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Open Thread #104

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50 thoughts on “Open Thread #104

  1. On the topic of video games, I noticed that my stack of PS4 games is a lot smaller than my stack of PS3 games. If this trend continues, I’ll probably be fine getting a PS5 in six years and buying a handful of games cheaply. It’s quite staggering how far down the drain this hobby has gone. In fact, my favorite genre, third-person masculinity simulators, seem to have disappeared. Stand-out titles on the PS3 were Vanquish, Binary Domain, Ninja Gaiden Sigma (3 titles!), Lost Planet 1 & 2, Dead Space 1 & 2 (maybe 3), God of War 3, Uncharted 1 to 3, and Dark/Demon’s Souls. I have not played all of those games yet, but I’m looking forward to the rest. In contrast, PS4 got you a bunch of woke garbage like Uncharted 4 where you need to watch cut scenes of a black woman beating you up. I currently don’t own a PS4 but I have bought a few games cheaply: Dark Souls III, Bloodborne, and Nioh 1 & 2. I’ll probably get Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima but otherwise that would more or less be it. This trend is quite astounding. It’s as if the white male as the target audience doesn’t really exist anymore. Looking at Farcry 3 vs modern Farcry games hammers this home nicely as well: In Farcry 3 you play as a well-off white dude who got kiddnapped while partying with his bros and some hot white chicks on a tropical island. As you play, you turn into a one-man army, and you get to bang a super-hot chick as well, on a side note. It’s a super-fun game. It also features one of the greatest antagonists in modern gaming. Today’s Ubisoft is instead busy with ensuring you have at least five gay love interests in the game (this is not an exaggeration; in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you can plough five or more dudes if you so desire). It feels as if I’m living in some fucking parody.

    1. The woke trend definitely makes most AAA games unplayable now.
      This is also in movies & shows.
      I rewatched game of thrones but all of the wokeness was very off putting.
      Like 1/3 of the dudes in the show are gay.
      And many of the powerful leaders in the game are women.
      What kind off saved it was that at least these women were also super evil, so they didn’t go with the “women good, men bad” theme.

      The worst display of wokeness in my opinion was in last of us 2. You pretty much play as an ugly girl who has more muscles than most dudes.
      Not only doesn’t make it any sense, it also doesn’t make sense in the context of the game.
      How would anyone get so buff when they barely can get enough calories to not starve?
      Especially a girl with low testosterone?
      And also you see how detached these people are from reality. In a true SHTF scenario, no one who was sane would come out and telling other people the are gay. You don’t want to give anyone a reason to perceive you as weak in such a world.

    2. I found The Last of US (the first one) unbearably work already. There should be an article on the blog somewhere. However, back then you only got soy-boy voices in video game forums, so nobody seemed to be bothered with Joel being the bitch boy of one woman after another. You can even question the base premise very easily because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to take care of a teenage girl that is not genetically related to him. She’s just a liability. Of course, in the game she is strong and empowered and takes out countless zombies as well as white men.

  2. How safe is your blog anyway?
    Ever thought of moving it to Tor?

    On the topic of self hosting, have you checked out start9labs ( dot ) com?

    1. Define safety in this context, please.

      I’m not sure a move to Tor is worth it as this would lead to a dramatically lower audience. I may as well stop writing this blog if it comes to that.

    2. Namecheap only has to flip a switch. I will need to look for a Russian or Chinese host if that happens.

    1. Given mRNA has been worked on since the 2000s, it goes to show that when governments cooperate, magical things can be achieved. It is this new Bretton Woods that we need, a new paradigm, a way to build back better, it’s a chance to do a reset. We will have to live with a few sacrifices from individuals for the greater good.

