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131 thoughts on “Open Thread #94

  1. Anybody following the massive protests in Paris and the worrying police brutality? Same for Germany.

    I think the risk of the US going into a civil war is lower than some event in Europe sparking some sort of revolution. Contrary to the US, in Europe the camps are clearly defined: the people vs. the government/police state.
    At this point in time, I doubt the situation can be kept under control in Paris, Berlin or London for more than 60 days from here on. I think there will be something small that will set everything loose. If I had to guess, it’s a police officer opening fire on a demonstrant.

    1. Doubt anything serious will happen. People in Europe really have a communist mentality. They want everything to be handled by the government. Freedom loving Libertarians are a a very small minority, less than 1%.
      Here in Austria whenever there is a discussion about politics, you only hear people talking about what the government should do. You never hear someone question if the government is even supposed to have power over whatever the topic is.
      In Austria they even want the government to enforce “equality” in families, basically the government spying in our kitchens and living rooms.

    2. Nobody needs the Austrians.
      It takes a very small fraction of the population in order to form a critical mass.

      That being said, I think the Austrians will get onboard as well in sufficient numbers.

    3. Yeah so who is going to start the revolution? The Germans? The swedes?
      Lol. They are even more cucked.
      The French? They cannot even stop achmed from raping their sister.
      Truth is, people will need to suffer much more before anything will change. Humans learn mostly through pain, and people still don’t have it bad enough, so they will defend the system.

    4. “…and accordingly all experiences hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

      Declaration of independence of the US, Thomas Jefferson

    5. C’mon Ubermensch

      Have you seen the masses of people protesting in Paris? Did you see the type of protest? They’re not holding up signs anymore. They are setting the national bank on fire.
      You think this is not enough?

      Or, let me ask you this:
      Where do you think this is going?

      1. What has to happen for these people to go back home and go “uh, OK, guess we’ll stop caring and just be slaves”? Can you come up with a reasonable scenario?
      2. What has to happen for the demonstrations to stop?
      Government must back down and say: “Ahm, we were wrong, virus is not that deadly, we overreacted, sorry guys, we’re gonna resign”. Do you think that’s likely?
      3. What has to happen for this to escalate?
      I tell you: nothing. They (the gov) just have to keep going with what they do.
      Now, HOW LIKELY IS THAT? I’d say this is the most likely scenario.

      Happy to hear other arguments

    6. It’s a good thing I follow alternative media. Otherwise, I would not have know that the frogs set a building of their central bank ablaze. It’s a highly significant event, and certainly much more significant than astro-turfed government-backed terror battalions like antifa and BLM going on a rampage. The difference that a genuine uprising of the population is organic. In contrast, those antifa grifters riot in exchange for some measly hand-outs from one of the Soros-backed organizations and knowing that the police will stand down. It doesn’t take much to smash and grab or vandalize a nice neighborhood under such circumstances, with the exception of the the heavily armed American suburbs, of course, where we’ve seen that antifas and the BLM crowd can indeed behave in a borderline civilized manner.

    7. Setting cars on fire is one thing. But going into an actual fight with the police, with your life on stake.. completely different thing.
      Most of these people at the demonstrations, when it comes to actually risking their life, will go home. At least that’s my opinion on this issue.
      It takes a lot of suffering before people are ready to risk their life for a change.
      Of course there are people who do it, but right now they are a very small minority. Less than 1%.
      I see it as this: As long as the government can at least provide food, housing, and everyone gets their netflix, they people won’t start a revolution.
      But once the point is reached where they cannot provide the basics anymore (which might happen soon… so I give you that) for a significant amount of people, then you will have your revolution. or civil war. I just think we have not reached this point by now. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you are wrong. We will see.

    8. And don’t forget a lot of people actually like the way things are going.
      How do you think autocrats like Putin or Erdogan can stay in power? Because they are supported by a huge junk of the population.
      A lot of people have the mindset (I’m partially in this group) that democracy is bullshit basically, and you need a strong leader to control the dumb masses.
      Many also see the success of the CCP and wonder if this model is better.
      Now I would prefer a libertarian democracy over an totalitarian police state, but considering how stupid the average person is, I think the libertarian society is just an impossible utopia.
      And I still prefer a police state over the total disintegration of society.
      Because just to get this right: In a revolution, it is never the people who are doing the revolution who benefit from it. Most of them will just die. It is always the next generation who benefits. So the question is: Do you want to sacrifice your life for a great idea like freedom?

    9. I think to save the West from collapse, we’ll need autocratic leaders. We’re now witnessing what a colossal failure democracy is, as if we couldn’t just have read this in Aristoteles’ books or thought for, say, ten seconds about whether it really is a good idea that the vote of the biggest moron in the country is worth just as much as the vote of the best and brightest.

    10. Funnily enough, I think the time is about ripe for a charismatic Hitler figure. The heterosexual, white male is experiencing cultural attacks that are as traumatizing as the Treaty of Versailles put on Germany.

    11. Where’s catboykami when we need him the most? I’d like to see a bit more of him. In particular, I’d love to see him doing speeches in front of an audience. This guy could turn into a larger-than-life character.

    12. It’s simply the weather. It’s getting pretty cold in most parts of Europe. On that note, I think that part of the reason of greater political instability in countries to the South of the equator is the much better weather. It’s a lot easier to gather outside, party, and riot if you’re not freezing.

  2. Question for Neutral:

    I am considering finding a therapist specializing in ISTDP, as I recall you saying it was very effective for you. However, I am concerned about being recorded as part of the therapy. Although the risk of my sessions being “leaked” are probably low, my true thoughts being revealed to my community would be personally and professionally disasterous. How did you go about resolving this problem?

