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77 thoughts on “Open Thread #96

  1. CyberPunk 2077 is such a disaster that even ZeroHedge published an article on it:
    This commenter may be onto something:

    Everyone thinks these are glitches…

    their goal was to create a realistic envisioning of the future.

    I think they were spot on.

    everyone is either fu cc ked up from implanted/invasive technology, or messing up their DNA with vaccines that literally no one acts normal by 2020 standards

    and nothing works as it should, leading to absolute dysfunction and chaos.

    id say they are spot on with this game!

    1. I think the Universe is fully conscious and has a good sense of humor. I bet the devs over at Rockstar are relieved about this flop.

    2. I recall CyberPunk 2077 having been referred to as a “GTA killer” or even the “Rockstar killer”. On the other hand, there isn’t much coming out of Rockstar anymore. Their next release will apparently be GTA V for PS5. Also, GTA VI is supposed to have a female protagonist.

    3. So nobody here plays the Total War series?
      When I select a video game, it must contain historical background, except for S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Counter Strikes. Half Life 2 is also quite fun.

    4. @cuong: yes I played Rome total war. Also because I am interested in that era.
      But the game got repetitive quite fast in my opinion, and the ai is very bad (like charging with light cavalry into my phalanx).
      Did they improve the ai in the newer games?

    5. If you like games with historical background I can highly recommend crusader Kings 3 which I am currently playing. It’s a mix of rpg and grand strategy, very unique.

    6. OK, let’s be more precise then, not that it really makes much of a difference for the argument. The Covid-19 VAXX messes with mRNA:
      It seems TEH VAXX is working as intended, rendering 1000s unable to work:

      This is a highly unsafe medical intervention, lacking long-term testing. That is to be done on a large scale on humanity now. I hope you did not imply that saying that it fucks up DNA is, Snopes-style, “largely false” or “completely false”. That’s the kind of bullshit those radical leftist sites try to pull, i.e. pointing out that a catchy phrase you used was not 100% correct, thus your entire statement is incorrect.

    7. Last week at work, administration was surveying employees to find out how many Pfizer vaccines to order. We were basically asked if we wanted them and given the choice to opt in or out. I know a few people who chose to get them so I will keep tabs on their short and longterm reactions and note whether or not they have to miss more work than usual etc.

      Does anyone have any suggestions as to what cards I can pull if in the future they decide to mandate them in the future? I’ve thought about converting to Islam.

    8. “Did they improve the ai in the newer games?”
      @Ubermensch: Yes, the AI has been significantly improved in recent games, especially Total War Three Kingdoms. Now that you have played Rome Total War, why not try Rome 2 and Atilla. I have Atilla on my laptop right now, and I play sparingly, usually after reading Edward Gibbon’s massive book.

      The diplomacy of RTW2 is still subpar compared to Three Kingdoms.

    9. I know a few people who chose to get them so I will keep tabs on their short and longterm reactions and note whether or not they have to miss more work than usual etc.

      So you’re getting into data science too eh? Maybe aaron should rename this blog into “wannabe data scientists united” 😀

      Just kidding xD

    10. rename this blog into “wannabe data scientists united”

      I meant rename the comments section xD

    11. “So you’re getting into data science too eh? Maybe aaron should rename this blog into “wannabe data scientists united”

      Yea lol then I’m gonna learn to code and start a big ol’ business! I’ll be too busy to post here for a while lol.

    12. I refunded this game. I might buy it again once it’s fixed and the price drops. For those that requested a refund from Sony and haven’t heard anything, you just need to go to the live chat and and give the right responses until you get to an actual live agent. Got my refund that way after I got tired of waiting on them. The entire process took 10 minutes.

  2. Sleazy, your political thought includes a central tenet that humans as members of a society must make collective sacrifices to further the well-being of that society. It is here:

    “This is how we built civilization over millennia, we made collective sacrifices in order to advance as a whole.” (Open Thread 93)

    Which political theorist or politician influence your view on this matter? Rousseau with his theory of social contract?

