeit I think that there is a correlation. Large-scale statistical analyses confirm that, too: right-wingers are more attractive, and women are looks-maxing again because they sense that being fat and ugly is no longer universally held in high regards.

One thought on “Young Women are Slimming Down Again

  1. Probably you already said a lot of times, but just for curiosity, how old are you, man?I think we have more ore less the same age, and like you I remember the old times you talked about in one of your last post about the musical video of Gigi D’Agostino. A lot of things have changed in women appearance since then, and the most impressive things are without any doubt the growth of tattoo, piercing and bodyfat.
    Why do you think so many women have this urge to destroy their appearence. In particular I notice that this is common in women who are already ugly. Fat women, instead of losing some weight, dye their hair with violet, blue or strange, stupid colours. Is something like a challenge vs men and society?

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