    1. I gave a shit.
      First, if it got leaked I woulda sued the doctor.
      Second, the more you progress in this type of therapy, the less you care about what people think about your problems.
      Third, to my surprise, once I started telling people that I was doing this therapy and why, I never got even one negative reaction. People view you a bit as a hero, because deep down they all have demons that they are scared to face.

      But most importantly, the recording is an insurance policy. It avoids big mistakes on the therapist’s side to falsely interpret things, to falsely recollect stuff that happen during the session. He/she can focus on the session and doesn’t have to take notes.
      And it is also a very valuable tool for the whole community of ISTDP practitioners as they all learn based on these videos.

      But really, trust me, you’ll give a shit about it pretty quickly.
      Think about it this way: Say it gets leaked and somebody from your community comes and says “uhuuu look at you loser, going to therapy because you have childish feelings in you of wanting to brutally kill and rape your mommy? huuhhh are we being a bit suicidal lately? huhhh going crying in front of other people?”

      Like, what does this say about them?
      If you tie your health to other people… man…. you’re never going to make it far.

    2. I think your fears are unfounded. It is not the 50s anymore.
      Having a therapist is now the new normal. You could even see it as a kind of status that you can afford it.
      I don’t know your local community, but if they are somewhat normal people, I don’t think you would be judged if it comes out. (which is also very unlikely, your therapist don’t want to lose his job)

    3. I’m not concerned with people knowing I am in therapy. I’m more concerned with the contents of my therapy being revealed, namely my political beliefs. I would rather not go through the James Damore Experience.

    4. I just had an amusing thought: people knowing that I have had homicidal and suicidal thoughts due to childhood trauma would be less bothersome to them than them knowing that, for example, that I think climate change is bullshit.

    5. @Old Anon,

      If you think that during ISTDP therapy you will be talking about and acting out anything else than brutally killing your mother or your father, then I can assure you, you’re wrong. You will not discuss politics, you will not speak about any societal trends.
      You will get one question only and it goes “Can we see what you feel?”.
      And until you can’t answer that question, you can safely forget any of your beliefs.

      I agree with Ubermensch, going into therapy is totally normal nowadays. Hollywood has made it “salonfähig”.
      “The Silver Linings Playbook” is just one example.

    6. I appreciate the responses, Neutral and Uber. I still have my reservations, but I will test out the waters to see how comfortable I am. Many thanks.

    7. them knowing that, for example, that I think climate change is bullshit.

      Most people would either agree with you or they are like completely indifferent to the topic.

      Loud SJWs and media activists make it seem like like their beliefs are the norm, but they’re not. Dont fall for it.

      James Damore worked in silicon valley. And if you do well ok, that’s a different thing and your concern is a bit more reasonable. Outside of silicon valley? Not so much.

    8. @Alek

      My position on climate change would probably make me a minor outcast. My thoughts on race, the LBGT community, Islam, and feminism would get me crucified and likely fired and unemployable if it became public. I live in an area struck severely by TDS.

      Essentially I would rather not be caught on camera spouting a rageful tirade that would be labeled racist, transphobic, homophobic, misogynist, and Islamophobic. Because that’s how I would honestly respond when asked “Can we see how you feel?”

      In fact most of my strife comes from having to constantly “live in the closet” so to speak.

    9. “…and how does that make you really feel?” In all honesty, it may take some time to find a good therapist if you ever want to go down that route. I would furthermore not be surprised if the average normie undergoing therapy would still spout the same kind of b.s. they are feed day in and day out by the mainstream.

    10. And I take back what I said about the James Damore Experience. My experience would be more like Andrew Anglin’s.

    11. @Old Anon: I know this feel. This is why I almost have no friends anymore and live mostly like a hermit (especially now with Corona).
      I constantly have to censor myself because the normies would think I’m a crazy Nazi if I talked about what I really think about most issues.
      I basically only have one friend to discuss these kind of things. Which is good enough for me, I’m introverted I don’t need friends basically.
      With women obviously this is much worse, es they are pretty much all into this leftist bullshit. Especially if they got a university education.
      It’s mostly women from lower social classes who are somewhat sane, at least in my experience, could be wrong because I don’t deal much anymore with “normal” women.

      But @Old Anon, to counter this, I just made policy to never talk about politics at my workplace for obvious reasons, pretend to be a normie (like talking about how horrible Trump is), which is hard sometimes… but losing your job is not worth it.
      And then just have a select few friends who you trust not to tell anyone to discuss these topics. Or maybe even this blog. Real life friends are massively overrated anyways in my opinion, since we have the internet to find likeminded people.

    12. @Uber

      I do the same. I keep my mouth shut and nod along to whatever leftist bile I’m exposed to. But it’s hard to remain stoic when I discover, for example, that many local governments in my country will pay for gender reassignment surgery but not for eye exams and glasses. Where the fuck are our priorities? Why do we cater to the mentally ill?

    13. @Old Anon: you probably need to completely revamp your model of how most humans operate & think (or rather, not think).
      When you are intelligent and somewhat rational, you also have the bias of assuming that other people are like you.
      Most people live in bubbles of other people like them, e.g. if you are intelligent and have a job that requires brain-power, most of your coworkers will also be intelligent.
      So this makes it quite easy to overestimate the brain-power of the average human.
      It was quite shocking for me when I was in the Austrian armed forces (we have 8 months of mandatory military service here), this was the first time I came into contact with the true average of the population.
      e.g. when using the rifle, they explain it super detailed like “put this finger here, this here, and so on…” I always wondered “do they think the rookies are retarded?”.
      But then I saw, it’s really required to teach it on this level to the imbeciles which are most people. Lot of them also had problems with reading quite simple stuff.