    I know that Schopenhauer has a duly influence on you, but did he write much on political theory?

    1. I tend to not associate myself fully with any one philosopher or political theorist and not just because I have far too often witnessed absolutely moronic discussions among intellectuals where soyboy faggot A refers to, say, a particular statement made by Rousseau, and then soyboy faggot B thinks he (?) scored points after mentioning something else Rousseau said that was contradictory, racist, or whatever else it may have been. It’s complete idiocy, and those impersonations of the Dunning-Kruger effect hold professorships, can’t be fired, and will get lavishly rewarded for their lazy, sloppy ways of reasoning. If we want to survive as a society, a purge needs to come (note: I’m obviously talking about a fully non-violent one) and those people will have to be among the first to go.

      On a related note, the advanced arts of academic discourse include just making up something. If your opponent uses an argument by authority and you can’t come up with a bigger authority, then pick the same or a bigger authority and just claim they said something. This works very well in a debate because nobody can check this on the fly and nobody cares after the debate. Man, I can’t even put in words how much academics in the soft sciences disgust me and even in STEM we need to get rid of a lot of useless people.

    2. This always turns me off philosophy discussions when they make arguments from authority. I don’t care if Kant said something or my neighbor, the idea is what matters.

    3. Mere quotations are OK, if the content of the quotation is good, i.e. it would be irrelevant who said it. However, as you correctly state, those pea brains in the humanities seem to think that merely quoting someone constitutes a sufficient argument. When you pick up “university educated” women, it is often torture to listen to the crap they tell you, basically just repeating whatever nonsense their professor said last week. I can certainly say that the little bit of money you pay for professionals is worth it as you don’t have to endure that.

    4. My most recent ex believed that all gender differences between men and women were due to socialization (of course, “socialization” would have been too big of a word for her). I disagree. We got into a “debate” in which I pointed out scientific research showing vast differences in brain structure, as well as a study showing that female rhesus monkeys prefer toys designed for human boys, and vice versa for male rhesus monkeys. Her rebuttal was that she was right because she “read a book on it.”

      In debates about other topics, her argument was often that she was right because she “wrote a paper on it,” but couldn’t seem to remember what, exactly, she wrote in the paper. And when she did try to make an actual argument, it was inevitably based on the moralistic fallacy (“if you’re right, then the poor and underprivileged will have to suffer; therefore, you cannot be right”), yet she knew nothing about ethics. And for what it’s worth, she has a bachelor’s degree and I only have a high school diploma.

    5. Another favorite in this crowd is, “My professor said…”. Really, if you want to get laid as a smart guy, it’s necessary to act fast. Otherwise, you’ll only end up bailing on those women because their bullshit is so aggravating to listen to.

    6. The social construction theory is complete bullshit.
      You could just point out that men have much higher testosterone levels, and that testosterone is strongly correlated to behavior, to show how much bullshit it is.

      Dogs are also a good example. Different races of dogs differ a lot in their behavior. And humans have bred dogs for only a few 1000 years.
      So if just a few 1000 years of different selection pressures can lead to much different behaviors in dogs, how much different behavior could be caused by at least a few million years of selection?

      There are also lot of examples when they tried to raise boys as girls (or vice versa) and they still developed behaviors typical for their gender.

      Also in countries which try very hard to be egalitarian (Sweden for example) the gender differences become bigger, not smaller. (which is the opposite of what the social construction theory predicts)

      Then there are actual brain scans which show different brain structures for men and women.

      So the theory is complete crap, and doing a lot of damage to our societies.

      But don’t think that facts will stop the leftists with their social engineering. They will keep going until society collapses.

    7. Hitler has a wonderful paragraph on this in Mein Kampf that befits today’s lefties just like back in the days. He mocks them for claiming that no human races exist and that we are all the same, yet they somehow seem to think the exact opposite way when they go shopping for a dog.

