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81 thoughts on “Open Thread #105

    1. I wonder if the comments aren’t bots.
      At this point, I don’t trust anything I see written as a comment on yt.

      No freaking way there isn’t at least a small percentage that makes fun of her.

    2. This sounds like total bullshit. Also, it does not make any sense that she made a video, deleted it right away and four years later it suddenly reemerges. Not only that, the video is an instant hit after four years. Oh, and of course guys wanted to “fuck her so bad”, this below-average woman you wouldn’t even notice. The comments indeed seem as if they were written by bots.

    3. At this point, I believe you cannot be a real “Miss whatever-country” without having a leaked sex tape…

    4. >>I wonder if the comments aren’t bots. No freaking way there isn’t at least a small percentage that makes fun of her.>>

      I too wondered about that!

      Making a sex tape at age 18. She must be an Angel ^^

    5. >>At this point, I believe you cannot be a real “Miss whatever-country” without having a leaked sex tape…<<

      Indeed. And after that they try to shittalk you into believing that she's an angel *lol*

    1. Also you wonder how stupid these people have to be to not see the glaring contradiction:

      Diversity is supposed to be good, because people are NOT equal. If they stopped here, they actually would at least have an argument.

      But then they claim differences between people don’t exist.

      Like honestly, most of the major religions are not even close to this level of retardation.

  1. What’s your opinion on Xiaomi / Chinese Smartphones?

    I’ve got myself a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S… my second chinese Smartphone following HONOR.

    1. Now that Whatsapp is pretty much a non-argument for running android, my next phone will be a Google Pixel, which I’ll de-google and run GrapheneOS on.
      Thanks Zuck, you little piece of shit.

  2. I was talking to a friend today about LMS. He heavily weighed in favor of the M and S part of it. I explained that this is more of a means to an end, and not exactly raw sexual interest. He disagreed, repeating Henry Kissinger’s (former national security advisor to Richard Nixon) famous quote “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”. And that women actually enjoy fucking guys like Kissinger and Zuckerberg. If you look at Trump and his wife together, you can tell there is no chemistry.

    1. He heavily weighed in favor of the M and S part of it

      It’s a popular form of coping.

      To be sure though, I have to admit we might have been biased too much in the direction of L in this part of the internet, to the point of claiming M&S can’t trigger any lust at all.

      I think that’s extreme. I do think M&S can trigger actual lust, as in she wants to bang your brains out as-if you were a chad.

      However, that’s only theoretical, because you’re more likely to win the lottery than to get enough M&S to trigger chad-like lust in girls.

      So I think it’s important to keep to this distinction.

      – It’s not true that M&S has no ability to create lust
      – However, it’s so unlikely to do so, that it’s almost as if it didn’t

      I think distinctions like these are important, especially when you’re arguing against beliefs based on a grain of truth. If someone believes they can bang lots of chicks chad-style through M&S, telling them M&S can never ever do anything is first of all a great way to get them to ignore everything you say, so it’s not a good influencing method. The other thing is that it’s not objectively true.

      So it’s much wiser to first admit where they’re right. “Yes, in theory you can trigger it using M&S, however… xyz.”

    2. We guys have a blindspot there because we guys don’t need a provider as much as women do (or at all). But I think it’s more like an enhancer. If you are at least average (or even above) in looks AND you have M and S, they will go bonkers. Little Story:

      Once I was walking in town with my female “bestie”, all of a sudden a Maserati Gran Turismo came along. She grabbed my arm in excitement and went like: “What kind of car is that, what kind of car is that?!”

      It was funny because she was a very smart a-grade student, speaking 4 languages fluently.
      She totally went bonkers without even seeing the guy in the car.

      Women want EVERYTHING L, M and S. So they try to get as much as they can. But at minimum, you cannot be ugly, short, or poor. Once you trans pass these minimum criteria, it’s not as easy to predict if you are going to have a lot of success or not at all (unlike the black piller want us to believe)

    3. Yeah, I should have acknowledged that it *can* happen. I’m kind of a hot head, and when people (especially men) say something extreme, I tend to jump onto the extreme in the other direction (because it’s much closer to the truth).

      I have known of cases where the woman has no initial sexual attraction to a man, but changes her mind if she finds out he has a hot girlfriend, or is the leader of his social circle. This is indeed rare, and usually the girls are screwy. Most likely daddy issues. My only problem is when people act like this is the norm.

