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106 thoughts on “Open Thread #66

  1. I’ve not done a lot of writing recently, but I have three Open Posts in preparation. I also want to finally get my next two books out as one of them is finished, except for the cover, and the other is 90% done. I’ve had a lot on my plate the last few months but now I’m getting on top of things again.

  2. Hello Aaron,
    These two weeks will be crucial in Cali since its about to hit its peak with the Covid19. There’s a lot of people I see that are anxious and paranoid. A lot of us don’t know what to expect but the worst.

    Few weeks ago, I saw a YouTube clip on the whole Covid19 virus. It does have some merit. It argues that this whole pandemic is all driven by greed and much more. Let me know what your thoughts are relative to the research you have done. I honestly think that the US engineer this virus as a way to suppress global economies, make vaccines mandated, lessen our civil liberties, pave the road to a cashless society where crime rate will increase and the list goes on…

    1. Dude, chill. Cospiracy theories abound during all epidemics. No, this was not engineered. The consequences of state actions against the pandemic around the world are so unpredictable that it makes absolutely no sense that anyone conspired to do this because the process is not controllable.

      If you know how public policy is formulated and executed, you will see that the economic chaos and loss of civil liberties is much better explained be knee-jerk reactions, political opportunism and incompetence.

      You are actually falling for another kind of conspiracy, of sorts – Russian and Chinese disinformation services are actively promoting conspiracy theories like the one you linked in order to undermine institutional trust in western countries.

    2. I think Western countries are quite adept at undermining the public’s trust in its own institutions. There would be little point in foreign propaganda otherwise. The West is creating countless opportunities for lay-ups, to use a basketball metaphor.

  3. I was talking to FaceandLMS on Discord, he rated me, he said i’m 4, below average. He said that i look old. He said it’s over for me, just escortmaxxx.

  4. Indeed, lack of trust in the west was not caused by the russians, it more likely stems from the increasing disconnect between social classes, the professional elite or intelligentsia, and the common people. The simultaneous rise of Trump, Brexit and various nationalisms and populisms points to systemic causes.

    The difference is that mainstream media bias is more a product of inherent ideological bias coupled with an activist attitude that sacrifices professional integrity in order to advance a cause. As a matter of fact, plenty of such activist journalists dont believe in objectivity anyway, brainwashed as they are in journalism schools. So putting “their” truth out there just seems natural.

    In the russian case, however, the distribution of disinformation is actual state policy. They dont have a specific ideological bend, except when the propaganda is for domestic consumption.

    What the russians (and increasingly the chinese too, it seems) will do, is find those fault lines in western societies and attemt to maximise polarization. They use a mix of methods, ranging from the outright posting of fake news to maximising the reach of local fringe actors or extremist positions.

    Their news outlets like RT and Sputnik will function like legitimate news outlets most of the time (albeit wth a strong pro-kremlin editorial line, which is fine) in order to have a base of credibility for when they put out the occasional fake news.

    How much of an impact this actually has on western political systems is an open question. Pretty much like with the coronavirus, plenty of policymakers and anaylsts will confuse actions and activity, by governments and bureaucracies, with results. Those are not the same. (Its the same flawed thinking that leads to the fallacy of gun control=less crime).

    The consensus is that it has some effect, but it is difficult to disentangle it from the background noise of political discourse. From the point of view of Moscow (and to a lesser extent Beijing), disinformation is a pretty effective and low cost tool to try to keep western policy elites divided and ineffectual in their foreign policy.

    1. Latino Gang of 2 thinks alike, quelle surprise!

      Aaron and Co. are so dismayed by Western progressive degeneration that they push too hard for the other side. We’ve seen how Russians and Chinese behave with lesser countries they’re trying to infiltrate/colonize/expand into, and they can be as vicious as the American warmongers, if not more.

      Gringo, go home? More like: Chinaman, go home! And stop eating our stray dogs!

  5. IncelPodcast26: WaW! What attracts Women w/ FACEandLMS!!!

    Well, as a special treat, just in time for Day 218573 of Quarantine, is the long-awaited interview with FACEandLMS, veritable legend and fellow content creator whose “What attracts Women” series on YouTube has gotten millions of views. FACEandLMS has been influential in the community for nearly ten years, and his insights about the movement are invaluable. He also breaks down some of the terminology and specifics of facial geometry that have become so popular in black circles. Enjoy this one!

    created and produced by Naama Kates for Crawlspace Media. Music by Cyrus Melchor.

    1. @FACEandLMS forget to said on podcast that Cuckold and Polyandry Relationship will skyrocket in the future. Women will date 10 guys at the same time or more. The future is coming. Nobody believe, everybody is laughing now.

      Cuckold Relationships,
      Polyandry Relationship
      Men dating transgenders
      Gay Relationship will skyrocket
      Escorts price will go up

      The Future is coming. Give me more 5 years.

    2. Lisbon

      Dude you need to stop reading about looks etc because it’s ducking you up. I did this years ago and still do time to time. It’s not healthy. You’re better off accepting your situation and just keep working on making money and building muscle. I’m far from perfect but this has helped me.

