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40 thoughts on “Open Thread #188

  1. I just learned about the video game “Cuckold Simulator: Life as a Beta-Male Cuck”, which is available on Steam. It seems the creators are fully in-tune with how the modern world works, judging by its features:

    – Work your job at GloboCorp to make money
    – You can give all your hard-earned money to the bull
    – Browse your favorite websites, such as Reddit™
    – Your fat wife will verbally abuse you
    – Become emotionally attached to children that are not biologically yours
    – Collect ‘Funky Pop’ collectibles that are hidden across the world
    – Play actual games on your ‘Wintendo Snitch’ gaming console, such as ‘Cuck Souls’

    The “bull” is presumably the black lover of the protagonist’s “fat wife” with whom she has a kid with. Of note is also that this game has one DLC item, a Covid-19 mask! The description references the CDC.

    1. Some Steam games are not on sale in all regions. Plenty of lewd Asian games are banned in the West, some violent games are banned in Germany, and perhaps cuckoldry is so offensive to your country’s rulers that they had Steam block it. In any case, there are several walkthroughs on YouTube, like this one:

    2. I am currently watching the walkthrough below. Compared to the link above, it is not a live walkthrough with some dude flailing about in the game world but a properly edited one.

    3. It works now. First time I was on wifi, now i am on data, maybe that made a difference.

      I am not currently in my country, but I am in a country that may very well be censoring that kind of stuff.

  2. I just finished reading Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book on Fauci, and it was well worth it. In fact, I read the entire volume, start to finish, as there was so much to learn from it. Surely, if you share my skepticism towards Covid, you are probably also familiar with the main issues of the government narrative. However, this book goes a lot deeper by uncovering how Big Pharma has been colluding with government for decades. The most chilling aspects of the book are in the second half, where you learn about countless “war games” where governments played out their response to a pandemic, with a strong focus on establishing totalitarian control. On a rather positive note, the scenarios the elites planned out assumed that only after ten years (!) they would encounter serious resistance to their measures.

    A few times, I learned something new by a throwaway remark in this book. For instance, I was not aware that the term “neurodiversity” was the result of a PR campaign with CIA involvement. Here, the goal was to normalize autism, and this concept was introduced as the rate of autism increased by many orders of magnitude, apparently due to mercury (thimerosal) in vaccines. The discussion on thimerosal is also chilling as RFK Jr. details the shady disinformation campaign of the government. There are many studies clearly showing its harmful effects, yet you have agencies like the CDC claim that “[t]himerosal does not stay in the body a long time” [1]. Well, it crosses the blood-brain barrier and will remain in your brain for the rest of your life. There were even conferences by Big Pharma because they knew that the link between autism and thimerosal has been established. They refer to it as “signal”, and conspired on massaging their messaging in order to deceive the public.


  3. Ok, this is plain scary:

    Tim Pool covers news that the biden administration is investing in a factory for covid tests that won’t be built before end of 2024, or even 2025!!!

    Which goes to show (as Tim suggests) these guys are not planning on giving up the powers they gained from using Covid as an excuse, any time soon.

    1. This is indeed a long-term plan. If the elites get their will, then the scamdemic will never end. Some of the big pharma companies are also building vaxx factories. Sanofi, for instance, invested $400m into a new manufacturing site in Singapore [1]. This kind of investment does not happen if there was no expectation of a future pay-off.


    2. “This is indeed a long-term plan”

      Might, or might not be. Maybe Biden admin thinks, covid and its variants will be around for years to come. Maybe they plan it to be around for years to come. Maybe they genuinely are afraid of losing grip of their voter base and maybe there’s some other reason.

