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40 thoughts on “Open Thread #164

  1. This is the state of vidya in 2021: “89 Characters & Not a Single Black Character: The Anti-Blackness of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate “:
    Granted, I do not really read Resetera. I just occasionally skim it to remind myself how much this hobby has deteriorated. On the topic of Super Smash Bros, if blacks banded together and develop a fighting game that only contains black characters, would this be racist, too? (I’d love to watch a review of Super Thug Bros!) I have not quite managed to unravel why a vocal minority believes they can tell the Japanese how to develop their games. Given that Nintendo did not pander to this audience in the case of this game, it is safe to say that they have been asking themselves the very same question.

    Apparently the thread above got posted shortly after the release of the base game (no pun intended), and the number in the title incremented with each new DLC fighter. I can vividly imagine the white soyboy cuck who wrote it seething over this for years. I don’t know why, but I somehow have to think of the first half of this panel:
    (I had to use Yandex to find this meme. Google only showed me paged upon pages of MLK pictures when I typed “black jew civil rights meme”.)

    1. It’s getting about time to put this hobby to bed, frankly. Bandai Namco cucked:

      Also, Konami, Capcom and Square Enix have recently pledged to be more inclusive moving forward. It’s only a matter of time before we get a Zelda game where Link is compelled to sit and watch Zelda get blacked by Ganon.

    2. The new Bandai Namco logo looks cheap and ugly. How is this an improvement? “Fun for all” as a caption to an ugly pink logo does not inspire confidence indeed.

      In some Zelda games, Link pretends to be a girl, so this would be a perfect angle to change his sex. Instead of him putting on female garbs, he only has to go to a village surgeon to get his penis turned into a vajayay. On a much lighter note, allegedly Nintendo France posted the image below to their Twitter timeline:
      It stayed up for about an hour.

    3. Also, Ganon is Middle Eastern, so him raping our Aryan Princess Zelda would be strangely fitting for our time. Now, if a significant number of Middle Eastern men ended up playing this hypothetical version of LoZ, could we then still blame video games for morally corrupting men, or would we find another excuse, along the lines of this being a “men problem” instead of an issue of MENA culture.

    4. Heh, isn’t Super Smash Bros a Japanese game? How many blacks are there in Japan? Do they even make up 0.1% of the population?

      SJWs are always quick to complain about “Eurocentrism,” yet this guy wants to base representation in foreign countries on the make-up of the American population.

      I hope one of his woke buddies calls him out on that. The cognitive dissonance will probably kill him. 😀

    5. I think that if the demographics continue to shift in the West then Japanese gaming companies are going to feel more and more compelled to feature non-whites in their games. It’s kind of like Konami’s shift from AAA gaming to pachinko machines and mobile gaming, it’s just where the market was at. I believe BotW was the best selling LoZ game in the series (I could be wrong), so I imagine that if these games continue to sell well then they won’t change up its foundations too much. However, should they start seeing a considerable drop in sales 20 years into the future because their targeted audience has dwindled and/or become disinterested in the series or gaming in general, for example, I could imagine then instead of making Ganon out to be a major asshole they start by creating a storyline that humanizes him and makes the player feel sympathetic towards him. More realistically, they would just drop the series altogether and focus on Splatoon 7 with a majority brown/black cast. I’m starting to get the sense that the Japanese creators never really cared about the Aryan ideal so much, and instead were more motivated by the prospect of increasing their sales revenue. It just so happens that expanding their marketplace to the West was the most profitable area to target.

  2. I ran across this recent tweet and thought I’d share. I don’t know how accurate this guy’s prediction will be, but it will be kind of interesting (infuriating) if this really does play out in such a manner. Basically, climate change could become the next covid for Western countries:

    1. Even last year I have come across mainstream “intellectuals” who were salivating at their mouth at the prospect of so-called climate lockdowns. The argument was that Covid-19 lockdowns get the public used to it so that this public policy measure can easily be reused in the case there is an even more pressing need because we have a warm summer or something along those lines. Also, I think that the climate warming hoax is quite similar to the Covid hoax. It’s just the elites trying to see what sticks in order to justify further repressions. One downside of the climate hoaxing is that you can’t really get a sense of urgency going, in particular if you have shitty weather. In contrast, the initial Covid fear-mongering was quite effective but the buffoons in charge kept it going for too long, losing the initial support and leading to non-compliance of a very large part of society.