    4. It’s also largely predicated on what type of relationship we are talking about. ONS, FWB, or LTR. I made it clear that I was talking about ONS and FBW.

    5. This is indeed rare, and usually the girls are screwy. Most likely daddy issues.

      Obviously flukes exist, but I wasn’t talking about flukes. Yeah a girl can get hot and wet and want to bang an non-good-looking guy when she finds out he’s a surgeon. That one is a fluke/or a screwy girl or whatever.

      I’m talking about the situation where it’s not a fluke. Like if you gain so much money and status that the effect is equivalent to gaining 2-3 points in physical looks. Where as many more girls get wet for you as if your looks had gone up by 2-3 points.

      That is possible. You can get so much money and fame that you get the equivalent of a 2-3 point looks upgrade. The problem is you’re more likely to win the lottery than to earn that much money and status.

    6. About Kissinger’s “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”… Maybe people who believe this are biased towards this view because of Tony Montana or good looking powerful guys, like Fidel Castro (you only have to look at his bastard Trudeau to know how he looked in his youth minus the beard, LOL), Stalin, etc. But there must be some truth to it, because dictators and drug lords have indeed had girls magnetically attracted to them despite less than stellar looks. Screwy girls for the most part, sure, as GL&S says.

    7. The question, though, is if they can get Chad-like sex experience. I’d say if you bring money and status but not looks, your sexual experiences may not quite reach the level of what a guy gets who only brings looks to the table.

    8. You got me thinking Manuel…… Two handsome, very powerful men took us to the brink of armagedon (Kennedy and Castro). And crazy women loved them. Martin Monroe? Certifiable. Kennedy even shared a mistress with a mob boss. Castro had a mistress who was in love with him, but claimed to attempt to assassinate him for the CIA.


    I sometimes wonder whether those “starving old cat” videos are faked & staged. Take your own cat, smear some dirt in its face and fur, so that it looks like a stray cat, and then show the “progress” via video on Youtube… get many likes = profit.

    1. My heuristic for this is:

      Whereever there is an incentive for profit, some people will do it.

      But on the other side it’s not too hard to find stray cats, so I think they probably got a real one.

    2. One argument for those videos being fake is that stray cats are very hard to domesticate. It is much easier to get a domesticated cat and change its appearance. It’s not as if women don’t have experience with that.

  4. Why girls get consider receiv compliment about her, sexual or not, harssment and man wants this so much and never would consider harssment?

    1. Yes, they are the current incumbent party in the USA.


      No, i have no idea what u are talking about.

  5. There was that little sissy boy not too long ago that ratted out his dad for being at the Capitol protest. Turns out his dad never even breached the building and had just attended the protest outside. The kid made some outlandish claims about his dad saying things like ‘traitors get shot’ etc., and the father was arrested by the FBI. Well, check this out:

    It turns out if you’re a good little zoomer and rat your parents out for thought crimes, then you get rewarded by being passed around by all the networks and praised as a hero. Not only that, but you get rich. Guaranteed this kid exceeds his goal. Meanwhile, people with legitimate legal fees get shutdown and demonized by the media.

    Moral of the story, be careful what you say and who you say it to. You might not even be able to trust your own family.

  6. How do you guys think this GME thing will play out? I saw something where the CEO of Nasdaq suggested halting trade to allow big investors to ‘recalibrate their positions’. Funny how that works. The whole thing gave me a good belly laugh or two.

  7. So it seems hedgefund Citadel bailed out Melvin Capital who stands to lose big on Gamestop from a crowd movement on reddit to buy its stock. Melvin Capital makes a call to mainstream media CNBC to say they covered all their short positions on Gamestop on Wednesday(most likely a lie). Then Robinhood bans purchases of Gamestop, AMC, Nokia and other wallstreetbets stocks only allowing shares to be sold, effectively driving down their prices today to protect Melvin Capital and Citadel. It just so happens Citadel is a huge client of Robinhood, purchasing data analytics from them. It gets even better – we hear yesterday Biden’s administration is monitoring the situation. Well it turns out Janet Yellen, Biden’s treasury secretary was paid millions for ‘speeches’ by hedge funds, including Citadel.

    The corruption is absolutely sickening. I think people on the left may start to turn against the establishment and mainstream media as well.

