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33 thoughts on “Open Thread #178

  1. I just came across a German interview with a doctor regarding the Covid situation in ICUs. The guy claimed that it was mostly the unvaxxed. As this was a live interview, the state TV stooge was not thinking quickly on his feet, so he let the doctor ramble on. He went on to explain that those unvaxxed are mostly older people whose clotshots had been taken too far in the past (and thus they are considered unvaxxed) but also those who got severe “Covid symptoms” two or three days after the booster shot, and in this case, the dear doctor explained that the booster simply came too late to protect the patients from Covid, instead of asking if it could be possible that the clot-shot is putting people into the ICU. The dishonesty, if not outright stupidity, of this doctor was unbelievable.

    Surprisingly, though, he remarked that he is seeing a lot of immigrants in the ICU, which is a very non-PC statement that would have gotten you “cancelled” just a few months ago. In fact, there is still state propaganda running that wants to conceal this. Just yesterday, one of the big newspapers ran a story that there is no difference in that regard between ethnic Germans and immigrants, and this was based on the interview with a leftist politician who argued with feelz instead of data. In other words, she only made up some bullshit.

  2. I’ve seen the idea of Hollywood pushing the barriers of subversion, sex, degeneracy mentioned here a few times.

    Does anyone recall the movie Zach and Miri Make A Porno?

    I saw it when it came out. At the time, I never even considered that getting stoned and watching a degenerate comedy like that might affecting me at any level, subconscious or otherwise.

    Sometimes it feels like traditionally minded people are hardly even on the battlefield. A movie like that comes out, gets a theatrical release, and it’s just whatever.

    1. Well, given that it is a Seth Rogen comedy, i would not take it too seriously.
      Girl Next Door is a comedy that looks like a job advertisement for the porn industry.

  3. A major scandal broke in Germany, where it was discovered that the city of Hamburg systematically manipulated their data of ICU patients. In short, everyone with an unclear status was counted as “unvaxxed”. This was then used to push through draconian anti-Covid measures:,coronazahlen1530.html
    The same happened in Bavaria, and probably all over the country. I would not at all be surprised if they were all given the same playbook for data manipulation from the health ministry.

    1. I am in Corona-dystopic Germany right now. I have family here, most of them are buying this hook line and sinker sadly. One cousin repeated this precise line about the unvaxxed filling up ICUs, to which I pointed out this was unlikely to be the case. I knew it was not true in Israel, Australia, USA and UK, so why would Germany be different? Your link fills that gap somewhat.

      One other cousin is unvaxxed, and she is holding out, but she realized something is wrong with the drive to vaccinating children. She does not intend to vaxx her children either, but this is causing some trouble with the rest of the family. Any time she brings up some minor skepticism of the official propaganda some family members start getting angry at her. This time they were somewhat surprised to learn I supported her, with data none had heard before.

      Good for her that her husband is supportive of her despite being triple jabbed himself. I had dinner with them recently, and he was quite openminded about what I had to say on the matter.

    2. I spoke to a friend from Munich a few days ago. There have been weekly protests which are growing at a rapid pace. They went from hundreds to a few thousand to 10,000 to 20,000 over the last few weeks. You cannot find anything about it in national newspapers but the local ones are covering it. Similarly, there are smaller towns in Bavaria with 20,000 inhabitants where protests reach 2,000 and more people. These are the figures given in mainstream newspapers, so real numbers are most certainly higher. The other day, though, I checked, one of the big news portals, and one of their cover stories was about a supposedly low turnout at protests in Thuringia. In cities I have never heard of supposedly only a few hundred people showed up. Quite frankly, this reminds me a bit of the last days of the GDR regime.

    3. Until now, most shops i went to only checked my vax certificate superficially, like a mere formality.

      Taking public buses i have been asked if vaccinated, but merely answering yes without showing papers was considered good enough. Also, I must have been on some 20 train rides already, maybe 2 or 3 times was I asked for my certificate.

      This was in Hessen, Nordrhein-Westfalen and Niedersachsen.

      The only place I really ran into some difficulty was in Niedersachsen, where many public offices have introduced the 2G+ rule, which means you must be triple vaxxed, or be double vaxxed plus neg rapid test within 24hours, to be admitted.

      I cannot stress how dumb this is, especially since I was trying to visit a totally empty art museum.

  4. I hope that you are all familiar with the website below, which lists the myriad of Jewish contributions to society, making it the best society there ever was, tikkun-olam style:
    I recommend the recent infographic on the Jewish geniuses behind the Covid response. I cannot imagine where we would be without them.

