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35 thoughts on “Open Thread #361

  1. Boeing keeps winning. Currently, two astronauts are stranded in space because their Boeing-manufactured spaceship has a bit of an eccentric personality:
    I wonder if the constant delays are similar to how airlines announce flight cancellations. First , there is half an hour, then an hour, then two hours, and only after they have lied to you often enough they officially cancel the flight. Here, these two astronauts get told that they can leave “tomorrow”, until tomorrow no longer comes. Let’s hope they manage to get back to earth. Otherwise, we would have to lament two more deaths that are directly attributable to maximum diversity.

    1. This video is not nearly as exaggerated as you may think. Rats, in particular, are a very common sight in Berlin, just as disposed furniture our household appliances lining the streets. Large parts of the city make you wonder if you are in a first-world country. As the capital of one of the most successful countries on earth, Berlin is an utter embarrassment. Of course, this is by design as her US slave master wants to demoralize Germans, and, ultimately, destroy Germany. In contrast, look at how clean and orderly this city used to be:

    2. I will be going to Germany in the next few weeks. I dread stepping out in Frankfurt, but not as much as going back to Berlin. I might avoid Berlin altogether this time and head straight for eastern Europe.

    3. Frankfurt is pretty rough. The last time I was there was about half a decade ago. This was for business, so of course I took a cab to the hotel. To my great surprise, upon arrival, the Turkish driver initially refused to take my credit card. He wanted me to pay in cash, perhaps even without giving me a receipt. This was a somewhat tense situation. As I did not budge, he eventually accepted my card. I considered this experience third-world level bullshit. In another German city a cab driver, a middle Easterner, generously added a tip to the total after he had figured out that I am a business traveler. I was not going to get into an argument over five euros and did not pay for it myself anyway, so I let it slide. It really makes you wonder about the state of the West.

      Berlin is a total shithole. I was there not too long ago. I would not recommend being out at night and even during the day, my suggestion is to avoid most areas. In tourist areas there are a lot of pickpockets and at major transit locations such as Alexanderplatz you get a full dose of diversity. I also noticed an increase in homeless people. There are even camps with homeless illegal immigrants smack in the center of the city:

  2. Does anyone here know if illuminatus has a new website (his old one is long gone) or knows some way to contact him?

    1. I am not aware of any other website he has. As far as I am aware, he has disappeared from the Internet.

  3. The mobile game Uma Musume: Pretty Derby, which is about creating waifus and make them run races, made $2.4bn since its release:
    Creating games that contains nothing but waifus does not work in the West. The concept is amazingly simple. Why can’t we have Western-made games like this? I would much rather see that than yet another triple-A goyslop flop that leads to a studio closure.

  4. I’ve been missing because I started doing some of the networking stuff I’ve been talking about for a while.

    While my sample size isn’t huge. So far every 22-25 year old I’ve approached has started hitting on me.

    I found it hella surprising. As we discussed before, only a portion of girls are supposed to be into older guys. So far it’s been 100% of the ones in the 22-25 range.

    Man I could make a killing if I could only meet more 22-25 year olds somehow, somewhere.

    I just don’t see enough of them. Everyone I see is either younger or older. The 22-29 group seems to be hiding somewhere, it’s weird.

    On another note I’ve been doing this everywhere. Unlike the last time I was meeting people cold, I have zero AA. I can approach anyone anywhere. It’s pretty sweet. Wish I had this ability in my twenties. Though it’s possible that the reason i don’t have aa because I’m now approaching people for networking reasons and not to pick them up.

    Funnily enough it ends up being a pickup when the chicks start making it flirtatious. Two of them were some of the hottest chicks ive ever seen. I spent two days reliving the interaction with one of them pressing her boobs against me in the store and trying to keep me there. I basically just went in to just invite her to a networking things and she wouldn’t let me go, literally kept me there. I would have dreamed of getting attention from girls that hot. Let alone being the one being pursued. Same with the other ones. I went in for a short conversation, surprised to find these hotties trying to keep me from leaving and just flirting and extending the conversation. Feels surreal.

    Today I went out for some other chores, and for fun smiled at every 20 something with a promise to myself that I can’t open them and I have to tease them. It’s like having a super power. They would get excited and then try to get me to approach. You know the hover and over the shoulder thing and even eye fucking. Was so fun.

    My main sticking point now seems to be where to even find my group. I feel I could make a killing if only I find where 22+ year olds are at that’s natural.

    Im currently only opening girls who are naturally in my way as I’m doing other stuff. Most people that cross my path are students which is ok for networking reasons as the network in building is for students and abovem. I’m just not interested in them in that additional way.

