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26 thoughts on “Open Thread #286

  1. I’ve been having fun asking the same questions to chatgpt and bing. It’s especially funny when asking it questions relates to the sexual market.

    For example I asked chatgpt what/how many young girls date older guys. It refuses to answer and instead gives lectures and unsolicited advice. Even after several attempts at a clarification and getting it to answer.

    Bing told me this:
    “Over a quarter of 18 to 24 year olds said they would date someone over the age of 35.”

  2. Just a note:
    Within the next month, Sleazy will close down his forum. Before this catastrophic loss occur, I urge you guys to download immediately all important threads that make the backbone of this forum.

    In my opinion, the whole sections on classic posts must be downloaded.

    Then here are lists of guys that I think you guys should save down your computer:
    1) Stelar
    2) Assanova
    3) Tatsdieselgunz
    4) Kriminal
    5) Milroh
    6) Martin
    7) Yarara (he is currently on our blog)
    8) Topher
    9) Neparlepas

    Look for their posts and download them all.

    1. Btw, what happened to Edward, aka Illuminatus, from I hope that the tramadol didn‘t fuck him up too much.

    2. I do not know what happened to him. We spoke infrequently for a few years and at some point it seemed he just disappeared. For what it is worth, the last time I spoke to him, via video chat, he seemed to be in a fine condition, both physically and mentally.

    3. I have looked him up yesterday, it seems that his site has gone. He is a very interesting reader. I believe I have seen his picture somewhere once, I don’t think he was bad-looking at all.

    4. If DeepL supports Polish, you may want to use that instead. For the more common languages, I think that DeepL is far superior to Google Translate.

  3. I am planning to start a small business in a Thailand regarding the short-term rentals. One of my friends is living there and said this can be quite profitable, low-risk business.

    The only risk that we are seeing is the new lockdown. How much chance of this to happen do you see?

    1. I think there will not be a new lockdown for a while as the elites have massively overplayed their hand the last time. The scamdemic only ended because people stopped playing along. You will probably be safe for the next economic cycle. Right now, the world economy is sputtering, and some countries only managed to avoid a recession by manipulating their economic data. There is a lot of civil unrest at the moment so we will need a few stable and prosperous years before the elites will try to pull that stuff off again.

    1. Let’s not be racist here. This guy was a “Texas man”, as the mainstream media informed me, not a murdering illegal immigrant.

    1. Eff. I made a commitment to quit drinking today, and so I can’t celebrate.

  4. Aaron,
    There was a time where couples had to be celibate before marriage. I’ve often heard people say that if they were to marry and settle down that wouldn’t they need to have premarital sex to see if they are sexually compatible? I’m not sure where this idea stems from.

    In the past, I’ve heard some anecdote stories where women saved their virginity until marriage. Somehow, these women felt that they needed to fuck some random guy in a club a few days before they married because they felt that if they were a virgin on their wedding night that their husband will only be the only guy they will ever have sex with. Somehow, these women felt that they needed to sleep with someone else before they settle down because they somehow believe they were going to miss out great.

    1. Chris,

      While I’m sure that happens, it’s the exception more than the rule. Seems to be a common trope in popular media, though!

      Most girls who stay virgins for 25, 30 years don’t suddenly turn into club sluts for a night just because they’re getting married.

      I also think the whole “sexual compatibility” thing is a bit of a red herring people use as an excuse to slut it up. Men and women are sexually compatible. If someone has very sexual unusual tastes, then they can talk to their partner about it before they get married to see if they share them or are ok with them.

      What most people refer to as “sexual compatibility” is really just whether they are attracted enough to the other person to really enjoy sex with them.

    2. I am not sure that they is any validity to the concept of sexual compatibility. There are women who just lie there, and I am sure that this is the case regardless of how attractive the guy is. Also, I have found that a lot of sluts grotesquely overestimate how good they are in bed. Normally, those are simply loose women who have fewer inhibitions when it comes to banging random guys.

      Women who need to fuck random guys before the wedding surely did not save their virginity until marriage. Perhaps they did in a very technical sense as all the several dozen guys they banged simply “did not count”.

  5. Aaron,
    In a world where things are hypersexualize, how would a father and/or mother teach his/her daughter about sexual morals that sex is something between a man and a woman until they are married?

    1. My approach would be to point at the many examples of women who embraced the slut lifestyle. However, you cannot realistically expect a young woman to abstain from sex until her late 20s, so you should try to marry them off early, ideally to an older and already established guy, so that she can move on to having kids right away.

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