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Sluts Do Not Want Long-Term Relationships

I received the following two-part article request.

In your article, Do Sluts have more children?, you mention this piece:

“In case Chad shows up and hits on her, which is pretty likely, she will happily let him bang her, but she does not do this with the purpose of getting impregnated. Instead, she wants the attention and the confirmation that she can attract good-looking guys”
First question, since women see sex with Chads as more about validation is that why they will basically do anything crazy that a chad would want to do? Whereas when she sees it as procreation with non-Chads, she only does basic stuff and always seems to “have a headache’ because she doesn’t have an urge to bang a non-Chad outside of procreating?

Let us untangle this question. First, consider the aspect of validation: This aspect plays undoubtedly a big role whenever women have sex with an attractive man. It is also the most plausible explanation for them happily blowing a random, attractive guy seemingly out of nowhere, and happily parting afterwards. They get nothing else in return besides attention and confirmation that they could get a Chad hard and make him blow a load. Related is that such women indeed are much more likely to engage in certain sexual acts they otherwise would not. What they would find offensive if a regular guy suggested it, they find arousing when proposed by Chad.

I once ended up chatting with a pretty attractive and quite well-off guy. His family was not rich, but both his parents were doctors and he was their only child. Thus, he partied hard, not needing to watch his expenses very much. What stuck in my head from taking to him was him saying that sometimes he just wants to humiliate women, which ties into the phenomenon that a high percentage of Chads are misogynists. He told me that he once peed on some chick, at her place, after she agreed to it. To some other chick he said that if she wants to have sex with him again, she will have to take along a friend of hers. Getting a woman to blow you or bend over for you in public is quite similar. It should be deeply embarrassing for her, but it does not matter to her because she values getting railed by Chad much more than ruining her reputation. The former is concrete, i.e. having Chad’s hard dick in her, while the latter is quite abstract and to understand the consequences of a bad reputation, someone needs to be able to engage in long-term thinking.

In contrast, with non-Chads women are much more calculating. (Sluts tend to completely ignore non-Chads, though.) They have as little sex as possible and sometimes this means that she bangs her wage-slave just once a month while she has sex with several Chads behind his back. If she gets pregnant, she uses it to rope in her provider. Cuckolding their man is an age-old female dating strategy for women who are stuck with a guy they only chose because of his resources.

To add to the last point, some women are surprisingly open about the fact that they are cheating on their boyfriend or husband with you. Some even make fun of them in their absence, for instance by jokingly saying to you that you have temporarily cured their headache, or pointing out that they went out on “girls’ night out” to escape having to have sex with their supposed partner, who was “acting all needy”. You learn a lot about female nature in those interactions.

Lastly, I have the suspicion that some women who choose IVF treatment do not have a sufficient amount of sex with their partner. In other words, they could probably get pregnant naturally but detest having sex with them. This implies that they prefer the apparently highly unpleasant IVF procedure over sex with their non-Chad at home. Granted, this is only speculation on my behalf, but I would not at all be surprised if this really happens.

You hear these stories about her college years where she did all these crazy things, but she now she matured and would never do that with her husband.

This is absolutely the case. The Internet is full of those stories. However, there is also an aspect of women being not entirely truthful if not downright manipulative when they make such claims. Of course, she would still happily have a bunch of Chads run a train on her, but her husband only gets vanilla sex once in a blue moon because he does not excite her at all. Conversely, in the past, she would never have done something out of the ordinary in the bedroom with a younger version of her husband. He would have gotten told that she is “mature” and has strict boundaries, notwithstanding that she had a blow bang with three or four dudes from the college football team a few hours ago, and there is dried cum all over her body. Her behavior did not change one bit with age. It is the same pattern. Yet, depending on the kind of guy she interacts with her willingness to behave like a slut is somewhere between very high and completely nonexistent.

And then point in the beginning of the next paragraph, you mention this:
“Sluts do not want to get pregnant. They may use the pill or an IUD, but if they are really messed up, they will use abortions as a birth-control method. For sluts, sex is not about procreation but merely about the continuous confirmation that Chad still wants to fuck her, and she can only know for sure if Chad really fucks her.”
The second question, is why would she not want to procreate with a Chad? Why does she choose a non-Chad (assuming she has the choice here)? Does she care more about a guy sticking around vs her baby having better genetics?
Does she not take a Chad seriously for a longer term relationship because she knows he will probably stray?

Here, the issue is that, as defined in the article, sluts have a modus operandi entirely different from regular women. A woman with a better understanding of her biological role will try to secure a suitable man and subsequently have children with him. In contrast, a slut chases the high of a new and attractive sexual partner, not unlike a drug addict. Even the biggest Chads get cheated on or dumped. Brad Pitt could not keep Angelina Jolie, for instance; she got bored of him and needed some other guys that make her vajayjay tingle. Yet, surely many other women would have tried their best to keep him satisfied.