      My point is: Just because it’s a plan, it does not mean it will work. Grand ideas are usually around in great numbers. It’s the execution where it becomes problematic and where things go wrong. Government has learned to work together with big tech, but there is still no guarantee for a good enough implementation.
      It’s not a bad idea to get away from the “elites always get what they want” way of thinking. Just because there might be a plan, does not mean, we need to freak out.
      I’d like to remind everybody of China banning Bitcoin mining in May 2021. Hashrate dropped by 50% and is now at an all time high. Just saying, there’s no guarantee things might work. This goes for both the great reset and all the other transhumanist horse shit Klaus Schwab and all his NGO ass lickers have wet dreams about. Agenda 2030 might have just died. Covid was an analogue story. The planned cyber-pandemic isn’t. There’s a lot of technical competence required to pull of a solid cyber pandemic and come up with the solutions fast. It needs a lot of fear. However, fear levels can only be kept up in the population by so long and people are slowly getting tired of being afraid and the credit governments have to present themselves as saviors is waning. The awakening is a one-way street and nobody who has changed their mind about trustworthiness of governments will go back to trusting them ever again with anything. The elites have managed to decentralize us more than we could’ve ever hoped for. This entire divide will never be overcome again, we will never again be “one” people (not that we ever were, but there was at least some level of illusion).

      Mark my words: The biggest losers of this Covid shitshow are the children. But the next biggest losers are the boomers, who just want to go back to normal, i.e. 2018/2019 style. In about 12-36 months they will learn that the world has changed significantly and that their ways of doing business and their crony-capitalism bull crap are not working any longer. The labor market has changed, education has changed, trust in the institutions they set up is at an unrecoverable level, i.e. very very low. Watch out for a lot of vaccine regret, but also watch out for a lot of “muh generational hate”/”we need more inter-generational solidarity”. Watch for cries for a new leader to fix this and watch for the younger generation turning their backs to the entire concept of politics. Watch the concept of voting become weird, as votes don’t matter and watch the emergence of private companies providing governance structures in the form of citadels or similar.

      I predict the upcoming irrelevance of a lot of things, people and institutions. What I call the “death of irrelevance” is the worst way to die. It’s permanent and people who die from it get to watch their own death. It is a massive blow to one’s ego.

    3. An excellent illustration of the “death of irrelevance” is New Year’s Eve in Germany. The government has banned fireworks and threatened huge fines. Yet, from the looks of it, people were going really wild with pyrotechnics, which I interpret as a giant eff you to the government. On a similar note, the “booster campaign” in Germany is absolutely tanking. Even normies are tuning out of government propaganda. The same is happening in other countries.

    4. @Neutral, I haven’t seen that many projections and strawmen since Uber was around

      My point is: Just because it’s a plan, it does not mean it will work.

      And 2+2 is 4? Are you being redundant or projecting things onto others that they never said or believed.

      Nobody ever said that if they plan something they will achieve it. Are you talking to ghosts? Are you making up dumb people who believe dumb things and you now will educate them to be smarter?

      It’s not a bad idea to get away from the “elites always get what they want” way of thinking. Just because there might be a plan, does not mean, we need to freak out.

      Again, who are you talking to? Did you get the wrong blog when you posted the comment? Is there anyone here that needs to get away from “the elites always get what they want” point? One would need to have been on it, in order to “get away from it”.

      Same with “freaking out”. Who exactly is it that is freaking out and needs to calm down? Projection or comment posted on wrong blog?

    5. “Are you being redundant or projecting things onto others that they never said or believed.”

      I’d say both. “Redundant” in the sense that it certainly is clear to the longterm readers of this blog that plans don’t have to work out. I felt it was worth repeating. “Projecting” in the sense that across alternative sources of information it is my impression that when there is talk about elites, there’s a notion of “omnipotent” that goes with it. I might be wrong. Then again, I’ve seen people get scared by the plan elites seem to have. Think parents getting legitimately scared about their kids’ future.
      Glad to see it is obvious to you that plans can and regularly do fail and glad to see that you don’t live in fear.

    6. An excellent illustration of the “death of irrelevance” is New Year’s Eve in Germany. The government has banned fireworks and threatened huge fines.

      Ha! I actually logged on here to comment about the exact same thing.

      I saw a video from Italy, but exact same thing. Mayors banning fireworks in the name of covid, and people going wilder on fireworks than ever. A huge FU.

