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29 thoughts on “Open Thread #257

    1. Some people disappear for a while and return, others move on. It is like this with everything in life.

  1. Sense I am still seeing that Harbey Weinstein fella in the news…

    Hear’s what I think happened!!!

    C level Actress, “Oh, Harvey, make me famous.”

    Harvey “What will you do for me?”

    Actress, “Anything!”

    Harvey, “OK, hears’ your role, show up at 8!”

    Movie bombs because in part the acting was horrible.

    Actress fades to obscurity.

    MeToo happens.

    Actress screams Rayyyyype!!!!!

  2. I found this article theorizing that the pandemic is a smoke screen and the recent FTX scandal was a purposeful event intended to collapse and regulate independent finance:

    Here are the main points:

    -A giant cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, and its companion quant trading/investment firm, Alameda Research, have collapsed in what appears to be a leveraged Ponzi-esque event that poisoned many other businesses in the nascent crypto-finance ecosystem. This isn’t exactly the right story, and I am to clarify.

    -FTX was likely one of several available attempts by the Globalist Elite to establish the intended new global financial network and currency.
    A second attempt to control digital currencies is likely planned to take place through the regulatory system, using the FTX debacle as the excuse.

    -The flood of information about the first point seems meant to obscure the second, third, and other points.
    The pandemic is the fog of war intended to create the opportunity and obscure the activities behind this plan.

    -This plan connects a lot of stories, including the activities of Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein. It weaves through MIT Media Labs along the way, but goes to the heart of the powers who ultimately control the military-intelligence-banking complex—and that include the pedophile elite. Whitney Webb has done us great favors tunneling toward much of this, but hasn’t yet reached the core (an overly tall task for any one person).

    -The endgame is conceived as an intellectually (genetically) superior human race, but that may be merely a conceptual construct of an insane network of situationally brilliant, if overconfident psychopathic elites. The mass gathering of genetic data and gene-drive technology likely play a role.

    1. Quite frankly, if this is true, then this endgame could very well spell the end of the current elites. They have the very peculiar tendency of trusting technology and expecting it to solve the problem of control. Yet, in reality, those people have completely lost the plot. We may very well see some of them getting brain implants, and dying as a consequence. Once their own are affected, their entire system of beliefs may collapse.

      I also think that the scamdemic was nothing but a smokescreen to roll out all kinds of projects, e.g. widespread work-from-home (possibly an attempt to get more companies to offshore jobs to the third world), mass surveillance, taking gene samples from the entire population, medical coercion, tyrannical oppression, and so on. Speaking of the vaxx, it is quite remarkable that we saw a lot of people fronting for the elites suffer from it. Countless news anchors and even quite a few second-tier politicians collapsed on stage or even died. Gavin Newson got Bell’s Palsy — not according to fact checkers, of course — but none of the perverted top tier elites did. This is arguably because they were all in on it and knew that the vaxx is used as means of culling the herd. In contrast to all of this, the elites want transhumanism as some kind of pathway to immortality, and this is where things will get very interesting.

    2. Aaron, do you have any ideas on what all that genetic material is for? Perhaps for bio-engineering aspirations, or for some kind of database for the global AI? Maybe the elites think they can modify the perfect human vessel and then transmigrate their consciousness into it. I get the sense that the Boomer elite are deeply afraid of relinquishing power and death, and this can be perfectly seen on display, I think, with fossils in leadership positions that continue hanging on even when they are dying in a hospital bed (I realize there are higher ups involved). I think you’re right and that it’s perfectly clear that the ruling class desires eternal life, and I think it’s completely reasonable to assume they are desperately attempting to achieve that ideal.

    3. I think there is a two-fold motive behind collecting genome data. One is to better understand their own genetic makeup and study viable variations, perhaps in an attempt to improve their own gene pool, and another is that with a better understanding of the genetic makeup of the various races and perhaps even social strata, you could develop bioweapons that target specific subgroups. You can bet that there is a group of elites who jizz their pants at the thoughts of being able to pull the trigger and kill all whites, and only whites, in a crowd.

    4. “…you could develop bioweapons that target specific subgroups.”

      That’s terrifying. I can imagine a scenario where any group that attempt to exile themselves from the NWO being swarmed with nanobots, killing them without so much as leaving a trace of evidence.

