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The Cards You Have Been Dealt

I have been following Thinking Ape for a few years. His content does not fully engage me but I find him interesting enough to listen to in the background. His most recent video is a three-hour-plus conversation with a “doomer”. I don’t want to retreat the content. Instead, I would like to focus on a particularly off-putting instance of defeatism, which is quite common in the doomer community.

For context, Thinking Ape is in his 50s. His guest is in his 20s. When listening to this conversation, you can immediately deduce that both are well-spoken and can make coherent arguments. There is no reason to assume that any of them is not clearly above average in intelligence. One of the few criticisms I have about Thinking Ape is that he seems to encourage his interlocutors and oftentimes commiserates with them instead of engaging in a genuinely critical exchange. The same happened in this conversation as well. Both stated that they perceive themselves as failures in life and that they have made their peace with it. They both think they have been dealt a particular hand of cards, i.e. a particularly bad one, and now it’s simply a matter of biding their time before they can pass on.

Admittedly, reinventing yourself in your 50s is probably a tall order. At that age, you should probably draw up plans about what you want to achieve before you kick the bucket instead of embarking on a bunch of new projects that may go nowhere. Still, I don’t think Thinking Ape got a particularly bad lot in life. He studied languages, worked abroad for years, and deliberately chose to resign from a corporate career. Now he does some freelancing and seems otherwise content with the sensual relationship he has with a powerful gaming PC. His needs are being taken care of, and he no longer has any interest in women either, after having had his fair share of bad experiences. He does not follow the mainstream blueprint the typical boomer was handed, but I don’t think he is in a bad place.

The guest on this show, on the other hand, would need someone to slap some sense into him. This guy is in his early-to-mid twenties and perceives himself as a failure, “even though others may not necessarily think so”, i.e. he can’t live up to his own standards. Even though he does not go into specifics, he laments that he does not have a good job and that he has not managed to advance. At this point, I think a reality check is in order. Sure, he was dealt a particular hand, like everybody else, but it’s certainly his choice to do something with it.(Article continues below.)

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I find boomer-tier advice along the lines of “drop by a company you want to work for and give everyone a firm handshake”, or “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” cringe-worthy as they completely deny that the Gen-X and beyond essentially got to start their live in the shitter. Salaries, in real terms, have stagnated for decades, even for in-demand professions, housing is the most expensive it ever was, stocks are historically overvalued, and our women have been turned into whores. Yet, this does not mean that you need to throw in the towel in your early 20s and give up. There are a lot of avenues to pursue, and plenty that do not entail getting into debt. Yet, you probably have to move to where the opportunities are. This will most likely not be pleasant but, as a man, you will have to make sacrifices to get ahead. Embrace the suck for a few years to establish yourself instead of wallowing in self-pity just because you are not even 25 and still live at home, or some such nonsense.

Giving up on life quickly may be a uniquely Western problem. I certainly subscribe to the notion that our culture is hostile and wants you to fail. This does not mean that you can’t define your own metrics of success and achieve them. My current goal is to isolate myself from mainstream society as much as possible. After having lived in one rotten big Western city after another for twenty years, I’m currently working on getting out. Partly, this is only possible due to the scamdemic because my industry has been switching to remote work at a rapid pace. Thus, I’m reasonably confident that I can eke out a comfortable enough life for myself, growing my own food, and not having my mood wrecked by urban decay and rampant diversity day after day. In fact, just today I took a walk and noticed a dirty hand sticking from under a bench. I was taken aback by this, wondering what the heck this is. Then I noticed that a hobo was sleeping there, partly covering himself. This happened in one of the “good parts” of the city I live in where “cheap” apartments sell for 7,000 Euros per square meter. My mood got lifted significantly when a squirrel expressed some curiosity in nearby park:

This little fellow was minding its own business when we both noticed each other. I stopped, and he attempted to intimidate me with his tail.


After determining that I’m not a threat, he came very close to check me out, before heading off on his merry way again.

I’m posting these pictures because it is spiritually cleansing to look at undomesticated animals. Similarly, pictures of trees elevate your mood. In an article on the boundless degeneracy of our times, this is a more-than-welcome counterpoint.

Anyway, by no means do I want to belittle the problems of doomers. Yet, any healthy man has a drive to achieve something, thanks to the testosterone in your body. Sadly, this drive gets both suppressed and hi-jacked today. Instead of fostering a sprit of competition, you go from K-12 to university to take part in one gay group project after another and get told that it’s more important how you do or say something than whether you are right. On top, there is subversive programming in all our media, e.g. music, movies, gaming, and social media. Just cut out this garbage. I would feel depressed too if the games I played were full of ugly women and my music wasn’t spiritually healthy classical music (and retrowave) but garbage gangsta rap and subversive pop music.

Get more of this:

..and this:

…and this:

…and this:

(This track did not even amass 30k views in 4 years, yet it is more energizing than the last four years of the Billboard Top 100 put together.)

If you are into art, then maybe check out Rembrandt instead of Rothko. Even if you have no interest, spend a few minutes on this anyway. It will teach you a lot about how much our culture has been corrupted. This is as incredible as the journey from Beethoven to Cardi B.

Then, stop consuming anything coming out of Hollywood and ignore all Western video games. Get off Facebook and Twitter and instead only consume content on there indirectly, for instance when a particular example of degeneracy gets highlighted on a wholesome site like or Probably a good chunk of the depression of our times is also due to shitty food, so that’s another area to focus on. In any case, do not let the corrupt mainstream define success for you. If you manage to avoid that garbage, I’m sure you’ll find the cards you have been dealt a lot more manageable.

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2 thoughts on “The Cards You Have Been Dealt

  1. Reading this post makes me realize how fortunate I am. Of course I could speak of life being very comfortable in the US without realizing how hard it is for a lower class young American to get ahead in life. But I am not blind, or let wealth insulate me from the sordidness of the world.

    To youngsters who are of my age or who are younger, let make it worth, explore yourself, setting goals and strive for it. Don’t let this harrowing dialogue of Owen Wilfred haunts you for the rest of your life:

    “Strange friend!” I said “Here is no cause to mourn”
    “None” said the other “Save the undone years”


    “There is no greater sorrow, than thinking back upon a happy time in misery”
    (Dante, La Divina Comedia, Canto V, line 121-123, translated by Allen Mandelbaum)

  2. Oh, wow a fellow voices of music fan. I can also recommend “Les Art Florissants”. I will soon have a baroque lute build for myself as I’m sick of playing the classical guitar.

    Getting a remote job should be a priority for everyone that has an 120+ IQ. Especially if you are willing to live abroad. In some countries, you can live like a king working 20h a week.

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