    Unless I specifically go to certain stores where I know that you could see the 22-29 crowd, but that feels too much like pickup and I’m not doing that. What I’m doing works because I’m combining with stuff I can do regardless of meeting people, and I open conversations in the middle of doing it. Specifically going somewhere just to start conversations feels too much like pua.

    1. I have not been able to come here as often as I used to, so I did not see where you mentioned “networking stuff”. Is this some kind of bussiness networking thing where you are offering jb or career opportunities for the girls, or something like that? Can you summarize it in 1 or 2 sentences to catch up, or point me to the original post?

      Just for context, do you mind adding:

      Whats your current location? Or if you dont want to mention it, put a similar location as example. Big city? USA, Western Europe, Eastern Europe?

      What is your current approx age?

      On a scale of 1 to 10, how fit would you say are you at the moment? I remember you mentioning you put on some weight.

    2. Sorry about that. I know Maou used the term since it’s popular nowadays among some coaches. Some call it social circle game.

      There are a lot of varieties, but it’s basically different than pickup since you’re making contacts (or friends) .

      I think the main friend is just invite to events where you end up building this massive social proof having events with lots of attractive people. So it’s about building status and social proof etc.

      I know some people do it by just contacting girls online and inviting them to stuff. Personally I liked the idea of meeting people everywhere, as my social skills are rusty and I’ve always wanted to master the ability to meet people everywhere.

      I’m confused about my fitness level. I’m simulatenously decent and not really…

      Age is a couple of years older than you

    3. @yarara, sorry about short answer. Was 4am when you replied. Will expand on answer today.

    4. Fitness: I’ve lost the excess weight gradually, I’m currently no longer out of shape. I was under the assumption I would need to become really fit to get good results, but it seems that was wrong.

      Calculators say I’m 19-21% bodyfat. It’s obvious I have muscle. When I look at myself in a tight shirt I think, yah man that guys muscular.

      Odd thing is I haven’t worked out seriously in years and I again had a big 9 month break of lifting zero weights. Something just doesn’t add up.

      – For years I did no weight training
      – last year I started weight training again and regaining muscle, when I measured in 3 months according to fitmatic it said I have 95% of the muscle that a natural could possibly gain. Which just didn’t make sense to me. How does one not train for 5 years and get to 95% in 3 months? I had 16 inch arms at this point.
      – Then I had a really bad injury that prevented me from training for 10 months, I still am not back to normal, and recovery was slow, I had to start by lifting empty plastic bottles and work my way up to empty dumbbell bars (no plates).

      Currently lifting very little weight and am at 15inch arms.

      I think we guys get dysmoprhia sometimes when we get into lifting and forget how little it takes to be muscular and fit in a girls eyes. Now I don’t intent at staying at this level, just had bad luck. Trying to get back to lower bodyfat and 16 inch arms, will report back. But was pleasantly surprised how much I get checked out at this level already.

      Another thing that made a huge difference in my looks is all the skincare. My skin is literally glowing. And also I got an edgy haircut where it’s hella obvious I’m not an average guy. It’s obvious I don’t have a day job. So they might assume I’m an artist, musician, entrepreneur, but nobody will think “office drone”. Some might even assume foreigner or tourist.

    5. I just rechecked arm size. I misremembered by an inch.

      I am 15.7 inches now, and was 17 inches 10 months ago before that injury.

      I’m lifting girl weights right now and don’t know when and how I’ll get back to 17 inches.

      Also you lose an inch by lowering bodyfat. So my current arm size is really a 14.7 inch arm if I get down to 12% bodyfat. If I manage to get back to real weights by the time I lower my bodyfat, I might end up with 16 inch arms at lower bodyfat. That’s not impressive by gymbro standards, but quite muscular by girl standards.

    6. “How does one not train for 5 years and get to 95% in 3 months?”
      – Its that sweet Muscle Memory phenomenon in action! 😀

      Anyway,it sounds like you’ve been very productive lately in your life Alek,awesome to hear! I’m not really sure I can say the same in my case at the moment. I’ve been starting to work on Meditation again,and more seriously than I ever have in the past. I can now sit for 30 mins. Its definitely a challenge (I do plan to go further,but not until I’m more comfortable with this session length),but I can actually do it now.

      Although its almost been a month since I’ve last been in the gym,I think I can owe my ability to physically handle sitting in the half lotus (Full lotus might be out of reach for me at the moment. My legs have really developed from all those Squats and Deadlifts.) to having been consistent with working out for quite awhile. Before I ever seriously addressed my fitness, sitting for this long even in half lotus for this amount of time would have seemed insurmountable.

