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73 thoughts on “Open Thread #92

  1. As a quick update, in case you’ve been wondering why I have been inactive: I currently do not have regular access to the Internet. I hope this will be fixed before the end of the year.

    1. I actually did start getting worried a bit just today. Like did something happen to Aaron. Hes never been away this long.

      Good to hear it’s just internet and not getting arrested by woke police for not being woke or something like that 🙂

  2. Let’s say for a moment that governments want mandatory masking for the next decade or two. Also, that one of my co-workers worry the youngest generations won’t learn to read facial ques very well since they won’t see faces very often and will grow up with little contact. I have to wonder – what kind of change in sexual expressions would this cause 10-20 years in the future? Will certain poses or faces people now consider sexy be the same to them, or will it be interpreted differently?

    1. If that really happened, masks would change. I already observe women being more fashion conscious about their masks, often preferring tightly fitting reusable ones (to accentuate the shape of their face) over the standard disposable ones that do not. We’ll probably also see some kind of breakthrough in materials design to get translucent masks with the same effectiveness (or lack thereof) of standard masks.

    2. I noticed also that, with their mask on, women have been much more courageous to give you prolonged eye contact, or initiate conversation if asking for directions, etc.

      On the longer run, this pandemic might make them less retarded when it come to holding a conversation with guys. Or perhaps I am just being to purple-pillish and the social networks/dating apps will override this as well.

    1. Almost all the major AAA games are infested with sjw wokeism now.
      This will get much worse in the next 20-30 years as entire generations are brainwashed in the universities.
      In assassins creed valhalla they have women warriors in the viking army. (now obviously they will come with some bullshit how in some ancient text it is written…. But these are clearly myths, nothing else) Fucking lol. They just rewrite history to fit their agenda.
      And instead of raping and pillaging and taking slaves and human sacrifice, side quests are like help find the horse of a little girl.
      Makes you wonder how dumb the average consumer of these games is… That they are not massively turned off by this anachronistic sjw bullshit

    2. Wow lol. Imagine how amazing a viking game could be if it went full on without the wokeism. We should be getting full on Roman simulations at this point. This is never how I imagined the future of gaming when I was an idealistic kid.

      As far as the female shield maiden thing, the show Vikings kind of got carried away with that shit, too. The anime Vinland Saga gets it right, at least during during the prologue (with some bizarre overdramatic fight scenes, of course). Why aren’t the Japanese making more of these games? I have heard some pretty woke stuff about the PS5 lately, though.

    3. Apparently the default in the character editor of the Demon’s Souls remake is a black person — in a game that is set in a fantasy version of Medieval Europe. Forced-in diversity is a long-standing problem that is only getting worse, but in the current year, publishers really overdo it. My interest in Western games is at an all-time low. Let’s hope we’ll get good Japanese games in the future even on PS5. Sony has been censoring beautiful women in games though, whereas Nintendo is much more lenient. OneAngryGamer had some comparisons, if I recall correctly.

    4. I believe I recently read somewhere that instead of Demon’s Souls having the original male and female gender choices, they changed it to genders A and B. Whatever the hell that means.

      The top comment here pretty much sums it up.

      “Wait… ppl on here are actually glad they removed the words male and female and changed it to type A and B?

      Lmao wtf is with this board.”

      A likely excuse for the change is ‘gender specific armor’ issues with the original title. Smells like bullshit.

    5. lol, this is so dumb.
      like, these freaks really think they can change reality by adapting language.
      but this doesn’t work, you see it with blacks.
      at first you were not allowed to use the word “nigger” anymore.
      but then “black” became the new term with the same negative associations.
      with gender it will be the same.
      the reality is there are gender differences, most of them biological in nature, and changing language is not going to remove them.
      best thing is when someone asks why this is necessary, the SJWs always are “ohhh it’s no big deal, you see, we just use A and B now, if you get angry about it you are a biggot!”
      such dishonest bullshit. if it really was “no big deal” to them, they wouldn’t bitch so much about it on twitter.

  3. Jesus F Christ…. those dumbasses have done it:

    And why only in prestigious and highly endowed leading positions? What about refuse collectors?

    What about tech companies where 95% of professionals are male… e.g. take mechanical engineering or electrical engineering!