    1. Yes. I think this is a very underappreciated moment that might become what I call a “George Floyd Moment.”
      RobinHood and many others (AmeriTrade, Interactive Brokers, Schwab, etc.) halted GME, BB, etc. trading.
      There’s a lot of anger in the retail trading crowd as of today.
      I mean, the game was rigged from the beginning, but now you can’t even participate in the game?

      These brokerage houses halting trading was the stupidest thing ever. They have cornered themselves into a position that is ugly as fuck.
      Now, if they keep the trading halted, the WSB crowd won’t sell. Lawsuits will come and the anger will be redirected elsewhere.
      If they resume trading, Melvin’s losses will be infinitely high because they sold more GME stock short than there actually exists and they just have to keep buying back at whatever price the WSB crowd dictates. This can totally bring down the system, thingk LongTermCapitalManagement back in the day. If the Fed bails them out the game is on, like for real…

      If the brokerage houses force liquidate them, then the anger will be of biblical proportions. Property rights, etc…
      And this is just the beginning. The silver market is being attacked next. JP Morgan is still sitting on a massive short position they inherited from Bear Stearns back in 08/09. These fuckers are short more silver then there is silver above ground.
      And boy, wait until they find out that they can push BTC to the moon and beyond. Whereas GME had at least a float of like 70-90% of the outstanding shares, BTC only has a float of around 20%, since 80% of all BTC are considered illiquid. And this shit is uncontrollable because a lot of folks control their own keys and cannot be force-liquidated or anything. And there are some hodlers, that won’t sell. EVER.
      Central Banks are next. According to Max Keyser, they are leveraged 90:1 (for reference, Lehman was leveraged 50:1 in 08/09 when they went belly up).

      I tell you, this is bigger than it looks.
      I think this has massive potential. The establishment has a problem now if you ask me.

    2. I would be surprised if there is any fairness or justice being served. More likely we’ll see some of the prominent Redditors being arrested and big boys getting a bail out. And the public might be outraged but they’ll sit down and take it.

    3. @Pickernanny

      Meh… not so sure about this one being swept under the rug and the big boys getting another free pass. Feels different this time.

    4. @NeutralRandomThoughts

      Considering Reddit and FB collaborated to shut down any further discussions of this whole phenomenon, and RobinHood forcing stock holders to sell their shares without their consent, tells me that there is no way the little guy is going to get away with this. I’m hearing the term ‘financial insurrection’ being tossed around now. I would be extremely surprised if this doesn’t end up backfiring on the public. You have massive coordination between investment companies and big tech social media, and we’ve recently witnessed the most fair and transparent U.S. election and transfer of power in all of history. What I’m getting at is that there is no just no way imo that the ruling class is going to sit by and let the cattle class fuck them out of billions of dollars, even if they have to pull off some blatantly shiesty maneuvers to correct this transgression.

    5. I share this sentiment. You also have to keep in mind that it’s surely a crime against humanity if six million redditors on r/wallstreetbets gang up on a handful of hedge-funds. An army of private investors causing a bunch of billionaires to lose a fraction of their wealth is basically another holocaust. It’s literally the most obscene example of bullying if not downright terrorism in all of history. That forum will surely get kicked off Reddit sooner rather than later and key ring leaders like the legendary u/deepfuckingvalue who started this zerg rush could very well see themselves confronted with drummed-up charges. After all, the rules will change when the elites need to change them. Celebrating that some hedge funds lose billions of dollars on their shorts must be “hate speech” and if not, the ADL will surely be able to launch a PR campaign that will make the most popular man to ever have lived, Joe Biden, see the light and put the kibosh on such malarkey.

    6. This is where I have to partly agree with some people on the left, that capitalism breaks down when you have you all the wealth concentrated in a few companies, who can then rig the game to destroy competition before they can even get into the market.

      Here the market fundamentalists are very naive in my opinion. When you have quasi monopolies, you should expect them to get as corrupt as the government. (because the problem is not market vs. government, but monopolies vs. free market competition). The left solution is always to make bigger government, which is obviously idiotic, and would make the problem worse. It’s a really tough problem to solve.

      Maybe for the stock market a blockchain based trading platform would be the way to go. No central authority which can block trades.

    7. “capitalism breaks down when you have you all the wealth concentrated in a few companies”

      What you are describing is not capitalism, but wealth concentration due to central planning and centrally fixed prices, aka socialism. The most important price is fixed and that is the price of capital.
      Don’t fall prey to their divide-and-conquer, blue-vs.-red, capitalism-vs.-socialism tactics.