      So now I model the average human as a “meme-repeater”. The believe whatever they hear from other people , the media and so on, but they are certainly not smart enough to evaluate concepts on their own. (or even come up with them).
      The have no problem with holding contradicting beliefs, because they never evaluate their beliefs anyway.
      It’s especially laughable when some progressive libtard tells you “omg I’m shocked about the cruelty of the Nazis! these monsters! thank god today we are much smarter with our inclusive progressive ethics!”
      And you know if you would have put these people into Nazi Germany, and tell them to gas Jews long enough, they would have done it without questioning it.
      So that’s why it is so easy to tell them there are 600 genders.
      If they were smart, they would maybe question it “wait.. isn’t there something called biology, which tells a different story?”.
      But they just accept this belief because it is the mainstream, and also they like to virtue signal so they tell everyone how progressive they are.

  3. set up a date with yesterday for this coming Saturday. i couldn’t set it up sooner due to our schedules. the problem is i’m not a big texter, so i worry about the odds of flaking going up due to the lack of communication between when i arrange the date and the date itself. do you guys make it a point to text girls to keep their interest piqued up until the date? if so, what sort of shit are you saying?

    1. If she genuinely likes you she will text you and if you don’t respond, she will keep texting you and maybe say something about you not responding. When a woman likes you, she will drive the conversation. If you’re going even a full day without some kind of message from her, it is usually a bad sign. Either you aren’t plan “A” or she was just using you for attention/validation and had no intention of ever going out with you. I’ve been through this enough times to know and it’s why I stopped putting any effort into women who weren’t attempting to drive the conversation.

    2. @Assanova, thank you. sounds reasonable. in this particular case, it’s clear i’m not her Plan A.

    3. You don’t need to text much. However, I’d advise you to set up a date very soon after the first time you met her. You can check out my book Online Game for a discussion of this issue, among many others.

    4. @Aaron, would you mind providing an example of something you might text a girl in the event you CAN’T set it up within 1-2 days? or is that covered in the book you mentioned?

    5. You need a really good reason and you must have made a pretty strong impression. Tell her that you’d love to meet up on day X and can’t sooner because of reason Y. Still, it’s better to meet them asap.

  4. Here’s an interesting little experiment that I just discovered. It’s like that ‘happy white women’ search results on google vs DDG.

    Instead, type in white slut in google and you’ll see a lot of interracial porn. Next type in J**ish slut in google and you’ll see pictures of a lot of fully clothed women. I’m initially assumed it was because this particular subgroup of women were extremely virtuous. Last, go to DDG and type in J**ish slut again to get to the meaty stuff. But, of course, it’s certainly mere coincidence.

    1. Pickernanny,

      I tried that search engine experiment. It was basically just porn video results on both Google and DDG. Neither any more wholesome than the other.

    2. Karl,
      You live in Sweden, right? Use a VPN and set the location to the US then! It is a mind-blowing experience. Well, in Sweden you probably get interracial porn in Google no matter what combination of “white woman and X” you choose. Joking aside, you can try “European inventors” without a VPN to get pictures of a rather surprising number of black men who presumably have been carrying the torch of knowledge ever since.

  5. I recently came across this Chinese guitar shred collaboration. To be fair, a lot of these solos appear to be pre-recorded and mimed over to my eye (which is very common and allows for much clearer play-through audio), but I didn’t even know the Chinese were into this type of stuff.

    1. This is interesting. Let’s see if there will be a resurgence of rock music (and possibly classical music, too) in China, after we have destroyed our culture in the West.

    2. Chinese are traditionally the Wunderkinder in the classical music scene.
      Unfortunately, they are mostly copycats. Perfect technical execution, but totally boring.
      Check out Sarah Chang and all the others. And then, if you have the time, watch “The Art of the Violin”. I know, I know… different times, but still.

      Or, for a small comparison, check out these two renditions of Sibelius:

      Notabene, I on purpose picked Ferras and not one of the Shlomos/Milsteins/Perlmans.
      And, because that badass has the guts to cry in the second movement on stage and he means it.

    1. How is that a new development? The left is heavily against free speech. What you’re witnessing here is that they have started pursuing their own for not being woke enough.

    2. “What you’re witnessing here is that they have started pursuing their own for not being woke enough.”

      I think that is a new development, at least in mainstream organisations in the West.

    3. This always happens to ideologies which are not based in reality.
      Just look at Islam, when they have finished killing all the non-Muslims, they start killing themselves over which flavor of Islam is the correct one.
      If the ideology is not based in reality, there is nothing to stop it from fragmenting like that.
      This can go pretty far, until the ideology reaches a level of insanity which makes the followers unfit for survival.
      The problem is in todays world with our technology, almost everyone can survive (feeded by the welfare state), so that you have people believing insane stuff is not surprising.
      Somehow people today are more insane than in the dark ages.
      Yeah they believed in god and ghosts and all that stuff back then, but when it came to stuff relevant for survival (like, yes, we do need to plant seeds if we want to eat next year) they probably were quite rational (or we wouldn’t be here).
      Compare to that modern leftists, who really think the food in the supermarket just magically comes there.

    4. Frankly, I find it more rational to believe in ghosts than to believe that there are hundreds of genders or that we can have a welfare state and open borders. The belief in ghosts, after all, almost follows from believing in a soul, which is supposed to be immortal so if there are souls, why can’t some get stuck in this real and live on as ghosts? This belief is logically consistent, but based on a faulty premise. In contrast, leftists pick faulty premises and engage in faulty reasoning.