      Its too early to say if Meditation has begun to benefit me in practical life. I think I’ve got my work cut out for me in general in this aspect and I’ll probably have to give it at least a month or two before I notice anything,but I can definitely say its already benefitting my hobby of lucid dreaming. I’m already back to my old groove 3 or so LD’s per week. You’re not the only one having naughty fun. ;P

      A very intriguing fact that I’ve learned:

      Meditating in a Lucid Dream is especially powerful. I believe Tibetan Monks have said that 10 mins of Meditation in a dream is worth a 30 day retreat. This is backed up further by a friend I’ve made elsewhere,who is likely around Aaron’s level of experience (he’s experienced the higher Meditative states as well),telling me that the last time he attempted to meditate in a lucid dream,he gets some sort of very powerful white light experience and is forced to confront extreme emotions,to the point that he’s hesitant and is procrastinating on revisiting the experience.

      From the sounds of it,Meditating in a lucid dream just might be a way to significantly speed up progress,maybe even a potential shortcut. I’ll probably experiment with it later on,but for now,I’m too busy having fun at the moment.

      I will say though that even for a neophyte (in meditation) like myself,while I can’t replicate my friend’s experience (yet),just a few seconds of meditation while in the dream has powerful effects,albeit not exactly direct dream control. (Its led me to getting what I want from the dream thus far whenever I’ve employed it as a technique,but it does so in a rather roundabout way. hence why I use the word “led”.)

      So now ya’ll know why I wanted to talk to illuminatus. what a damn shame. 🙁

    7. It seems your country’s culture is very opened about sex.

      In my country, girls don’t dare to even touch your arms, let alone pressing their boobs against your arms.

      I guess you select girls who are opened to casual hookups and casual relationship

    8. Fun sidenote. One reason I am finally getting results and talking to literally any chick I see anywhere… because I finally dropped the idea of having the internals/inner-game handled. I went fuck it, and started talking to people not caring about having shit internals. And my internals improved from the outside-in. I feel great on the inside because I just went and talked to everyone, and had those great unexpected experiences of 22 year old nines acting like I made their week by approaching them.

    9. I think what you says is true.

      I have become much more socially confident despite not reading inner game or any of that bullshit.

      I open girls in an indirect way and build connection from there. I have not been able to talk to them directly like “Hey, sexy!” or anything like that due to cultural barriers and guaranteed failures.

      Inexperienced as I am, I guess you must be very attractive or the girl must be into you from the outset for that to work.

    10. Alek,I just got reminded of an old convo we had here:

      I really was surprised when you told me you hadn’t watched a TV show or played a video game in 2 decades. There’s something I want to ask however…Music. Do you often listen to music in your day to day,Alek?

      Having just talked about Meditation here,I’ve begun to wonder if constantly listening to music is bad for mental hygiene. Its certainly addictive however,with “earworms” being common. (I feel that’s what I struggle the most with when trying to meditate at the current moment) there are definitely people out there who can’t even go 5 minutes in a day without blasting music.

      I might have numbered among these folks when I was much younger,but thankfully not anymore (especially after having gone consistent with the gym. I never brought music and earphones there like a lot of others do. maybe I should start considering listening to educational podcasts/audiobooks while working out like you one day though),albeit its definitely still a daily habit for me.

      Would appreciate your input as well,Aaron.

    11. I do not listen to a lot of music. I never do so when I am out, and I do not listen to audio books either. I think it is fine if you do but I prefer the meditative aspects of hiking or taking a leisurely stroll through a forest. I have a bunch of work colleagues who want to portray themselves as being hyper-efficient, albeit their work does not necessarily show it. For instance, a guy who lives in a concrete jungle tells me that he is walking 90 minutes on most days while listening to the greats of world history. When I do some low-engagement task at work, I put on classical music or retrowave, though.

    12. Zero music. Only thing I’ve listened to in over a decade is educational material (or political commentary/redpill stuff)

  5. I have no idea what Trump said at the debate, because no one is even talking about it – apparently Biden’s implosion was so total that it has sucked all the air out of the room.

    Then, for a Monday morning pick-me-up to liberals who are trying to pretend all is well, SCOTUS delivers a bitch slap (though sadly not a death blow) to their lawfare campaign.

    The economics blogger Mike Shedlock, who suffered from severe TDS for years, is now admitting that the best thing for America is for Biden to stay in the race – to ensure Trump wins.

    I hope the Democrats try to steal the election, again, because it will require, not hundreds of thousands, but possibly tens of millions of fradulent votes this time. Might as well expose them before the world and for all time.