Any woman who could have sex with a Chad can easily have sex with a non-Chad, but deliberately choses not to. In particular, sluts do not want to have sex with average or below-average men. There is, of course, as mentioned above, the strategy of getting Chad genes but making some beta-male provider pay for it. Those women care primarily about the genetics of their child. They know that they cannot keep a Chad, but they take his seed anyway, and risk ruining their relationship with a beta-male provider.

Considering that sluts have a messed up dating strategy, i.e. trying to maximize the number of Chads they have sex with as opposed to having a stable relationship and children, the question is not why she does not take Chad seriously for a relationship. This question does not even occur to her. After she has had sex with a Chad, her mind is focusing on other Chads she could have sex with afterwards. The aspect of a Chad husband being less likely to remain faithful — I am not sure that this is true — is not relevant to her as she never, or hardly ever makes it out of the initial stages of a sexual relationships.

9 thoughts on “Sluts Do Not Want Long-Term Relationships

  1. I know I haven’t commented in awhile but here’s my honest take of all this. Me personally I work out I’m 6’2 with 18 percent body fat and tell women I just got out of prison even though I have never committed a felony and I tell them I used to deal drugs but I’m retired from that lifestyle and guess what? I actually get laid even with women who aren’t the typical sluts mind you. The leave it to beaver way of relationships is dead in this country. I make 70k a year and know that most of these women are worthless where I live in Vegas. It’s amazing some of the women I’ve banged are only fans girls getting money from weak men online and I fuck them no problem. Guys the gym and learning to be masculine is the only thing that matters in today’s society a woman must earn your time not the other way around. I have the mentality of “hey girl I’m working being legit now so I don’t have time for your bullshit take it or leave it” and again the results work in my favor. Even with rejection my time isn’t wasted it’s quite a free experience it also helps that I pay for sex as well once in awhile since most men pay for sex with a mortgage or nice car payment why not just cut the bullshit and be direct with it? It’s sad what’s happened to society but even in my grandfather’s generation which was the WW2 generation women did the same bullshit. I actually encountered a man years ago who couldn’t get drafted due to a heart condition and stayed on the home front and banged GIs wives and had them pay his rent and bar bill since their men were overseas and they were lonely. Remember many women had jobs back in those days for the war effort not unlike today’s society makes you wonder about what the real reasons were for that conflict and the social issues that later on plagued the west that we the people are dealing with now.

    1. Certainly there exits a small number of women out there who “are not like that”. But overall this is standard female operating procedure and I’ve had similar experiences to the ones you desrcibe.
      Now let anyone still wonder why from the time of Adam and Eve onwards the ancient view of women has been the way it is…

    2. @Lucretius Carus as some anonymous poster said on a long forgotten message board: every ugly thing men suspected about women for the past five thousand years, feminism has now proven beyond doubt and the Internet recorded for all time.

  2. “a high percentage of Chads are misogynists”

    I’d bet Chad sees the truth about female nature pretty quickly simply from getting more attention from them. Women also enjoy laughing with Chad about the betas they’re exploiting. That isn’t going to offend Chad (unless said beta happens to be his buddy or little brother or something), but he can still spot duplicity and manipulation, and he probably soon decides it’s fair enough for him to treat women the way they treat betas.

  3. Aaron,
    “Sluts do not want to have sex with average or below-average men.”
    “They have as little sex as possible and sometimes this means that she bangs her wage-slave just once a month…”

    1. Do regular women also hate having sex with average looking men and consider it a chore just like sluts?

    2. On a related note, do regular ordinary women and sluts control the sex for the same reasons or different?

    1. 1) Among regular women, there is still something the mindset that sex is part of the deal. They may not enjoy it very much but because it makes her boyfriend or husband happy, she rarely claims to have a headache. You could probably say that sex is a bit of a chore for them but there is the aspect that some chores you just do without really thinking about it, such as taking out the trash. Similarly, I believe that some women have sex with their partner as some kind of routine, not really associating it mentally with a chore.

      2) Sluts tend to be much more manipulative about sex, trying to strategically withhold it. As sluts are valued for not so much for their personality, this tends to backfire. In the end, the guy just gets fed up and moves on. Regular women may just not really be in the mood for it whereas for a slut, this would be a bizarre perspective as she treats sex as barter. She may not really be in the mood for sex either but if she can get something valuable in return, and be it as little as validation from a Chad, she will have sex.

    2. Aaron,
      “In the end, the guy just gets fed up and moves on.”

      With ordinary women, do average looking men need to do house chores or other stuff to get sex because his girlfriend is not into him and is controlling the sex or the lack of whereas you stated with sluts you dropped them and move on?

    3. I am not sure that doing household chores will make a woman who is not really attracted to want to have sex with you. Yet, there is the aspect of an implicit contract where the guy slaves away and the woman thinks that her part of the deal is to lie there like a dead fish once every other month. If you do not commit to those women for the long term you may not get to bang them at all as they are not pump-and-dumps. Instead, they make you jump through one hoop after another. In contrast, sluts don’t seem to care about household chores at all. They are totally fine with you blowing a load in them and heading off again.

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