    8. The moralistic fallacy I also observed in almost all normies, they cannot separate “what is” from “what should be” in their mind.
      e.g. there are genetic differences between men and women. but that would make life unfair… so this cannot be true.
      Also funny how they don’t see the contradiction this would cause in their worldview.
      Because if life is already fair, then why do we need all these leftist policies?
      They also laugh about religious people because they believe in superstitious bullshit, but they don’t realize that their own ethical system, is also just another construct, it is not reality.
      e.g. they argue that we must help people in Africa to immigrate to our welfare state, because according to “human rights” somehow they are entitled to my money.
      When I tell them “uhm we don’t have to follow humans rights” it seems to blow their mind that you could even think like that. (obviously thinking like that makes me evil)

    9. They also have no concept of economics. You increasingly hear statements to the effect of, “We can just print all the money we need!” Nothing cures you of the idea that democracy can work than talking to the average person. I would argue that we don’t have more than 5% of people in the West who can think clearly.

    10. I had an argument with a typical leftie:

      libtard: “We could just introduce a UBI, to guarantee minimum standards to everyone!”

      me : “ok so then who is going to clean the toilets if they can just stay at home and play video games?”

      libtard: “uhm we just have to pay them much more to give them an incentive!”

      So his thinking basically boils down to, you introduce the UBI, and suddenly everyone has a higher standard of living… even though people are working less.
      Cannot make this up…

    11. …and we need to print even more money which, for whatever unexplained reason, will not lead to widespread inflation. We’re really overdue for another asteroid hit because this level of idiocracy can’t go on for much longer.

  3. You guys and your dystopian talk of forced vacc-sterilization and the like are almost making me happy to live in a shithole country.


    I mean, my first guess is that our overlord will resist caving to the American vaccine craze… Only to blindly follow whatever the Dogeaters or the Russians peddle. At least I hope these two don’t rush it and act all high and mighty about it; I’ve never been an antivaxxer but the haste and the demand for unthinking acceptance are very alarming.

    1. Is this possibly merely a campaign to promote more of this type of behavior in women? “Look at how much money you can make by being strong, independent and empowered!”

    2. This is a good point. In fact, anything you read could be false. In some cases, it blatantly is like stories about “mostly peaceful” protests. It would make sense to pick a below-average-looking white woman and seed stories about how much money she’s making by prostituting herself online, in the hope of this leading more below-average-looking white women to fully corrupt themselves. That would be utterly evil. Who would do or even think of something like that? This could only be done by utterly vile people who hate whites.

    3. Yah, I had the exact same reaction when lockdown tv did an interview with her. I wanted to share here but forgot. I was like… shocked. She’s not attractive in any way shape or form.

      And I’m being mild by saying that… my personal reaction isn’t just “not attractive”, i’d use harsher words if someone asked me to have sex with her, I’d be like hell no. But she makes 100k on onlyfans. HOW!?!?

    4. I wouldn’t want to have sex with this chick if you paid me. Quite frankly, this is the most unattractive “e-celeb” I’ve ever come across.

    5. Sometimes I think we’re heading to a point where every woman will have engaged in sex work unless she comes from a rich family, a very religious family or is unusually intelligent.

    6. Yeah normalisation of prostitution is the logical next step.
      Women being whores will be completely normal, the new form of “empowerment”.
      So funny when women complain about being sex objects. But with complete freedom, it turns out deep down they want to be sex objects anyways.
      Will be fun times iny 40s and 50s fucking all the student whores.

    7. One of the more amusing comments on that regard I read was, “Women hate being seen as sex object but they hate one thing even more: not being seen as sex objects.” This sounds like a cute throwaway comment but there is a deep truth in it. The realization that they have no sexual power over men anymore shatters the ego of women as they get older. It literally breaks them. GoodLookingAndSleazy remarked about the “deer in headlights” look attractive work colleagues give him when he tells them that he’s not going to do their work for them. This is the first sign. Cognitively, they may not yet grasp what has just happened, but on a more visceral level they do.