  4. I just learned about another spin on why the unvaxxed remain unvaxxed. The German health minister, Kai Lauterbach, recently said that many in this camp “believe that they have missed the boat”, of course not without adding that this was not true at all and that you can still get jabbed and enjoy all the benefits of the vaxx. I am not sure what he is referring to. After all, conditions like myocarditis, blood clots, potential infertility, and a severely weakened immune system are only great from the perspective of an oppressive elite who wants to wipe you out.

  5. After Robert Malone’s interview with Joe “Horse Dewormer” Rogan, Google has manipulated search results for the term “mass formation psychosis”:
    Be this as it may, goy, there still is nothing to see here. Move along! Uber’s mom also just sent me an aggressive text message in which she pointed out that this means absolutely nothing at all and is, in fact, an utter coincidence.

  6. The powers that be are clearly pivoting. Here is an excerpt from a recent report that was shown on German TV in which the public is informed that the vaxx can cause blood clots and strokes:
    Do you remember when this was a conspiracy theory? Uber’s mom was fuming when we started referring to the vaxx as “clot shot”.

    1. Switzerland pivoting as well:

      Riskante Wette des Bundesrats: Die Schweiz soll mit dem Virus leben

      Die Omikron-Variante breitet sich rasend schnell aus, doch der Bundesrat zögert mit Massnahmen. Offenbar setzt er alles auf die Karte: Augen zu und durch. Kann das gutgehen?

      Die Empörung war gross, die Arbeitgeberpräsident Valentin Vogt am 9. April 2021 auslöste. «Vogtmussweg!» schrieben damals viele auf Social Media. Politikerinnen und Wissenschafter diskutierten die «Durchseuchungsstrategie à la Vogt» heftig. Grund für die Aufregung: Der Wirtschaftsvertreter hatte im Fernsehen SRF gesagt, sobald alle Personen über 60 Jahre gegen das Coronavirus geimpft seien, könne die Schweiz Ansteckungszahlen von 20 000 bis 30 000 pro Tag verkraften.

      Neun Monate später ist Valentin Vogts Vision beinahe Realität. Nur scheinen nun die aktuellen Zahlen – über 19 000 positive Tests pro Tag, Tendenz stark steigend – die grosse Masse kaum mehr zu verunsichern. Leute sitzen ohne Maske in den Restaurants, sie stehen Schlange in Einkaufszentren, trinken Kaffee in öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln und feiern dichtgedrängt in Klubs Silvester.

      Auf den Leuchttafeln entlang der Autobahn steht nicht mehr «Bleiben Sie zu Hause», sondern «Wer trinkt, fährt nicht». Die Menschen haben sich anscheinend an schwindelerregende Ansteckungszahlen gewöhnt, so wie man Kriegs- und Katastrophenbilder irgendwann einfach noch zur Kenntnis nimmt.

      Auch der Bundesrat versucht, seine Festtagsroutine beizubehalten. Trotz neuen Rekordzahlen bespricht er sich bloss am Telefon, verschickt an Silvester eine Medienmitteilung. Die Situation in den Spitälern sei zwar besorgniserregend, schreibt er, auch die Zahl der Ansteckungen und der Covid-Kranken in den Spitälern dürfte weiter zunehmen.

      «Unklar ist aber, wie viele der hospitalisierten Personen auf einer Intensivpflegestation behandelt werden müssen. (. . .) Der Bundesrat verzichtet vor diesem Hintergrund im Moment auf weitergehende Massnahmen.» Solche wolle er erst dann ergreifen, wenn sie «unumgänglich» würden: «Die nächsten Schritte wären unter anderem Schliessungen von Betrieben und Einrichtungen.»

      Ein altes Versprechen einlösen
      Der Eindruck entsteht, dass der Bundesrat eine grosse Wette abgeschlossen hat. Der Einsatz ist die Gesundheit der Bevölkerung, der Gewinn die Freiheit. Möglicherweise. Verlieren wir aber, kollabieren die Spitäler.

