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24 thoughts on “Open Thread #207

  1. I first read about proposed “climate lockdowns” after our democratically elected tyrants succeeded in pushing through vaxx lockdowns. Interestingly, I just came across an article on tiny houses in which the phrase “ecologically and societally correct” was used (in German). I have a hunch that the bug diet will be foisted upon society with the same terms, probably with terms like “justice” and “equity” thrown in for good measure. You will freeze, eat bugs, sit in the dark in a tiny room, and be happy.

  2. Aaron you have changed your opinion on nofap, have you changed it on balding, too? You said it was not a big deal, but now with the blackpill getting more popular?

    1. I still do not think balding is a big deal but it is not as clear cut. If you are balding in your youth, you are in a bad position as this indicates poor health. I met a few guys in their early 20s with significant hair loss and they seemed to have had a lot of issues. Otherwise, balding is more of an issue for guys with elevated levels of testosterone and if this is you, just shave your head. Besides, this seems to really only become a problem once you are in your 50s but at that age you have hopefully done most of the banging you wanted to do in your lifetime. I am ignoring the issue of roiders getting bald. This is a deliberate trade-off those people make.

    2. Yeah but the thing is that 25% of men start to bald before the age of 30 and 50% have the problem before the age of 35. And the numbers went up in the last decades. is not really a 50-something problem anymore. I’ve seen 8/10 guys turn into 4/10s at the age of 26 because they look like an eternal cancer patient with a shaved head.

    3. Do you have a source for that? I would like to learn about more about this. In particular, I am curious if this is a regional problem or if it happens all over the West. My anecdotal experience, though, is that balding is not really a problem for men in their 20s here in Europe. I wonder if there is a connection with steroid abuse because the number of roiders has gone through the roof. The first gym I trained at, in the late 2000s, had one roider, and the last one I went to had far too many to count. It is also possible that the bigger trend is homosexuality as there are obviously many more openly gay men around than in the past, and it is not really a stretch of the imagination to claim that there is a partial overlap between homosexuals and roiders.

  3. Imagine you are a woman married with two kids and want to spend a few weeks horizontally with your thug-maxxed ex-boyfriend, and without getting pestered by your family. What would you do? This specimen pretended to have been kidnapped, swindled California out of tends of thousands in victim compensation, and basked in all the attention she was getting. Now she got caught but probably nothing will happen to her.

  4. The picture with tho woman and the rifle looks fake to me. So let me check:
    “Ukrainian mom buys rifle, will ‘fight for Kyiv’”
    1. Regular mom who has probably never held a rifle holds a AR-15 style rifle (which is not really a local model vs. the AK platform)
    2. Regular mom has perfect trigger discipline
    3. The rifle is pimped like there’s no tomorrow: Has a bipod, has a forward grip, has a very nice looking optic which probably has a 1-6 zoom, the little one can see from the butt stock seems to be adjustable, has what looks like to be a special pistol grip, HAS A FREAKIN SILENCER on it.

    Are you fucking kidding me? Look at the fucking apartment… does it look like someone is living in there who can drop a whopping $3 to $3.5k on a rifle with all these extras?
    Where did she get the silencer from? These are typically regulated.

    Get the fuck outta here…,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

    1. There was another picture of a Ukrainian politician with an assault rifle. The propaganda surrounding this conflict is nothing but ludicrous. We are being told that the Jewish comedian and Ukrainian president Zelenskyy is fighting in this war, and so is his wife. Meanwhile, supposedly the Russians are so incompetent that they forgot to bring fuel for their vehicles. The MSM tell me that Putin is insane, incompetent, and desperate. Yet, all I am seeing is that he is executing an almost surgical battle plan that makes American war strategy look completely inept. Supposedly, Putin is a moron, guiding an army of klutzes because Kiev has not fallen after a few days whereas it is not even clear that this is his goal. Of course, carpet bombing and mass casualties, US-style, that lead to prolonged wars, are the height of modern warfare. It is all so tiresome. There were a few articles I thought I would dissect on this blog or in the comments but the propaganda is so fucking stupid that I do not even want to bother much with it.

      By the way, the Ukrainians are clearly winning, according to the MSM, because one of the first things the government did was handing out weapons to untrained civilians who have split into rival factions that are shooing each other. Clearly, this is what winning looks like.

    2. Neutralrandomthoughts:
      That’s not a Ukrainian woman, that’s a Russian woman, at a photoshoot a couple of years ago:

      I haven’t seen any MSM sources claiming that Ukraine is winning? Quite the contrary, they all seem to be expecting it to fall, and they all seem surprised it’s even lasted as long as it has.

      This whole thing is actually quite funny. Russia is calling Ukraine right-wing extremist and neo-Nazi, and calling Japan out saying they are supporting a Hitler government for the second time in Ukraine. Not sure if Zelensky’s Jewishness escaped them? 🙂

    3. There was a lot of propaganda about the Ukrainians pushing back Russian forces and so on. There is a dimension to the Nazi charge that you may not be aware of. Look up “Ukro-Nazis” and go down this rabbit hole for a bit. The Russian position is not quite as simplistic as it may seem. Of course, there is also the aspect that they use Western-style agitprop by claiming that they are fighting national socialists. This is similar to Western government siccing antifa on their political enemies and claiming that if you have a problem with that, you are clearly a fascist as the ‘anti’ prefixes supposedly cancel each other out so that anti-antifa(cists) equals facists.