  6. Nothing to see here, guys:

    What I witnessed at the TCF Center was complete fraud. The whole 27 hours I was there, there were batches of ballots being ran through the tabulating machines numerous times, being counted 8 to 10 times. I watched this with my own eyes.

    If you have time, listen to the entire affidavit of that person before it gets taken down because of “hate speech”. It seems the comic strips of trucks and warehouses full of boxes full of Biden ballots were, to nobody’s surprise, true. I think it’s time we bring out the guillotines once more or sentence those people to hard physical labor for a good decade or two. Of course, we could also secede because you can’t have such people in your society. (This is meant to be figuratively or ironic or whatever because this blog does not condone violence.)

    1. good old civil war is the only way to get rid of the communists once they have infiltrated everything.
      I think if Biden gets elected it will just accelerate the process so you could even see it as a good thing.
      They need a new state and a new constitution to prevent leftists from taking over again. The propertarians had some good ideas but they cucked themselves.

  7. About the charismatic leader coming up soon, do you think people really care as much today as they did a hundred years ago? Life is much easier than it used to be and I don’t think there will be much of a revolution as the standard of living is quite good in the West.

    1. I agree with that. As long as people have food, housing, heating, and netflix/entertainment, they won’t start a revolution.
      Even incels are pacified with computer games & porn.
      And testosterone levels of men are much lower than 50 years ago.
      We really have become quite domesticated as a species.

    2. I think this is also the end-goal of the globalist elite.
      Destroy the nuclear family, isolate people, make them dependent on the state, and pacify them via entertainment.
      basically a brave new world scenario. most people as mindless consumers & worker drones, managed via a technocratic elite.
      and later once everything is automated via AI, slowly dispose of the population (this doesn’t have to be via violence at all, as the birthrate is going down anyways)

    3. People want to explore their environment without fear of being beaten, raped, or killed by imported and domestic savages.

      People want to raise their children in an environment where they won’t be bombarded with homosexual and transsexual deviancy.

      Even the minorities are waking up to this. Trump gained votes among blacks and Hispanics!

      Chris Rock said it best: even blacks hate blacks too (although he was referring to the crab mentality and proud ignorance of their culture). And they hate homosexuality even more. I particularly was amused by how the mainstream media danced around the issue of why gay presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg did poorly among blacks (and why black politician Cory Booker did poorly as well — he is rumored to be closeted).

    4. My last comment got lost in the moderation queue as I misspelled my email. But basically people want to go out without fear of being beaten, raped, or killed by savages. People want to raise their children without constant exposure to LGBT deviancy. Even minorities are waking up to this as Trump gained minority votes.

    5. The thing too about the incel phenomenon is that as you get older and you see guys getting married/divorced etc. you realize that marriage isn’t all that. It’s not like when you have a GF or wife you just bang her all day and that’s it… unless you’re Chad (and even if you are) it’s still a LOT of work to keep her around. I think this is why they force married people young back in the day because guys were just horny as hell and would do anything to get a woman.

    6. A big issue is that today’s young men have lower testosterone levels. There would be plenty of reason to rise up and overthrow the government, for instance in cucked Sweden where the government builds housing for unskilled immigrants, yet adolescent Sven and Ronja can’t move out from their parent’s place because they can’t find an apartment.

    1. I figured you were serious, but I have no idea. What do you honestly think? Coincidence, or insidious orchestration to limit population replacement levels? It might not actually be a bad idea to sterilize mass amounts of useless people in this way and shrink the population considerably. My gut tells me there’s not much going on here, though.

    2. It wouldn’t be targeted at useless eaters, though, but primarily at Whites, I presume. Also, the Gates Foundation has tried pulling off something similar before by sterilizing half a million children somewhere in Africa in connection with (forced?) Polio vaccinations. Also, Bill Gates even publicly jokes that he wants to bring the world’s population down to close to zero during a TED talk (timestamp 2:30, the globalists in the audience even laugh) before getting more serious and saying that a reduction of around 1.35 billion might suffice, i.e. 15% of 9 billion:

    3. Also, Barak Obama recently stated that he’d take the vaccine on live TV to instill confidence in the people. This should not instill any confidence at all as this dude has had his kids already. Plus, I wouldn’t trust any globalist. It seems that the deal is that to get admitted to those circles you have to do whatever you get told and if things don’t turn out well, you’ll get killed. The countless people who were suicided in connection with the Clintons didn’t have a problem with that, and neither did a guy like Epstein.

    4. Watching someone be given a vaccine injection wouldn’t instill confidence in me for the reasons you mentioned, but also because how can you verify it’s not just a placebo?

      There is absolutely something off about Gates. At the very least it’s his character. Similar to how Cuckerberg just gives people the creeps and appears to be a lizard person. Check this 32 second clip of Gates and his wife and just wait for the smug smile at the end:

      I’m also keeping an eye on Mr. TechEvangelist and him wanting to starlink the internet.

    5. They could also just use a replacement black. First you have Obama, joking about what a buffoon Trump is. Then you get drum-rolls. He’s pulling his shirt sleeves back, the camera cuts to a close-up, yet it’s a different person getting the shot. The funny thing is that if the left pulled that off, and even if they picked a black person with a much different skin tone who may even wear a different shirt than Obama, they’d just shout “right-wing conspiracy theory!” for days via the media channels they own if you pointed out the inconsistencies. Just look at what happened after the most flagrant Presidential election fraud! They just shrug it off and don’t care about it. There is a word for it: “chutzpah”. I bet it’s a mere coincidence that it’s from Yiddish.

