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40 thoughts on “Open Thread #289

    1. This made me chuckle. You can bet that they stayed together only for political reasons and as soon as she was out of the office, her husband handed in the divorce papers. You are already getting cucked enough by being the arm-candy of a female PM. Her flirting with other men on camera and doing drugs (or was she just “talking about drugs”?) only adds insult to injury.

    2. Yeah, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this comes just over a month after she resigned. 🙂 The husband probably got her to sign a good pre-nup to wait until now (you can sign a pre-nup during the marriage as well, as least in the Nordic countries).

      Kinda tragic. Looking at them I’d say he’s the more attractive one:

      His hairline is pretty bad for a 37 year old (they’re the same, she’s just two months younger than him), but if it weren’t for that he’d be a pretty attractive guy. I don’t know about his height, though – either he’s short or she’s tall.

  1. Got down to 265lbs now. (Weight loss is going quite a bit faster this week than usual. I’ll take it though. All of my lifts have gone up and I feel wonderful/energetic,so I can only presume that none of the weight lost is fat.)

    I think I’ve lost even more fat in the face now. I remember easily noticing a huge double chin when leaning my head in certain directions. Now I actually have to purposely try to make em and they’re still not as big as I remember seeing them previously. I kinda already mentioned I might be one of the more blessed folks who lose fat in the face early on. Hopefully that really is the case and I’ll lose all that extra face fat before I even get to 200lbs. haha.

    Alek,I think you’ve actually mentioned some dudes you know IRL who could be as high as 25% bodyfat or perhaps even more,but their face doesn’t show it at all? That’s probably the most fortunate case. easy to look big in clothes.

    1. Yeah, it depends on the guy. Some guys lose facial fat before they lose torso fat. That’s lucky if you’re meeting people fully-clothed, and most people are, unless you pick up chicks on the beach.

    2. I don’t suppose you ever ran into the problem of loose skin post-weight loss,Alek?

      Hopefully it doesn’t happen to me,but I do have to consider the very real possibility of it in my case.

      If you did experience loose skin,did women care at all about it?

    3. Never had to worry about that as I think it only happens if you lose large amounts quickly.

      Did you Google it to see what prevents it. I’m guessing it’s doing weightloss in stages. Like get to one level, plateau for a bit, then continue later. But again no idea. I haven’t ever been in that situation.

    4. I congratulate you for your effort. I am currently losing my belly and gain muscles at the same time.

      I wish you have to a rich love life.

      It’s not easy to be overweight and have the mental power to crash that.

  2. Going to psychologist is a waste of time and money? I mean how psychologist can help inceldom and being outcast from society? We need to remember going to psychologist is very spensive.

    They will give you blue pill answer, right?

  3. What % of the male population do you estimate are alpha males? I see that 20% of guys are attractive to women in online dating , but of course not all of that 20% are ‘Alpha’. Of that 20% there are good looking Beta guys right ?
    I’m estimating 5% are true Alphas. 1 in 20 guys ?

  4. Guys, I am tormented.
    An alpha is the West is kind of brutish and coarse. But in the East, if you behave like that, you might be a green virgin.

    It seems this concept should be adjusted a bit.

    But I want to be a responsible boyfriend material, that’s all. I aspire to be like Johnny in Johnny’s story.

    Like Alex, I would rather stay virgin than becoming a beta bullshit. That stuff is only for rats and cockroaches.

    1. Why are you tormented? Aggregating all the comments you’ve made that I’ve read, you seem to know who you are, what you want, and what you should do to get what you want.

    2. Well, I am not torn because I want to be a boyfriend while deep down I want to be a player.

      I am torn because the dating advice runs counter against what I should do.

      Like, don’t show too much that you care about her, when the opposite is truer.

      It is just that my mind is filled with conflicting ideas. Lol 🙂 🙂

    3. Dude, as you’ve said yourself, there are differences in dating between East and West. Even in Latin America, which is as Western as Europe (though folks there seem to exclude us. I use the term “White West” to differentiate), there are nuances that for obvious reasons Aaron or Alek have no experience with. Just take the advice they give and use the criterion that nature blessed you with to adapt it to your own needs. That’s what I did and it worked for me.

