Women have the Power to Completely Ruin You

A recurring theme on this blog is that women are not all dainty flowers. We frequently talk about the many problems Cluster B(itch) women cause, i.e. those with severe psychological disorders. One issue with this is that it is very easy to read about those women and the men they ruin and think that this would never happen to you. Yet, such statements come from rather inexperienced men who would most likely fare a lot worse than others. In this article I want to draw your attention to some of the ways such toxic women can wreck your life.

If you have never encountered a woman with a narcissist or borderline personality disorder, you probably have no idea how intoxicating those toxic bitches can be. They start off the relationship by love-bombing you. Important to point out here is that those women are, at least based on my experience and those of every guy I ever spoke to who has had similar experiences, clearly above average in looks. It is one thing to rebuke a 6/10 but if a bona fide 8/10 wants to seduce you, you may not be quite so able to withstand those temptations.

Guts almost got killed by this woman, so why do you think you could resist easily?

Sexually outgoing women on the anti-social personality disorder spectrum can wreck your life even in the early phases of the relationship. Here, the important aspect is that you are most likely only a mark for those women, i.e. they deliberately targeted you. Yet, the effect of the initial love-bombing can already throw you off balance. Back at university I knew several guys who got completely side-tracked due to such women. One guy I know stopped going to class for weeks. I think he lost one or two years due to that chick (important context: there are no tuition fees at public university in Germany and regulations are quite lenient). We lost touch, but he pinged me on social media years later, and the woman he eventually married was a rather homely one. Presumably, he learned his lesson, even though he arguably drew the wrong conclusion from his previous experience.

Cluster Bitches may lead very exciting lives. They are the heart of the party, know a lot of people, and are, quite frankly, a lot of fun to be around. It is therefore easy to get sucked into their lifestyle. This is easiest in a big city where those women may get into a lot of clubs for free due to knowing promoters, or get free tickets because they know DJs. Given how promiscuous those women are, they may be able to get you into gigs where moderately to well-known international DJs play, they have access to the VIP area, and they most likely habitually consume drugs and booze in copious amounts. Those women want to drag you into their world, and some, I think, want to literally destroy you.

I lost a few chicks who concluded that I was “boring” for not taking drugs readily. On a rave, such a chick may pull out some pills and put one in her mouth. I know of women who took two pills into their mouth and passed one onto you while making out. In those cases you should be alert enough to reject the offer because, obviously, you have no idea what those pills contains, and neither does she. One experience that still sticks with me is a super hot chick I was about to leave the club with stopping me to tell me that something is weird as she “cannot feel her face anymore”. I had a suspicion that she had taken MDMA; well, I asked her if she still had friends in the venue, and brought her to them. This was probably the better decision as you cannot predict what will happen to such a chick. Similarly, I presume you would not take a heavily intoxicated chick home with you either.

A good friend of mine from back in the days, and one I also lost touch with eventually, got dragged into the party scene, after having been absent for a few years, after he got involved with a minor celebrity. I am not kidding. The dude is pretty good-looking, and the woman was a model and actress who has achieved a modicum of popularity. He showed me her “sizzle reel” and I did recognize her face albeit I would not have been able to put a name to the face. My friend was, unfortunately, weak-willed. He essentially partied day after day for weeks with that chick, who did not have that much to do anyway and he, as a contractor, also enjoyed a modicum of freedom. He claims that he spent over 15,000 Euros on drugs and that was because that girl’s circle habitually spent money, and some also apparently had bigger, and infrequent paydays that fueled their excesses. Probably, he bought cocaine for his chick and her friends to impress them as well.

Within about six weeks he had lost control over his life and, after a 20-hour-bender, was put under medical observation in a psychiatry. He could not even recall how he ended up there. Afterwards, he was put into rehab. I had a conversation with him many months afterwards as I was curious what he had been up to, and he just kept talking. His story is that due to the influence of cocaine he basically made one dumb decision after another. One was that he spent too much money, so he ended up in debt and, on top, got into trouble with the government as he could not pay his taxes anymore. Then there was the loss of income, and in the end he could not even work in his job anymore. Seeing how much he aged in that relatively short amount of time, it is quite conceivable that he also smoked plenty of crystal meth. Some time ago I heard that he is nowadays making a living doing menial labor, and that he has essentially withdrawn from society. Granted, this is an extreme case, but can you say that you would not do some stupid shit because you are horny and the woman you are with wants to drag you down into the hell she inhabits?

I also do not want to give the impression that I was immune to all of that. I basically lost a few years of my life partying and surely had a great time. One reason why I got out of this relatively unscathed is probably that I took pretty good care of myself, did not get involved with shady people, and stayed away from drugs and booze, albeit a fair number of my acquaintances frequently snorted cocaine. I am really glad I have such high willpower as otherwise, my life could easily have fallen apart completely. Given that I grew up in a very sheltered environment, it was probably good for me to have made that kind of experiences. To some extent, I have to admit that I happily got involved with outgoing, radiant women. Yet, from a cost/benefits perspective, those were questionable decisions, and it took a bit of luck to get out unharmed in the end. Thankfully, I only lost time. In the end, aspects I used to find very attractive about women turned into red flags, and this is probably what saved me in the end.

Of course, I did not even touch upon issues such as divorce fraud, alimony, or false accusations of rape or domestic violence. Well, you get this on top with Cluster Bitches. The first two are also a risk with regular women, of course, and the latter two are probably much more likely with Cluster Bitches. If you have been in a relationship with such a woman and wanted to leave her, she may have told you that she is going to accuse you of rape. Of course, you have saved all those lustful messages in which she told you how much she craves your cock. You are probably better off bailing on a chick the moment you notice red signals, but this is much easier in hindsight. In any case, the second time around this will be a lot easier, and the allure of such women will also be much reduced.

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