    6. Let’s dive deeper into this conspiracy. As Aaron pointed out, half a million women and children were sterilized due to vaccinations for polio:

      So what if this was a successful trial run? What if they chose the population of Kenya because 1.) It’s plausible. There is a an issue with polio and people wanted a solution. 2.) The average IQ being around 80, so the population isn’t going to put up too much of a fuss.

      We know that vaccinations have been linked to sterilization now. But they’ve learned their lesson this time, right? Well, that might be the problem. The Western populations, perhaps more intelligent on the average, have become so demoralized and frightened that they’ll be begging and screaming for the vaccine!

    7. Part of me wishes that they get what they want: Go ahead and wipe out the white man, and then get to enjoy vibrant diversity. How effing deluded can one be? There are well over a hundred countries in existence. How many of them are reasonably well run? How many of those are in the West?

    8. Wow, these people are really insane.
      Just imagine how twisted your mind must be if you think you are fighting racism and then you force only whites to do something.
      In Europe, a few days ago they cancelled a soccer game because one of the referees called a player “the black person” (it was a group of white players with one black… so obviously he just said it to identify)
      The only good thing I see here, most people are starting to see the insanity of the BLM movement and related bullshit. A lot don’t take any mentions of racism serious anymore.
      Which is to be expected. If everything is racism, racism loses all meaning.
      I just wonder how long whites will go along with this bullshit. I think in this case they should just boycott this university. If you still go there as a white person… it’s just
      super cucked.

    9. Well, one other potential positive I can see is that whites are no longer being identified by nation but rather just by virtue of being white. Perhaps whites would finally be able to unify on a global scale and get something done.

    1. I don’t think this is related to women, and I also don’t buy that women are better than men at verbal stuff. e.g. if you look into politics, you will see men using all of these tactics as well.
      And if women were really better than men at these tasks, women would dominate politics, not men.
      In reality I think the only reason a woman can dominate a man verbally is, because she has something the man wants, the pussy.
      Women can only manipulate men because men let them.
      Would it be possible for an ugly woman you don’t want to fuck to manipulate you?

      So the supposed verbal skills of women in reality are just pussy power.
      What is true is that women talk more (they use like 24000 words per day and men only 7000 on average), but that doesn’t make them more skilled at manipulation.

    2. I think Burr was talking about logical fallacies used in debate. Ad hominem, bait and switch etc. Women are just more likely to resort to such tactics because they are more emotional/less logical. Also, you can’t call a woman outside, so they can get away with more bs.

      His prescription for dealing with it is spot fucking on.

    3. Also, the men who use these tactics tend to be the biggest pussies. Politicians are probably the biggest cucks in existence.

    4. Na, they use it because it works.
      You don’t convince the average voter moron with rational arguments.
      You convince them by telling them that opponent has a small dick.
      That’s why politics is so insane, even if a politician has good ideas, he still has to convince the morons (= voters) with fabricated bullshit and tell them lies.
      It’s funny when people are pissed that politicians lie to buy votes, but the same people would not vote for them if they just told them the truth.
      The problem of democracy is the average voter is a complete moron.
      If the average voter was a rational high IQ person, you would see much different strategies from politicians.

    5. Well, politicians sell their souls. I would question the fortitude of any such person. And knowing how to not lose you’re mind when someone tries some gas lighting bullshit on you is a valuable lesson IMO.

    6. Again, Burr was just talking about average situations. Men at the top are probably better at it. Just like men at the top are better at almost everything. Fashion, cooking, you name it.

    7. Yes that makes sense. The average woman might be slightly better than the average man when it comes to manipulation. But because the distribution for men is wider, the men at the top will beat the women at the top.
      I still think the main reason women are perceived to be better at this is, they do it more often because men let them get away with it, so they never get negative consequences when their manipulation attempts go wrong (e.g. some slut making false rape claims).
      So basically they get risk free practice sessions.
      But there is a different spin on this.
      If someone is very good at manipulating, the manipulated target won’t notice the manipulation.
      So you could also argue, that women are in fact worse at manipulation, that’s why they are perceived to be more manipulating than men.
      e.g. a smart woman might manipulate her husband by making him feel great about himself.
      This husband probably won’t think of his wife as a manipulative cunt…
      You see were this is going, the whole “manipulative” term is way to subjective to even quantify it.

  8. Interesting dating states from a guy that went on 500 dates. Sucks to be a guy right now if these are your options:

    1. If he gets 500 machtes and 100 dates you also have to consider he is likely above average. For average men the stats are probably way worse.

    2. I bought Aaron’s book about online dating and I’m tempted to try it again, especially since I’ve had some short lived relationships in the past from it.

      Now that I’m in my mid 30s and matching with older women on OKCupid and Hinge I’m struck by how delusional they are with regards to having children. A women 41 indicating she wants children, another at 35 saying she wants kids and her match must also want kids or its a deal breaker. Assuming you meet a woman and get married 2 years later, she’ll be in her late 30s and early 40s trying to get pregnant. This would likely involve expensive cancer causing fertility treatment and a high risk pregnancy.

      I created a Tinder profile with a younger age and the app seems to be overrun with bots and liberals. In two days of swiping I’ve come across two women who have actually used selfies with Ocasio Cortez as their main picture. I shit you not. I’m going to be moving to a more conservative area in 6 months so the selection may improve, but yeah the selection is terrible. Good luck out there!