    2. “We will have to live with a few sacrifices from individuals for the greater good.”
      If this wasn’t sarcastic, this straight up sounds like from a communist propaganda book 😀
      “The greater good” is always some kind of communistic total state with total enslavement of the individual basically 😀

    3. This is not necessarily the case. I’d be perfectly happy with paying a fucking 57% marginal income tax rate in Sweden (this is not an exaggeration!) if the money went to, for instance, monumental building, excellent health care, border defense, or a top notch infrastructure. Instead, most of it is blown on welfare.

    4. “I’d be perfectly happy with paying a fucking 57% marginal income tax rate”

      I know where you’re coming from, but history has shown that the incentive structure behind government spending other people’s money is a flawed one and leads to unproductive and bloated government over time.
      So, I guess this is you being romantic, rather than pragmatic. The state never gets it right for a long enough time.

    5. It is quite strange that this comment ended up in the moderation queue as potential spam. WordPress does not seem to like it.

      Anyway, you are probably right with your comment. Still, when you walk through Rome and you visit the Pantheon or the remains of the Colosseum, you do wonder what modern man is going to leave behind. It’s not as if we have produced a lot in terms of architecture in the last few hundred years anyway. There is certainly some beauty, but does it really vow you like a Gothic cathedral does?

    6. @Aaron: a lot of the monuments in ancient Rome were actually build with the private funds of the elite. The switch from the republic to the empire was also partly because Cäsar and Pompeius both had large private armies basically. (which were more loyal to them than to the republic)
      I think the major reasons we don’t build cathedrals and monuments anymore is because of the lack of belief in something transcendental.
      If you don’t believe in an afterlife or something greater than yourself, you will not start projects which will only be finished way after you died.

  3. Aaron,
    In your Open Thread #100, you commented that as men “…have sex with more women, they get pickier and their standards get higher.” I have noticed that this is not the case with women at all. They keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over. They don’t realise that they are simply a pump and dumb. Do these women ever raise their standards? Or do they simply keep being a pump and dumb for the mere validation even into older age? Are they simply that clueless and lack social awareness that they aren’t able to realise their mistakes and choose not to take any accountability? These women claim they are picky, and if they are, I don’t know what their picky about since they’ve made poor choices in their past.

    1. Most people are just not self aware, doesn’t matter if they are men or women.
      Self awareness requires a radical honesty with yourself which most people just are not capable of because it would make them feel bad.
      This is also amplified with the current ZeitGeist telling everyone what an awesome special snowflake they are.
      It takes some sanity in the current times to stand in front of a mirror and admit to yourself that you are just an average person with average traits.

    2. I think most women do drop their standards when they approach 30, even though they don’t admit it. They couldn’t get Chad to settle down with, either because he’s not all that interested or perhaps he can’t be a provider. So these women go to the nuclear option: average looking betas that can provide a house and family. Often these guys are more than happy to play that role if the woman has higher SMV. Likewise the woman is willing to play along before they are too old to have kids. Then she can fuck Chad’s on the side.

      True love at its best.

    3. As men improve their L, M, or S they can afford to raise their standards. With women, it’s normally a slow slide downhill from the age of 14 onward. Also, a lot of people seemingly do not learn from their mistakes. They would also claim that you shouldn’t judge them by their past.

    4. It takes some sanity in the current times to stand in front of a mirror and admit to yourself that you are just an average person with average traits.

      Ironically, here’s a paradox. It takes an above-average intelligence to understand that you’re nothing special and average. In today’s climate at least.

      Most dumb people think they’re special and unique. It takes a certain level of self-awareness to become humble and understand just how non-unique you are. But the irony is that the fact you have that amount of self-awareness means you’re not exactly average.

