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49 thoughts on “Open Thread #162

  1. Most of you have probably seen video clips that show Demented Joe Biden getting his microphone cut off. Yet, according to the smug media, this is not happening. Jew Anthony Blinken says, in a senate hearing, that this is essentially mass delusion and not real, with the biggest, smuggest possible grin on his face. The videos you have seen simply do not exist, and even if they do, they don’t. You cannot trust your lying eyes and ears, goy! Here is the spin of the Global Deep State rag The Guardian:

  2. Alright so I was at my favorite sports bar last night and talking to this 8/10 Latina. She was talking to this other dude and her friend (who were hitting it off). She kept flipping her hair back into me and backing up into me. She said it wasn’t on purpose, which confirms that it was. I started small talk with her and she kept saying that I remind her of Wolverine from X-Men. Then she started paying more attention to her friend hooking up with the dude. I got annoyed, paid, and left. I touched her on the shoulder and said goodbye. She called me Wolverine again in a somewhat condescending tone. Shit, I guess I just should have asked for the damn number, and not given a shit if she was jealous of her friend. I’ve been pretty depressed lately which should account for this latest fail.

    1. Maybe she got bored of talking and wanted you to escalate physically. Idk. Got frustrated you weren’t offering her that Wolverine penis, jealous that her friend was hooking up but you weren’t taking the hint. Doesn’t really matter.

    2. In those situations, you better keep up with her friends. Better yet, you escalate faster than the other dude, but of course don’t go overboard. In my view, she clearly wanted you.

    3. I did touch her but it was too subtle. Like just my finger tips. She even put her boob into my chest. Oh well, lesson learned. I need to go out more and learn quicker. Probably should reread Club Game too.

    4. Don’t beat yourself up over such incidents. Sometimes you just aren’t in the mood or are simply preoccupied. I’d say that in the age of the scamdemic and a global push for degeneracy, it is perfectly plausible to not want to hook up with women.

    5. So your celebrity look-alike is Hugh Jackman? Man, you should be slaying.

      My father in his prime used to be compared to Chuck Norris, and I’m supposed to look a lot like him, but sadly my beard came out pathetic. Anyway, it wouldn’t matter if I just lost my facial fat.

    6. You’re right once again Aaron. Wasn’t in the mood. Didn’t go there to meet chicks. This last year and a half has indeed reeked havoc on me. I mean, I was fucked up in the first place. Lots of people are in a bad place mentally right now. Hopefully this turns around.

    7. I recently went on a hike that took a few hours. All I heard were birds singing, insects chirping, and the wind rustling the leaves of trees. A few times I sat down just to look at trees or, heck, a stone that was overgrown with moss, and my eyes could not stop feasting on it. Now I that I am back in the big, degenerate city, I feel more sickened by it than before. We truly live perverted lives. Before the scamdemic, it was maybe not so obvious because of all the supposed benefits big-city life conveyed such as access to sluts, copious amounts of restaurants and stores, and whatnot. Yet, all of this is at best a distraction. If you can truly be happy being by yourself, cities have nothing to offer to you. By extension, this applies to random hookups as well. Essentially, sluts are a distraction, and if you’re looking for a woman to have kids with, you are probably looking in the wrong place.

    8. Aaron,
      “I recently went on a hike that took a few hours.”

      1. I got back from vacation a few days ago with my dad. We went to the wilderness for a week. No technology, no social media and it was great. Times were much simpler in the past. People need to disconnect and unplug from technology and focus on making their lives simpler and reconnect with nature. Heck, I didn’t want to come back. I wanted to build my house out in the wilderness away from the city life and all the degeneracy that comes with it. Living off the grid. I’ve often noticed a relationship between people getting older and connecting to nature.

      2. Off topic but at what point does a slut loses her ability to pair-bond? After she has slept with three different Chads or two failed relationships? Or is there something else at play?