    3. Oh boy. You waited too long. Doesn’t matter if the women are conservative or liberal, at that age. Your only real options is a much younger women that you have nothing in common with or older women that have some kind of baggage. Once you reach your mid to upper thirties, you really just have to pick your poison with women or be happy being single and playing the game. I know that some older men say to date women 10 or so years younger than you, but after you get over the initial high of sex with them, they will drive you crazy with their childish behavior and hobbies. Just my opinion, of course. Could be totally different in Europe, where most of you guys are from.

  9. Aaron,

    I once read that the midlife crisis thing is basically the realization that everything you sacrificed for your family (wife and kids) was kind of pointless. Do you think this is the case?

    1. I would just like to chime in. I think that the traditional notion of a midlife crisis is a thing of the past, being that people put marriage off for so long now days.

      I think the pendulum is swinging the opposite direction. That people are pondering if philandering throughout their twenties is pointless.

    2. I think it is more like: men want sex and love from women, and maybe children.
      But the reality today is, most men get nothing of that.
      So at 40 a lot of them realize they were chasing a pipe dream.
      Especially most of them were probably blue pilled to begin with, and instead of. happy marriage they got divorce.
      Or if they are still married, their wife is fat and their children hate them.
      So the midlife crisis is, instead of wasting your life chasing a very unlikely outcome (almost like a lottery ticket, at least for most men) they could have just relaxed, playing computer games or whatever other hobby the enjoy.

    3. Also today the real crisis is far deeper.
      Nihilism is the inevitable conclusion once you give up the delusions. Life is ultimately pointless. We are nothing but meat puppets which replicate dna.
      The crisis in the west is far deeper. The hedonism and degeneracy we see is just the logical result of this nihilism. Also skyrocketing rates of suicide and depression. We have basically created an environment which is the opposite of what our hunter gatherer brains would require to be happy and function in an optimal way.

    4. I agree with you. I was including women in with regretting your 20s. Most men are just shut out and disappointed. Feminists foisted an untested theory on to society. Rather than the tried and tested method of the traditional nuclear family. They just poked holes in it and created a new vision for society that was untested. But it “sounded good.”

      It’s been tested now, and it’s a fail fest. I agree with you about nihilism, I just didn’t want to be the one to bring it up. Touchy subject.

    5. I’m going through a mid-life crisis right now. Love my wife and kids, but I am having a hard time dealing with having more money than time. I miss the days of no responsibilities and having more time than I knew what to do with. Now, I have more than enough money to buy whatever I want, but no time to enjoy it. It’s one of the most depressing feelings ever, especially when you realize that even if you did have the time to go out and socialize, outside of world class cities, you would just be the old guy at the bar. And on top of that, as you get older, you start to lose friends left and right for one reason or another.

    6. Honestly, the loss of friends is the worst.
      When I was 25 I had a group of 3-4 very good buddies.
      I lost all of them in the next 5 years (2 got children and are now socially dead basically, 2 left the country)
      Now I basically only have 2 friends left which I see like once a month at best.
      This loss of friends is much worse than not having a girlfriend in my opinion. For my sex life I just get escorts which is totally fine for me, but not having friends anymore sucks.
      So I now basically live like a hermit, which is not too bad, I’m very introverted, but I would prefer to have a few buddies to do stuff on the weekends or have discussions.
      Which further complicates my situation is, I live in Austria and almost everyone here is a leftist/communist/feminist, so it’s very hard to even find likeminded people.

    7. This is one explanation. Another is that the high hopes of having a stellar career went unfulfilled, i.e. it is the realization that you ended up being average just like almost everybody else whereas you thought you were special in some way.

  10. Yes I can see that… as I get into my mid-late 30s with no kids and no divorces I think I’ve done quite well… I just don’t want to take on a bunch of responsibility.

    1. Also,

      The other side to the 80/20 rule or whatever is that if you don’t get married you don’t have to get stuck with an old woman. I wonder what men thought in previous generations as women got older they couldn’t get rid of them b/c they had kids etc.

    2. I’m sure that happens. But once it does I think the priorities in life have shifted to the point of being a good patriarchy superseded all.

      Same thing with Grandma. Today we have grandmothers acting like debutants. Back in the day grandmothers actually WERE grandmothers. They didn’t give a fuck if they were hot or not. They had moved on to more important endeavours.

    3. Also you have to consider, men in the past weren’t bombarded with sex 24/7.
      Today if you watch TV, Internet, it will only take a few minutes until you see a semi naked women. I think the effect of this is it keeps our sex drives in a permanent overdrive, and a lot of men never mature to the point where they would care about other things. A man today can see more naked women in a single day than our ancestors in their entire lifes. Hence all the young men who have zero motivation to do anything else than watching porn and playing computer games.

    4. That’s another issue… with what you can watch online many real-life women will never live up to that ideal so if you get conditioned to that good luck getting it up for a normal girl.

    5. You echo my thoughts Richard. I think there is a window in their 20s where men are naive and get suckered into marriage with the wrong woman. In your 30s if you do decide to get married you are more aware of the devastating possibility of divorce down the road or having a disabled child.

      I’ve struggled with nihilism myself and view our existence as a consequence of the physical laws of our universe rather than divine intervention. To keep myself from being depressed I’m trying to embrace humor, nature and plan to travel next year.

    6. I think the saving grace of nihilism is that struggle itself may be the meaning of life. Struggle, adaptation, improvement. Essentially evolution. That’s why I always laugh at people who claim they are “happy.” If you’re happy you’re bored. I mean happy in general, not those fleeting moments of greatness.

