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The Wisdom of “Looks Maximus” (II): Life-Affirming Experiences

One of the key phrases Looks Maximus uses is, “life-affirming experiences”. You may dismiss this as posturing, considering that he promotes a “whore-maxxing” lifestyle as the complete opposite of the life the traditional wage-slave lives. I am referring to the study hard, work hard, and at the very end, after a life of relative discomfort, you get to enjoy your retirement. Admittedly, my summary of the average life is a bit of a caricature. Yet, I have met countless people who only go through the motions, with no apparently higher calling in life. They put in the least amount of effort at work needed to not get fired and spend their spare time in some kind of sedated state, watching sportsball for countless hours. This is not only a problem of guys in their 50s. Instead, I have met my fair share of almost robotic men in their 20s. When I interview a candidate, for instance, I often ask them where they see themselves in five or ten years, and, shockingly, some people have no clear answer to that. A few people told me that they never thought about it.

Sleepwalking through life is the default in the West. Your hostile rulers tell you to get vaxxed and they do it, and when the narrative shifts and they no longer need only one shot but two, then three, and, soon, a subscription of vaaxx boosters, most of them still do not realize that something fishy is going on. Likewise, there are men who tie themselves to absolutely horrible women. You know the type: toxic, unattractive, harpies who make nothing but demands while giving nothing in return. The blueprint for life, in this day and age, is a rather rotten one. Your chances of finding a loving wife to have children with are quite slim. Finding fulfilling work, for most, is even more difficult. Even if you like the nature of your work, chances are that there is so much b.s. surrounding it that you will eventually tune out. If you have some fire left in you, this will prompt you to look for a new job but if not, then you may resign yourself to a monotonous professional existence.

There are a lot of young men and women who barely make ends meet. They need to move around a lot to chase after fleeting opportunities, get project-based work contracts and take years to establish themselves professionally. At this point, they may yearn for a steady job, but then they will easily be in for more than the 40 hours per week they signed up for. Probably some of you are familiar with the psychological manipulation that goes on in the modern workplace to keep you putting in more hours, for instance by blurring the line between work and spare time, and creating some kind of illusion that your colleagues are your friends, just like the company is just one big family. This is not an exaggeration. It seems that there is no HR department that does not speak of the “BigCorp family”, which is comical when you replace the company name with “BigCorp”. Yet, those people say this with a straight face.

It is very easy to go through life just jumping through hoops, never really enjoying yourself. Now that I am a bit older, in fact, I am quite surprised when people my age tell me about their plans for retirement, when this is still 25 years or more away. The other day I caught up with a friend of mine who is in his late 30s. He has a government job and he is currently pondering whether he should retire early at 58, which is the lowest age he would be able to do so legally. This guy tries to fit in life-affirming experiences but his job is a drag. What is worse, for government employees it is very difficult to change jobs as the skills are not easily transferable. The revolving door only comes into play if you manage to climb high on the career ladder.

Opportunities in life can be quite fleeting. Looking back, I am glad I spent a few years partying in my 20s as you cannot really replicate this in your retirement. Now, due to the ongoing Covid hoax, you cannot even properly party anymore. Furthermore, pickup has fundamentally been changed due to online dating apps. Also, if you like to travel, you are probably also better off doing that while you are young and not tied down due to your job or family yet. Chances to really explore the world as you get older will only get slimmer, but this was before the Covid scamdemic, which governments have been using for severely limiting our freedom.

If you can afford to take a sabbatical, go do it, and collect experiences. Sure, you can say that you could use the time to gain professional experiences or, in online huckster b.s. lingo, on “building your empire”. Yet, you will also grow significantly if you genuinely move out of your comfort zone for a while. In my case, I think I have benefited a lot from my years of partying. Ignoring the debauchery, it taught me how to interact with people from all kinds of life, which you simply will not do otherwise. This has been beneficial for my career, in fact, and people often tell me that they find it very easy to talk to me. In contrast, I do not think that anybody who met me in my late teens would have said the same.

