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36 thoughts on “Open Thread #183

  1. The Italians had a look at what vaccinations actually contains, and they found contaminants in every simple sample:
    I am sure that there was no evil intent on behalf of Big Pharma, so let’s not get our panties in a twist. Besides, you would need to irrefutably prove that having inorganic matter in your body produces a health risk. I mean, you’ll die anyway, so why would you blame vaccinations, you pesky conspiracy theorists!

  2. Have you ever taken a hike through a forest all by yourself, enjoying some solitude, and thought, “man, this would be so much better if I would bump into other hikers every ten feet”? Me neither, but this guy wishes we would let in a gazillion more people so that we would all be happier:
    After all, unlimited mass immigration from the third world has been working out splendidly for the West so far.

  3. There will always be these two camps, which are:
    1. It’s an accident/mass hysteria
    2. It’s a conspiracy

    Both sides will not get convinced of the other side’s arguments. Aaron and Uber have practically filled two or more Open Threads with their back and forth.

    The big picture however is this:
    It does not matter if we end up in a quarantine camp and get get out due to a grand plan, or due to mass psychosis. It doesn’t matter if we get executed due to a grand plan or due to mass psychosis.

    In this sense, what I focus on is not what caused the whole situation, but what stops the train which has the gulags as final destination. Here’s the positive and relevant stuff I am looking for:
    1. worldwide protests
    2. narratives falling apart
    3. more and more Bitcoin adoption

    These three are to a much larger degree objectively observable and do have a material impact on where we are going.
    As interesting as the conspiracy vs. accident debate is, it is more akin to mental masturbation. Even if we conclusively could prove one side right, it would’t change much in terms of the result. We are where we are and the question is “how do we get out?”. And the answer is not in the “who is to blame?”, but (and this is my opinion) in the above three points.

    1. In my opinion, the best way is to focus on the people who are still somewhat undecided (just ignore the corona hysterics, they are beyond hope). And just show them the data (for example the ineffectiveness of the lockdowns) . Don’t try to push them onto your side, they will just get defensive.
      Also don’t try to make it about politics, that will backfire as well (oh so you are a right winger / nazi (most don’t want to be associated with that) )
      They have to discover the problems with the mainstream narrative themselves.

    2. How about the ineffectiveness of the vaxx? Oh, right, we cannot go there. Also, the accusation of being “right wing” has lost all power as nowadays you are a “nazi” if you are not a lunatic leftist.

    3. I recently saw a meme about so called conspiracy theorists. It was basically making the prediction that one of four or all of these scenarios could happen next or be the next “crisis”.

      1. Covid chips
      2. Government crypto
      3. Climate crises
      4. Energy rationing

      The point is that even if we do squash this covid narrative soon, the elites probably aren’t finished throwing down anytime soon.

    4. Somehow I am under the impression that all four are being rolled out at the same time. In Sweden there is a startup that offers a microchip implantation service [1]. Fedcoins are being planned by the Fed, the ECB, and the Bank of England, and probably others. Climate hoaxes are a mainstay, and energy prices have been skyrocketing. Gas prices in the US have hit record highs, for instance. In Europe, there is increasing talk of blackouts, but not just on fringe sites but by top politicians.


    5. “How about the ineffectiveness of the vaxx”

      I’m all up for that.

      But again I would not push the conspiracy narrative onto the average normie. Even if you believe in the conspiracy, in this case for political reasons it makes sense to lie.
      Just show the normie the data, and then maybe they will change their mind on the issue.
      If you give them any hint about a conspiracy, they will just put you into the “what a fucking lunatic” camp and not listen to you anymore.

      And at least here in Austria, I would say at least ~60-70% of the population associate “right-wing” negatively.
      So you don’t want them to start associating you with the right, or again they will just stop listening to you.

      The right-wing in general sucks hard at playing the language and framing/manipulation game. That’s why the left is winning.
      It’s always the left who are defining words and the Overton window

    6. In terms of energy rationing, I believe there are certain places in Western US that have already made laws about collecting rainwater. I was reading about how you could fashion a barrel with layers of pebbles, river sand and activated charcoal on top of a false bottom with a tap installed at the bottom and funnel rainwater from your roof into it, but that’s pretty much prohibited in places like Colorado. They have ridiculously taxed recreational marijuana, however, which requires no water at all to cultivate. Maybe it’s about time for those SoCal folk to pay their dues and begin rationing electricity since the planet is certainly under threat of excessive warming.