      We do not have capitalism and we haven’t had since the establishment of central banks.

    8. I think you are wrong here. Wealth concentration would also happen without government intervention.

      It is because of how exponential functions work.

      If we start with the same amount of capital, but mine grows at 3% and your at 2%, after enough iterations of this, I will own almost everything % wise.

      And also just from a practical point of view, the more power you have the easier it is to get even more power.

      And without any kind of government you get warlords and feudalism basically.

      Look I ma not for big government, but the market fundamentalists are almost as stupid as the communists.

    9. There are also many other reasons why almost everything is trending towards monopolies:

      – benefits of having millions of customers
      data mining requires a big data set. Amazon has such a big data set, but your average retailer next door doesn’t have it.
      so whatever % of profit you can squeeze out of that, only Amazon will get it.

      – economics of scale.
      e.g. part of the logistics of amazon is the software and IT infrastructure they have. it costs a lot of money to develop this, and you need to sell millions of producs to get this back.

      so basically once they have reached a certain size, there is no way someone with less capital can compete against them.

      Another example: Right now I play a computer game, in this game basically you have to conquer countries, you now the typical stuff.

      The game starts with most countries being very small, but then consolidation of power happens. the big fish eat the small fish, become even more bigger, and eat the small fish even faster.

      Now this is just a game, but this entire process seems to me very natural.

      Now of course you can argue that all of these entities will collapse because of internal conflicts, but I don’t know if this will always happen.

      But when one company is litteraly so big that it has more capital than entire countries, you really cannot speak of a free market anymore.

    10. Here an example (this is oviously an extreme simplification, but still it shows how wealth concentration happens in my opinion)

      We start out with the same amount of capital


      so everyone of us has 50%

      but I’m a little bit more skilled, so my capital grows with 3%, and yours with 2%

      After 100 iterations

      c1 * 1.02 ^ 100 = 7.25
      c2 * 1.03 ^ 100 = 19.21

      No I own 72% and you only 27%

      And the return on capital is basically an exponential function.

      Of course the assumption here is that the growth rate is independent of amount of capital.

      But due to the other effects I mentioned, it is very likely that in the real world if you have a lot of capital, you will also get a higher growth rate, making this effect even more severe.

      So, you don’t need any government intervention for wealth concentration to happen, it is a very normal process

    11. This is all well and good if it’s based on honest labor and one generation, but that kind of justification breaks down completely when you have parasitic elites with ill-gotten gains they have been growing for generations.

    12. Look, wealth concentration can happen for a lot of reasons.
      I just wanted to point out, that it doesn’t necessarily require government intervention.

      The position of the market fundamentalists is just stupidly naive.

      “Just remove the government and everything will be fine!”

      Such a simplified position/theory is just completely useless for the real world.
      Yes it will work in your typical Austrian economics pet economy with 2 farmers, but it will not work in the real world.

      And consider the fact that no market is really “free” anyways.

      For examle we don’t allow slavery anymore. Which is obviously a restriction of the free market.
      And you also certainly don’t want to have a free market for nuclear weapons or bio weapons.

      you need to be pragmatic, and for each issue decide if you want to regulate it or have a free market for it.
      ideology has no place in real world politics.
      if you just mindlessly repeat some market fundamentalist meme you are really no better than the communists.

      especially the Austrian economists, they basically ignore empiric data in their ideology.
      which works in some situations when your axioms actually fit the real world, but when they don’t fit, you just end up with complete nonsense.

    13. We cannot have an argument where I present empirical data that supports my point and then you ignore it.

    14. The data you presented doesn’t invalidate my argument.
      Again, I just argued, that you don’t need a government for wealth concentration to happen. You show me some data that on a gold standard there was less wealth concentration.
      This is even orthogonal to the argument, you can have a gold standard and a lot of government intervention, or no intervention at all, it is just one variable. So please stop this lazy thinking.
      And you would still have to proof the causation here. So far it is just a correlation.

    15. Citadel may call what they buy from Robinhood “analytics”, but it’s the order flow, which they use to front-run orders.

  8. I recently saw a meme where a woman was being battered by a tranny in the ring with the caption, ‘Karen couldn’t think of a single reason why men who identify as woman shouldn’t compete in women’s sports — and then it hit her’.

    So, then I had the thought that peak feminism is probably well behind us at this point. What we are seeing now are the wonderful fruits of all the extreme feminist laborers. The system may not have completely abandoned women at this point, but feminism it seems is in full swing decay.