    9. Living completely off the grid is probably not sustainable but living in a small town or village is.

      I think a woman’s ability to pair-bond goes rapidly downhill with the number of partners. It may even be destroyed after two or three failed relationships. Also, it could well be that some women are completely unable to be in a healthy relationship. Imagine a girl growing up with an abusive single mother, or one who grew up with her biological parents who imprinted unhealthy relationship patterns on her.

    10. As someone who has glimpses of people living daily the “simple life” often enough at work, I have a less romantic view about it. I don’t know guys, it’s not nice to defecate in a latrine, especially when it’s hot outside and the heat activates the gases… Just to mention an example.

    11. Living in a village next to a forest would be a good compromise, though. Living off the grid would not be my cup of tea either. Yet, one of the goals I am currently pursuing is to live away from cities. I even have examples in my family. Without wanting to go too much into details, a member of my extended family bought a multi-acre plot of land in a hamlet for a surprisingly low amount of money and built a small house on it. For the same amount of money, he would not have been able to buy a studio apartment in any of the cities within easy driving distance from there.

    12. The simple life in nature sounds good for about a few days, but it quickly starts to lose attractiveness once you have to begin confront the problems of actually living off the nature without any modern conveniences. I work in the countryside and actually deal with a small fraction of the practical problems that come with living just on the edges of the grid.

      Also, my holidays have taken me on treks to remote mountains and dense rainforests, and you quickly learn to appreciate a balance between nature a modernity.

      Maybe the amish got the balance right? They look happy enough from the outside, but I dont dig their sexual repressiveness.

    13. Tim Pool and his guests have been talking about this a lot in the little while. There’s been quite a move away from cities with a lot of the people in the “alt sphere” moving away from cities. They talk a lot about how we’re seeing this trend and it will continue. With people learning to grow their own food, garden and moving away from the clutches of the state as much as possible.

  3. In other news, I don’t know guys, maybe the 3rd world just hits different, but this supposed new Covid variant seems enough of a threat to me, with disproportionately more younger people getting badly ill and dying in this year’s outbreak compared to last year’s.

    It’s not that people are dying like flies, but it’s getting a bit like a classical dengue outbreak (which were common during the rainy season when I was a kid, not so much now) but expanded nationwide. Dengue outbreaks used to be a big deal, with massive fumigation brigades, quarantines and some collective panic, but were confined to specific towns and settlements, so maybe you can see where I’m getting at.

    I’m still adamant about not being jabbed though. Right now I’m awaiting news from a possible source of falsified vaccination cards.

    1. It’d be interesting to have access to that kind of data, but they’ve only started to massively vaccinate people under 50 about two weeks ago. Before, only well-off people who could afford huge fees from a couple of private hospitals or traveling to another country to get it had access to the vaccine if they were younger than 50.

      Of course, that some Chinese or American lab released some virus that started as a slightly more severe flu but after more than a year mutated into something more deadly, doesn’t mean you should take some experimental jab. Risk populations like my diabetic, heavy smoker, with liver issues 65 yo father? Yeah, why not, but healthy young people shouldn’t rush.

    2. Ok, first thing is, there are too many confounding variables around, the observational data is a hot mess that is very difficult to sort out, even for specialists.

      That being said, since the beginning of the pandemic serious scientists have pointed out that the normal selection pressures typically lead the virus to evolve into more contagious but less virulent forms – this is consistent with what one would expect from evolutionary theory (notice that very virulent diseases like ebola and rabies are very self-limiting in their spread).

      The lastest bogeyman, the “Delta” variant, seems to fit into this pattern quite nicely, so this would actually be good news. The more infectious variant will outcompete the other, deadlier ones.

      Bad news is, the vaccines may be disrupting the normal evolutionary incentives for the virus, the may actually be making things worse. There is precedent for it, google up “Mareks disease” in chickens.

      Check out the subsack I recommended last time,

      Gato Malo is posting a lot on this. He also makes predictions based on his hypotheses, and attempts to check them out on the data.