    8. I wanted to see more pictures of this chick and ended up finding her Twatter. She seems to think highly of her thoughts and her simp army has probably inflated her opinion of herself. Check this little quote: “There’s a good chunk of people who would like to lower the wealth of the very rich even if this benefited nobody else, even if the wealth didn’t get redistributed at all!”

      She has multiple posts bitching about wealth inequality. I’m sorry, but once you crack 6 figures a month by being a basic nude bitch on the internet you really don’t have much of a reason to complain about rich people anymore. The irony is too much to handle.

    9. Does she mean taking the money of the rich and burning it? Even then, it would still make the non-rich better off as you remove liquidity from the system.

      I can’t imagine being that dumb and that horny to donate money to a chick like that. How is it possible that some dude looks at this chick and thinks, “Yeah, I’m going to fap to that now!” What is going on here?

    10. I found a photo of this chick and uploaded it to catbox:

      I agree that she is quite average looking in the face, but I don’t see anything wrong with her body. In fact, by today’s standards I’d say she is above average overall just by virtue of being slim. If she was DTF, I’d hit.

    11. I made my assessment seeing her in clothes, and when you see her in clothes you assume her body is a lot worse based on what you can see when she’s in clothes (the many hands, manly frame, the face, etc).

      She’s still not very feminine and petite, and 100k is still shocking. And yes, if we’ve lowered our criteria so much that just “not being fat” is the only thing a girl needs to be attractive, that’s sad. Genetically speaking (that is aside from not being fat) there isn’t a single part of her body that’s above average.

    12. I had the same reaction as you. Normally, you’d assume that women look better with their clothes on, primarily because women tend to dress in a way that plays up their genetic strengths, and downplaying their negatives. Still, her face is the same.

    13. This summer I spent quite some time at public swimming pools and lakes.
      And honestly, this girl is way above average for Austrian standards. Yes, our women are that shitty.
      Her body is top 10-20% here.
      Now you know why only have sex with escorts haha.

    14. By the way this normalisation of prostitution combined with the bad economy will lead to a huge influx in the p2p market. I expect prices to drop in the next 5 years. Will be comparable to the effect of Romania and Hungary entering the EU. So happy times for a whore monger like me. Enjoy the collapse of Western society my friends!

    15. I had the same reaction as you. Normally, you’d assume that women look better with their clothes on, primarily because women tend to dress in a way that plays up their genetic strengths, and downplaying their negatives.

      Yah exactly. Most women accentuate their shape in a more flattering way with their clothes, and their body is worse when the clothes are off. In the case of this girls it was rather unexpected. I was imagining a much worse body based on the pics of her in clothes. But still, her body is just genetically average (if you compare women of equal fat levels).

    16. This summer I spent quite some time at public swimming pools and lakes.
      And honestly, this girl is way above average for Austrian standards. Yes, our women are that shitty.
      Her body is top 10-20% here.

      Is that statement equalized for fat levels? Is she in the top 10-20% if you compare her to women in that bodyfat range only?

    17. @Alek: if we controlled for the body-fat level, then she probably would not be in the top 20%. Most of the women are worse looking than her because they have more bodyfat, but it is really hard to tell how a girl would look like if she slimed down.
      But at least in my social circle (when I still had one lol) I know one girl who basically went down from 7-8 to 4-3 because she gained like 20kg. Was so sad to watch this transformation.
      When I was 18 years old, I was in dancing school. Almost all of the girls there were cute/attractive, at least 60-70% fuckable in my opinion. (they were on average 16 years old)
      10-15 years later I found a lot of them on facebook, and most went to the not fuckable category, sadly.
      It seems most just destroy their body with food and alcohol.

    18. I can see it. I don’t think she is unattractive. Not hot, but definitely not unattractive, either. If you pay attention to the average woman (at least in the US), she is overweight, so if you’re a woman who isn’t fat, and has an average face, you will be seen as very attractive to a lot of men outside of any city other than NYC, Miami, and SoCal. And although appearances are the number one trait that men look for in a woman, the personality of the woman can somewhat matter. If she is good at being manipulative and plays up her femininity, I could see her duping desperate men who have no female contact in real life for 100k per month. A lot of those super hot girls have horrible personalities, are a pain to tolerate being around, and are horrible in bed with no concept of how to arouse a man and satisfy him in bed.