    1. I’m just waiting when we also get quotas for dumb (10% of people are below 80 IQ) and handicapped people. (nothing against them, but they clearly shouldn’t be in management of our society)
      I mean it’s clearly unfair these people are not represented, there must be some discrimination against them!
      Jordan Peterson had a good article about this, showing how insane identity politics actually are:
      But I fear it will get much worse before it will get better.
      Will be some form of identity communism for the near future.

    2. You don’t know what’s coming. Diversity pressure groups have already begun pushing for increased “neurodiversity”. Get a load of this:

      The value of diversity in an organization is becoming more widely understood, with increasing investments being made in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts. These initiatives often focus on diversity of identities, such as gender, ethnicity, and cultural background. While supporting diversity of identities is hugely important, it is also crucial to understand how to value and support neurodiversity–the range of differences in brain function and behavioral traits–within our companies.


    3. yeah and obviously no one talks about the prison gap (95% of people in prison are men), or the suicide gap (75% men), or the homeless gap (80% men), the death at work gap (90% men).
      the argument they always use for the quotas is that men and female are equal and so any observed differences must be because of discrimination.
      now if they were consistent they would also have to argue that there must clearly be discrimination against men or why they end up in prison so much?
      but don’t expect any logic from them.
      I think most are just too stupid, but the leaders of the movement just have an agenda.

    1. I 100% flipped my opinion on this.
      If the alternatives are:

      – living in a theocracy


      – living in a identity politics communist police state society

      I prefer the theocracy, so now I’m rooting for the Muslims to win.

    2. Hitler had some interesting thoughts on this. He believed that if the religion of the Germanic tribes had been Islam instead of Christianity, which he viewed as thoroughly cucked, they would have ruled the world. Note how acutely aware he was of the political component of Islam. In contrast, the sad sacks in Western politics do a lot of hand-wringing to talk about the difference between Islam and Islamism, i.e. spiritual and political Islam, when in fact this distinction does not exist outside of leftist feverish dreams.

    3. @Ubermensch

      hahaha, yeah, I’ve had similar thoughts, although both options are kinda shitty ^^

    1. the virtue signaling of the typical green/leftist voter is so disgusting. they vote for this bullshit and say “yeah yeah please more immigrants!” but then they send their own children to private schools, and they use airplanes like 8x per year to get to their vacation destinations. (and obviously they also didn’t donate their spare cash to starving children in Africa.. but they would like to donate yours)
      But all is good as long as they get their daily vegan smoothie.
      I just don’t get how stupid you have to be to have so many totally inconsistent beliefs and not collapse from the cognitive dissonance.
      Either extremely stupid or dishonest, or both

    2. They also love to live in the whitest areas they can afford. They are a bunch of fucking hypocrites. I think every politician who pushes for race-mixing should be forced to live in an immigrant suburb and send their kids to school there. I’m not saying this in spite. No, not at all! Instead, I only want them to be able to enjoy the benefits of vibrant diversity themselves. The more, the better, right? And think of the great ethnic food, on top!

      In Rome, it was the case that an architect had to stand under the arch of a building the construction of which he oversaw when the keystone was inserted. If the building came crashing down after the removal of the scaffolding, due to the keystone not being able to bear the weight, the architect would likely die. Probably one or two architects did indeed die, and presumably many more innocent Romans before that, before they learnt how to build proper building, and many of those last to this very day. Likewise, I think every politician who pushes for any kind of progressive bullshit should bear the full brunt of themselves first. You can bet that things would change very quickly if a dude like Tony Blair or Bill Clinton had his sons beaten up and daughters raped as the consequence of living next to Section-8 housing. (Chelsea Clintion wasn’t much of a looker when she was young, so she would probably have been save).

    3. Yep. The most hardcore lefties are ironically often from quite affluent families/backgrounds, and they bitch how it is unfair that the rich have so much. Zero self awareness.
      Typical leftist coworker of me, bitches how there should be a wealth tax because it is unfair the rich own so much… 2 hours later he buys a new gaming PC.
      lol. that he can buy a gaming pc puts him into the top 10% globally at least.
      So by their own logic the should donate all that money to the bottom 90%.
      But of course you never see them doing that, which shows you their true motivation: envy & greed. Nothing else.

    4. I’d say if you can shell out a few grand on a gaming PC like nothing, you’re in the top few percent easily as most people have a hard enough time to make ends meet. It’s very uncommon that someone could make a big-ticket purchase like that on a whim. I overheard people talking about saving up for a new graphics card that was in the range of 700 – 800 Euros.