Chase fleeting opportunities if you can because life may throw you a curve ball at any time. Again, the scamdemic is a great example. I know people who have been putting off significant life decisions, because the media fear mongering is working so well on them. Even those who perceive reality more clearly may be limited by Covid restrictions. If you had big plans for 2021, chances are that you had to change them. That time is now gone forever, and so are the opportunities you thought you had for 2021.

Looking back, I can think of quite a few opportunities I did not take. In the end, I do not think this mattered much in the long run, but on the other hand you never know what could have happened instead. For instance, at university I had a rich classmate I got along with quite well. One day, I bumped into him at some student party way past midnight. He was in a very exuberant mood, bought drinks and when I told him I actually did not drink, he downed both shots. We hung out for a bit, and then he said that he feels like banging a whore. He invited me to come along on his visit to the brothel, saying that it’s on him and that he’d even pay for my cab home. I had some reservations about it, so I did not join. You may now ask why it should matter whether I banged a genuine whore or not. Yet, the important aspect here is that I am quite certain that had I joined this guy on this adventure, we probably would have significantly deepened our friendship. Sure, sooner or later we would have lost touch, but I should not underestimate male companionship. Certainly, this guy would have been a good contrast to the otherwise overly intellectual crowd I hung out with. It would certainly have helped me with developing a more well-rounded personality sooner.

Go out and get your life-affirming experiences, because your youth is fleeting. Make sure you do the things you want to do instead of putting them off. The problem is that if you put them off, you will eventually lose interest in them, simply because you will have less time and energy as you get older. You will “cope” by telling yourself that it does not matter anymore that you did not bang some chick who wanted your dick when you were young and single, or that you did not join a bunch of friends on a trip to Spain, or Thailand, or Australia when you had the time and money. Well, back then you would have enjoyed it, and you later on you would fondly have looked back to those times. Your time is limited. Make sure you enjoy some of it instead of only slavishly jumping through the hoops of a consumerist society.

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11 thoughts on “The Wisdom of “Looks Maximus” (II): Life-Affirming Experiences

  1. It’s funny but successful and attractive guys generally have no problems paying hookers… its the betas that want ‘love’.

    1. Mid 7 figures net worth guy here, 40 ish. Haven’t cared about love since I was early 20s. Nothing more fun than picking up a girl who wants my cock in her because I attracted her with game and personality. But no bigger turn-off than a chick who demands money to take my dick. That girl can fuck right off.

      The one time I paid for sex, at the urging of monger buddies who wanted to convert me to the faith, I felt like such a turbo beta paying for pussy I ended up telling the chick to keep the money and kicked her out without touching her.

      I could never understand how guys will simp for these whores, paying them money for their oh-so-precious pussies, then turn around claim that this is somehow alpha.

      Guess it’s the same reason these same guys marry gold diggers who fuck the pool boy and drag their names through the mud before cleaning out their bank accounts on the way out.

      When all you have is a hammer (your bank account), everything looks like a nail.

    2. @Dick Swingin’

      Why are you trying so hard to impress random people on the internet that you’ve never even met?

    3. Lol mid-40s and still a moron. I don’t believe your 7-figure claim. With this kind of money, you could buy whores that give you an oscar worthy girlfriend experience.

    4. “Nothing more fun than picking up a girl who wants my cock in her because I attracted her with game and personality.”

      If men really enjoyed gaming and picking up girls so much, every porn would have a 30 minute preamble with the dude picking up the girl.

      But most porn basically go straight to sex, because that’s what men want.

      Quite baffling the cognitive dissonance of the average “gamer”, he has to tell himself lies how “fun” picking up ADHD riddle sub 80 IQ sluts from clubs is, to justify all the effort and frustration he has to suffer just to get some mediocre sex (because that’s the reality for 99% of “gamers”)

      Meanwhile I just paid 200€ yesterday for a very hot escort (8/10) to come to my apartment, fuck me very good 2 times, and then disappear.

      But in retrospect, I feel quite bad now, because I had to pay for it so it really doesn’t count 😉

  2. Well this puts the finger in a wound right now, since I want to go out again and travel but now it‘s a totalitarian world. And I assume this is just the beginning. Now one can’t even date properly because most girls are vaccinated and naively following everything the government tells them to do.