    5. @Alek: yes you are right obviously.
      But so you could be above average in intelligence and average in looks and realize that.
      Also a lot of people get useless university degrees these days, and they all think they are part of the intellectual elite… even though their degree has basically toilet paper status.
      (in the worst case the degree is a semi religion like gender studies)
      When I still had a social circle, I was sometimes playing poker with my “friends”.
      There were 2 girls who had masters in bullshit something something.
      I tried to explain to them why checking behind with the nuts on the river… doesn’t make any sense. I even explained to them the simple equation:
      If you check you win 100€ 100% of the time
      If you bet you win 100€ 50% of the time, and 200€ 50% of the time. Therefore betting is always the better play.
      They didn’t get it even after I wrote down this equation on paper for them.
      In psychology they even invent other kind of “intelligences” so that people can feel good about themselves. “oh you are bad at math, I bet you have high emotional intelligence!!! you should become a psychologist!!!”
      (even if something like emotional intelligence exists, it is probably highly correlated to IQ, because IQ is just pattern recognition basically, and emotions are patterns)
      I think when it comes to looks most women massively overrate themselves, because they once got fucked by chad and they somehow don’t get that guys are willing to fuck MUCH below their own level.

    6. Exactly, IQ is basically pattern recognition. There is also the aspect of mental speed, but you’ll find that there are people who simply don’t recognize patterns. It’s as if a part of their brain is missing. To me, it’s more or less a binary problem, i.e. you look at something and right away understand what the issue is and someone else could spend hours or weeks and wouldn’t not get anywhere. This became most obvious to me when we studied calculus in high school. Suddenly all the girls who used to get A’s in mathematics were completely stumped. It was as if the teacher spoke in a different language to them. They could understand one single problem if you walked them through it, but they didn’t grasp the underlying mathematical concepts. As that didn’t work out, they kept memorizing old exams. It was downright pathetic. (We also had guys who struggled, but those didn’t go from an A to a D.)

    7. Those degrees don’t even have toilet paper status, because they are mostly printed on paper that is too firm to be used as toilet paper…

    1. This is very interesting indeed. According to pol/, satanists believe they won’t end up in hell if they tell you about what the intend to do. Also, it would not be surprising at all if the CIA killed Biden via some fake Trump supporter (and killed that guy afterwards, like it happened in the JFK case). It would benefit them in two ways, getting rid of Biden so that Kamala can take over, and getting more fodder for justifying a further crackdown on everybody who is not a lunatic leftie.

  4. Catboy Kami posted a ‘proof of life’ video on Telegram confirming that he has recently been raided by the FBI and showed off a small gash to his forehead. He refrained from sharing any further details as there is an ongoing investigation, but I have to assume his computer and perhaps some other equipment was confiscated.

    1. what does black pilled stand for?
      I’m not keeping up with all the colors… blue, red, orange…

    2. The black pill in the political sense is used to express a sort of hopelessness to the current situation. The time for speaking up is over, and the time for hunkering down and braving the storm is beginning. It’s the realization that there is no political solution and that the only fix is going to come in the form of societal collapse and violence.

      If you are taking the red pill right now then you believe that there is still something that can be done. It’s kind of like telling a really short and ugly dude to ‘Just lift, bro. Take a shower, bro. Get a haircut, bro.’ When in reality, the guy in this example should just make some extra disposable cash and spend it on hookers — which there should be plenty of in the future should we experience a collapse lol.

      That’s just my interpretation of it. And who really knows, maybe this is just a really awkward phase and everything works out okay 🙂

      I’m definitely not betting on that, though. I’ve even consulted Aaron and we agree that the best thing to do is ghost. Btw, if anyone is thinking about consulting with Aaron, go for it! He’s a super chill guy.

    3. I agree it is best to go ghost now. 99.9% of people are NPCs anyways, there is no value in talking to them.
      Whenever I talk to normies these days (at work I still have to interact with them) I can 99% predict what opinions they have one any topic, because they are all the same.
      And then they tell you how “open minded” and “independent thinkers” they are.
      Independent thinker to them means, they picked an opinion inside the Overton window, basically.
      Sometimes I test if they really are an NPC or only display a NPC persona for work, but the outcome is all the time, nah they are really a NPC.
      You also have to consider 99% of people don’t even read anything, they only consume what the mass media is feeding them.
      You can basically program them with any kind of propaganda.