    5. About a year or so there was a news story about research done at some US university on a Covid vaxx that is sprayable. You only need to inhale it to get fucked up. Of course, the question is if or when this will come to fruition. Yet, the government is happily spending taxpayer money on such projects. We also know of all those US-funded biolabs, some of which were in the Ukraine, and which heavily focused on gain-of-function research. Then consider that part of the Chinese overreaction to Covid may be due to a suspicion that it is a race-based lab-created virus. There is plausible evidence for this. I don’t think the elites will bother with nanobots at all. Why bother when the alternative is to spray a city, and afterwards report on all those mysterious deaths in newspaper articles, which do not mention race as it adds nothing to the story.

    6. Wow, that’s horrifying to imagine. It almost reminds me of those “grim reapers” people described haunting the crop fields right before the bubonic plague broke out. I’m positive you heard about the lab in Boston, I think, that was publicizing the fact that they were openly creating more deadly strains of the coof a short while back. That’s enough evidence for me to cement that there is definitely something shady afoot. Why the hell else would you waste time and resources creating such a thing? And that’s just what we know about, imagine what’s being developed in secret.

  3. Aaron, have you ever scene the old comedy movie Spaceballs?

    Woke Hollywood would never allow a movie like that these days. Just think of all the “antiseptic tropes.” The jokes about merchandising and about the princesses nose surgery wood surely trigger the woken staci.

    1. No, I have not seen this movie. I barely watch any movies at all these days. The last few were Top Gun: Maverick (more woke than expected) and Evil Dead, which was surprisingly well made, given that it was low-budget effort and is about forty years old already.

    2. I watched Space Bas as a kid several times. It’s basically a parody of Star Wars made by the Jewish Mel Brooks. On the surface of it it’s harmless fun, though I doubt it would be acceptable for a white film creator to take Jewish folklore and bastardize it. What’s ironic is that with the recent Star Wars trilogy the parody-ization of the Star Wars universe has seemingly come full circle.

      I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see the all straight white male elite super pilot squadron know as Top Gun to be converted into a hodgepodge of diversity including a black man, a woman, and even Rooster’s son being portrayed by a Jew. There was also an Asian man thrown in for good measure, however, he isn’t given much screen time and for sure isn’t chosen to do the bombing run. The white men are either portrayed as the goofy incompetent trope, the guy who actually accompanies the female pilot, or overly arrogant and cocky (toxic masculine privileged white male trope). The movie, other than that, isn’t actually too bad by today’s standards, I thought. Tom Cruise simping for a single mom could have been cut.

    3. I found the diversity roster ridiculous as well. The woman in particular felt like a substitute for a male character, behaving like no woman ever does in real life. The single-mom love interest was insultingly stupid. I don’t recall her character having any connection to the original movie. Nonetheless she got a lot of screen time. This is a problem because the viewer just does not care about such a character. In fact, this made me think of the shoddy writing quality in Sony video games. Did you play Uncharted 4? In the fifth game of this pretty successful series (there was also a game for the PS Vita), developer Naughty Dog pulled the main protagonist’s brother out of a hat, and made him a central figure.

    4. I got about 3/4 the way through Uncharted 2 before my PS3’s power supply died. I think the single mom in Maverick is supposed to be the blonde chick from the original. She even lives in the same beach house. Tom Cruise’s character has this sort of redemption arc involving her, where he feels guilty because he has run around on her all these years, moving place to place pursuing his aviation aspirations instead of settling down with her. She sort of pwns him early on by sticking him with the bill at the bar, and he gladly pays it later after his card is declined. It’s pretty humiliating, but based off your review of Eyes Wide Shut, nothing new for Tom Cruise to endure. Hell, he probably came up with the idea to be a cuck in Maverick all on his own.

    5. Are you sure about the single mom being the blonde chick from the original Top Gun? The latter was an instructor, why would she open up a bar? Also, I don’t think the age difference works out.

      EDIT: I just looked it up. According to Wikipedia, the blonde chick in Top Gun is “Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Blackwood”, the instructor, whereas the bar owner in the sequel is “Penelope ‘Penny’ Benjamin” who was ret-conned the following way: “Penny Benjamin’s name was given in the previous movie by Goose to identify the “admiral’s daughter” mentioned by the air group commander, Commander Tom “Stinger” Jardian, and later Carole Bradshaw, Goose’s wife, mentioned Penny Benjamin by name.” This is worse than the narrative setup of The Last of Us II, which centers around the trans-daughter of a surgeon you killed in the first game and probably forgot about because it was so insignificant a moment.

    6. Ah, my bad. Either way, it’s weird to see two near geriatrics sneaking around and getting it on behind a teenage girl’s back. Strange times we live in, where everything is being turned upside down essentially.