  3. Coach Red Pill just came up in a Telegram group I’m in. Can anyone link to the evidence of his scamming? DuckDuckGo’d “coach red pill scam”, and didn’t see the thread. It was posted in one of these open threads awhile ago

    1. Looks Maximus had a good video, but it went down together with his old channel. Maybe you can find it somewhere on BitChute or Odysee. I think the video had “Rich Cooper” in the title.

  4. Do we have any Stone Toss fans among us? He provides timely commentary. Going through his blog post also illustrates how much societal collapse has been accelerated in a few short years.

    1. Yea, I like stone toss. I’m not a Joe Rogan fan at all but it seems that’s where the big Ivermectin smear started in full force. I got a buddy that swears by it. He told me just take 5mg per 50 lbs of bodyweight (I’m not saying to do this, do some research). I just shrug, because when I had it I just slept it off for a few days and took some extra vit D/K2, mag malate and liposomal vit C (I’m not saying anyone should do this either). It was fine.

      My buddy and I were talking, though, and concluded that if Ivermectin is extremely effective, considering how cheap it is to manufacture (like hydroxychloroquine) it could potentially dissolve any fear related around this virus and effectively end all lockdowns and mask/vaccine mandates. Potentially, many other flu and cold viruses as well. It’s amazing to think that the most deadly cold virus ever imaginable could have lead to us perhaps figuring out a really safe, affordable and effective at home medication remedy. You’d think that’d be a major win for society. People can quickly manage and treat their respiratory ailments at home, avoid spreading it, and get back to being productive as soon as possible without causing any strain on the medical industry.

      Let’s be frank, however. We all know why we aren’t allowed to celebrate.

    2. Yes. I’ll even gloat that I’ve met him a few times. I was around him a few years ago, and I think he still had a normie job then. I pray to god that’s changed. StoneToss should not have to do anything else besides these comics.

      My favorite comic from him (and there all great), is the Kyle Rittenhouse one.

    3. That’s interesting. I hope he kept his cards close to his chest because he would arguably be a lot saver with fewer people knowing what he looks like in real life. Did you know him before he blew up online?

    4. He had a following, but yes, I’d say this was before he blew up. I want to say he had just adopted the stonetoss moniker maybe a month before I met him, and that he had just ditched his Red Panels brand.

      This is his old site.

  5. I just had an ex-girlfriend from a few years ago text me a “remember when” message. I’ve ignored all her messages for years and this is the first one I’ve received in about a year and a half. Funny thing is, a mutual acquaintance volunteered information to me that she was getting engaged soon. I actually like the fellow she is supposed to be marrying. He is an older gent that has all his shit together and literally mogs me in several departments.

    I’m happy that she didn’t end up with a piece of shit, but I’m willing to bet her new fella wouldn’t like it if he found out she was texting guys out of the blue behind his back. I could really fuck her over if I wanted to but I really just don’t want to be bothered either way. My point is, I’m so disappointed with the dating scene.

    I would almost have to expect that this behavior is always happening, and longtime married women are generally at the very least flirting with other men regularly. If not, then they’re actively searching for a discreet hookup or a replacement altogether. Traditionally speaking, this is a good argument for why women shouldn’t be allowed to have professional careers, and let’s not even dive into the mess that is social media and tech that has a low barrier for entry. That’s what I tend to believe nowadays given that your goal is to maintain a well-functioning society. Considering what the actual goals for our civilization seem to be, this is working out just fine.

    1. It is not at all uncommon that women go for an extra round on the carousel before critical milestones in their dating career, i.e. when she feels that her bf is about to propose, or knows it because he agreed on buying her an expensive ring, she’s moving in with a guy, or if she is about to get married, she may go through her contracts and try to casually hook up again with former boyfriends, fuck buddies, and one-night-stands. Related to this are bachelorette parties. During some of those, the girlfriends of the bride-to-be drag her from guy to guy, pushing her to engage in random sluttiness. Before the Internet, the average Joe would think that such stories are total bullshit but the cat is out of the bag now. If society manages to survive the current peak of degeneracy, I predict that women will get to enjoy much fewer freedoms, probably much closer to what is common in Islam.