    1. Thanks for sharing! The ruling class is inwardly panicking, so I expect that we will see a lot more of this in the immediate future. Police here in Europe has been getting ever-more aggressive as well. Just last week I have encountered footage of policemen physically assaulting protesters for no reason at all. In one clip I saw, an elderly gentleman who basically told them to be ashamed for their role in the Covid-tyrannical regime got tackled to the ground and had his head smashed into the pavement, ending up with a nasty wound. I think we are already witnessing the opening skirmishes of a genuine war of the government against its people.

    2. Thanks for sharing! The ruling class is inwardly panicking

      That’s the “feeling” I’m getting as well. The moves they’re making as of recently are not those coming from someone confident of their power. In fact, they’re starting to look like they’re coming from desperation, fear etc.

  5. Today, German media told me about “counter protests” to anti-Covid protests. For some reason, they failed to mention that probably over one million people all over the country were out demonstrating against the Covid-medical tyranny whereas “counter-protesters” were without exception sad, little groups of a dozen or so antifas that were driven to protests. In dissident Telegram channels I saw footage of more police than antifa morons around, presumably to protect them. It is a sad day for the tyrannical regime when they can no longer pay off antifas in significant numbers to come out vandalizing and protesting.

  6. Medical University of Vienna has fired a head of department Andreas Sönnichsen for speaking against the jabs. He is a leader of a group of 199 Austrian doctors who signed a letter against mandatory vaccination. They claim that doctors speaking against vaccination are threatened with 33 000€ fine or in the worst case getting their medical license revoked.

  7. Out of curiosity Aaron,have you managed to put on some weight/muscle?

    You’re 6’3,right? And I think you were 150 lbs during your prime seduction years? (That is pretty skinny for that height. were you a vegetarian or something?)

    With a good training regimen(and assuming good muscle building genetics),you could probably get to somewhere like 250+ lbs of lean mass.

    1. 250 lbs at that height would put you in the obese category. To have that much “lean mass” you’d have to be on gear, and it wouldn’t be an optimally attractive look to women anyway. The shoulder to waist ratio would look pretty wonky.

    2. I believe Aaron has said before that he’s got some buddies who are around his height who weigh around that much,and they don’t look fat according to him. (Probably that 15% bodyfat range where you don’t look ripped,but not flabby either)

    3. This is my guess as well. Note that if you are tall and have wide shoulders, you can pack on quite some belly fat and still look reasonably in shape with your clothes on, in particular if you are wearing, for instance, a somewhat loose sweater. In contrast, if your shoulders are narrow and you are packing on weight, your physique quickly looks crappy and it is not easy to pick clothes that make you look better.

    4. Yes, that is my height. I think I had around 160 – 170 lbs. when I got heavily into pickup, and I think that I did not get enough protein during that time. A few years ago I made an effort to bulk up, ending up somewhere in the 200 – 215 lbs. range, and I was quite happy with my physique; in fact, I really liked the bulkier and less lean look at the top end. The last two years, draconian Covid measures really messed with my workout routine. In fact, gyms are currently off-limits for me; quite often they were even closed altogether. As I do not have the space for a home gym. My current weight is about 177 lbs., which I am not overly happy about. In particular, I notice how my once reasonably well developed thighs have been wasting.

      I think my genetics are quite okay for building muscle. I even had a few people ask me about my training regimen as they witnessed me getting buffer and buffer, and two or three guys asked me about the supplements I am taking. One dude even wanted to talk about his juicing protocol with me. Of course, progress is not linear and after I had gotten my newbie gains, progress was quite slow, as is to be expected. I think they were simply surprised by the quick progress at the beginning.

    5. For reference, I looked up Jason Momoa’s stats. The figures I found were a height of 6’ 4’’ – 6’ 5’’ with a weight of about 215 lbs.

    6. That’s what I expected. To my knowledge,tall skinny dudes who weren’t eating properly to begin with tend to make the quickest progress once they fix their diet(and eating enough protein)and begin lifting. That’s a gain of around 45 lbs,how long have you been lifting to get there? Were you using a workout routine like this?:


      Interesting. He looks quite buff with those stats looking at the google pics. Contrast this with a guy named “Gerard Gordeau”,an old-school MMA fighter who is 6’6 ft at 240 lbs,but looks like this:

      (Start at 0:15)

      I thought fat is supposed to take up more space than muscle at the same weight?×385.jpg

      I doubt Gordeau actually has more muscle than Momoa. He looks kinda skinny to me in that fight(although that’s probably what 15% BF looks like in general). Maybe his bones are naturally heavy(“Lean Mass” is more than just Muscle after all..)or its possible they got his weight and height wrong,its happened before with these old school events…

    7. I think I got back into lifting weights at around 2013 where I made slow progress, got sidetracked for a while and had a few breaks. In 2016, I got back into it and did a 5×5 routine, and also, for the first time ever, amped up my calorie intake. I think in 2018 I hit 200 lbs. but at that point I had added much more fat than muscle. As I said, I did not look that lean but with my clothes on, I looked really imposing if not intimidating. I noticed that a lot of people were moving out of my way, some even took a wide berth around me.

