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Open Post: The Pornstar/Plain Jane Paradox

In a recent comment on an Open Thread, Alek Novy made a very good observation about men who are too picky. He rightly diagnosed,

I bet most blackpillers have no problem jerking off to a ton of porn. But if they saw that same girl in clothes and without makeup, she’s not good enough for them.

This is a true and powerful statement. I would like to call it the Pornstar/Plane Jane Paradox because the same guy would ignore the very same woman in real life if she wasn’t dolled up for work, but happily masturbate to video clips to her otherwise.

Alek’s observation is great for a variety of reasons. One is that most men indeed get easily tricked by makeup. I find women with heavy makeup on rather off-putting, but if that was generally the case, women wouldn’t spend billions on all the harmful chemicals they plaster their faces with every single day. Despite my general objection to makeup, I furthermore readily admit that with a bit of skill, it easily enhances the visual appeal of women, and with a lot of skill you quickly enter the realm of fraudulent advertising.

Makeup turns a slim plain Jane into a porn star. If you don’t believe it, just look up what your favorite starlet, e-thot, or cam whore looks like without makeup or filters. It’s a night-and-day difference. While women have a rather narrow view of male beauty, men are a lot more forgiving. I bet men would be even more forgiving and prefer women in many sizes and shapes. If more men realized that they can, within reason, transform their woman into the kind of woman they sexually desire, they might be even more forgiving. Obviously, there are limits. If you are into slender women, then you can’t pick an obese one and expect her to shed her extra weight in a few months.

There are obvious caveats, like her age or facial deformities. You won’t be able to turn a menopausal woman into a young porn starlet, and if your woman has facial deformities or various unattractive features such as a very masculine chin or a crooked nose, you will find that the powers of makeup are somewhat limited. Yet, a woman with an average face is basically a canvas that allows for great expressivity. A lot of women with very plain faces are in porn or work as escorts. For this, they only need to maintain a gym routine and know how to use makeup.

Here is a picture that was taken from a Huffington Post article, under the assumption of Fair Use, that shows one representative example. (There are dozens of others in the article.) Without makeup, this woman is a 6. Her body is probably pretty decent. With proper makeup, she looks like an entirely different person. It is safe to assume that without makeup on, this woman would get ignored by countless men, most of which would be happy to rub one out looking at her in her work attire on screen.

Why isn’t makeup illegal? Fraudulent advertising is, so how is this different?

Alek also wrote that he considers a woman’s body more important for his arousal than her face. We have engaged in speculations rooted in evolutionary psychology a few times, and this is another good application of it as I think that men have evolved to be more aroused by a woman’s body than her face. We weren’t always bipeds and having proper furniture for copulation is an even more recent occurrence. Thus, it makes sense to assume that our Stone-Age Chad predecessors more or less exclusively had sex in the doggy-style position. That’s also how animals do it. Your dog can’t have sex with a female dog (gee, what’s the word again?) in missionary style, nor can he go completely bonkers and explore positions like the wheelbarrow. Go back in time enough, and you encounter proto-humans who haven’t figured out bipedal locomotion yet.

Apparently, many men have evolved past common sense, which is why they get tricked by the Pornstar/Plain Jane paradox.

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17 thoughts on “Open Post: The Pornstar/Plain Jane Paradox

  1. I believe it’s because you see her naked right away and it kind of overrides everything else. Keep in mind that in real life you don’t stare at her poon non stop, in fact most of the times your eyes are either shut, you are in a dark room or you look at her face. How many guys look at the girl’s face when they rub one out?

    Also porn addiction for example is classified as an internet addiction, not sex addiction so you cannot easily compare those two things. It’s a little bit like comparing call of duty to real war. A lot of guys enjoy playing call of duty but I don’t think they would enjoy laying in a trench in Afghanistan.

    The fundamental reason is dopamine release. Porn releases more dopamine than actual sex and because of that you get aroused to stuff that you would not be into in real life. Some porn addicts even start to watch and jerk off to gay porn for example, although they would never have sex with men in real life. The topic is not as easy to explain as it seems.

    1. You’re wrong. Scientific studies found that mens eyes were primarily focused on female faces for most of the viewing (percentage-wise).

    1. That’s quite fascinating indeed. I watched brief excerpts of those videos and I fully agree with your assessment. Without make-up many of those women are really unattractive and when you hear them talk, you don’t get the impression that they are in possession of sparkling intelligence or a deep or at least quirky personality. You almost wonder if any guy would want to have sex with them outside of porn movies.

  2. Just the other day I saw this female co-worker that set me off. Hourglass figure. Big tits, small waiste, big ass, nice legs. Her face was just OK, she even has a little acne. I started to make small talk here and there with her. I saw her in the break room and said, “Are you just filling in, or are you a transfer?” She responded, “I’ve been working here……..since January. ”

    Holy shit I pass by her department every day and didn’t even know she existed. From where she normally works I couldn’t get a good view of her body. Once I did, I was all about it. I thought she was brand new. I just hope I didn’t blow it again.

    1. I dont think you blew it. If anything you demonstrated a genuine notion that you’re at a higher level, to the point where you genuinelly hadn’t even noticed her for 2 months.

    2. Cool, thanks. That’s a relief. I know it’s not the best idea to date co-workers but right now there aren’t a lot of options.

    3. “I know it’s not the best idea to date co-workers but right now there aren’t a lot of options.”

      Famous last words! :)))

      JK, man!

    4. @ GoodLookingAndSleazy

      In Russia we have a saying: “Every joke has a little bit of joke to it.” I hope the meaning is clear.

    5. Yep. It’s pretty clear. I’m going to take the gamble because right now there are very few other options out there.

  3. “If that was generally the case, women wouldn’t spend billions on all the harmful chemicals they plaster their faces with every single day”

    Women wear heavy foundation to conceal their emotional state from other women. It’s women, not men, who notice every little flush and blanch in a person’s face. They wear makeup to protect themselves from one another.

  4. Very true. It’s messed because I can know that a girl is say a 5-6 without wake up but when I see her with makeup she becomes a 8-9. My brain still perceived her as hot even though I know she’s basic without makeup. I wish my brain would remember or Jsut imagine all women as ugly/ without makeup.

  5. Call me what you will but NOTHING turns me off like makeup and NOTHING turns me on like natural skin (freckles, acne spots and all) and a curvy “farm girl” physique (busty, a round little firm belly, big hips and butt, etc.) Give me the nerdy slightly overweight girl next door 100 days out of 100.

    If my life depended on me getting it up for one of these porn stars or cam girls I’d be dead.

    Aaron, I can’t believe that I am that atypical in this. I can think of very good biological reasons to be drawn to exactly what I am.

    1. We are both outliers in that regard. Then again, naturally beautiful women are so rare that some guys may never have met one in real life. Thus, if all you see are women with heavy makeup, you just accept it as the norm.

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