    19. I can see it. I don’t think she is unattractive

      I don’t think anyone said she’s unattractive. The discussion was that she’s not-attractive (meaning not hot). Sounds like semantics, and maybe it is, but nobody is saying she has an ugly/unattractive body (her face is unattractive though).

      – Average genetics
      – Good fitness
      – Unattractive face
      – Makes more than most surgeons on the planet

    20. On a side note, but related to this, how are so many women making this kind of money? It seems like every few weeks you hear about a new girl making insane money fro this kind of stuff. When you hear so many of these stories, you start to think they are lying or they are all bankrolled by Saudi princes. It just seems like the market would be oversaturated by now with so many women willing to get naked or prostitute themselves.

    21. I likewise have a hard time wrapping my head around this. I get why Belle Delphine blew up online as she has a very attractive face after applying a bunch of video filters, but a chick like that? Something just doesn’t add up here.

    22. She may not be super hot, but I would still do her. Ive had worse. Looking at her nudes, I would say she is above average for western standards.

      As for the money she is supposedly making, it may have more to do with her ability to flirt with her fan base and keep a sizable chunk of them as returning customers, rather than her looks per se.
      I am reminded of that interview with the owner of a cam studio (I think is was by Stefan Molyneux) who quite openly conceded that the bussiness model centered on hooking up enough guys to the model in a personalized kind of experience, sort of a “virtual girlfriend”, making them come back as regulars. (for those who did not see it, this guy had other staff with better english skills chatting and messaging the guys pretending to be the girl. Often the girl on cam is pretending to type on a keyboard thats not actually plugged into anything).

      Alternatively, she might be just inflating the figures to make her line of work, which amounts to softcore prostitution, more appealing to her own self image.

      In any case, models of any kind only make that sort of money during a short window of opportunity during their lifetime, before looks inevitably fade.

      Alternative explanation 2: it may be a ploy by the industry to lure more girls to try this line of work, increasing supply and driving down models wages. Lower prices may make it affordable for more simps to have “virtual girlfriends”, adding subscriber traffic to the platforms.

  4. Good video that relates to the thread in the fundraiser. How much money guys waste on scams like RSD if they’re not debrainwashed:

    It’s a video about RSD Derek and how he uses RSD’s tactics to sell business programs, but it reveals it’s the same methods that RSD uses for selling pickup/dating advice. My favorite was the talk about how they “overwhelm and confuse” the student on purpose so they never make progress and blame themselves, and have to continue buying more programs etc…

    1. RSD always seemed to be a particularly corrupt part of the PUA community. The tactics they use are exactly the same as religious cults. And the same tactics that fucked up people use when they are abusing anyone.

    2. RSD is the type of pickup advice which will make guys worse off then they were before.
      Imagine acting like these clowns in public.
      Probably part of their business model.

  5. Hardware prices are through the roof. I wanted to buy a graphics card, but due to lack of availability and increased prices I will have to postpone my planned purchase…

  6. What kind of “end-game” do you guys have in mind for your life?
    As I don’t plan to have a family/girlfriend in the future, and no children (for both practical and philosophical reasons, I’m an antinatalist) I’m thinking quite a lot about this.

    My optimal scenario would be me buying a house in the mountains in Austria, buy a dog, and spend my last days going for hikes with the dog and reading philosophy/novels.
    I don’t want to end up in a retirement home.
    So when I’m no longer able to take care of myself, I think I will just end it old school with a bullet to the head.
    Or just go out sleeping in the forrest in winter. (with the gun as a backup in case I still wake up)

    1. You can property out in the middle of nowhere in this state for dirt cheap. It’d be easy to pull off but it would be a lot of work to be self-reliant. I think it could be quite fulfilling. I’d probably not go full Unabomber (minus the mail bombs), though.