    4. @Karl

      I’m not following the situation closely, but all the MSM stuff that has come up for me as I’m browsing the net or getting notifications has been representing Ukranians as these rambos crushing russian invaders. I saw headlines like “biggest casualties in history of russian army”. Stuff like that.

    5. The western media have been repeating urkainian propaganda acritically. I strongly suspect that a lot of the time these civilians are simply torching empty russian vehicles that were abandoned by desertimg soldiers (morale seems low among russian troops) or due to lack of supplies (a lot of units attempting quick forward marches had outrunned their supply trains).

      Still, the invasion is not going according to plan, which is evident from the fact that the russians are increasingly using artillery fires (which they had initially avoided in an attempt to avoid civilian casualties).

    6. Ps: why do I think they are torching empty vehicles? In a lot of those photos there are no dead bodies to be seen around the burning wreckd, which I find suspicious.

    7. This is simply propaganda for the braindead. There was an entire wave of it, according to which the tough Ukrainians routed the incompetent Russian invaders. Pictures of torched vehicles featured heavily in those pieces.

    8. All this “news” propaganda is version 2.0 of what we suffered re: Covid for the past two years

      It’s deja vu where denying Covid measures got you smeared and tarred

      Now if you question the narrative about Ukraine , you are pro Putin and anti democracy lol (forgetting that mask mandates and forced lockdowns were ahem not so democratic)

      I guess this is step 2 in the NWO’s escalation plans?

      Thankfully this blog exists so I know I’m not alone in all this absurdity. Frightening how real life people (eg family) are brainwashed and will throw you under the bus for non-conformity.

    9. It is quite absurd how little reflection normies have. In my street there is someone who used to fly the anal flag (not kidding). For about a week now that person has a Ukraine flag up. You can’t make this up. Thankfully, normies no longer tell me about how dangerous Covid is and that I need to get boostered. However, I am hearing a lot about Putin being Hitler, with top-notch accompanying political analysis. Now I know that the Ukrainians are really though, the Russians suck at warfare, Putin is “insane” and would nuke the world, and so on and so forth. It’s the same bullshit as with Saddam Hussein but NPCs apparently no longer know about this, after a decade of climate bullshit and two years of Covid nonsense.

    1. It’s a nice to have, but nothing new. You can pay taxes in Zug for a couple of years now. The one or the other shop accepts Bitcoin, too.
      The cities (counties) still operate in CHF, so do the cantons (states) and so does the Eidgenossenschaft (federal gov).
      El Salvador was a bigger story (rightly so), because they put the entire country on a BTC standard and made acceptance of BTC as a means of exchange mandatory. This Lugano thing is a nice start, but it has a long way to go. That being said, El Salvador started in a little beach town (El Zonte), i.e. this bottom-up adoption is very typical. Similar dynamics can be observed with Arizona and Texas filing for BTC being legal tender in their state. It’s a sign of the times: Top down decisions’s days are counted. The present conflicts between big gov and its citizens (Covid, Russia/Ukraine), are the reaction to this paradigm shift. Think a wounded animal, backed into the corner, trying to harm anything that comes close to it.

      The more interesting part of this are comments from Lugano’s officials about mining. If they set up a tax friendly structure in their county and in their state, then this could attract a lot of miners and actually solve the energy problem, by starting to have a large fraction who advocates for nuclear, which the Swiss want to get rid of. The state can create such incentives, given the federal personal income tax tops out at 11.5%. Corporate is 8.5%.

      (“Der Steuersatz verändert sich bei Privatpersonen progressiv zum steuerbaren Einkommen. Der maximale Steuersatz beträgt 11.5 % ab einem steuerbaren Einkommen von CHF 755‘200.– zum Tarif Alleinstehend bzw. CHF 895‘900.– zum Tarif Verheiratet.
      Bei Unternehmen beträgt der Steuersatz stets 8.5 %.”)

  5. If you want to read RT or Sputnik News, which are currently being censored by our freedom-loving and non-censorious, benign Western leaders, then you only need to use Tor Browser. Thankfully, we are governed by people too stupid to set up an effective system of censorship.

    1. I have seen this, too. The chutzpah is beyond belief. Yet, you can bet that the average normie would not even notice this when watching such news casually, and if they did, they would make excuses along the lines of everybody making mistakes sometimes.

      An interesting note here is that this mistake provides a glimpse at how those people operate. They were simply looking for footage of convoys or invasions or military destruction, and used what looked most appealing to them. This has nothing to do with news reporting.

  6. Look how badly the Russians are losing:
    It is all total b.s., of course, but if you want to get an insight into how stupid boomers/normies are, then check out the comments. You have people commenting on this “war of attrition” being unsustainable by Russia. Some other war strategist says that it is great to have this many updates but laments that the footage seem to be all the same. As you can see, the double-think honed over a lifetime is useful here as well.

  7. First, governments ushered in tyranny under the veil of Covid, and now the really big guns are coming out: Western governments are seizing the assets of Russians. I probably do not need to point out the implications of this precedent. First, they cancelled you, now they will take your house, car, money, and gold on the flimsiest of pretenses. At the rate we are going, gulags are next. Conveniently, Covid camps have been normalized already, so adding a few more barracks for everybody who is rootin’ for Putin is trivial.

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