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34 thoughts on “Open Thread #160

  1. Hey guys,

    Thought I would drop in and say a few things. Previously, I was a STEM student pursuing a career in the healthcare field in the US, but I decided to drop my program and I will not be continuing to go into healthcare for several reasons but the most pressing is the obvious COVID crisis and subsequent reaction by the healthcare industry and all authorities. At this time, the area I work in is forcing all hospital employees and students to get vaccinated and if you do not you will be fired or dropped from your program. Obviously, I will not submit to this insanity. Furthermore, there are the obvious mask mandates which I also disagree with.

    It is quite obvious that the entire “healthcare” field is fraudulent and the psychopaths/incompetent/neurotics are completely in charge. I am not worried at all though as somehow I still have a university job that does not require the vax and I do not wear the mask in the office where I work.

    At this point, I am debating on making a change into some kind of skilled trade or even acquiring a commercial driver license as to not have to comply whatsoever with any kind of mandate that is enforced basically forever. I think the goal should be to become as independent of the “System” as possible.

    Regardless, this manufactured crisis seems to never end and I still see people driving around wearing masks in their cars with the windows down LOL…..this is a weekly occurrence where I am. The dullards make me laugh. O well.

    1. A skilled trade may be your best bet. While I don’t think that trucking as a profession will disappear as a profession, it strikes me as rather unhealthy to sit for hours on end. Reducing your interactions with the system as far as possible is a very worthy goal to have. It also helps to avoid contact with morons like the kind that wears masks in their car. We have plenty of those over here as well.

    2. My employer sent an email saying they they will not mandate the vax…yet. So probably within 1-2 months they will send out a mandatory letter.

      someone who isn’t me, know a guy, who knows a gu, who knows a guy that can get you two shots of the juice for a sizeable fee. though I don’t know if its worth going this route as now you will be in the system as being vaxed and might open doors to forced booster shots.

      Not sure what to do either. I’ll be trying to get a medical exemption as I do have some legitimate health issues but from my research, unless you’re allergic to some ingredients, you’re totally OK to take this shot with zero repercussions.

    1. What a story! I can’t quite fathom what has to go on in someone’s brain to take random drugs. Well, that’s the problem with any illegally sold drug, with the possible exception of weed buds but even there you can’t know how potent they are.

  2. A Mark Collett debate would have been nice. Am I correct in stating that Destiny called off the debate due to getting a meth bomb and thinking it was ecstasy? Was he trying to get high on MDMA before the debate because he thought it would help him argue better ? On a related note I heard that Steven Crowder uses adderall and also suffers from heart issues, I wonder why?

    1. Adderall abuse is surprisingly common. From my university days, I recall some even boasting about it. There were even small networks with the sons of doctors in the center who could simply prescribe it. Nobody ever seems to think of the side effects, though.

      I also have two acquaintances whom I suspect to regularly take cocaine or possibly Adderall/Ritalin in order to perform better at their job. One give-away is that sometimes they speak really quickly for long stretches of time, not letting you get a word in. I used to think that this was “motor mouth”, but it’s not because this is not their normal behavior. To avoid this, I only call them on weekends to catch-up.

    2. You are correct about him mistaking the drugs. I think with his sort of motormouth delivery, Destiny probably is on some kind of drug, maybe Adderall. I don’t know if this has been proven, but the word is he also has Discord open of his fans feeding him shit to say during his debates.

    3. Yeah, Adderall/Ritalin fucked my life up. My brother is a doctor, and despite the fact that it massively crippled me, he still thinks that it’s good that the drugs exist and our allowed. He said that just because I had a bad reaction to it doesn’t make it a bad thing, and that if it weren’t for those drugs, a lot of parents’ children wouldn’t have been as successful otherwise.

    4. If I may ask, what kind of long-term side effects are you suffering from? I highly doubt the success narrative because if you need Ritalin to make it through a demanding degree, you’ll need it for your career as well. After all, it’s not as if you can coast after getting your M.D. or J.D.

    5. Facial tics/spasms. I’ve been asked if i have tourette’s before. they’ve subsided as i’ve been off the meds.

      tension in my mouth and shoulders.

      I’ll also never feel as comfortable in social situations as i otherwise would have because while everyone else was developing socially, i was in a chemically-induced zombie-like antisocial state.

      i struggle with concentration, and i slip into trances a lot. for example, i can watch the same tv show as you, and you might ask me about a certain 5-10 minute scene right after we watch it only to discover it’s like I never saw it.

    6. the tics haven’t COMPLETELY subsided btw, but they’re a lot less noticeable now that i haven’t been on that medication in so many years. I was on it from the age of 7-17/18.

      From age 13-18, i took on a sort of on again/off again basis.

    7. Thanks for sharing this. I was not even aware that the side effects can be that severe.

    8. Me with a circumcision, Herkerderker with spasms from adderall abuse. I wonder how many more stories of medical overreach we have here among the blog commenters.

