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24 thoughts on “Open Thread #175

    1. Drip by drip

      The elites have tested and seen all have caved

      It’ll be a booster subscription program but it’s a conspiracy theory to say big pharma is profiteering off the hysteria

      As already commented by others on this blog, every thing is like a shit test and we are all failing

    2. I though they already admitted that Omicron was a super variant that we needed to be extra concerned about, and that it bypasses the current vaxx. How does shortening the interval between the second shot and the booster make sense, what’s the rationale behind this genius Science? Rhetorical question, btw.

    3. Just speculating, but I recently heard that the so-called Omicron strain is 500% more virulent than some previous strains, therefore it should by extension be less lethal. It’s to the virus’ advantage to evolve this way. Theoretically, it could be a godsend as it should be able to rip through the herd with minimal disturbance and inoculate everyone. Of course, you’d think the narrative would fall apart but we still have the effects of the vaxx to blame things on.

    4. The new push is to claim that the moronic variant causes strokes, blood clots, GBS, and all the other vaxx side effects. It seems the powers that be want to push through forced vaxxing and then blame the fallout on the new variant.

    5. On a side note, last Friday, stocks tanked by a few percent across the board, but on Monday they recovered. This seems that “the markets” do not take Covid fear-mongering seriously at all anymore. Contrast this minute drop with early 2020, when stocks dropped steeply, I think it was more than 30% on average, and took many weeks to recover.

    6. “it could be a godsend as it should be able to rip through the herd with minimal disturbance and inoculate everyone.”

      In theory correct. In practice, however, and as long as overly sensitive, 45+ cycle threshold PCR tests can make a fruit have the flu, we’ll never get herd immunity, because we’ll all have a casedemic forever.
      This thing will stay with us for a s long as we keep testing.

    7. “on Monday they recovered”

      given the Fed’s mandate was extended to allow them to buy stocks now (in addition to MBS, Treasuries, Investment grade corporate bonds and other securities), I’m inclined to believe that either the PPT (plunge protection team) is responsible for the recovery. BOJ and SNB can do it, too btw.

      Or, as you say, the market is calling BS on the scariant.

  1. Joe Biden’s national approval rating is 37% and expected to continue dropping. He is currently only in the green in 6 fucking states:

    The Midterms are undoubtedly going to be filled with shenanigans. It should be interesting/frustrating to watch unfold.

    1. I expect that they will find warehouses full of Biden votes in the early morning hours, just like last time.

  2. Ok, so this just happened in New Zealand and I’m like so fucking furious and pissed off about why it’s not the number one news story in the world. They passed “the health act”, which allows the government to CONFISCATE and/or DESTROY any THING without a court proceeding.

    (a) declare any land, building, or thing to be insanitary, and prohibit its use for any specified purpose:
    (b) cause any insanitary building to be pulled down, and the timber and other materials thereof to be destroyed or otherwise disposed of as he thinks fit:
    (c) cause insanitary things to be destroyed or otherwise disposed of as he thinks fit:

  3. Anybody deal with menopausal women at work? If so, how do you actually deal with it? In my case these women are my supervisors. They are in their early forties so it could be early onset. Or maybe they were always just nuts They constantly hound me. No matter what I’m doing they want me back at my station, even though I’m doing exactly what the schedule says to do. I’m always on their minds and I don’t see them treating others this way. Anyway, it’s driving me crazy. Any similar experiences with female management? Do you think it’s menopause? Could it be something else entirely?

    1. I should add that I’m talking about two women. One has always pretty much been a bitch to me. The other just recently started acting this way. They are both in their early forties and look like they used to be attractive.

    2. I had to deal with such a case somewhat recently. The problem was that her behavior was highly erratic. In addition, her memory was, or had gotten, really poor. She would tell you what to work on, you do it, and later on she claimed that she never gave that instruction, or that she said something completely differently. Once I got two different directives for one issue in one week. Then I moved on to writing summary emails to have a paper trail. The next time she blew up in my face, I pointed to such an email, and this did not go down well. In fact, she accused me of “actively working on undermining [her] authority”. After a few months of this I simply quit.

    3. I’ve seen such behaviour when incompetent manager feel threatened by a more capable subordinate. Another possibility is that she wants to free your position for someone else. I don’t think you can do much other than try to document the improper behaviour and send the complaint to HR and/or her supervisor.

    1. There is absolutely no way that the EU has already internally decided that there will be a EU-wide vaxx mandate.

    2. I am not privy to internal EU discussions, but I would be very surprised if the top EU officials had not been informed by their handlers that a vaxx mandate has to come. This entire operations has been rolled out globally, and the same talking points show up in every country at the same time. My view is that EU commissions will push hard for a vaxx mandate.

      On the topic of pushing for a vaxx mandate, Austria has seen enormous protests all over the country yesterday. Today, chancellor Schallenberg (Jew?) stepped down, and his dismayed predecessor Sebastian Kurz announced that he will permanently leave politics. When have we ever seen people at the top stepping down willingly? I may be reading too much into it, but it could well be that they did not want to be the targets of an enraged mob. Similarly, Germany is currently in the process of getting a new government and the only vacant minister position is the one of minister of health. It seems nobody wants to take it despite there being an entire armada of shit-for-brains politicians in the media who run their mouth on why we need vaxx mandates and why the unvaxxed are to blame for everything. When you see pitchforks reflecting the sunlight at the horizon, you probably want to get out of the limelight, or not step into it.

    3. Thanks, Aaron. Appreciate your inputs.
      I think we’ll see both vaxx mandates and quarantine camps all over Europe.
      “impfen macht frei”

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