    5. Yep. The most hardcore lefties are ironically often from quite affluent families/backgrounds, and they bitch how it is unfair that the rich have so much. Zero self awareness.

      Tim pool once talked about this. He shared how he’d tell these rich kids “dude, you’re rich, you’re from a rich family”, and they would answer “nooo, we’re not rich… It’s not like my family has a mega yacht or a private island” 😀

      They’re in the top 1%, but think they’re not, because they think being in the top 1% means having your own private island and helicopter (more like 0.01%)

  4. Guys,

    As I get close to the age of 36 and have never really wanted a family or children, I feel I would rather just P4P than do online dating. I have an N count of over 100 but a lot of times it’s too much effort plus I’m a natural introvert. I have texting all the time and talking on the phone.

    1. I’m at the same stage myself. At this point I don’t think I’m interested in investing even a single minute of effort into “free sex”, for pretty much the rest of my life. P4P is the only thing I’m looking forward to.

      Since many of us in this community evolved toward this same viewpoint, I wish we had some sort of a topic/thread where we could discuss how to go about it. Due to both covid and working 24/7 I still haven’t even tried implementing this idea. But I wouldn’t even know to start.

      I know that there are guys who bang hotties in exchange for “generosity”, but I have no clue how I’d even bring it up, and to whom etc… I tried googling the subject, but all results seem to be from the perspective of the “sugarbaby”… i.e. communities with chicks discussing how to find guys like this. Yet there doesn’t seem to be any forums for the guy’s side. Kind of like how we used to have PUA forums etc…

    2. In America you have to fly out to Nevada and drive to a rural area within to engage in safe, legal prostitution.

      I do not trust escorting websites, which are simply illegal prostition rings. The risks are simply too high.

    3. I’m considering sugar baby arrangements. This is completely legal. In fact, there’s no way for it to be made illegal.

      What’s the law gonna be? You cant give gifts to, be generous with women? Or “arent allowed to have sex with women you’ve given gifts to/been generous with” lol?”

      That’s what most of dating is based on anyway.

    4. Sucks I wish it was like Germany where it is easily available but ya I think it’s only legal in Nevada. The good thing too is that when you’re no longer attracted to the woman you can just start paying a different one, you’re not stuck with them for life like in a marriage. It’s funny but it seems like guys who get women easily have no problems paying for it, even Charlie Sheen and Hugh Grant. It’s crazy because at my age women can lose a few point of looks very easily in just a few years… like a girl can be hot at 35 and by 40 be completely unfuckable.

    5. @Alek

      I have explored the sugar baby route and, for me anyway, it is a wasteful endeavor. The women that advertise themselves are mostly delusional and ugly. The ones that aren’t demand a steady stream of “gifts” (cash or expensive items) for a first meetup, and even then, sex is not a guarantee as the same plausible deniability that keeps this arrangement from being called prostitution is the same that allows the woman to take your cash/gifts, enjoy an expensive meal on your dime, and leave.

    6. @Old Anon
      I actually know this girl at work (hot 20 y/o) who claims that girls get scammed at the other end. She showed me this list of dudes who messaged her on Instagram that proposition to be her sugar daddy. I said, “You might want to consider that.”She said the guys spend money on the girls for one night and then just bail.

    7. @GoodLooking

      What probably happened is that the guy spent money on the girl for one night, didn’t get any action, and went home bitter and blue balled.

      These girls that think they are getting scammed are actually just delusional. A scam infers loss, wheras they all gained.

    8. What a time to be alive: those women on sugardaddy websites think they are getting scammed if they mooch an expensive dinner off a guy, without providing anything in return. They apparently think that cash and prizes should just come their way without any effort. In reality, those women scam guys out of their time and money. It is truly mind-boggling.

    9. Hell, you’re probably right Old Anon. I guess I’m still caught in the trap of women being perpetual victims. I assumed she meant that the women put out and the dude just moved on. But the women were probably the scammers, its just that the man came to them. Like a fish flying into your boat.

    10. @OldAnon

      I have a friend who banged over 300 super hot (8s and 9s) from sugardaddy sites. And he banged them all for free.

      Now I have no interest in doing it for free. But he basically leads them on to where they think there might be a potential sugardaddy arrangement. He fucks them once, and moves on.