    It’s no longer good enough to just be a woman (maybe this mostly applies to white chicks, though). I say this because I also recently saw where some 17 year old Tik Tok star named Jojo Siwa ‘came out’. I took one good look at this little bimbo and I’m convinced she’s faking being gay for attention. I concluded that she craves just as much Chad cock as the next girl (just by her appearance), and that this is what women are being reduced to in order to keep up with society’s demands for attention.

    In short, feminism has served its purpose and women being destroyed by mentally ill dudes in sporting events is merely the beginning of the end. I suspect it’s going to get worse from here on out.

    1. I don’t think we have reached the peak yet.

      There is still much more to come:

      – forced quotas everywhere. Yes, we need the right amount of black lesbian transgender women in every company!
      – bachelor tax.
      More and more men will go their own way, but they still need our money.
      – global bann of prostitution
      – making almost every “normal” interaction between men and women illegal
      – mandatory sex changes for children

    2. I think we have seen peak feminism because women no longer see the torrent of gibs coming their way increasing. The new darlings of the elites are non-white immigrants, er, “undocumented workers”, except that they may not always work all that much. Furthermore, it seems that a transvestite is more of an ally of the elites than Karen could ever be. Even lesbians have started to complain about the privileges that transvestites enjoy. Thus, both homo- and heterosexual Karens have dropped in rank. This does not mean that we have seen peak insanity yet. There is a catchy Germany expression, “Schlimmer geht’s immer” (“It can always get worse.”) that captures my sentiment on this matter wonderfully.

    3. I just assume that the whole transgender and taking our kids away thing is a whole different movement. However, bachelor taxes is like grasping at straws and can you even really say that the funds will be repurposed to benefit women? My point is that women have see the peak of the benefits they are going to get from feminism, and they’re going to increasingly either turn to more traditional roles or just opt out out of pure necessity (being too ugly or fucked up in some way).

    4. These movements all have the same ideological root, the social construction theory and the axiom “everyone is equal, all perceived differences must be due to discrimination!”

      I think it will get much more crazy. And I mean inquisition level crazy.

      You have to understand, this is basically a religion. It doesn’t have to be rooted in rationality or reality.

    5. Oh, no. I am in total agreement. I think things will get much worse. They’re in the genocidal process of taking away our offspring and essentially neutering them with trans-formations, as well as dehumanizing us. The act of taking away our humanity is to justify killings in the future, sort of like how you would treat a pest or infestation in your home. Whether or not they are successful is another story, but if they are then they’ll just deny it ever happened or spin some narrative about how they had no choice but to genocide the crazed rabid animals. Hopefully, the machine will just fall apart before it gets that far and/or people start waking up to the point of critical mass and start getting angry. At least we might have more equal footing on the battlefield, so to speak.

    6. Btw, see my above post on the little soy boy that’s being used as an example of how turning in your patriot parents will get you fame and money. Not every case will result in the same outcome, but it’s prt of a psyop to coerce kids into betraying their parents. It’s just one example of taking kids away from the influence of their parents, but it comes across as voluntary on the child’s part. Sneaky.

    7. By the way, my predictions of new terms we will see in the next 10 years:

      “toxic whiteness”

      If you are born white you will need to get special diversity training!

    8. At big companies, diversity training is already mandatory. I also know of a large bank where HR announced that the motto for 2021 is “no-man hiring”. The HR ditzes were even dumb enough to put this in writing on their PowerPoint slides; they also seemed rather giddy when they presented that initiative during an all-hands session.

  9. Aaron,
    On a related note, to GoodLookingAndSleazy and AlekNovy discussion about LMS…

    1. In a previous discussion, I asked how money and status makes a guy look attractive if he’s not physically good-looking. You noted that it makes a guy look attractive for long-term relationships. However, can money and status make a guy look attractive for short-term relationships? Do women find any guy attractive as long as they have money and status?

    2. In the past you highlighted that when a woman learns about a man’s resources, she becomes interested him despite the lack of sexual attraction. Thus, her interest in him sparks. Unfortunately, there are a lot of men who do not have resources. They can barely support themselves. Often, these men live paycheck to paycheck ( an annual income of 45K before taxes). In this case, if a guy is average looking, living paycheck to paycheck, what is the attraction here if it’s a long-term relationship? I’ve often heard women say they fell in love, but do they really fall in love or did they just settle down?

