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Banging a Lot of Random Women Can Save Your Life

One of our regulars, GoodLookingAndSleazy, shared an unfortunate story the other day:

Christ almighty guys another former coworker of mine killed himself. I just found out yesterday. He was hit by a big rig on the freeway not far from where I live. The investigators don’t know why he was there. I met his dad yesterday shook hands and gave him a hug. His parents are understandably denying suicide because he got into the Air Force and was going to move to Texas for training with a hot coworker. Supposedly they had a date that night. Jesus…………….

I don’t care what drugs he may or may not have been on. Nobody tries to cross the fucking freeway especially in California.

I am not sure we need to speculate much about what happened here. First, the guy goes on a date with his hot co-worker, then something unknown happens, and the next thing we know is that this young man walks into traffic to get run over. The most plausible interpretation is that this young man received information that undermined or destroyed his reality. Not know what to do next, he overreacted and committed suicide. Probably most of us have heard of similar stories before, some of you may even personally have known a guy who ended his life over a woman.

Inexperienced men have the problem that they underestimate the intoxicating effect women can have. Of course, I am not talking about women in general but about a woman who seems to be a perfect fit for you. A lot of this is surely projection on behalf of the man, but this does not change the outcome. I should also add that women on the Cluster B spectrum deliberately create this fantasy for you.

Cluster B women shape their personality on-the-fly to put up the perfect fantasy for you, just so that you fall in love with them. This is similar to how the biggest sluts are able to adjust to how they suck your dick or how they fuck you based on your response. If you have ever had a woman who tried out a few things first and suddenly it seemed you were in the groove and she turned from a 3/10 cocksucker into a 10/10 in the span of a few bobbing movements, or from a thoroughly mediocre fuck into a top-notch one, you know what I am talking about. The sobering thought here is that they can do the same with anyone other guy, too. They wear their personality like a mask and they fuck as if they are playing jazz with your dick. They pick up cues, hit their stride, and just go with it. This is a great quality if you are fucking a whore but if you notice this in a woman you consider turning into your girlfriend or wife, you should to run for the hills, but make sure you bust all the nuts you want in her before you do that, provided you can remain emotionally distant, and stay out of harms way.

Guys with little experience can easily be tricked into having found someone “special”. After all, her (fake) personality is exactly what he wanted in a girlfriend, and the sex is great, too. Yet, if she then takes this way, for instance because she got bored, found another guy, or only wanted to toy with yet another guy’s heart anyway, those guys suddenly look into an abyss. Some cannot take it.

On a side note, if you want to ride out a relationship with a perfect female chameleon, her ugly personality will come out sooner or later. Similarly, her performance in bed will degrade rapidly at some point. She does this when she thinks she has full control over you. You will get “splitting” both in and outside the bedroom, i.e. she puts on a very pleasant persona less and less often and, conversely, her ugly self comes out more and more. You will also notice that her performance in the bedroom is more and more erratic; she may even start playing mind games with you just to mess with you, e.g. you built a certain perception of what she likes, but suddenly she claims that “it hurts” or that she “was never into that” or similar, but the next time, she is really into it again, and so on.

Now that I have diagnosed the problem, the next question is how to prevent this. Well, probably only experience will help you. If I had a son, I would make sure he bangs hookers regularly as soon as he hits puberty. This way, he will build natural immunity against the evil machinations of wicked women. If your dad did not pay hookers to bang you, then the next best option is to seek out women to fuck and not proceed to anything more serious at all. Do this for a while just to learn more about women. You will probably also learn, particularly if you are only in your early 20s, that a relationship can wait. The worst that can happen to any guy is to have little experience and run into a woman who is out to destroy you, subconsciously or otherwise. Those Cluster B crazies will do exactly that if you allow them to get their hooks into you.

Lastly, I am reminded of what a friend of mine told me many years ago. In his words, “picking up women saves lives”. By this he meant that men who learn to pick up women will not get depressed and kill themselves due to loneliness. My view, in contrast, is that every man should learn to be fine on their own. They should not need a woman to give their life meaning, and if you look for a woman to give your life meaning, I think you have a much bigger problem to solve. (I also think that society has moved past shaming men for being single so this is less and less of a problem.) However, there are also men who seemingly have their life together, yet they do not know how evil women can be and how much they can mess with their life. Thus, I think that, indeed, sexual experience can save lives, but not in the sense my friend meant. Instead, it can save lives because it makes you less vulnerable. You go from being the plaything of a female psychopath to an observer-participant who know what is going on, recognizes the dangers, and has the ability to bail, now or after he has gotten out of the interaction what he wanted.

Addendum: After I proof-read the article but before posting it, I noticed that GoodLookingAndSleazy had posted an update. Here is what he wrote:

I’m still a little shook. I talked to the girl and she seemed nonchalant about it. Just said he lived near there and was walking home. I said “crossing the freeway??” She just shrugged. I asked her about moving to Texas with him and she asked me who told me.
I just said it was the rumor mill she said she didn’t want anyone to know. I also heard she dressed like a whore and went out a couple nights later.
She’s more nervous about speaking at his funeral. At my own grandma’s funeral I spoke and everybody loved it. Didn’t feel nervous. Duty called and I answered.