      Unsere Regierung spekuliert offenbar darauf, dass das Schweizer Gesundheitswesen die Omikron-Welle übersteht. Einiges spricht dafür. Stimmen erste wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse, ist die neue Virus-Variante zwar deutlich ansteckender als alle Covid-Varianten zuvor. Doch verlaufen die Infektionen meist milder.

      Dies könnte damit zusammenhängen, dass Omikron die Lungen weniger schädigt. Es könnte ein Flächenbrand sein, der schnell wieder erlischt. Jedenfalls gehen in Südafrika, wo die Variante entdeckt wurde, die Ansteckungszahlen bereits wieder zurück. Das sind alles gute Nachrichten. Omikron könnte es dem Bundesrat erlauben, sein Versprechen vom vergangenen Frühling einzulösen.

      Im Mai 2021 sagte Gesundheitsminister Alain Berset: «Ab dem Moment, in dem alle Impfwilligen geimpft sind, sind grosse Einschränkungen wie Schliessungen nicht mehr zu rechtfertigen.» Was damals wie eine Motivationshilfe für Impfmuffel tönte, steht heute für einen Paradigmenwechsel in der Schweizer Corona-Politik.

      Doch anders als damals die meisten hofften, hat die Impfung das Virus nicht besiegt. Die Ansteckungszahlen sind so hoch wie nie, es erwischt ebenfalls reihenweise Geimpfte, wenn auch meistens weniger stark. Wir werden mit dem Virus leben müssen, in einer neuen Normalität.

      Fragt sich bloss: Wie? Und wie viel ist dem Bundesrat sein Versprechen wert?

      Da geht man auch Risiken ein
      Rudolf Hauri beschäftigt sich als Präsident der Kantonsärzte permanent mit der öffentlichen Gesundheit. Er stütze den Kurs des Bundesrats, sagt er am Telefon. Wie lange geht diese Wette gut, Herr Hauri? Er würde das nicht so nennen, korrigiert er, «wir haben gemäss Bundesrat vielmehr mit der Normalisierungsphase dieser Pandemie begonnen. Da geht man auch gewisse Risiken ein.»

      Die hohen Ansteckungszahlen allein sagten zu wenig über den Ernst der Lage aus. Entscheidender sei die Auslastung der Spitäler und besonders der Intensivpflegebetten. «Über die ganze Schweiz gesehen, sind die Hospitalisationen derzeit noch verhältnismässig stabil. Die Verlegung von Patienten von einem stärker belasteten Kanton in einen anderen funktioniert gut. Zwingende medizinische Behandlungen sind immer noch möglich.» Natürlich gelte es, dem Personal Sorge zu tragen.

      Auch Lukas Engelberger, Präsident der kantonalen Gesundheitsdirektorenkonferenz, findet den Kurs des Bundesrats «plausibel». Eine «Hauruckübung» zwischen den Feiertagen hätte aus seiner Sicht die Glaubwürdigkeit des Bundesrats beschädigt. «Denn wir wissen einfach noch nicht genug über Omikron», sagt er. Um Schliessungen von Restaurants oder Fitnesscentern zu rechtfertigen, brauche es harte Fakten.

      Harte Fakten und deren Interpretation sind in der Pandemie zu einer umstrittenen Währung geworden, auch in der Schweiz. Das gilt besonders jetzt, wenn es darum geht, zu beurteilen, welche Risiken wir als Gesellschaft nehmen können. Und je nachdem, wo man steht, verschieben sich diese Grenzen. Einmal mehr, so scheint es, driften die Positionen der Politik und der Wissenschaft auseinander.

      Für Urs Karrer, den Vizepräsidenten der Corona-Task-Force und Infektiologen am Kantonsspital Winterthur, ist die Belastungsgrenze der Spitäler und Intensivstationen bereits erreicht. Er warnt davor, Omikron zu unterschätzen, selbst wenn die neue Virusvariante noch nicht bis ins Detail erforscht ist. «Das Problem ist die unglaublich hohe Zahl an Neuinfektionen», sagt er.