    2. I had a similar thought today. For context, I sit in a lot of b.s. meetings and sometimes you have to endure an “icebreaker” where the moderator asks some hypothetical question such as what kind of job you’d have pursued in different times. My problem is that I immediately come up with great answers (side note: I was recently told that answering immediately after having been asked a question is “rude” as it implies that you didn’t have to think about how to respond, thus potentially making the other person feel insecure) but then I have to concoct something I can actually say without risking dismissal. Quite frankly, I’m 6’3″, I’m exceptionally health, and I’ve not really done anything with my body besides attracting women. I think I would have loved to have put on armor, pick up sword and shield, and fight (as well as die) for something, instead of sitting in front of a computer all day.

    3. I don’t need to be self reliant, I have no problem with going to a store once a week/month to buy stuff. I just want to be isolated from people most of the time.
      If you allow yourself this option it is very easy to do.
      And most of the “self reliant” people you see on youtube are cheating anyways, for example there was this guy building a wood house, but he used a steel axe for it. Without civilization he obviously would not have the steel axe.
      (and this has a bigger impact than you would think, the axe saves you a lot of callories)

    4. Abstract or philosophical death is very different from real death. You will beg our Creator to give you some more seconds and minutes to breath the air of life. I have seen many real deaths in life to know that self-preservation is an powerful instinct in most species. There is nothing wrong with being in the arms of caretakers when you are old, especially when you have spent your entire life being a productive member of the society.

    5. Look into the problem of abuse of the elderly in retirement homes. You’ll also find plenty of rather upsetting videos online.

    6. This sounds like a solid plan. It’s also how I think we used to die before the perversions of modern times. On the day my grandfather died, he finished lunch, receded to the bedroom, lied down, and never woke up again. I think dying alone and in peace is something both man and animal are genetically programmed to do. On that note, I also recall that one of the cats of my grandmother (the one that didn’t get put down and probably had figured out what had happened to the others), just disappeared one time and never came back. I think the fella just went to his favorite secluded spot in the nearby forest, lied down, and waited for all of it to be over.

      In contrast, most of today’s men will, for the most part:
      1) Die in the presence of staff at a retirement home who couldn’t care less. They may even get a few good punches to the head for good measure to hasten their demise (e.g. — YT is actively removing this video; it’s very hard to find nowadays)
      2) Die in the presence of a nagging wife
      3) Die in front of the TV, with a bowl of Doritos in their lap

      The best case would indeed be to die at home, with your family around you, like my grandfather did. From what I gather, this is still quite common in China. You’ll also find this in Singapore and other countries with a weak welfare state. I’d say that would be quite tolerable indeed.

    7. Ubermensch is a software engineer, he could save up his money so that he could be taken care of by responsible nurses. He might not need to go to a nursing home, he might hire private nurses or caretakers.

    8. 1) What guarantee does this provide? It’s unclear if you can trust a random person like that. Also, for 24/7 coverage you’d need three people, so your idea is probably not nearly as practical as you might think.
      2) What’s the point in saving up a lot of money for that? I’d say it’s much more preferable to enjoy life and once you’ve had enough, just end it.

    9. I think the concept of saving money for retirement is a little bit idiotic in my opinion.
      Delayed gratification is good, but you still need to discount the future.
      And when the future is very unpredictable, you must discount a lot.
      e.g. you save up money to travel once you have retired, but then you are too sick and the governments have banned travel. So, I would rather travel now while I still can.
      Or you just die before using the money. In case you have children this would not be such a bad outcome, but I don’t have children so it doesn’t make much sense for me to save up a lot of money (of course I have some emergency savings, but not more than that).
      Basically I think having a plan which goes more than a few years into the future is kind of futile, way too unpredictable.
      So my original post was more like a best-case scenario, I don’t count on it.
      And focus on stuff which will help you in any case, e.g. staying as healthy as possible.