      The reason I tell you this is because it’s more than possible to bang them without paying upfront. Now, I wouldnt not give them anything (like him), but my point is that you’re wrong.

      He gets those same objections, and moves past them (not always, but often enough to bang 300 of them), no Uggos all hotties and models.

      I cant use his method as I’m not based in the usa. Those sites dont exist here. And I’m actually not trying to trick girls into thinking there will be an arrangement. I actually want to “be generous” and reward girls for the company. I can’t find where I can learn how to go about it. I feel like it would take a long time to learn from scratch and trial and error.

    11. @Alek

      I’m sure it is possible to bang these 9s and 10s without paying upfront, provided that you have the requisite amount of looks and/or status. It sounds like this is the case with your friend. Alas, it is not the case for me.

    12. @AlekNovy

      Damn! Your friend is playing a dangerous game. I’m surprised none of the ~300 girls cried rape or tried to get some sort of revenge on the dude.

      But yeah, I’m also interested in P4P and also don’t know anything about it.

    13. I’m surprised none of the ~300 girls cried rape or tried to get some sort of revenge on the dude.

      I never said none of them did. In fact, I wish he would stop playing this game, it is super dangerous.

      I didn’t mention the dangerous stuff that happened because that’s personal info, but yeah, lots of repercussions that I can’t go it.

    14. P4P is a nice option, but if you have 100 lays while being an introvert, I have to conclude you are either very good looking or very horny, or not really an introvert.
      Now the “very horny” good be a problem, because then you risk getting addicted to P4P
      So I would only recommend it if you don’t have problem with addictions/money management.
      (which honestly is not hard, but you cannot expect much from people today, and I don’t know you)

    15. I’m must skeptical because it seems to be trendy now for everyone to call themselves introverted.
      Like one of my ex girlfriend told me “oh I’m clearly very introverted”, and then you observe her and she is constantly on social media or spending time with people.
      But if you are really introverted I wonder how you got to 100 lays when the average is like 12 for men. (in a lifetime).
      For me the entire dating/ONS process was always so painful that I never got the motivation to do it, all of the lays (only 6 for me) I had were through sheer luck, nothing else. Being in the right place at the right time basically.

    16. @Uber

      I completely agree with you about the introvert thing. Everyone considers themselves to be an introvert, or even having social anxiety disorder. Yet they can’t clearly defined what these things are, and perform fine socially.

    17. Today everybody also has Asperger’s (guys) or is “such a geek” (girls). I’ve worked with people on the autism spectrum. This comes with the territory if your colleagues are in the IQ120+ range and plenty a good chunk higher. Those wouldn’t boast about having any kind of autism. In contrast, people who claim they have Asperger’s because they think it’s fashionable are normally nowhere near the spectrum just like girls who got a NES Mini because retrogames are (or were) fashionable aren’t geeks.

    18. @Ubermensch

      Even though I’m a natural introvert I would still force myself to approach and used to go out a lot when younger although now I typically just use dating sites. I think honestly b/c of my introvertness/aspieness it kinda helped my N count because girls get bored of me very quickly forcing me to move on to the next one… vs a guy with a good personality who would have long term relationships. Looks wise I’d say I’m a 6 or 6.5 out of 10… above average but nothing special and it’s not like all the girls were model hot although I did have some hotties.

    19. P4P is a nice option, but if you have 100 lays while being an introvert, I have to conclude you are either very good looking or very horny, or not really an introvert.

      You must believe in the myth of “game” in that case. Getting a high-notch count is all about just escalating hard, that’s it. Doesn’t matter if you’re introverted or extroverted. That’s for making friends.

    20. @Alek: no, I don’t believe in game.
      But for some average dude to get 100 lays, he needs to escalate on a shit ton of girls.
      Or maybe he just has zero standards, but he also said he fucked some hotties as well.
      But to be able to do this he needs to be in the situation, parties / night clubs / whatever.
      Which is not typical for someone who calls himself an introvert.
      I just wouldn’t call label someone introverted if they are out every weekend chating up / hitting on girls. Because then what would be an extrovert?

    21. I just wouldn’t call label someone introverted if they are out every weekend chating up / hitting on girls. Because then what would be an extrovert?

      An extrovert would enjoy being there just for the sake of being there. Whereas an introvert is only there to find chicks to escalate on.