      At this stage, I am crossing my fingers and rooting for Delta to take over and drive natural immunity before the vaccines can do too much damage.

      In local news, we recently had primary elections in my country and the incumbent party got hammered like never before in their history. This caused a crisis in government and awoke them to the fact that the working class (their main constituency) are fed up and angry. Now they are starting to loosen restrictions as fast as they can. As of next week facemasks will no longer be required outdoors, and borders are opening again.

    3. Yarara, you seem well informed on the topic. Is there any evidence that the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus itself?

    4. Feel free to take the vaxx and a bunch of boosters to find out. Supposedly, Covid has been with us for about two years. Did you die, get myocarditis or develop Guillain-Barre during that time? If you answer with no, no, and no, then why bother getting the vaxx and exposing yourself to the risk of known but rare adverse reactions as well as unknown ones that may emerge years down the line. If Covid was as deadly as it is claimed to be then how come all of us are still alive?

    5. @Skepdic

      Long story short, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that they are. But Big Pharma has essentially captured most of the regulatory mechanisms of the state and academia, so dissent is hard to voice.

      Gato Malo is the blogger that has, in my mind, made the best case for it. Check out this post for a start:

      and here

      and check out the comments to this one, regarding VAERS reporting system. ITs an eye opener

      Any medical decision is a cost benefit decision based on your personal risk profile – or at least it should be. Most people cannot judge their own risk accurately after a year and a half of fear porn (well, to be fair most people are poor judges of relative risks in normal times as well), but since for most of the pop[ulation the risk of dying of covid is so small, the vaccine safety has a pretty high bar to clear – which they do not, even in the short term. Check out this post

      It squares quite well with my hunch that the risk-benefit equation for vaccines makes no sense for anyone under 65 without serious comorbitities. Certainly not for children!

      And that is without taking into account the possibly long term effects, for which there are no data because there has been no long term yet. We will get the full picture in 5-6 years at the sooner, if ever. Big Pharma will try to muddy the waters probably, as they already do. They are in a hurry to push as many covid vaccines and products they can to the market, before it becomes endemic and no one cares anymore.

    1. Cool take! I really wonder why it is possible that I can predict which way those mainstream videos are going before hitting the play button. On a side note, can we also turn the myriad of black geniuses and literary characters into whites? Oh, wait…

    2. Also note how they portray all the white-looking pagan gods throughout the series as malevolent in someway or another, even the main character is riddled with flaws. We’ll see how this one pans out, but it’s looking like the non-white goddess will be the exceptional benevolent god figure in the mythos of GoW. The message I’m starting to get from this series is ‘kill all your gods, whitey’.

      Advertisement: “Join Kratos and Son once again on this magnificent journey to destroying everything that is white. Kratos is just minding his own business, when one day the big bad Odin comes and says mean things to him. Now, you must guide Kratos, thankfully with the help of his son’s girlfriend of color, on a quest to set right the world and take back all the wonderful inventions and culture that were wrongfully stolen by the Northmen. According to IGN expert, Jack Cuckman, it’s okay because the game wasn’t made with true Old Norse dialogue anyway and the old text doesn’t specify the appearance of the gods.”

    3. I think that this blackened Norse Goddess is going to end up in a love relationship with Kratos’s son Atreus. I furthermore predict that Atreus will be more female than male in terms of his psychology while the opposite will be true of his black lover. Maybe Atreus and that black Norse Goddess even get a transgender Norse mythical creature who spouts current-year talking points to join for a ménage à trois, in reference to the sexual exploits of Kratos in the early God of War games. Now, wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to show the world how far videogames as a medium have come?

    4. I’ll probably drop modern gaming altogether. There was also an interview with the soyboy faggot writer of this game who bloviated about this game being their studios “take” on Norse mythology, i.e. if you have a problem with the blackening of Norse Gods, then you’re a bigot and should spend your money elsewhere.