    3. If a woman is attracted to a man’s resources, do they often milk a guy gradually over-time and delay sex just to acquire resources first?

    1. 1) I’d argue that you would need to be famous or known to be obscenely rich to get a woman to have sex with you for free if the looks aren’t there.

      2) Settling down is certainly one explanation. Also, there are plenty of women for whom a man with an average income would be catch, so they would even move up. There is also the prospect of pumping out a few kids and not having to work anymore. My perception is that there is a non-trivial number of women who quite enjoy the welfare lifestyle and in order for the gibs to flow they need to have a few kids. There was a wonderful skit on Sam Hyde’s sadly rather short-lived Million Dollar Extreme TV show where a black woman boasted that she makes “almost 80,000 dollars” a year in benefits. This was a joke but the so-called “welfare cliff” is real, i.e. the underclass is able to make more in benefits than they could earn with a job.

      3) I’ve seen different strategies. Some go all-out and insist on an exotic trip with a separate hotel room instead of the staid “dinner and a movie”. A wealthy former client of mine told me that he occasionally encounters that. Then there are of course those who feign attraction and gradually bleed you dry, the most extreme cases being women who poke holes in condoms and sue for child support or the various kinds of marriage fraud you can occasionally read about in mainstream media, e.g. the trophy wife who fucks the pool boy and gets divorced as soon as she qualifies for the maximum amount of alimony payments.

    2. Chris, I think simplification can sometimes be a great thing.

      You’re far more likely to get bedroom benefits from hitting the gym, than obtaining “status” as a way of getting more bedroom action.

    3. Aaron,
      “…you would need to be famous or known to be obscenely rich to get a woman to have sex with you for free if the looks aren’t there.”

      Would actors like Jason Alexander from Seinfeld who plays George Costanza, and Dustin Diamond from Save by the Bell who play’s Screech, would they be able to have sex for free and/or have one nights stands with women based solely on their status and/or money? These guys are very deficient in the looks department.

    4. Some women might do it for the bragging rights. I once knew a chick who bragged about all the musicians and B-list actors she’s fucked, including quite a few who are not very good-looking.

  10. The merchandise and weapons dealer in RE8 is a bigger than life, jovial slob of a human being, and of course, some (presumably) Westerners are just totally super offended by it:

    I hope the Japanese hold true to their decisions and character designs. God bless them. From the article, Capcom chose their words carefully and said that they wanted the character to have a ‘unique look’. However, we know he’s a just fat because he’s a greedy glutton, but that obviously goes against the West’s entire backwards philosophy.

    1. Japan is our only hope. This week I wanted to start another play-through of Red Dead Redemption. I originally played it on the Xbox360 eight or nine years ago. Well, my second play-through ended quickly. The game opens with a casual mockery of Christianity, which I found rather distasteful, and the first time you get a gun, you are told to kill cute rabbits. The game provides a lame excuse for why you have to genocide a horde of rabbits, but it’s not particularly convincing. Surely, they could have found a different way of teaching the (rather simplistic) shooting mechanics to a new player. There is probably a ton of woke garbage hidden in Red Dead Redemption, which I didn’t pick up on years ago.

      On a related note, I came across a very good channel on Bitch recently: American Krogan. Here’s a presentation of some of the woke garbage in Red Dead Redemption 2, which caused me to drop that game from my to-play list:

    2. Recently, a RDR2 video popped up in my feed titled something like ‘Killing the incest pig lover’ NPC. So yea, there you go. On another note, I recently happened across a video showing off the first 10 mins of TLOU2 on the PS5. I’ve never sat down and watched any gameplay footage until now, and it really got me thinking. My impression ofthe game was bittersweet.

      The thing is, it actually looked really impressive on several fronts. For one, the setting looked gorgeous and there was amazing attention to detail. Also, the character animations were top notch and the gameplay looked pretty fun, which included utilizing stealth to successfully take down human aggressors and navigate through zombie hordes, as well as some simple puzzle platforming like moving a dumpster around to access a rooftop, for example. I also got a quick glimpse at what appeared to be the weapons maintenance and customization sequence which looked pretty nice.

      The bitterness obviously comes with the character models and narrative. Maybe if they ever released a PC version and someone modded the game to have a big-titted supermodel with a skimpy outfit and a tight ass, then it’d be worth playing. But the little dyke you start out as is one of the least inspiring characters to date for an AAA game. For every Lesbian I know in real life who doesn’t even game, there are easily hundreds or even thousands of regular guys who do game. Who are they targeting exactly? I would hope this trend dies down soon, but it seems like money is not a motivating factor for many of these companies.