    4. When I said “criterion”, I meant “judgment”. In Spanish they can be synonyms, you see. Damn, I feel stupid.

    5. Don’t worry about it. I work with plenty of native speakers, and their English is often surprisingly lacking.

    6. I am sorry if I come across blaming Sleazy and Novy for my confusing state of mind. No, that’s not what I mean at all. I am very grateful for their frank exposure of Western women and they are drill sergeants that train my well-guarded sense of alertness.

      I just mean those dating advices I read over the years make me confused. Sites like Girlschase or something like that.

      @Manuel S
      Thanks for your elucidation.
      I am learning Spanish at the moment. Really love the language. Outwardly, Spanish is so different from Japanese, but when I take a closer look at the consonant systems, they are very similar.

      Spanish: desayunaron
      Japanese: sayonara

    7. When I said “criterion”, I meant “judgment”. In Spanish they can be synonyms, you see. Damn, I feel stupid.

      Oh, that’s new. How do you say it in Spanish then? Like “judgment” and “synonyms”?

      Me, when I write English without re-reading and editing my comments here, I make a lot of stupid mistakes. Like forget to add “s” to the verbs when the subject is too long, or adding “s” to a lot of nouns that I shouldn’t.

    8. Vietnamese is a non-inflectional language, so we tend to forget to articulate “s” at the end of plural nouns, a third-person conjugated verb.

    9. Re: Japanese. Hah, you have a point, except for the big L-ephant in the room, if you catch my drift. And those word-ending nasalizations, and other stuff I’ve picked up by merely watching some anime in original sound.

    10. Oh, sorry for not adding the explanation to keep it a single comment.

      Criterio = Judgment, the ability to form your own conclusions in your mind. But “criterio” can also mean “criterion” (plural: criterios = criteria).

    1. Reddit has been quite useless for many years now. After Trump won the election, they shut down every “sub” that was outside the mainstream, however slightly, and in all others, content moderation got more and more severe.

  5. @Sleazy, Novy:

    I know this may perhaps be a topic that is beaten to death, but I am still genuinely confused. That is the role of talking.

    On the Polish blog of Milroh, an old Polish successful member of Sleazy’s forum, he speaks of “emotional connection” with a girl you like to date.

    I used to know a Kazakh guy who was very tall and was the most successful guy I have met. When I asked him why he was so successful, he said: “It depends on how well you know the girl, how to talk to girl.” I have personally seen many girls with him, and one thing I have noticed is these girls cannot take their eyes off him.

    Now, this guy is 1m90 so these girls are already attracted to them.

    I am trying to connect the dots and my interpretation is this:

    Talking doesn’t create attraction. It doesn’t earn you a fling or a ONS. This is the realm of short-term attraction.
    Talking does “create” (is there a better term) attraction for long-term attraction. Or it increases her interest. It may get you chances to go on dates with her.

    Milroh also said that “talking in a way that makes people gravitate towards you is a very subtle, yet difficult to describe.”

    Is my interpretation correctly?

    1. Male pair-bonding ability seems to be unaffected by an increased partner count. There are even studied backing this up. In contrast, women who casually have sex with guys tend to keep doing this for as they can. Oftentimes, they only claim that they want to settle down at that they have changed because they no longer get dicked down by anybody.

    2. Blue-haired sluts named “James” disagree with this analogy, therefore it is invalid.

    3. That tape analogy is pure garbage.
      The 2nd dude obviously let everything slide after smashing his poor little knee the snowflake. Bitter, frustrated, sitting around playing video games and getting fat? No wonder he got chucked , she lost all respect !As soon as that happens it’s over, she’ll never view him the same again. What else does it illustrate except weak Beta behaviour leading to loss of respect and attraction ? Prime example.

      Aaron -Is there any actual hard data on this phenomenon of “womens high partner count leading to lower pair bonding.”?

    4. Yes, there is a study on this issue. Go look it up yourself, please.

    5. Look, the guy might be faulted for not getting up on his feet and return from escapism, but the girl should be a bit more patient and understanding. You know you could not trust a person for leaving you at the first sign of troubles.

      There are too much unknown to place the blame on either one of them.

    1. There are a few people who you can give the benefit of the doubt about not being here to troll and/or misrepresent themselves.

      But you, you argue like a girl and write like a girl and, sister. Stop getting wet for the word “stud” and go find one, if you can.

      Last thing I say to you.

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