    9. Note that the same profession wants you to get vaxxed up. When I was a teen, a doctor insisted on me getting my tonsils removed, even though there was no medical indication to do so, and my mother was convinced by the argument that “everybody gets them removed”. Some other quack suggested I get my appendix prophylactically removed. Probably the biggest bullet I dodged was when I got braces. The orthodontist insisted I needed “corrective jaw surgery”. He wanted to remove a part of my jaw on the left and right, essentially making my Chad chin disappear. I probably would have ended up looking disfigured, but with perfectly aligned teeth. The next specialist I went to diagnosed that there was absolutely no need for such an invasive procedure. Just getting regular braces was sufficient in her (!) opinion, and the outcome was totally fine. I should probably add that I would almost have gotten up from the chair at the beginning because that bitch didn’t put on gloves when inspecting my mouth, and only did so after I insisted.

      As far as I’m concerned, the average doctor is a clown. Certainly, the average doctor I have encountered did not instill a great deal of confidence. Based on my experience, I’d argue that if you go to enough doctors you’ll get exactly the diagnosis you want. In the end, they make money off procedures, no matter if they make sense or not. Of course, for them they make perfect sense no matter what because they see the cash roll in. You’re just a means to an end for them.

    10. And it’s not that you should go all the way out there and start trusting “alternative medicine” salesmen, the same as I argued regarding flat-earthers (sorry, Deus). Just develop a healthy degree of mistrust and critical thinking, hear second or third opinions (the more invasive the procedure, the more opinions you should seek), and if possible, befriend doctors and dentists, which could go a long way on increasing the trustworthiness of the advice. This applies to professions other than the medical ones, BTW.

    11. Absolutely. It also seems that doctors are less inclined to bullshit if they don’t perceive you as a putz. I think they are basically preying on kids as well as the elderly. I remember that my grandmother ended up taking so many pills that she had to take pills to counter side effects of some of them. It’s like the current “vaxx for the vaxx” research project where “scientists” work on a concoction that can neutralize the clotshot. Going back to the main point, I think if you have kids, you need to watch them like a hawk and question everything the pediatrician says, and the same is true if you have an elder family member to take care of. Seeing how many deaths due to malpractice there are, you are probably better off not seeing a doctor at all. Even when you’re about to die, you better go in hiding because they will jack you up to expensive machinery to bleed either the health care system of a nice six-figure sum, in countries with socialized medicine, or medically bankrupt you. Even if you are braindead, you are very valuable to the medical establishment because they can use your husk to enrich themselves.

    12. I never understood when you’d see an 80-90 year granny or grandpappy with no quality of life hanging on by a thread, and the family would want everything possibly done. If the medical industry had a shred of integrity they would be straight with the family and tell them that the interventions weren’t worth the pain. Think of a bed-bound demented person with a PEG tube for continuous feeding, IV lines for hydration and sedation, ventilator for respiration, air mattress to prevent skin breakdown due to pressure, all the while that person is unconscious and messing themselves and every time they do their skin gets more and more excoriated and painful to cleanse…and the family is somehow led to believe that they’ll possibly pull through.
      So-called hospice care isn’t that much better as the person is just being allowed to slowly slip away while receiving regular morphine and benzos. Isn’t there a painless and more efficient drug that could be administered to cause instant death if that was the end goal? I understand not everyone would want that but it’s not even an option is my point. I recall Molyneux arguing years back about how the industry directly profits from disease vs profiting only if the people are healthy. He talked about ancient Chinese medicine and how you would pay your doctor until you became ill, because at that point he had failed to prevent your illness.

      Does anyone else think that capitalism is inherently cynical and has hard limits? It seems like only a matter of time before any system get hijacked by sociopaths, whatever it is.

    13. The average physician is a highly trained professional who provides patient care based on the most current scientific knowledge. The problem is that most of the time, we don’t get to see average physicians. We get to see below average physicians.

      The best physicians tend to belong to the more popular (among physicians) specialties like ENT and other surgery-based fields, alternatively popular non-surgical fields like cardiology or neurology.

      Average physicians tend to end up in the more “average” specialties, and the least of the physicians tend to end up in the specialties where there is a lack of practitioners, since those are the only ones they could get into.

      Guess which two fields are almost chronically understaffed in most countries? Family/general medicine and psychiatry. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that those are the two fields which get the most criticism. I have my own experiences with moronic treatment from family/general practitioners.

      A friend of mine who works at a hospital jokingly likes to say that he went to see “a doctor, if you can call them that” whenever he has to see a GP.

      There are exceptions, of course. Once when I got my eyebrow busted, a GP stitched me up so well that the physicians who removed the stitches later on was amazed at their quality, and thought I’d somehow gotten a skilled plastic surgeon to stitch up such a minor injury. But that’s definitely not the exception, not the rule.

  3. Trusting the government is not a good idea, as the many non-Afghanis now stranded in the country will probably tell you:
    I have to admit that my sympathies with ZOG stooges are somewhat limited. However, I pray that no journalist will get killed. That would be an utter tragedy for humanity.