      While it helps to like the environment you’re in, it’s not necessary. Escalation is escalation.

    1. Wait until the shooting starts. Last figures I’ve seen indicate a double digit million number in unregistered firearms in Germany. Let’s not forget that the country has been in two world wars not too long ago.
      But even if it’s not the protesters who start to protest peacefully, one triggerhappy police officer might create a “George Floyd Moment”.
      Things can go very fast now.

    2. “Last figures I’ve seen indicate a double digit million number in unregistered firearms in Germany. “

      Oh, really? That’s great news.

    3. This sound pretty high, given that the country has about 80 million inhabitants. I hope this number does not include extensive weapons caches held by the various migrant clans.

    4. There have been a number of large anti-lockdown protests. Several of them have drawn hundreds of thousands of people. It’s quite amusing to compare the reporting in mainstream media (“a few hundred protesters”) with the footage on alternative sites where you see massive crowds.

  5. i met this girl, every thing seems good and all .
    untill she showed me pictures how she dresses to work,
    she dresses short skirts .
    a woman dresses very short skirt to work where it isnt required to, is it a good indicator by itself that she cant keep her legs closed? i mean except for this one didnt found other major flaw yet.

    1. in my experience girls who dress sexy/slutty at work are just attention whores. doesn’t necessarily mean they are actual sluts. but maybe I’m wrong on this…. only experienced this a few times (slutty girls at work)

    2. in my experience girls who dress sexy/slutty at work are just attention whores.

      Also, you have to consider that sluts are slutty with chads. Often guys will say “slutty looking girls aren’t really slutty” because they see the slut shutting down and rejecting sexual advances all night long. But watch how easily she accepts sexual advances from a chad, and compare that to a chick who isn’t dressed in a slutty way.

    3. In general, revealing dresses suggest sexual availability. As Alek rightly points out, this is not a signal for the general male public.

    4. @Alex: yeah true. It’s always context dependent so hard to make general statements about this.
      But I also think there is a % of girls who are just attention whores, they like the attention but most of the time don’t want to have actual sex.
      But most probably wouldn’t resist a high status male.. so yeah you are right I think.

  6. I just watched a documentary of the Yalta conference that happened near the end of WWII. Holy shit did we get our asses handed to us. Stalin got everything he wanted. The only thing he possibly conceded was Greece. We conceded almost everything and in return we got the UN and Stalin helping us out against the Japanese. The UN sucks and Stalin just used the war in Asia to expand his empire. The communist moles in the Roosevelt camp certainly helped uncle Joe’s objectives. Either FDR was a moron or he was cozy with the Soviets. I can’t figure it out. Maybe being so close to death he just said fuck it.

    1. He was also an admirer of Stalin. I’ve read reports according to which he was “starstruck” to meet, as he referred to him, Uncle Joe in person.

  7. So today this young hottie I’m interested in came into my work and was being helped by my young hottie coworker. I waved to her, she waved back. They were talking about relationship bs and the customer (who I’m interested in) said she had a boyfriend but it wasn’t going well because he’s “too nice.” I said, “that’s not going to last.” She smiled (or at least I think she did threw the mask).

    Turns out she works at a cafe just minutes from where I live. She offered my coworker a deal if she came in. I mentioned that I live right there and if I could get a deal. She said I could. She’s given me strong signals in the past but not as much lately (it was always while I was busy working). Should I go to the cafe and hit on her there? And WTF does “too nice” mean?

    1. I should add that the two girls went to high school together and were in their own conversation so it was akward for me to butt in. But I saw an opening when I found out the girl works literally within walking distance from my place.

    2. She’s belittling her bf and tells you that he doesn’t give it to her hard in the bedroom. It’s a huge green light that she tells you that he’s “too nice”. Now you know that you need to play up the bad boy angle to get her. I’d drop by the cafe with some plausible deniability, e.g. you walked around the neighborhood, happened to notice her, so you dropped in to say hi. Don’t act like a pussy and order something, wasting away time at the cafe until she gives you some attention. This will only make you weak. Walk in, make a quick move, get her contact details, chat bit more (ideally, set something up right there), and get out.

    3. Cool, thanks Aaron. I should add that this is also the “shy girl” that I mentioned earlier. She seems to fit the model of a girl pretending to be shy that you mentioned. But why do girls pretend to be shy?

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