      «Wenn von 20 000 täglichen Neuinfizierten ein Prozent hospitalisiert wird, dann wären das 200 Spitaleintritte pro Tag, also mehr als doppelt so viele wie im Durchschnitt der letzten sieben Tage», rechnet Karrer vor. «Es ist einfach nicht realistisch, dass wir das bewältigen können.»

      Was für die Zahl der Hospitalisationen gilt, zählt auch für Langzeitschäden: Omikron ist zwar häufig milder, aber durch die schiere Menge an Ansteckungen dürften dennoch viele Erkrankte an Langzeitschäden leiden. «Wenn Long-Covid-Symptome wie anhaltende starke Müdigkeit oder Gedächtnisprobleme bei Omikron in ähnlicher Häufigkeit auftreten wie bei früheren Varianten, werden die sehr hohen Inzidenzen zu einem gewaltigen Problem führen», sagt Dominique de Quervain, Professor für kognitive Neurowissenschaften an der Universität Basel.

      Die extrem hohe Zahl der Ansteckungen könnte sich auch als Gefahr für Kinder erweisen. Das legen zumindest Daten der US-Gesundheitsbehörde nahe. Sie verzeichnet einen markanten Anstieg der Hospitalisationen bei den 0- bis 17-Jährigen. Ähnliche Meldungen gibt es aus einigen Regionen Grossbritanniens und Südafrikas. Unklar ist jedoch, welche Vorerkrankungen diese Kinder aufweisen und wie schwer ihr Krankheitsverlauf ist.

      Auch in der Schweiz müsse man sich in den kommenden Wochen auf mehr Hospitalisierungen von Kindern gefasst machen, sagt der Epidemiologe Marcel Salathé von der EPFL in Lausanne. Wie stark die Belastung werde, sei aber offen. «Omikron könnte auch bei Kindern einen milderen Verlauf verursachen und zusätzlich bereits früher erkrankten Kindern nichts anhaben können.» Doch Salathé warnt: «Wenn die Infektionszahlen weiter steil nach oben schiessen, dann werden diese Vorteile durch die schiere Menge an infizierten Kindern neutralisiert.»

      Zu spät, die Welle zu brechen
      Kürzlich nahm die Inzidenz bei Kindern und Teenagern zwar ab, doch bereits morgen öffnen in mehreren Kantonen wieder die Schulen. Omikron hat dann ein zusätzliches Verbreitungsfeld und trifft auf Kinder, die sich frühestens in einigen Tagen oder Wochen impfen lassen können. Das Problem dabei: Die Kinderkliniken sind jetzt schon stark ausgelastet, wie eine Umfrage zeigt.

      Am Berner Inselspital beispielsweise liegen bereits viele Kinder mit ganz unterschiedlichen Infekten, darunter seit einigen Tagen auch Säuglinge mit Omikron-Infektion. «Die Verläufe unterscheiden sich bisher nicht von der Delta-Variante, aber die Erfahrungen sind noch ungenügend, um daraus Schlüsse zu ziehen», heisst es bei der Medienstelle.

      Die Beispiele möglicher Kollateralschäden zeigen: Das neue Normal ist nicht ohne Risiken zu haben. Doch gäbe es überhaupt noch eine Möglichkeit, den Kurs zu korrigieren?

      Epidemiologe Salathé denkt bereits über die Zeit nach der Omikron-Welle nach. «Im Grossen und Ganzen ist es mittlerweile zu spät, um die Omikron-Welle zu brechen. Man könnte sie allenfalls noch abbremsen», sagt er. Mit anderen Worten: Es geht jetzt eigentlich vor allem um die Frage, wie lange wir die Wette durchhalten. Es warten schwierige Diskussionen auf die Schweiz.

    2. There is a lot of fear-mongering in this article, in addition to distorting reality, for instance by omitting that nobody in South Africa cares about the moronic variant. Just like with Germany, I get the impression that politicians merely react to a population that is increasingly seeing through their bullshit and, thus, stops being compliant. The comparison with bogus infection numbers and “war and catastrophes” made me chuckle. You can tell that this is a boomer-tier newspaper. My parents know people who are still so afraid of Covid that they essentially lock themselves into their houses.