    Here is a killer quote from that forum thread:

    The entire “airlift” was fucked up from the beginning.

    According to New American:

    While American citizens stuck in Afghanistan had been required to fill out an online form to be evacuated, a report informs that massive numbers of Afghans are being flown out of Kabul without any proof of identification whatsoever. At least 100 of these refugees are on terror watch lists, and one evacuated man apparently works directly for the brutal Islamic State, infamous for burning people alive and drowning them in cages.

    In fact, of the 100,000 people evacuated thus far from Afghanistan, only 5,000 have been American citizens.

    After the botched Vietnam war, the US claimed that nobody was left behind, but eventually evidence came out that been plenty of US POWs simply had been abandoned. Oh, but just go get the vaxx, goy, because there is absolutely no way that the government wants to harm you. It would be ludicrous to think that. I mean, just look at how safe our cities and how stable our currencies are, and then remember their heroic efforts of rescuing absolutely every ZOG shill in Afghanistan. We clearly have the best and most honest government ever. Pure competency:
    To put it a bit differently: The US government stabs even its supporters in the back. What kind of sympathies do you think you will get?

  4. I’m sure that this has been asked before but is it safe to assume that if you’ve hooked up with 7-8s multiple
    Times (not just one night stands) that you’re likely around a 7-8.

    Aaron says that women generally don’t fuxk men that they feel are beneath them, which makes sense. I’ve been watching this wheat waffle guy and I’m trying to pin point where I fit on the scale.

    1. Didn’t we talk about where you are in the scale in one of our conversations? Looks-wise you have nothing to worry about. Also, the women in your pictures are attractive to very attractive.

    2. Lol thanks Aaron. Ya we did talk about it but I don’t think we put a number on it. I dunno, i guess it’s Jsut something I have to get used to. As if my perception of reality is a little skewed regarding myself.

      I sometimes wonder how people view me or perceive me and if it is the same as how I view myself if that makes sense

  5. It’s been quite eventful for me here lately. Usually, my life is pretty mundane. Go to work, play some games, invest time into some hobbies, maybe hang out with a friend here and there or beat out some pussy. However, lately, I’ve been told that I have a month to comply with a jab mandate or be placed on unpaid administrative leave (until let go for causing undue hardship on the company for neglecting policy), and then just recently I had this bitch try to say that I knocked her up.

    Well, I finally think we’ve confirmed that she’s not pregnant. A qualitative HCG serum test and about a dozen at home administered urine tests finally confirmed a negative result. If I’m not active on the blog for a while it’s because I have a lot of sorting through things and overall work to do now. Strangely enough, I have a strange sense of invulnerability after all this. It’s like I realized that I had become too complacent and now it’s time to lace up my boots again. You can fire me, make claims about me, send me to jail, hold me down and shoot me up with poison, or even just rob me and beat me half to death, but none of it really matters.

    1. Why wouldn’t your employer accept a medical exemption?

      I’m sorry to hear about all this. For what it is worth, such experiences teach you what is really important in life. I remember that I once got very upset about unfair treatment at work but then I realized that I could just quit – and I did. This was a better choice than getting worked up. It took me a few days to line up a new job, incidentally a better one, and my manager couldn’t believe I’d just leave.

      There is a good chance that we will go through a “dark winter”, as the deep-state phrase goes. Buckle up and look out for yourself. I’ll see you on the other side.

    2. I don’t have a valid medical excuse or even a doctor I see regularly. I guess I could try for the religious exemption, but honestly just fuck them. I could look into traveling or something else and be exempt from all that bullshit possibly, or just work in another field and take a pay cut for a while until I find something else in my field. I would just need to cut spending a bit but I already have pretty barebones spending and no debt, which is why I can just flip them the finger and not worry so much.

      Thanks for sharing your own experiences and for the encouragement. I have no doubt we shall survive the winter lol our ancestors literally survived ice ages. Stay safe, bro.

    3. I have no idea where you are based, but is there any reasonable chance could you fake getting a vaxx? It might be more practical.

    4. I looked into it. It’s possible to fake the documents if that’s what you mean, but what if HR calls to verify? I think producing fake documents like that could be a crime also. If you’re talking about paying a based doctor under the table to ‘jab’ you then no, that’s not an option.

  6. Aaron,
    Over the years, I’ve notice that you happened to have a great memory to be able to recall a lot of your past life experiences. How did you managed to remember a lot of your life history? Heck, I can barely remember any stuff in my life. There are certain life experiences that I managed to document which has help me remember them, but for the most part I’m terrible at remembering. There has to be some emotional impact for me to remember a life event without documenting it. That emotional impact doesn’t have to be negative at all.

    1. I have a very good memory. Also, encounters with crazy women tend to stand out more. In contrast, there are some women, and people, I can barely remember at all. I noticed this when I went through my Facebook friend list a few years ago.

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