      In related news, there is a new game out that looks like complete crap. It is called “Kena: Bridge of Spirits” and features one of the ugliest female lead characters I have ever seen. Needless to say, there is a big media campaign going on that favorably compares this game with some of the all-time greats. Yet, you only need to watch a few minutes of gameplay to see that this is at best an AA game, and that the mechanics look atrocious.

    5. Without viewing any gameplay, that Kena game looks like another BotW clone except this time it’s starring that strange-looking CGI influencer Miquela:

      I believe that the darkened female goddess will be Atreyu’s (Loki’s?) love interest. Maybe they can go ahead and kill Kratos off soon because soyboy Atreyu is a much better fit for where this series is headed.

    6. I think you are onto something. The trailer I watched as Atreus/Loki rather aggressively challenge Kratos a few times. This game could indeed be some soyboy-faggot-kills-father story, representing the generational conflict between the young and woke and the old who need to be overcome so that we can usher in a new paradise. I can almost see Kratos die at the hands of his son who bids him farewell with, “OK, boomer!’, in a “sly, fourth-wall breaking moment in which the writers reveal their subtle genius, speaking to a disenfranchised generation that thanklessly served all their live under a class of myopic white men who were unaware that they had been working towards their own irrelevance.” (Kotaku, GoW Ragnarok review, 2023).

    7. Btw, I’m not sure what to think of the game Atomic Heart yet. I stumbled across this gameplay trailer because the composer for Doom was featured in it:

      From what I can gather, it’s about a technologically advanced version of 1955 Soviet Russia where robots have gone haywire and started performing all kinds of nefarious biological experiments. The game is made by dev Mundfish from Russia, but I’m still not sure what to think of it. It looks like a Fallout type of game.

      I won’t be playing it or anything, though I like to keep an eye out for games that may be decent. I can’t say I’m overly excited for anything Nintendo has announced lately. Metroid Dread looks okay, nothing ground breaking.

    8. I can’t say I’m really excited about any upcoming videogame, and the same is true for music, and movies. Classical music has been destroyed, and so has art. Geez, I really wonder what happened there. Could there be a pattern? I wonder who could have an interest in destroying beauty everywhere, in order to psychologically torture us. Well, it’s probably just a big coincidence.

    9. Yes, I wonder who? Oh, why look at this:

      Notice that Mr. Jaffe was cited as game director/lead designer for GoW 1 and creative director for GoW 2. That got the ball rolling. Hard to believe to got duped into willingly killing European gods as if it was nothing. Btw, were you aware that Kratos was revealed as being bisexual at one point? Literally a sodomite destroying Western culture. Such a blackpill to swallow.

      Idk much about ‘the chosen’ folklore, but it wouldn’t require too awful much study to start laying down the groundwork for a subversive comic series. After all, many templates have already been laid before us. Of course, in doing so you’ll most likely never receive the proper funding and marketing due to lack of institutional power and nepotism for it to take off, not to mention the ADL would shriek bigger than shit. Might be fun, though.

    10. I wasn’t aware that Jaffe is a Jew. This puts God of War into an entirely new light. I used to view it as a typical male power fantasy. Now, it strikes me as a Jewish power fantasy where you have an outsider, the Spartan Kratos, destroy Western civilization by killing its gods and banging white shiksas. Isn’t this the ultimate Jewish power trip? (Maybe I should skip replaying those games.)

    11. Try Gates of Hell if you have a good PC. I love History since childhood and gaming is intimately linked to this passion. It is a source of fuel that keeps my love alive.

  4. Anyone here do the rapid antigen tests at home? Wondering if there is a way to get a negative result without going through the torturous act of sticking a thin dildo up your nose.

    1. This may be tough, considering that raspberries and papayas have been testing positive. Doesn’t pressing the swab against the back of your mouth work as well?