    4. @Pickernanny: Yes the lockdowns are actually great for whoremongers like me, there are now a LOT of desperate hookers and to-be-hookers who need money.
      When the first lockdown ended in April in Austria, I went to a brothel and the service quality improved a lot.
      So.. for me personally the lockdowns actually improved my life quality. I can now work from home all the time, so I got like 1 1/2 extra hours per day.
      And in Austria they probably make a law quite soon to make working from home basically mandatory. Which is great!

    5. I actually saw a funny meme recently which depicted two frames, one of which featured the chick from Hunger Games drawing her bow with the heading “What women think the economic collapse will look like”, and the other showcasing the reality — trampy women loitering the street and waving cars in.

    6. I saw a similar meme sometime ago when Venezuela collapsed. It made fun of “strong, independent women” such as doctors and lawyers, comparing their imagination on one side with the reality, looking for tricks across the border, on the other. Memes like this are offensive to those people because they are true.

    7. I’m sorry to hear that. Still part of me wonders what kind of book he would be able to write in his version of Landsberg Prison. This is also where oppressive government make mistakes. They think they can squash dissent by intimidating people but it may only “radicalize”, as they would call it, even further. I’m confident that our boi will come out of this stronger than he was.

    8. What would he do to get such a raid?

      Mind you I know nothing about this guy except when someone posted a video of him trolling and making fun of chicks on videochat or something like that.

    9. “Hate speech” and “incitement of violence” cover a lot these days, so that would be a likely attack vector for the government.

    10. “They think they can squash dissent by intimidating people but it may only “radicalize”, as they would call it, even further.”

      This whole move to label anyone who disagrees with the new administration’s whacky ideals even in the slightest as white supremacists, domestic terrorists and insurrectionists couldn’t possibly backfire. In Biden’s speech, he basically talks about cracking down on white opposition while promoting unity in the same breath. I think he covertly means unity in the sense of those with the similar goal of unifying to denigrate and punish whitey. Meanwhile, the Qcels are either contemplating suicide, finally snapping out of their D&D fantasy, or still doing mental gymnastics.

      @Alek Novy

      He has asked for his followers not to ask any questions and didn’t provide any details as there is an ongoing investigation, so I can’t say for sure. But I’ve suspected the FBI has been watching him ever since his ‘trans-racial’ skit where he rants about ethnic cleansing. Also, not sure if this has any weight but it may in part have something to do with his immigration status as he is natively Australian. I don’t think his kind is included in the in the 11+ million path to citizenship legislation.

  5. Aaron,
    Have you ever attended Horseguards Parade in London? I came across this video years ago, and completely forgot about it. I’m not sure if they take place in different cities or mainly Liverpool and London.

  6. I was just reading this article which I will link to, but these two paragraphs really stood out to me:

    “There are many interesting aspects of the situation that we could explore. But let’s take only one. The Biden regime seems to be filling up with neoconservative zionists who are agents of Washington and Israel’s hegemony. The pursuit of this hegemony involves conflict with Russia, China, and Iran.

    Washington will be entering these conflicts with a collapsed economy and a sharpely divided population. Will the real backbone of the American armed forces—Trump deplorables—fight for an Establishment that hates its guts? Will an economy drowning in debt and destroyed by corporate offshoring of investment and American middle class jobs and now by lockdowns that are destroying the remaining pieces of the middle class—small businesses—be able to sustain a conflict with nations more unified and free of external debt and unmanageable internal debt? If so, it will be the first time in history.”