      I think I mentioned this elsewhere, but it is worth repeating: more muscles and a bulkier appearance did not necessarily lead to getting more girls. I simply got different ones. Also, I got women outside of the club environment more easily, and club game did not really work so well anymore, not necessarily due to me having gotten older but due to doctor-engineers raping women in clubs in Sweden, which led to fewer women going to clubs and security swarming the place. You could talk to some chick, get a bit touchy feely, and some security guy could barge in, asking the girl if she feels comfortable. You can imagine that this quickly sours the mood. In one place, security told you that you had to leave the girl alone if you did not come with her; the women were used to this so they simply lied to security that you are a good friend of them. Obviously, club owners were panicking because the optics of some low-IQ immigrants dragging a chick into the toilet and gang-raping her there were not great. Of course, due to political correctness, they probably felt that they had to ensure that white guys can’t get laid because all sex in Sweden is rape anyway.

      You are right that fat is less dense than muscle. I most certainly still built muscle when bulking up, but I took in excess calories to avoid having a calorie deficit, i.e. it was part of a bulking/shredding cycle. I was quite surprised how easy it was to gain weight if you force down a calorie-heavy milk shake down your throat two times a day for two weeks, in addition to your regular proper meals.

    8. Ah,shit Aaron. Please fix my comment before approving it. Looks like I didn’t space my paragraphs enough and it got messed up with the links I provided.

    9. Your comment looks fine. However, I tried embedding the YouTube video by adding extra lines, but this did not work. I am not sure what the cause is. Sometimes, WordPress embeds YouTube videos when you paste a link, but at other times it does not and simply renders the link as text.

    10. The video has embedded successfully from my POV. Thanks Aaron.

      I’m 5’9 ft (tall for my country in the Philippines. I was almost always the last guy in line at school being the biggest and tallest)currently at 290 lbs. I’m definitely fat/obese,but highly suspect I’ve got a fair amount of lean mass underneath (170 lbs at minimum is my guess..)despite my lack of an athletic/resistance training background due to the fact that I seem to be really strong in comparison to my peers. I have no issue walking long distances(I had to run errands for draconian professors in college. lol)and can do stuff like throw high kicks and get up quickly if I lay on the floor. Obese people who are truly weak and have little muscle/lean mass can’t do those things. In fact,they are usually stuck using those scooter things to move about.

      And as I’ve described before,ever since I learned to spot those subtle signals you speak of,I’ve noticed I actually get plenty despite not being in the best of shape,which was a total shock for me the first time I learned about it. More than that,that women actually get really upset when you don’t respond or notice their signals. When I was a kid,I used to think women were indifferent to sex. (In a “I’d like to have it but can go without it” way) The things I know now would blow the mind of teenage me,lol.

      And yeah,I’ve always intimidated people. That didn’t stop bullies from trying to mess with me(Fortunately,I kicked most of their asses. haha),but it is something I’ve been aware of for a long time.

      Hopefully,when I get to losing weight in the weight room,I can realize my full potential. I seem to have quite a bit of it from a physical perspective,haha.

      Stories from my brief stint training in Boxing. Hoping to get back into it again alongside weight training..

    11. Now the video also embeds properly on my end. Probably I should have purged my cache in addition to reloading the page. Based on what you wrote, I think you indeed have a good physique hidden under the fat you carry around with yourself. I met a few such guys in martial arts training myself. In fact, I know both kinds of fatness. A strong guy with extra fat can be a formidable opponent in fact as they can use their weight on the ground. In contrast, someone who is just fat is physically impaired even in his day-to-day life. I see a few such people every time I leave the house. Some seem to have a hard time just getting up from their seat in the bus, even if they are relatively young.

      See if you can gradually burn your fat, for instance by adding an hour of extra cardio once a week to your exercise routine. I should add that I never had to burn off 90 lbs., so I cannot even guess how long this would take or if this is even a good approach. However, it worked for me when I wanted to slim down again.

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