    2. Wow. Thanks for the insights. I don’t why female nature continues to amaze me haha. They obviously can’t handle their freedoms responsibly, collectively speaking.

    3. “It is not at all uncommon that women…”

      That’s a collectivizing statement. I get it, a lot of women do that, but as intellectually hard as it is, we have to go case by case. The question is not “why do women do xyz”, but “why did Pickernanny’s ex-gf in particular go down that road?” Obviously we’d have to put on our therapist hats and I’m pretty sure you’ll find some fucked up shit in that chick’s life for her to act this destructively. Let’s not fall into the trap of lumping them all together.

      “If society manages to survive the current peak of degeneracy, I predict that women will get to enjoy much fewer freedoms”

      You’re likely to be right. With current levels of stupidity, society as a whole might take exactly this intellectually lazy approach, which is precisely the same shit that good old Adolf did by collectively blaming a minority for behavior exhibited by a subset (no matter how large) of the very same minority.
      You know, when they call all men rapists, because of a few rapists among men? Yeah exactly, it pisses me off, too. Let’s not drive society further apart as it is already.
      General stupidity coupled with collectivism is a self reinforcing dynamic that what will fuck us up for real and boy are we going hard for this shit at the moment. Stop it.

    4. I did not make a statement about all women but instead pointed out that a significant subset of women engages in that kind of behavior. As always, we should not generalize, but there is a limit with regards to finding excuses or justifications for the behavior of individuals. For instance, if you lent a friend of yours 100 dollars and he does not pay you back, how many more times would you lent him money before you would stop doing so?

      EDIT: Let’s take this up one level and assume there is a group of people you have lent money to, and most of them never paid back the money. How often would this need to happen for you to not borrow anyone in this group any money, even if particular individuals of that group never took any of your money and therefore never broke your trust personally?

    5. Hey Neut. Long time no read.
      I’m not sure I agree that collectivizing is always bad. Sure, we should do this case by case. However, when we don’t have much information about someone, I don’t think it’s bad to fall back on generalizations.

      For example, if I had to pick between a white meth head and a black guy with his shit together to be my neighbor, I’d of course take the black guy. However, a lot of times I simply don’t have that information, so when all I know is that one guy is white and one guy is black, I fall back on some generalizations.

    6. Where are we on the 10 stages of genocide currently? Stage 5 or 6? But oh no! Don’t collectivize or anything. Never mind every other racial group is practically encouraged to do so, if we do then we’re Nazis and will surely do something super evil. Don’t share your thoughts on here either guys because the four or five of us that share mostly similar viewpoints will inevitably spaz out. I can’t remember a single instance where someone on here (other than Untermensch, he actually started glowing around Jan. 6th) called for violence. The most I can recall is talks of ghosting out and avoiding trouble.

      At this point I’d be happy with one single country left for whites that only takes white immigrants. A place where where we can go and not be demonized or threatened with demonetization or violence for celebrating European culture. Fat chance!

    7. On that note, white get collectively demonized for something either individuals did or some other group did. In the case of Breivik, it is obvious that all whites are terrorists, and with regard to the other issue, it may be very illuminating to research which demographic was heavily involved in the slave trade. Hint: this was not a white profession. It is still not quite clear to me why we do not get credit for abolishing slavery. It probably has something to do with my white privilege.

    1. Thanks for sharing this link. I got a good laugh out of it. If you tweak the parameters a bit, you easily end up with a “delusion score” of 5/5 (“You don’t belong on this planet”), which is visualized by five bag of cat litter. Of course, as you rightly point out, we would need to use conditional probability, taking the desirability of the woman into account. However, I would argue that this means that the probability of finding Mr Perfect for almost all women is not 0.025% but 0.00%.

    2. My favorite part of this calculator is how the default settings aren’t as crazy as the requirements of the average chick. So by default the calculator doesn’t even set the expectations as high as the average chick does.

      If you use the default settings (which most chicks are way past) it tells you that only 4% of men meet your criteria. If you merely check a few more things such as “not obese, and not old”, it drops down to like 0.5% men meet the criteria. And most chicks do have a criteria of “the guy has to not be obese” and a few more other things, if you set those, you get down to like 0.1%

    3. And the calculator doesn’t even include/account for facial aesthetics. For obvious reasons as that’s not data kept in labour bureau etc…

      However imagine if chicks could tick “exclude sub5 men”… The funny thing is the percentages are this hilariously low even though it includes men that women find ugly.