    1. I you look carefully, there is a link that leads to (bom chikka wawa) PIAD CONTENT that is UNCENSORED!!!

      I won’t leave the link but if you are enterprising, you can find it yourself.

      BTW, you will never guess what I found when I looked up some of the “upkeep” lady boys do. Waxing, nails, hair and it showed a to more than I thought Youtube would!!!

    1. I think the problem is the age of women. This article only talks about the age of men, ignoring the fact that older men tend to have older women. The most likely explanation is that women have been delaying childbirth for longer and longer, leading to a decrease in egg quality.

    2. It is important to consider that father’s age is correlated with mother’s age therefore disentangling relative contributions of the two isn’t so straightforward.
      Furthermore, people on autism spectrum might have children later in life which further complicates the issue.
      Birth order is also associated with health outcome irrespective of mother’s age (first-borns generally tend to be healthier), and birth order is correlated with paternal age.

      From what I’ve gathered, once all confounding factors have been taken into consideration, research shows that increased risk of complications due to advanced paternal age starts somewhere in mid to late forties. If confounding variables are not controlled then risk tends to begin in mid thirties, probably because in most such cases child’s mother is in her thirties as well.

      As a rule of thumb I’d say that geriatric age for having children is 30-35 for women and 45-50 for men.

  4. A critique of God of War: Ragnarok:

    Some of the criticism of the game in this video include:

    -Too linear, with a dearth of actual gameplay in favor of a more cinematic experience. Personally, I think when MGS did this it was pretty cool as it was a new gimmick, but more and more I find myself just wanting a be engaged and challenged with a game. Devil May Cry 5 has these issues, for example, albeit probably to a much lesser degree.

    -Recycled enemies. As in the game completely reuses pretty much the entire roster of enemies from the previous installment right down to their exact animations.

    -Long, drawn out hidden loading screens.

    -A poorly implemented “hard mode”.

    -From what I can tell, nothing new or innovative within the series’ mechanics. More or less they’ve put out a beefier version of the last game. I think Zelda will end up reusing a lot of assets, sure, but they will at least include a variety of new gameplay mechanics (which include new patents that Nintendo have filed), while also focusing on 95% or more of the game actually involving you controlling it versus watching it.

    1. The story section of this review is appalling! There is more diversity than I previously thought there’d be, as well as strong wahmens. I’m pretty sure this is the worst entry in the series on all fronts. There’s even a scene where Kratos cries. What’s funny is that this game will probably win some awards, possibly game of the year.

    2. I watched this entire video. The fact that it got demonetized already indicated that this video displeases the YouTube algorithm and is likely of a certain level of quality. Of course, there is a particular angle being pursued in such videos, and there is also an element of cherry-picking. Yet, if you manage to collect an hour of horrible footage of a game, I cannot quite see how this can be easily countered.

      For me, the biggest surprise was that Kratos’ son plays a major active role in this game. This is one of the most annoying characters I have seen in a videogame. He is also highly unappealing. Who wants to play as a pre-pubescent boy with unattractive facial features? On that note, it is shocking how ugly Freya is. Calling her a “crack whore” is well-justified. The men are not particularly good-looking either. One of the main points of this video is that Kratos is the titular god of war, but in these new games he is anything but. In some of the scenes shown in this video he is rather pitiful, in fact. Had I bought this game, the first such scene likely would have made me stop playing this game.

      On the topic of attractive women in video games: Ashley in the original Resident Evil 4 gave me a boner, and for a while, chicks in games only got hotter. You could reasonably form the expectation that advances in technology will lead to the sexual appeal of those virtual women increasing faster than your T-levels drop as you age so that you get erections of a 17-year old at the age of 50, but instead we ended up in a timeline in which characters in Western games look downright ugly. Even Capcom is turning down the sex appeal of the chicks in their games, e.g. Ashley in the RE 4 remake no longer has the teenage-slut look, and Jill in the RE 3 remake went from being a club slut to a prude secretary, with a face that reminds you of Sheryl Sandberg if you squint a little bit.

    3. I went on to watch this guy’s Ghost of Tsushima review. He was griping about how there are literally no attractive waifus in the game, and there’s even an LGBT grannie. The chicks in the game are so ugly that I question whether or not it is actually Japan.

      I’m curious to see what actual critics will say about TCP soon.

    4. I hope for The Callisto Protocol to not suck as the combat footage looks great, but I would be very surprised if there was no woke garbage shoved in the plot. We already know that an Asian actress, who looks pretty attractive with her makeup on, was turned into a 6 or 7 in-game.

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