Why am I not surprised? The indifference as well as her looking for the next mark are textbook Cluster B behavior. This seems to be a genuinely damaged person. I am also reminded of a story I read a while ago of a teenage girl who got involved with an unstable emo guy only to encourage him to kill himself. Women may have a hard time murdering you, but some seem quite adept at making men want to kill themselves.

7 thoughts on “Banging a Lot of Random Women Can Save Your Life

  1. Thank you very much Aaron, I feel a little better.

    I should add this is the same girl who changes her hair color all the time and was a psych major. Now it’s nursing apparently.

    1. Both Nursing and Psychology degree programs are notorious for attracting crazies.

  2. A couple things young men need to learn early on:

    – It’s okay to JUDGE. A lot of men falling for cluster b’s is because they’ve been told ad-nauseum by the feminised establishment “DON’T JUDGE!” If young men allow themselves full control of their instincts, they will realise how many red flags cluster b’s give off and act accordingly.

    – It’s okay to have standards. Doesn’t matter if you’re an ugly virgin loser, that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to take the shittiest deal on offer. Doesn’t mean being used and abused should be par for the course for you.

    1. good advice. men should judge….the problem is men don’t judge enough.

      RIP to the dude who died.

  3. Aaron,
    “…you may even personally have known a guy who ended his life over a woman”.
    1. Why is it hard for men to let go of someone who doesn’t love them the way you love them?

    “The sobering thought here is that they can do the same with anyone other guy, too”.
    “Cluster B spectrum deliberately create this fantasy for you”.

    2. Even thugs or just inexperienced men since its more effective on them?

    “…her performance in bed will degrade rapidly at some point. She does this when she thinks she has full control over you”.

    3. Does this mean the sex will never go back to porn lusty sex like when you first met despite being a Chad? So, her sexual performance is all calculated and designed to reel you in for gain maximum control. At this point, is this when they start using those meaningless comments or token resistance to guilt-trip you, “you don’t love me, you only want sex”; “I’m not a sex machine”; “you’re like other men. I thought you were different”; etc…for further maximum control?

    4. Do Cluster B women have a stronger case of The Coolidge Effect relative to regular women since they are hypersexual and constantly need to bang random new guys every weekend?

    “I talked to the girl and she seemed nonchalant about it” (GoodLookingAndSleazy).
    5. Since she’s so indifferent is this due to her personality disorder or that her ability to pair-bond has been destroyed?

    1. 1) The issue is that the men have developed a pattern of addiction. Physiologically, the experience is claimed to be quite similar to being high on cocaine. Imagine you walk around like that for weeks and suddenly this woman pushes you into involuntary withdrawal! Also, during actual withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, it is not at all uncommon that people kill themselves because they just cannot stand dealing with reality.

      2) Assuming that some thugs lack sexual experience, I would not know why they should be immune to this effect.

      3) You may still get the porn experience every once in a while, or at least a glimpse of it, but it will happen less and less often. At this point in the progression, she just uses sex to manipulate you. Some women even try to deliberately cause psychological harm and accuse you of being the cause of their problems.

      4) I think those women often have sex only for validation. Some act as if they are extremely sexual when they are actually quite frigid. Such a chick may tell you how much she needs to fuck you right now, yet be dry as sandpaper. She still gobbles down your cock or, using copious amounts of lube, happily bang you and put on a great performance, but she does not do this because she is horny.

      5) It could be both. Some women have always been dead inside, perhaps due to childhood trauma but there are also women who turn themselves into emotional and physical husks by means of sucking 400 cocks.

  4. I remember having a professor in college(this was back when I was oblivious to signals)who,for some reason,just began showing way too many “coincidences” when I met her.

    – She got into martial arts (she wasn’t enlisted before she met me)
    – She knew about lucid dreaming and mentioned it in passing during a class
    – I failed a subject once and was gonna have a 1-on-1 class to make up for it…She’s the one who showed up to be my professor for that subject. (Better her than the unreasonable bitch that failed me though)
    – She publicly posted on her facebook wall talking about kinks and fetishes (The stuff I watch is not always conventional)
    – She got into a relationship with a former classmate of mine who has the same last name as I do. (but he’s not related to me whatsoever. our similar last names are a true coincidence)

    Everything I mentioned above were things of interest to me,but I wasn’t exactly super social and shared with whoever was willing to lend an ear.

    I did not pay attention to any of this simply because I was too busy grappling with other issues in my personal life,but now that I look back knowing what I know now…This is fucking creepy. She’s in-between a 6-7/10 in my opinion,and there was a time I actually considered making a pass at her(because she’s seemingly pleasant and is a better conversationist than your typical chick)but then something occurred that hinted to me that something was not right,and I began looking deeper into the subject…until I realized all this.

    I’m legit disgusted to tell you the truth. I’ve cut off all ties with that woman. And the thing about it is that this chick was an outspoken feminist(I say “was” because she doesn’t seem to be blathering her nonsense anymore),preaching against sexual harassment and all that jazz. If my suspicions are truly correct,I frankly find the hypocrisy appalling. She’s pretty much broken up with that classmate of mine and has latched unto a new guy(someone I also know). Yet I still saw signals from her,although its now passive aggression for never making a move on her.

    Just how low class do you have to be to still be trying to get another man’s attention (and seething over the thought of him)when you already got someone new? Hypergamy in action I suppose.

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