    1. The comment on the military reminds me about two things:
      1) As I mentioned to you in conversation recently, the sad state of the military was predicted in The Turner Diaries. I’m mentioning this for the benefit of my other readers: If you haven’t read this book yet, please do so. It is a little over 40 years old but it reads like a commentary on today’s clown world. One aspect in the fictional world (?) of the book is that forced diversity made the armed forces ineffective.
      2) I had a similar thought some time ago but didn’t manage to write a blog post on it yet. When you look back at WWII Germany, you had people fighting for the future of their race and country. Hitler’s vision was so compelling that you had foreigners fight for National-Socialist Germany, and that even included the enemy. Among others, an entire SS division made up of Russians fought on the side of Germany:
      Now contrast this to today’s Germany, or the US, or any other major country: Imagine Germany’s Angela Merkel were to launch a war against Russia at the behest of her US-Zionist masters, and to get the numbers up, she’d conscript all men of fighting age. If that were to happen, there would be little to no enthusiasm. Would you really want to fight for a country that tells you that you are the enemy because you’re a white male and that you have to support open borders, transgenderism, rampant homosexuality, a massive welfare state, and a corrupt political class? Quite the contrary. In fact, you’d be happy to see the entire pile of shit collapse upon itself so that you could start over.

    2. I just went through my notebook with blog post ideas. The post I alluded to has the catchy working title, “Hitler vs Merkel: The Survival of Europe vs Unfettered Multiculturalism”. You can probably tell where it is going.

    3. Yes, great points! Point #1 is what made me think to share the article, and it does make a lot of sense. Hitler’s ideals spread beyond just the interests of Germany, I think, and went on to include the solidarity of Europeans at large. Could you imagine fighting for someone like Merkel or Harris, for some cause you don’t care about while they simultaneously demonize your heritage and call for your destruction? Hell, most people are not only not motivated to fight, but in general unable to fight effectively due to years of garbage food, inactivity and laziness. The thing that concerns me is that weapons technology is much deadlier nowadays.

    1. What an absolute fucking clown show this inauguration is. Can anyone seriously be seeing this and think this is progress? Every time I think we’ve hit peak clown world I am fully amazed at what happens next.

    2. I’m all for accelerationism at this point. Thankfully, the Democrats are on the same page in that regard, even though they are oblivious to what they are doing.

    3. This is probably nothing. If it was an issue that the top positions in Biden’s cabinet are held by Jews, CNN would be right on it.

    4. “I’m all for accelerationism at this point”

      Me too. The barometer to me is money. I’ll just watch them print the life out of their government shitcoins and when the hockey stick goes well… hockey stick we can start all over again. So, if anybody wonders how much more USD can be printed, the ballpark figure in my opinion is about another 12-50 trillion. Yes, I know, big range. It’s just that the eurodollars are hard to estimate. Some put it at 20tr, others at 60tr.
      So, M2 is 20ish tr, the Fed balance sheet is around 7-8tr. I guess the Fed can print as much as there are eurodollars, because this equals the demand for USD from jurisdictions that cannot print USD but need them for corporate/government debt payment purposes. So, if eurodollars are 20tr and the Fed balance sheet is say 8tr, we have 12tr to go. Beyond that there’s no more demand for USD and the dollar goes up in fumes. This armchair macro analysis ignores self reinforcing dynamics that might develop and ignores potential growth of the eurodollar market itself. But I guess it’s a good sort of line in the sand to be aware of.
      In other words, many more stimulus packages in the size of the currently discussed 1.9tr to come (I think).

      For more on eurodollars, check out Michael Every’s writings on the topic.

      Thanks @Pickernanny for your comments re the black pill – much appreciated.

  7. Here is a picture of Biden’s inauguration:–XcYM2qiJIk/index.html
    The Mall of America was filled with U.S. flags instead of people. Now I wonder how it is possible that BLM and Antifa can riot during Covid, yet Sleepy Joe can’t allow his many millions of supporters to come to Washington to celebrate him. After all, you have to remember that this guy got more votes than any U.S. president ever. He can’t fill a parking lot for a speech but he got 80+ million votes regardless. Something does not quite compute. It couldn’t possibly be the case that Democratic leadership is aware that Biden has very little support in the population and if they allowed people to show up, hardly anybody would have come.

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