      Milo Yiannopoulos had some interesting insight on this about feminism. He said that it is just the latest in a series of struggles for the Western man to overcome. Basically it’s a test for the Western man to defeat and therefore improve and advance. We tamed the wilderness, created the greatest civilizations, explored space. Now we need to need to get back to the basics and get our women in line hehe. We’ll be better off for it.

      There is a self-described feminist (her name escapes me at the moment). Who said that if women were in charge we’d all be living in mud huts. The nature of man is not to be content in his environment, rather it is to strive to improve.

    7. About getting suckered into marriage, I think that is only part of the equation. I think it is essential for the female to be much younger than they are now when then begin to procreate. As we’ve seen with the multitude of problems that have developed with women putting marriage off.

      Perhaps the right formula would be 30 something males with women in their early 20s. I think that actually was more common in the pre-war era. In the postwar era both genders were encouraged to marry young until the “sexual revolution.” I remember a line from the 1980s movie St. Elmo’s Fire in regards to the ” sexual revolution.” The character responded, “Who won?” Exactly my sentiments. Women lost because of all of the physical and social implications of having children too late. And men lost because, well, most of us didn’t have too much sex.

      Sacrifices have to be made for the greater good of civilization. Otherwise, what the hell is a civilization for?

    8. In the very long run, of course evolution will “fix” things. Societies which are not fit for survival will just get selected away.
      In the short term, it’s almost impossible to predict what will happen, because the speed of technological development is much faster than the speed at which evolution happens.
      One thing that I predict is that the sexdrive itself as a main difference between men and women will vanish.
      Men have a strong sex drive because in the past high sex drive was strongly correlated with more babies. The more sex you had, the more succesful you were, on anverage.
      But today we have contraception. A high sex drive is now basically a liability.
      You might argue the lower testosteron levels of men are nature already doing it’s work here.
      So I predict that humans in the far future, they won’t have a sex drive, but more like a “I want to have babies” drive. So basically the sex drive of men will become more like that of women.
      Another thing that will happen in the next 50-100 years, humans will become more stupid (I predict loss of 10-20 IQ points, at least).
      This is a general result of the welfare state (= anyone can survive = leads to deevolution, we literally will become monkies)
      But also think about the impact of contraception. Intelligent people can have sex, but not make babies.
      And who makes the most babies? Your unemployed single mum.
      So I would argue, contraception changed the rules of the game, so that high intelligence is now a trait negatively correlated with reproductive success.
      Of course this would lead to the collapse of society, but what further complicates it that we can import people from other countries like China.
      So again, very hard to predict what will happen.

    9. I think the saving grace of nihilism is that struggle itself may be the meaning of life. Struggle, adaptation, improvement. Essentially evolution.

      That’s how I view it.

      There is a self-described feminist (her name escapes me at the moment). Who said that if women were in charge we’d all be living in mud huts.

      Camille Paglia

    10. This is also what can be observed in real-world matriarchies. They did not evolve past building simple huts for basic subsistence.

    11. A concept that is not mentioned anymore in the West is “Duty”. As a man, and then as a father and husband, you have the duty to your family. Love and sex are all well and good, but missing this concept makes family fall to pieces. Women also have their duty when they enter marriage, but modern society, with all the excess of feminism, has buried it under their feminist rhetorics.

      For ancients, watching a child growing healthily was the source of happiness for husbands and wives. In the East, it would be the great joy of the whole extended family.

  11. I had a date last Friday at the end of which I got blue-balled pretty egregiously. I define blue balling in this scenario as a woman wearing a sexy skirt with a provocative lacy easily unzippable top and no bra entering a man’s bedroom, then proceeding to grab his guitar and play the song “LIke A Virgin” while on his bed, then leaving as soon as he went for it saying “you’re too frisky”.

    Obviously, the guy was me. Anyway, my instinct is that there’s still a shot for me to fuck this one as I’ve been around her since then and she was touchy-feely, responds to my messages, answers my calls, etc. Scheduling issues have gotten in the way since that night. However, the thought occurred to me: even if I could fuck her, should I? I honestly don’t know what would benefit my self-esteem more, fucking her, or firmly cutting ties in a dignified manner. I suppose fucking her, and then cutting ties would be cool, but the fucking ain’t a sure thing.

    Anyway, could use some help organizing my thoughts on this. Let me know if you need more context. Forgive me, if this seems like a silly question. I’ve had issues with being both under and over-assertive in the past, so I don’t want to handle this in a way that’s too over-the-top or too cucked.

    1. If you provided adequate foreplay and she still held back like that I Would say she has issues and is not worth the trouble. You don’t deserve to be teased like that.

    2. Also I doubt she will meet up with you again. In her mind you are like Lisbon.

      I would avoid her too. No pussy is worth spending a decade or two in jail if she decides to falsely accuse you.

  12. Just read a report of the Austrian education system.
    It seems like now that kids can graduate high school without basic command of the German language or basic math skills (like solving an equation with 1 variable).
    Honestly this is kind of terrifying. This is the next generation which is supposed to run our economy & society. We are really on the way to ideocracy.
    In Germany and other western countries the situation seems to be similar as far as I know.
    Of course this is all done for equality & fairness!
    If not everyone can manage to pass the math-test, this is clearly because the test is discriminating, so the test needs to be changed!

    1. I was just talking to my friend today about how stupid the average person is. The average high school graduate that I’ve talked to doesn’t even know who Lyndon Johnson is (one even graduated a year early!) Many don’t know who Plato is. One of my friends couldn’t even calculate 1,000 x 365 in his head. I knew multiple people who couldn’t solve a simple algebra problem. I was a C student, and especially suck at math, but I’m Einstein compared to these people.

      Also consider all of the Third World immigrants in the US that graduate from universities, yet their English sucks………. So how exactly are they passing ENGLISH????