    Just wanted to comment on the picture at the very beginning….Is this guy really a “4?” This video is posted by the guy whom posted that face analysis video that AlekNovy recommended. I only know the bare basics,but the guy on in that pic really doesn’t look like a “4” to me… (and he may well have snagged that hottie because he was just legitimately her type..)

    I’m aware blackpillers tend to be defeatist,the extreme opposite end to PUA. Just wanted to get some thoughts here..

    1. In this case he might be exaggerating for effect. He even says “average or below average”, meaning “5 or 4” but he put 4 on the video… so he went with the lower number for the visual.

      – Dude in picture is definetely no more than a 5 (average faced).
      – Remember that 6 is slightly above average.

      Also remember that things such as clear skin (in this case photoshopped) are not a factor that raises male attractiveness. So if you’re looking at his shiny photoshopped face in the image, note that you might be looking from a male prism (we rate clear shiny skin as being more attractive, not a factor for women). So you might be rating him up because of that filter on there.

      Try to filter out the photoshopping/airbrushing (his skin is photoshopped, his teeth are, as are his eyes). Focus on the lines/shapes, and you’ll see it.

      Really focus on his eyes area and mid-face, and you’ll see he is in fact below-average (at least slightly, so 4.5 is easy to say).

      I cropped it for you so you’re not as distracted:

      Do you see it now?

    2. >Also remember that things such as clear skin (in this case photoshopped) are not a factor that raises male attractivenessDo you see it now?<

      Thank you for the cropped picture. Honestly,I'm somewhat tempted to send my own face for analysis,but I don't think he'll do that for free. haha.

      Thanks again for the eye opener Alek. 🙂

    3. Crap. comment got messed up. Gotta rewrite…

      “Also remember that things such as clear skin (in this case photoshopped) are not a factor that raises male attractiveness”

      That cropped photo you gave me definitely put things in perspective. I only watched his face video series once,so I was still subconsciously viewing things from the male perspective I suppose. Thank you once again Alek for the eye opener.

  6. A few interesting thing about the publicity stunt where Biden supposedly took his booster shot. As points out, it’s a fake set. I don’t know that this really matters that much, however I don’t believe you ever seen the diversity hire draw the vaxx up into the syringe from an official vial. This one step could have made a big difference, just inject normal saline into an official vial and make a show of drawing it up. The syringe could just be a pre-ready saline injection. Another thing to note is the diversity hire doesn’t aspirate the needle before injection. Imo, there’s a small chance you could tap a vein and be injecting mystery goo straight into someones bloodstream (I’ve actually seen it happen where someone gave a shot to the deltoid and actually aspirated blood, meaning the syringe was probably in a vein). Another poor decision by Latisha the nurse is that she didn’t appear to flip up the safety shield on the needle.

    Why do such a terrible job faking something?

    1. I did not even bother to watch the video because my default assumption is that it is all bullshit. Nonetheless, thanks for your elaborations and for providing irrefutable proof that it was staged. I think this is yet another example of the cognitive decline of the elites. What is worse, there have been several high-profile cases of obviously staged vaccinations already. They can’t even put on a good show anymore. If they had their act together, we would be confined to hypothesizing that those people got a shot of saline solution, and would only be proven right over time when they did not suffer from partial paralysis, myocarditis, or any of the other vaxx side effects.

    2. I don’t consider myself brilliant or anything, but it just seems like even if it was a legitimate injection that you’d take a few extra steps to make the event seem more authentic for the more skeptical. Perhaps that’s overkill for the average population watching that shit, though judging from the like/dislike ratio people are overwhelmingly not impressed. For contrast, I was watching a Metal Gear documentary recently and at one point during the development for MGS2 some of the staff actually flew out and got some military training. There was old footage of them acting out military scenarios in the office and having a blast. You could easily train and pay an actor to give a convincing injection. However, you could also hire a ‘seasoned medical professional’ and get about what you saw in the video. I’ve seen some very lazy and unprofessional conduct for simple procedures, so this isn’t really too surprising. What I’m really meaning to say is…HONK!

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