  7. I just came to share a really nice tweet on this pivotting, seen it shared by groups on FB:

    In case it gets removed:

    The tests aren’t accurate. Cloth masks don’t work. Shutting down can destroy society. Hospitalization numbers are completely misleading.

    This all just became ok to admit this week. Last week we were all conspiracy nut spreading misinformation.

    It’s really something to watch.

    The pivotting is so glorious to see. At the same time so… sad, in the sense that they’ll actually get away with it. The same people who said we were nuts when we were saying this stuff (up until a week ago), will not now go “oh, maybe elites aren’t to be trusted and skepticism is ok”. They’ll just memory hole it like it never happened. Like there weren’t TWO FUCKING YEARS of us being right, and the elites suddenly admitting the exact same things.

    P.S In other news Israel just announced they’ll be pivotting hard, and will try a “new model”. They admit lockdowns and vaccines aren’t working.

    This “new model” is basically what Sweden’s epidemiologists suggested and sane epidemiologists everywhere also suggested from the very fucking start: Let people live normal lives, focus on the high-risk groups, let everyone else live as normal. Done.

    1. I did not know who Tom Torero was, but when I looked him up, I recalled that I came across this name in the past a few times. I do not want to sound too callous, but this is neither the first nor will he be the last PUA to kill himself.

    2. The problem is that it is a dead-end. Imagine PUA being your identity and then it gets taken away from you, either because you get too old to pull random chicks at ease or something external happens like Covid, which means that clubs and bars are shuttered. I assumed that a combination of both factors was to blame for this PUA’s suicide; I was not aware of the witch hunt Newsweek conducted. Also, for the sake of the argument I assume that those guys get laid at least every once in a while. It is not relevant that their success rate is really low because the relative decline would still be tough to stomach for them. Imagine being some awkward PUA who was used to hitting on 100 chicks to get laid once but who now needs to approach 300 or 400 women. This must be crushing for them.

      There is an analogy to the world of PUA, namely professional athletes who wreck their life after retirement. Suddenly, they no longer have stadiums full of fans cheering them on, there is less money coming in, and the one activity they once could do really well is no longer in demand. Top athletes may find other venues but some third or fourth-rate athlete who has no other skill and was paid the bare minimum of some league hardly anybody watches (this is your PUA equivalent!) will likely have a very painful 40 years ahead of himself. Imagine warming the bench in US soccer, getting paid $80k a year for it, or whatever the minimum is, and trying to transition into civilian life afterwards. In that regard, probably only professional golfers, seeing that they can compete at the highest level even in their 50s and 60s, are in a good position.

    3. What’s the connection between PUA and suicidal ideation?

      I don’t think the relationship is to PUA itself, but to being treated like a rapist/paedophile. Feminists want to make an example of PUAs, so they will work very hard to get courts to lock-up PUAs for life and get them gang-raped in prison.

      It seems te feminist-media was working in overdrive to get this guy treated as-if-he-were epstein. He knows that there’s a 0% chance he won’t end up in prison for the rest of his life, where just get gang-raped until his last breath. Why would he not delete himself?

      I wanted to expand more on the link previously posted (there was a related link), but I don’t have much time, and it’s going to be a longer comment.

    4. Thanks for the added context guys. It would seem that it’s not always bad being lower on the rungs of status because there is potentially more to strive for. It reminds me of how Cobaine used to parrot that “it’s better to burn out than to fade away.” Once you get used to a certain level of dopamine release from your career and all of your other avenues have been shut off, you either have to have enough resiliency to just get over it and enjoy the rest of your life or you get sucked into drugs and alcohol, or perhaps some other outlet. Potentially, you could focus on a fulfilling hobby. Lots of childhood actors don’t seem to cope well after they reach adulthood, but that could also be due to suffering abuse in their formative years. Also, going to the rape pen for basically doing nothing except being socially retarded is awfully harsh.