    2. They send someone else to do those tests for them. Also, there is plenty of corruption as well and its increasing.

    3. I’ve also known grown people who still say “pin” instead of pen. Or “pitcher” instead of picture. It’s like they talk like they are 5 years old.

    4. I know a girl who has a masters degree.
      We talked about phone numbers and I made the remark:
      “if you have a 6 digit number you only have 1 million unique numbers so this will be a problem…. and so on”
      she was totally puzzled how I could know that, and that I could make this calculation in my head…
      even after I explained to her that it is just 10 ^ 6 to get the amount of unique numbers… she still didn’t really get it.
      Of course her masters was in “human resources” shows you how useless almost all non-STEM degrees are.
      And people like that are supposed to evaluate how skilled someone is for a job. LOL.
      And they also think now because they have a masters they are part of the intellectual elite. You cannot make this up.

    5. Wait, did she gave you a fake number and you called her out on her bullshit?

      I have had similar encounters where people reveal that they don’t even grasp basic levels of numeracy. Meanwhile, I can in a good-natured way ask my Asian-degree-holding wife, after she cut up about a third of a watermelon, what the formula for computing the volume of that share might be. It might take her a moment or two, but she can construct the formula in her head. In contrast, your average Western Master’s-degree-holding highly educated wahmen has a hard enough time with the most basic operations of arithmetic. To be fair, though, there are plenty of men with STEM degrees who are useless at, for instance, ad-hoc estimations. Sometimes I watch them struggle for a few minutes before I do some mental arithmetic. To be frank, I quite often think that I belong to a different species because the gulf in mental ability between myself and many I meet day in and day out is quite staggering.

    6. Hell, good point. We are probably overlooking a lot of intelligent people because they are being evaluated by unintelligent people who are “highly educated.”

      Like Ideocracy. Everybody made fun of the main character simply for having a brain.

    7. Society will crash into a wall really hard. The problem is that most people will not see it coming and then suddenly nothing will work. You can model this mathematically as percolation. For a simple illustration, look at page 4 here:
      View the grid as a system of information transmission where you need to go from one pink cell to another. The black cluster could be interpreted as “stupidity”. It is contained at first, but in the end, it will take over and you can no longer get anything done. In real life, for instance, consider the case of the police hiring social workers instead of actual policemen in Portland. At first they only have a few, but eventually, the left will have its way, all the policemen move to Texas, and suddenly anarchy completely explodes in Portland.

    8. @Aaron: I had to work with “senior software engineers” who didn’t know the difference between a value & reference type.
      And 99% of programmers I had to work with were not capable of creating bug free concurrent code. It’s not like that they are not capable of writing a state of the art concurrent data structure. This is a quite difficult task indeed. They fail at the most basic lock patterns. Or efficient code. Or understanding how a garbage collector works.
      One for example was puzzled why the garbage collector didn’t remove objects…. he had put into a static list…. like.. the GC is obviously supposed to read his mind!
      Standards are laughably low. I really wonder sometimes how we ever got out of the caves.
      If you think about it, really 0.1% of men created civilization, and the majority at least were good enough to follow orders.
      And now they want to create a society without any hierarchy. Lol, that will go very well.

    9. I recently come across this article:

      It seems that in the past, at least in the US, people looked up to education to better their lives, or just to become more literate.

      That being said, I wouldn’t blame the education system first. It must be that there were numerous individuals who didn’t make good use of their time in school. They were distracted by endless bombard from social media outlets.

      When I was in Phiadelphia, I studied at a large community college, albeit with lots of Black students. They were very lazy and unmotivated. But by the time I made it to Calc 2, the body of students changed, they were more thoughtful, more hard-working, and more focused on their educational and career trajectory.

      “I explained to her that it is just 10 ^ 6 to get the amount of unique numbers… she still didn’t really get it.”
      When I saw this, the first thing springs into my mind is combination and permutation. You learn this in basic Probability and Statistics class. It should be actually 9×10^5 because the first digit can only be selected from 1-9, 0 does not count.

      That being said, you need to be much more potent in Math to succeed in this field. This stuff is not enough to make you pass BS.

    10. Careful! If you exclude a leading zero in a six-digit number, you end up with 10^6 – 10^5 (you keep the leading 0 constant, and for the remaining five digits there are 10^5 possibilities). I’m not an expert in the global conventions on phone numbers, though. It may well be that leading zeroes are allowed. In any case, none of this is really relevant for the point Ubermensch made. His point stands as it was about the principle. If that woman couldn’t grasp his original argument, do you think she would have understood a refinement of it?

      Note that when you do estimation in technical problems, you often drop smaller constants anyway, so depending on the context, it may be perfectly legitimate to rewrite 10^6 – 10^5 as 10^6.

    11. ” In any case, none of this is really relevant for the point Ubermensch made. His point stands as it was about the principle.”

      I respond to this point of his:

      “Just read a report of the Austrian education system.
      It seems like now that kids can graduate high school without basic command of the German language or basic math skills (like solving an equation with 1 variable).”

      My point is it may not be the fault of the Austrian educational system, but due to the personal responsibility of those students.

    12. This is very politically incorrect point to make, of course. I do agree, though, that poor student performance may tell you a lot more about the students than the school system.

    1. Things are really heating up. I think the Democrats have really overplayed their hand this time with their third-world election fraud bullshit. However, if there is no strong action taken, I don’t think US, as a federation, can be saved. People need to spend some serious time in pound-me-in-the-ass prison instead of the home arrest bullshit guys like Epstein got, before he got suicided.

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