    4. I would love to see women being confronted with those odds. Quite frankly, I think the most realistic response is that they will claim that it’s all untrue, or “sexist”, and that she will get her big-dick, tall, white billionaire because she deserves it. The delusion is really off the charts.

  6. The mainstream has now moved on to telling you that critical thinking is bad:
    You see, goy, critical thinking is great if it leads to you embracing CRT and white guilt, but it is really, really bad if it means that you do not blindly swallow bullshit. Take the damn vaxx already, and don’t worry about the fact that it is far deadlier than Covid:

  7. Metroid: Dread is massive hit with me. This game is everything that gaming used to be. It’s presented in a 2DHD form and takes what worked in previous installments and expands upon them brilliantly, imo. It easily lives of to the metroidvania genre and is probably the best I’ve personally played. There’s very little to complain about as far as I’m concerned, it just clicks so well — the balance between the overwhelming sense of power you feel as you naturally progress and acquire new skills/abilities vs. confronting the overwhelming forces of the various E.M.M.I and bosses scattered throughout, the fantastic labyrinth-like level design and progression system littered with puzzles, the attention to detail in regards to subtle animations of Samus/enemies and environmental eye candy, the almost completely seamless experience between rooms and cutscenes (the biggest exception being a few different animations for traveling between environments such as an elevator scene, as well as a shuttle and teleportation sequence), the solid mechanics and fluid controls, and the fact that I haven’t noted a single glitch throughout my play through.

    What’s also a major plus is the narrative. I can’t tell that this game is pozzed in the slightest. It’s worth noting that the game was outsourced to a Spanish developer. Essentially, you play as blonde bombshell Samus wrapped in an OP mech-hancement suit as you are tasked with answering a distress signal concerning a previously thought to be extinct parasite called the ‘X’. As it turns out, and without spoiling too much of the story, this is a trap to lure you to planet ZDR in an attempt to resurrect the Metroid species. It’s just a decent sci-fi story of some hot chick you could easily mistake for a cyborg beating the shit out of aliens. The only cultural reference I picked up on is that the Chozo warrior tribe have been given Egyptian and Native American qualities, however, they are also portrayed as evil and menacing, and I don’t suspect there is much going on here except for aesthetics and a certain type of flare. Contrast that to how MGSV in the later stages attempted to make me feel sorry for American indians because of what the white man had done, never mind the fact that the actual Big Boss’ nation state was America. Nice job, Hideo. Next time, how about fuck off and talk about how brutal the Japanese were towards the Chinese during WW2.

    In conclusions, Metroid: Dread is a giant breath of fresh in a sea of rotten, shitty games and titles like this and Doom Eternal give me the hope that they’ll be at least a few entertaining vidya to whittle away my free time with in the future.

    1. I never really gave a proper review of Doom Eternal here, but a lot of what I’ve said about Metroid: Dread can also be similarly applied. The major differences being that Doom appears to be counterculture, and the sound track, as well as how it is adapts to environmental cues, is phenomenal. These two games are just examples of games being good games with as little filler BS as possible, with one containing a good bit of pandering.

      Going forward, I’m curious if the Japanese are going to be able to pull off Metroid Prime 4 as well as the Spanish were able to with Metroid: Dread. No one, as far as I can tell, really knows what’s going on with the Development of Prime. I know they’ve hired some so-called heavy hitters onto their teams, but we’ve only been given a title screen confirmation and years have already passed without so much as a screenshot. Perhaps the fact that the game has even already been scrapped once with a wave of new hiring is a bad sign. Maybe Nintendo has plans for a Switch Pro release alongside of Prime 5 (similar to how Dread dropped with the OLED model [I did not bother with the OLED]), as the game has been rumored to be the most demanding and best-looking Switch game ever to be created by Nintendo.

      I could see a version running at 30 frames with lower resolution on the base models, then an amped version running on the Pro model. With that in mind, I’m super impressed with the visual presentation of Dread. It even runs at an almost perfectly consistent 60 frames according to DF. It looks and feels really great.