    7. Vax ineffectiveness could be explained by new mutations arising from unvaccinated countries. For instance, about 8 months ago Israel flatlined the infection rate by vaccinating its population. This lasted until delta strain from India started spreading. People who got the booster dose had much lower infection rate from the new strain.

      This shows that the vaccine is not completely ineffective but we would have to get re-vaccinated every 6 months which I think is a bad idea due to certain in-vitro spike protein toxicity studies which, to my knowledge, still aren’t getting addressed by our ‘experts’.

    8. As coronaviruses mutate constantly, there has never been an effective vaccination. The vaxx was consequently doomed to fail, but this would make sense if the goal of the vaxx was something else like, for instance, culling the herd.

    1. But Aaron, unless you predict exactly what player will die at which second of which game on what day, then your theory is bonkers and we should complete ignore the overall trend. Because if there was one, you would be able to predict to a decimal exactly how many player will fall down on which day.

      Besides, my cousin’s boyfriend’s dad’s mistress says she knows a guy who knows a yoga instructor who hangs out with sports coaches who says he feels like there were as many deaths before, we just never noticed.

    2. Be careful what you ask for because you absolutely can predict these outcomes using precognition and remote viewing. But then how do we know that some random psychic isn’t just using some sort of telepathic or telekinetic power to stop people’s hearts? If you start going down this road then we’ll have to figure out how to deal with such nefarious individuals in a court of law, and I don’t think it’s equipped to deal with it at all as they have a hard enough time as it is sorting cases out through self-defense vs. murder.

  4. On the topic of athletes dying, I just came across a PDF listing 97 deaths and serious complications since 1 December, all with links. The year is not over, so there is a good chance that we will crack 100. Obviously, if your mom attended a protest that seemed smaller than videos of it suggest, it means that none of this has happened.

    I would have to host the list separately as I got it from Telegram. If you glow in the dark and want to pretend that this did not happen, I am happy to go the extra mile and upload it somewhere.

    1. I posted this video as well as few days ago. It is as good compilation. So far, I have not seen a good explanation for why all those athletes and politicians collapse live on camera. I guess nothing has to do with anything.

    2. Yes please upload it. Probably they also use a creative definition of “athlete”. We already know how that works when they include 80 year olds in that list

    3. Found the fed!
      Quite frankly, my interest in starting another discussion with you is quite limited. I can predict what will happen. You will try to find some older dude in the list and claim that this invalidates all the other cases. Anyway, here is the list:

    4. their definition of “athlete” seems indeed to be quite “wide”:

      (1) Caiazzo, Provinz Caserta, Italien: 43-jähriger Volleyball-Schiedsrichter plötzlich und unerwartet
      verstorben. Bürgermeister ordnet öffentliche Trauer an. Meldung vom 1.12.2021.

      (43) Obmann Marko Lukic vom SC Ebergassing (Österreich) mit nur 33 Jahren plötzlich und unerwartet
      verstorben. Beerdigung am 11.12.2021.

      (6) Argentinischer Ex-Fußballprofi bricht mit 53 Jahren plötzlich bei einem Fußballspiel zusammen und
      stirbt. Meldung vom 2.12.2021.

      So whoever is doing sports, was doing sports in the pasts, or works in any field related to sports, those are all “athletes” now

      So I guess if my grandpa does 20 pushups today, he will also be considered an “athlete”

      This case is especially fascinating:

      (20) Tauchsportler mit 56 Jahren im Bodensee offenbar an plötzlichem medizinischen Notfall
      verstorben. Meldung vom 5.12.2021.

      So a 56 year old man goes scuba diving. He dies.
      It was 100% the vaccine killing him, old men have never died before going on dangerous dives.

      JFL Aaron.

      Really the only thing this list highlights is that I seriously overestimated your scientific & statistical aptitude a lot.

    5. The swine flu vaxx program was scrapped after 25 deaths. Do you think we can agree that there have been more deaths in connection with the Covid vaxx?

    6. This is a list someone put together, without source. Typos happen. How often does the mass media misreport their stories? Also, you have over 90 other cases to disprove.

    7. (46) Cremona, Italien: Tödlicher Unfall im Porsche 901Gt3 auf Rennstrecke Circuito del Lago während
      des freien Trainings. Plötzlicher medizinischer Notfall wahrscheinlich. Meldung vom 11.12.2021.

      People have never died in car accidents before. This was 100% caused by the vaccine.