    1. I listened to the entire first debate, partly out of morbid curiosity. Trump came across as pretty tired, but Biden was on an entirely different level. There were segments during which he mumbled, changed the topic mid-sentence, began insulting Trump. It it was a sight to behold. Yet, there are still 33% of polled voters who thought that Joe Brandon was the winner of this debate, which tells you a lot about democracy.

      In the spirit of accelerationism, I would also love to see another fake election, with the Democrats barricading windows and trucks dumping millions of printed ballots. We would end up with more ballots than eligible voters but the mainstream’s fact checkers would tell us that anybody questioning the legitimacy of the election is a far-right extremist. The US has lost a lot of credibility already. Why not finish the job and pull off the biggest voting fraud in history, part II?

    2. And with perfect timing, Vogue drops this cover story PR blowjob for elder-abusing narcissist DOCTOR* Jill “Let Them Eat Cake” Biden:

      “If you want to know what power feels like, try to get yourself driven around in a motorcade. Flashing police chaperone lights form a perimeter as you blaze down an empty highway, waiting cars backed up on entry ramps as you pass. It’s as if the world is holding its breath. For you. Also, rules don’t apply.”

      That should go straight into a Trump campaign ad. I’m sure the little people sitting in their cars backed up on those highway on ramps, trying to get to their second or third jobs so they can survive in Brandon’s economy, will appreciate it. Not to mention “rules don’t apply” (but only for leftists and their pet terrorists, obviously.)

    3. Also, I was previously pounding the table for Trump to put Tulsi Gabbard on the ticket. I thought (and still think) it would give him a landslide win, with the added bonus of sticking it to the Democrats who got the knives out for her after she let the air out of their precious Heels Up Harris on national television during the primary debates.
      I’d say now I was wrong. He no longer needs to do this, and should instead go with whoever can do the best job of carrying on after him (though I wish he had a better record of picking such people…Sessions? Pence? Barr? Ugh.)

      On the other side, I hear the loathesome Whitmer is scheming for the nomination (loudly insisting she doesn’t want it, of course.) I say give it to her, in the hope the resulting loss puts an end to her political career.

    4. From Twitter:

      “None of these SCOTUS decisions happen in a vacuum. There has been a decades long plan to get elect justices who would do the bidding of Christian nationalists and undermine democracy.

      Obergefell is on the table. Women’s suffrage is on the table.

      You should be panicking”

      After Obergefell I remember these people gloating about drinking sweet wingnut tears. How many conservatives did they galvanize into voting for Trump one year later to rescue Scalia’s seat from Merrick Garland? If they hadn’t, right now we would be a 6-3 minority, assuming Roberts caved to the left once they had 5 solid lunatics in place. It doesn’t bear imagining.

    1. That’s why his presidential ticket is also known as Feels Up and Heels Up.

      I’ve said for a while that all the left had to do to be rid of Trump was to leave him alone and let him alienate normies with his lack of a filter. As the saying goes, never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake. Fortunately, they’re incapable of this, hence their lawfare campaign against him, which has only lent credence to his claims of witch hunts and rigged systems.

      Worse for them, it seems Trump has now, at last, learned this same lesson instead. The left is openly eating itself. The military term for this scenario, fittingly, is “red on red,” and standard doctrine is to stand back and let it happen, then move in to finish off the weakened momentary victor.* Which is what Trump is doing – resisting the temptation to wade in and pile on, and instead letting everyone stay focused on the dumpster fire.

      * It’s tempting to jump one bad guy while he has his hands full with the other, but then you risk them both turning on you.

    2. And, then, of course, I wake up to this:

      “In the video, the former president asks the person holding the camera what they thought of his own debate performance. As he’s told he did ‘fantastic’ and ‘amazing,’ Trump blusters on flatly, ‘Look at that old, broken down pile of crap.’

      After announcing that the president is quitting and handing the baton to Kamala Harris, Trump continues, ‘I think she’s gonna be better’ as an opponent.

      ‘She’s so bad. She’s so pathetic,’ he adds, plucking at his gloves, then appears to say, ‘She’s so fucking bad.'”

      Supposedly the Trump campaign was asked about the video and has not disputed its authenticity.

      Of course, meanwhile Trump’s opponents can and do screech for him and his supporters to be murdered, but the point is to let them do it and show what they are, not grab the microphone from them. Though I did get a chuckle out of Trump “announcing” that Biden is quitting.

      Of course, Biden’s loud insistence that he’s staying on is meaningless, as is the idea that DOCTOR* Jill will not let him step down. Their puppeteers have but to crook a finger, and out they go.

      This also raises the question of what kinds of deepfake videos of Trump the left will come up with between now and November. His best counter there might be what the PUAs used to call agree and amplify – namely, release deepfake videos of himself doing heroic, hilarious, and obviously impossible things.

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