    3. The Last of Us II looks great graphically, but you’d have to force me at gunpoint to play that game, and even then I’d think about it for a bit. Those “puzzles” are extremely tedious, by the way. The first game was full of them.

    4. The sad truth is that 99% of men are cucked and go along with this.
      Just go on any gaming forum, most people support this.
      You have to realize, you can actually brainwash people.
      If you show trannies in movies, video games and so on. A few years of this, and most of the population will see it as completely normal.
      I can only imagine how fucking ridiculous society will look like in 10-20 years.
      All the children who get brainwashed into this. They will look at you “what you think gender is biological? are you some kind of insane Christian fundamentalist?”

    5. I recall when homosexuality was pushed heavily in TV shows when I was a kid. My parents, for instance, were rather upset that there were dudes making out in what was then the most popular TV show in Germany (“Lindenstrasse”). A few decades later, homosexuality has been completely normalized. Transgenderism is on the brink of being normalized, and the next frontier is “pedophilia”, which is a deceptive word anyway as the sexual abuse of children has little to do with “love” (= Greek “philia”).

    6. By the way, in uncharted they also made the females more ugly on purpose:

      e.g. Chloe in uncharted 2:

      She was as good looking as was available with the quite low polygon count that was possible in uncharted 2.

      now compare her to Chloe in uncharted 4:

      she looks almost like a dude now.

      And I have no doubt this uglification was done on purpose.

      Now of course if you call them out on it, they will argue it was to make her look more “realistic”.
      Yeah, right. In a game in which I play a literal immortal superhero, who kills 100 of people, jumps from very high buildings, has infinite stamina…. and I never get a single scratch…. yes, in this game we surely need realistic looking models.

      Oh and obviously, when it comes to the male actor:*2cU3uNb-0VgM6Damw9jnig.png

      He is obviously just a random dude. fucking lol.
      this guy would be a 9/10 in real life easily.

      So of course you can’t put unrealistically hot looking females in computer games… because this is sexism. If you do the same with dudes, no problem.

    7. Chloe could have been hotter even in Uncharted 2, i.e. a bit more toned, bigger boobs and a better ass. At this point you just have to give props to Team Ninja who have a long history of putting super-hot women in their games, e.g. Ninja Gaiden or Dead or Alive. SNK is also really good at it. They didn’t back down when the SJWs tried putting pressure on it. They even increased the breast size of one of the female characters in King of Fighters XIV, but it’s not clear if it was done due to artistic vision or to give the finger to that crowd who doesn’t buy their games anyway:

    8. Or Kratos from god of war:

      This is obviously just an average guy!

      The moral of the story:

      You don’t play a fucking computer game to be a fucking average dude or girl. You play it to escape reality and feel like a god, for a few hours.

      At least on PC you modders fix these issues, so not everything is lost. But most console games will probably be unplayable because of this SJW bullshit.

    9. Kratos also appeared to become more in control of his emotions as he aged which is arguably more masculine of him. Like for example, when that guy shows up to his residence and bitch slaps him. The old Kratos would have immediately raged. Also, the beard is a nice addition to his aesthetic.

      And yea, Idk if that’s a glitch but it appears like it could feasibly have been programmed to occur that way (stinky-looking dyke chick catching ammo in mid air). She could probably out maneuver Solid Snake or Big Boss and if confronted, take him down with hand to hand combat before slitting his throat.

      Btw, my impression of TLoU2 reception was rather mixed. You’d have to assume that at least some of the praise and high scores were due to shills and spam. There was a lot of negativity surrounding the plot leak if I remember correctly. I’d be surprised if that game gets a sequel assuming they left the conclusion open ended.

    10. I don’t think I’ve seen a critical review in the mainstream press. The plot was not well received at all by fans. Even r\tlou was pissed and full of memes on Joel’s death. There will probably a sequel as “muh circle of violence” will continue. Next time, you’ll get to play the male-to-female transsexual son of NPC #1254 you shot without recalling it. (I played TLoU and don’t even recalled shooting the NPC doctor whose daughter you play at in the sequel. It’s a downright ludicrous plot set-up, in my opinion.)

    11. @Pickernanny: but the normies still buy the games. A few guys like us not buying them doesn’t really affect anything.

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