    On one hand I regret not to have fucked more around, on the other hand who knows… I could be the involuntary father of a child and pay alimonies to a toxic woman.

    Anyhow, I agree people should enjoy themselves more. Most in the West are looking so unhappy although they have more comfort than kings in history of mankind. It’s totally ridiculous.

    Quite recently I‘ve watched documentaries and interviews about Britain’s Hellraisers (Reed, O‘Toole, Burton, Harris). Those guys knew how to have a good time. 🙂

  3. Aaron,
    “I have met countless people who only go through the motions, with no apparently higher calling in life.”

    1. What kind of things do you consider higher calling?

    2. What are some life experiences men should experience in life before they choose to settle down and/or retire from work?

    1. 1) This can be anything you find interesting. It is important that you are not merely a consumer. How you spend your time is up to you. For instance, take physical activity (working out, hiking, etc.) or art (painting, playing music, drawing, writing, etc.). I think that anything involving physical activity is fulfilling as you are working towards a goal, even if it exists only in the abstract as you do not really create anything. If art is not your thing, then maybe building your own business, or just a side hustle, is. In any case, there is a goal involved that cannot be reached by merely passive consumption.

      2) I think men should see a bit of the world to be able to put the experience of living in their own country into perspective. Also, it is a good idea to live on your own for a bit, explore nature, and familiarize yourself with one’s culture. It is probably quite safe to do some experimentation in one’s 20s, but as you get older, the choices you have available will dwindle. Retirement is a different issue. If you enjoy your work, there is no reason to keep working. In my neighborhood there is an oral surgeon who is almost 80 and still going strong. On the other hand, if you only work to make money, then look at the amount of money you need. As a single guy, early retirement is probably quite doable, albeit the FIRE community seems a bit naive with regards to inflation and investment risk. I am not sure if retirement at 40 is plausible for more than just a few percent, but retiring between 50 and 55, after a steady career with decent pay, is probably in the cards for a significant minority.

  4. Aaron,
    “Go out and get your life-affirming experiences, because your youth is fleeting. ”

    1. What if people missed out in life or their youth and now are tryin to make up for the past and lost time? I can’t recall who told me, but a guy once told me in my senior year in high school to enjoy my 20s and have fun because once you miss the boat, there’s no makin up for it in the future. Your 30s are not the same with your 20s.

    2. Is it common that men tend to miss out more in life than women do? Do you see this with your clients?

    1. 1) That guy is correct. Youth is quite fleeting. There is of course the issue of trade-offs. You cannot really party hard and still excel at your career, at least not for long. If someone told you, pre-pandemic, that he is partying until 4 a.m. on Tuesday and sits on his desk by 10 a.m., you know that he is bullshitting. Compartmentalizing your life to some extent while you are still young is viable, though, and quite common. This means that people take some time off between jobs, or even go on a sabbatical for six months or longer, and this does not necessarily mean that they only spend this time partying and banging sluts. To some extent, you can also make up for lost time, at least if you have been aging well. That being said, there is a cut-off, and after a certain point, you will also be less interested in chasing after pussy, for instance.

      2) For some reason, the majority of my clients are in engineering. Some have pretty good looks, but what most of them have in common is that they used to be geeks, ended up in a good career, and at some point wondered if this is all there is to life, i.e. working and consuming. Some then want to systematically work on getting laid. I have seen plenty of success stories. I think those people are also in a better position because they had to put in some effort to get where they are in life. Then you simply apply the same attitude to dating. I would not say that men miss out more than women. Men certainly have a longer window. While it is true that women peak early, it is quite rare that you will find 14 year-olds partying with billionaires, albeit Jeff Epstein and his buddies might disagree here. By and large, it is a particular subset of women who gets to enjoy the party-and-travel lifestyle, i.e. those who are above-average in both looks and slutiness. Most need to turn 18 or even 21 to get their foot in, and then they have relatively few years left during which they can enjoy in whoring around, er, “sugaring”. A guy can plausibly work on establishing himself in his 20s, and get a solid decade before the clock starts to tick somewhat more loudly.

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