    10. @Cuong: yes the survival instinct is quite song. But the advantage of a gun is, you only need to overwrite it for a split second. It is not like stabbing yourself with a knife multiple times. Or cutting your arteries.

    11. ” But the advantage of a gun is, you only need to overwrite it for a split second. ”
      Talk the talk, but can you walk the walk. Why don’t you choose another method that is as quick. Find the tallest building in your city, find ways to get to the top, and jump.

      That won’t require lots of thinking.

      I came very close to kill myself, so I know the feeling of someone who will visit death. Normal humans who are free of mental problems won’t kill themselves for no reasons. It doesn’t matter whether they despise their own lives.

      “1) What guarantee does this provide? It’s unclear if you can trust a random person like that. Also, for 24/7 coverage you’d need three people, so your idea is probably not nearly as practical as you might think.”

      In the US, there are tons of people who will happily spend a few hours taking care of the elders. US government issue professional licenses that must be renewed after some years. The trust you have for these people will be the same trust you have for your doctors. If you don’t trust those who are in charge, then perhaps you should find an isolated spot and die there all by yourself. Don’t visit doctors or nurses if you don’t have trust.

      As for the practicality of the plan, plenty of well-to-do elders hire professional caretakers to help them out here in the US.

      “2) What’s the point in saving up a lot of money for that? I’d say it’s much more preferable to enjoy life and once you’ve had enough, just end it.”
      It is spent to make sure that you will have some comfort. Once you are ravaged by diseases, those peaceful moments will be very precious. You, particularly you, have declared that you will kill yourself once your life loses meaning and is unbearable. You are now in your 40s and I think you won’t kill yourself anytime soon. Obviously, you must be normal enough to act that way.

      BTW, I have some posts that are not approved. I don’t think I post anything that is reactive to this blog.

  7. Pretty interesting how that as soon as people start getting vaccinated they announce a new mutated variant of the coof that’s 70% more transmissible. Funny how that works.

    1. Yeah when I saw the news I was thinking “yeah this is really bullshit now”
      The more aggressive virus shows up exactly at the same time they have the vacc. sure.

    2. The statistical odds of that are pretty interesting as well. The exact day that vaccination started… Kind of like all the things that happened to put biden right over the edge. The statstical odds for most of them were pretty astronomical.

    3. Given how low the death rate is, 70% is probably within the statistical error, given that anybody who croaks seems to get a test that uses 40+ cycles to maximize the chance that you’ll be diagnosed with Covid. There was also a good comment on ZeroHedge questioning how this figure was determined as you would need to do long-term observational studies. It’s also funny how we need to lock down the country again just for Christmas. That’s surely a total coincidence.

  8. LOL man, the feminists are not even secret about their agenda anymore:

    For non-german readers: the article is basically how a matriarchy would benefit anyone.
    and how women deciding everything, would somehow be fair.


    Imagine writing the same article but with the genders reversed. The shitstorm they would get…. LOL

    imagine women get what they really want. they have to do all the hard work while men are sitting at home with the kids. man this would be epic.
    men would have an easy life, and you could blame women for everything.

    they are so stupid, it’s cognitive dissonance on insane levels.

    1. I chuckled when that feminazi claimed that everybody’s voices are heard and that decisions are made collectively. It’s just that the women tell you what to do, so their decisions would have to be your decisions. The sad thing is that she’s serious and so effing stupid that she is unable to see that this is a contradiction. It also reveals how little she thinks of men. I think living in a real-world matriarchy for a few months would do her good.

    2. yeah and similarly, your typical libtard would give up on his fantasies quite soon if they had to live in an actual communist society.
      Problem is we will have to crash society & economy to demonstrate it to them.

    3. They will also be the first to whine and demand protection because in hindsight, they really didn’t want things to turn the way they did, even though they actively worked towards them. Just recall all those women who welcomed a hordes of third-worlders into Germany! At first everything was fine and dandy, but after a solid mass sexual-harassment event like the infamous NYE in Cologne, somebody had to do something again.

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