    8. Even if you find ten more cases like that it does not change the big picture. Besides, why do you pretend that this is a problem? Your Soros-leeches used to count everyone dying with Covid as a Covid death, even if someone ended up in a car accident. Using fact-checker logic, I could argue that this athlete probably had not died if he had not gotten vaxxed, and if he happened to be unvaxxed, I’ll just say that all this talk in Italy about restricting the freedom of the unvaxxed put him under so much stress that it was a causal factor for this accident.

    9. I really have trouble still taking you serious Aaron.

      Before this covid thing started, I was under the impression that you were quite scientifically and statistically literate. I’m not so sure anymore about this.

      Let me summarize for you what you would have todo to prove that the vaccine is killing people:

      A) define a group of people. For example all professional male athletes playing in the NBA between the age of 20 and 30

      B) get the death rate for this group before covid / taking the vaccine

      C) get the death rate for this group after taking the vaccine

      You have failed at all 3 points.
      No definition of the group that you are measuring
      No comparison to the death rate before covid
      And even at C you failed because not all people on this list have even died.

    10. Dude, scrap your fact-checker nonsense. So far, you have not explained to us why politicians and athletes collapse on camera. That I do not have the time and resources to do a statistical analysis that meets your criteria is obvious (this is fact checker tactic, i.e. drowning the opponent in mindless busy work and demanding standards that are infinitely higher than anything their work meets). Amusingly, Fauci does the same, as I learned from RFK Jr.’s book on him. He pushes through fake vaccines and drugs that do more harm than good, and when scientists not from his lab write about promising results they had with cures, he hyperventilates about there not being any randomized controlled trials so those findings (“anecdotes”) are invalid. However, he does not apply the same standards to the crap he is pushing. It is only a defense. Besides, Uber-Fucktard, where has the mainstream demonstrated, with a proper scientific analysis, that the vaxx is beneficial? Please provide sources. Maybe start with the claims of 90% effectiveness and research what this really means. Surely, it does not mean that 1 in 22,000 people will have “a less severe infection”, right?

      Someone as educated and tuned-in like you is surely also aware that the stage-3 trials with the Pfizer vaxx have been cancelled. You know, the vaxx works so well (despite people dropping like flies) that it would be unethical to not give it the control group.

    11. “Besides, Uber-Fucktard, where has the mainstream demonstrated, with a proper scientific analysis, that the vaxx is beneficial?”

      you have demonstrated quite well, that you don’t even know what “proper scientific analysis” even means.
      So even if I posted links to all the studies that were done on the vaccines, I doubt that you could evaluate them.

      Feel free to ban me now. I’m wasting my time here anyways.

      Really Aaron, I still think that you are a high IQ guy, and it’s just your paranoia/confirmation-bias that is causing you to not use your brain in a correct way in this case.

      But really, if you want to convince anyone of your narrative, you drastically need to improve the quality of your sources.

    12. You may find this hard to believe, but I am well-trained in statistics. I have looked at the leaked studies, and read a few of the published papers, and I found them to be lacking. In some, the data manipulation is quite obvious.

    13. this is fact checker tactic, i.e. drowning the opponent in mindless busy work and demanding standards that are infinitely higher than anything their work meets

      Out of all of their tactics, this one has been the most infuriating and insulting. The whole time the idea is that if politicans want to do promote something, and you criticize it… the standards that your criticism needs to meet are higher than any living human being has ever been able to met. Einstein and Feinman and 10 others like them combined would not be able to meet the rigor required of critics. A single typo in a 70 page critical document full of arguments is enough to discredit the entire document… whereas politicans can push through shit at standards that are literally 10,000x lower.

  5. As of today, Austria only lets people enter the country if they are vaxxed or recently recovered, in addition to showing a negative PCR test. However, this does no apply to asylum seekers. In addition, asylum seekers whose request for living off the taxpayer’s largesse was unsuccessful can remain in the country with one weird trick: they only need to refuse a Covid test. Due to “human rights” you cannot force them to get one done, and, unfortunately, they cannot be put on a plane without one. Of course, all of this is just one big coincidence that does not prove ill intent at all. Your rulers love you, goy! They would never mock you like that.

    1. But Aaron unless you can predict exactly how many asylym seekers will use this trick on what day, then your theory has no predictive powers, therefore it shows none of this is on purpose and should be ignored.

      Besides, my mom’s hairdresser’s boyfriend’s gardener says she met an asylym seeker last week and he didn’t use this trick.

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