      Also, BotW2 has a lot of potential in terms of sandbox games, I think. I could see them taking all the criticism that came with the first installment and expanding upon what made the original good in a masterful way. I don’t think most open world games are worth the effort, but if rumors are true that BotW 2 will bring back the beloved dungeons and have more linear progression system (the game is rumored to do this until eventually opening the world up completely during the later stages), then I could see it being worthwhile. It will also be nice to have a white protagonist once again whip Ganondorf’s ass, who with his red hair and big nose could easily be referenced as a member of the tribe. Just imagine him rubbing his hands together menacingly in the image below as he plots about a new way to abduct and rape Zelda:×0.jpg

    2. Doom Eternal also looks good. Just like Doom (2016), I may find the excessive violence off-putting, so it’s probably not the kind of game I would want to play for a long stretch of time.

      At this point, it is entirely possible that Metroid Prime 4 will be a cross-gen release, similar to BotW, which also appeared on the WiiU. We are now 4.5 years into the life cycle of the Switch, and all we have seen of that game is a logo that looks as if it was throwing together by an intern. Also, I did not really enjoy Metroid Prime on the Gamecube. In all fairness, I was not very much into games back then, and only the release of Resident Evil 4 later briefly rekindled my interest in this console.

    3. Thanks for this review. Metroid: Dread seems to have turned out really well. Maybe I’ll pick up a used Switch in a year or two, and the occasional game I missed. Unfortunately, there is the trend that physical copies are getting less common, so it may not be a bad idea to keep an eye on this game and pick it up for a good price, given the opportunity.

      I share your sentiment about the sorry state of gaming. Samus could be the hottest female protagonist in a major video game released in the current year. I can’t even remember any other, and to jog my memory, I just skimmed the first 50 entries in this list:
      Probably the chick in Tales of Arise is the only competition for Samus. Let’s hope that the “zero suit” is an unlockable.

    1. Lmgdao!! That little jog looked so awkward — the panic in her face, the massive swivel in her hips, the fervor she displayed as she swung her arms to propel her forward. It’s so funny that the reporter merely needed to walk at a normal pace in order to keep up with her.

      With the fetal cell lining thing, am I correct in assuming that every Pfizer injection contains aborted fetal cells? If so, I was only aware that the fetal cells were used during research and development. That was the big basis for using a religious exemption to get out of having to take the jab for work, if what they’re saying is that the jabs everyone has been taking are also filled with fetal cells then that would have been a game changer for a lot of people early on. It certainly would be moving forward.

    2. I went back and watched the video. It just says that they were using fetal cell lines during laboratory testing, I think. I have not been keeping up with any of the leaks, perhaps I should look into it. Btw, it looks like that walrus has been doxed because of this.

    3. @pickernanny

      No, there are no fetal cells in the vaccines themselves. It was indeed just for the research itself.

      The reason that this is big news isn’t just that they were used. It’s that they admitted in their internal communication that they are HIDING IT ON PURPOSE in order to boost profits and because they know a lot of people will be able to qualify for exemption based on it.

      Right now religious exemptions are not being given. With this out, almost anyone will be able to get a religious exemption.

    4. Thanks for the info. Many employees tried using the fetal cell religious exemption in the US already and were denied. I don’t imagine much will change here in that regard. I think the biggest take away is that they tried to lie and cover up this specific fact, as you pointed out, to avoid the potential for religious exemptions. It’s not a good look and this information coming out should indeed hurt their bottom line overall, but I’m not so convinced that it will matter in many places as they may claim that no reasonable alternatives are available to the vaxx in any given circumstance (there certainly usually are, imo).

      So far, I haven’t heard of any successful lawsuits from individuals who were denied their personal/religious freedoms. The fact that these corporations have essentially been granted legal immunity tells me that the system is compromised anyway. It will be interesting to see how things play out from here. Btw, I figure that in the end, if the vaxx companies end up being sued large sums of money for damages caused by their product, it won’t matter much to them to just settle and take the hit. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re prepared to do just that eventually anyway. If they end up losing billions it’ll still end up being a major net positive for them, especially if they can keep this up for several years.

    5. @Pickernanny, I am happy to report your predictions were wrong. It is happening, and it will happen more often:

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