    1. I think it started with his student getting jailed for 2 years. Apparently, he studied evolutional biology with his professor being Richard Dawkins in oxford university. Why would someone like that take the PUA route and make his livelihood depend on that garbage?

    2. I was not aware that one of his students got jailed. If you were in the shoes of that PUA, you would probably get a bit nervous. Also, I looked into that guy some more. Yes, he went to Oxford, but for some reason he became a primary school teacher, which is not a particularly highly regarded profession in the UK. Betting his future on being a PUA was not his first mistake, but probably one in a long string of mistakes. If life deals you a good hand, you also need to play it. In his case, he should have looked for ways of parlaying his Oxford degree into professional success. For those not acquainted with the UK labor market, a degree from their top universities almost guarantees you a job interview with top employers even if there is no clear skills match. Besides, they have a culture of training on the job anyway.

    3. This is a pretty shameful hit-piece. It seems that the (female) journalist responsible for it was on a vendetta to ruin this guy’s life. Also, my immediate impression was that the big issue is not Newsweek outing him but that they destroyed his economic livelihood. If the tides turn, would leftist be fine if we shut down their bank accounts and rob them of the ability to make a living? Of course, I do not endorse this PUA’s materials or methods in any way as I am not even familiar with it. Yet, I think “cancel culture” is long past a point where it seems to be enough that someone just does not like you. To illustrate how absurd this is, imagine a parallel universe in which journalists get offended by the latest Bond movie and in order to even the score, bankrupt the producers and everyone involved in it.

    1. Yet, so many people think he is some amazing philosopher. I actually had a guy I know who is studying to be a “doctor” tell me that he thinks he is the best thinker of our time. I literally laughed at that and said the dude is a drug addict who nearly killed himself and so is his daughter and you think he is a great thinker?

      The guy is a fraud through and through. I saw the case with his daughter and her list of medication she literally has herpes and various mental illnesses. The same daughter who broke off her husband to go to eastern europe to have sex with a guy who runs a webcam whore service and e-grifter platforms. These are not good people and I would claim that Peterstein is an e-grifter whore himself. I have not heard him say one profound thing ever. How hard is it to say that someone born with a penis is a man?… shit people.

    2. I wonder if Peterson was propped up as a “guru” for disenfranchised men as some kind of humiliation ritual. Sure, the fact that this guy is a total train wreck did not escape his handlers. Also, if I was part of a secretive group that aimed to maximize their control on society and whose holy scriptures do not speak of gentiles in favorable terms, to put it mildly, picking a guy like Peterson would be exactly the kind of sick joke I would want to play.

    3. Does this not sound familiar? I could see him using his massive influence over straight white men to create an incident, then immediately disowning the behavior. His handlers could easily say, “do this or else the blackmail we have on you and daughter gets leaked.” I could easily see this same sort of coercion being used to initially make Biden run for office. I recall that he was essentially irrelevant during the primaries, then suddenly he was back in the scene and on top. How else was Hunter allowed to walk?

    4. What we know of Hunter Biden is bad enough. This guy’s behavior should have sunk Biden’s campaign in any serious country but in the US there is nothing wrong with making money by providing access to the government or smoking crack with hookers. Also, I think you are right about Peterson because very similar dynamics apply to his case. His handlers surely have a lot of kompromat on him, considering what fuck-ups his children are. There is probably a lot about his marriage the world does not know. I mean, Peterson himself writes in his books that he is a cuck and that he happily got married to the chick he had a crush on after she has had all the fun she wanted.

  8. The UK Heart Foundation attempts to mainstream the idea that it is totally normal for teenage soccer players to collapse for absolutely no reason at all:

    They are also floating the idea that it is normal to die for absolutely no reason at all from a new and mysterious condition called “sudden adult death syndrome”:
    It is named after Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which is just an institutionalized cover-up so that negligent parents do not need to get prosecuted for involuntary manslaughter. For instance, if you are a morbidly obese black woman, get high, and fall asleep on your toddler whom you suffocate, the cause of death is SIDS.

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