      Also I can’t say much but years ago I invested into a medical company that will be releasing a product in the near future that will potentially promote and grow facial bones with the same advancement as haw surgery without any invasive surgeries. I’ll keep everyone posted in the group when it becomes live but it could be a game changer for many men.

  6. Do you guys remember when Mystery had his own reality show called The Pick up Artist? It was basically one of those played out elimination shows from like 10 years ago. He would teach incels “game.” If the guys weren’t “learning” at a sufficient level they would get cut, until there was a winner at the end. I think it only lasted 2 seasons.

    I watched the second season. I just randomly thought about this show today and realised how stupid the premise was. So, if your not “learning” sufficiently you get cut and don’t receive any more help? If the Mystery Method worked, those guys need the most help. They probably just bought more of his DVDs and the scam perpetuated itself.

    Another example of how stupid the whole thing was is the “winner” of this dumb show……..who was it?………Ta-da, the best looking guy the whole time! If this dude would have read Aaron’s work he would have solved his problems without going through that whole process. Then again, maybe the guy just wanted to be on TV.

    1. Well, maybe there were no alternative sources back then. Because it was before Aaron started writing books, way before FaceAndLMS, before Good Looking Loser. Scary to think there was a time period when PUAs dominated the scene. That’s one of the reasons I’m so fucked up. PUA’s make getting women seem like penetrating a fortress, even for good looking guys.

  7. I have lurked this blog for a long time and your open post about the about the plain jane/pornstar paradox finally prompted me to comment. I believe that I don’t have any common sense when it comes to women. They seem to like me well enough but, I have only ever made like 2-3 moves in my life. Both were successful and I am not a virgin but, I have also hard rejected sure things and straight up ran away from some sexual encounters. Does this sound like a fear of success or would I need to divulge more details?

    1. Yes, I’d say that. Also, if your success rate is 100%, you are playing it way too safe. I have a hunch that you could have had a lay count in the dozens if not hundreds if you were more proactive. This is based on you saying that women “like you well enough” (most guys are completely invisible to women) and that the few times you made a move you got laid.

  8. Do you think most single women under lock down now are using online dating sites to meet prospects now? Hitting up guys they already know?
    Or going dark and waiting it out?

    1. I think they are getting stir-crazy. From friends and coaching clients I’m hearing that it is now more common that women just you over or come to your place. Some women have also shifted to the winter dating strategy, i.e. find a guy to lock down for a few months until the lockdown is over. I couldn’t resist the pun.

    2. I can confirm from my single guys and single girls friends in my social circle that online dating is booming.
      I also have heard what Aaron describes, i.e. chicks directly coming over.

    3. I’ve had some success with online dating amidst a lockdown in my city, however, I’m not doing nearly as well this April as I was in April of last year.

      Everything Aaron said is true, and the rule of thumb does seem to be to invite girls directly over, however, for every DTF girl on these apps, there are many more girls who don’t want to meet anyone due to COVID-19, and are only on the apps to waste your time.

      There are also girls who might meet you, but want to do a phone or video date first. This can end up wasting even more of your time, but on the flipside, you might end up being chosen that way by someone with a winter dating strategy.

      I’ve also wondered if this is shifting the balance even more in favor of Giga Chad, since many women are being even more selective than they were. Maybe they promised themselves they wouldn’t meet up with anybody, but they just had to make an exception for Giga Chad.

      Probably everyone who is looking to get laid should be doing online dating right now, since there is no alternative, and there are a lot of people on those sites/apps. I think your best bet is to play the numbers game like crazy, and try to quickly weed out the girls that don’t want to meet anyone.

  9. I was at a local drug store recently just picking up a gift card. I overheard a young couple bickering. It seemed that the dude just wanted to buy a clipper to deal with his hair because everything is closed (I’m seriously considering the same, given the current circumstances). She scolded him that she doesn’t want him to have a shaved head, and to just grow it out. He argued his case, but she said, “What, do you want to look good for OTHER women!?”

    Can you imagine if the tables were turned? If a man told his girl a specific way he wanted her hair to be? They would scream patriarchy.

    I know these are not normal times for sure, but I’ve seen this type of thing when everything was open. Most hetero women would never think about shaving their heads, so they face a different dilemma. But that’s what may drive places to open up again: female vanity and consumerism………and then they will still tell their men what type of hair cut to have.

  10. Anyone listened to “Just The Tip” podcast? Its two 7-ish women discussing their love lives in LA using Tinder, Bumble, instagram in addition to more “traditional” means.

    The jist of it is these 7-ish looking women get 3/4 dates lined up per night and get to pick the best. And by dates I mean not some wham-bam sh*t, but with guys who buy her dinner, buy her drinks, bang her respectfeully and then pay for her cab home.

    I mean I’ve always assumed (even the most average) women hold too much power when it comes to sex/dating, but jeez hearing it from the horse’s mouth is just appalling. Every episode involves them objectifying men on their looks, d*ck sizes and money and d*ck sizes and money and money and d*ck sizes…. you get the drift.

    There’s an episode where the main ‘hoe’ goes to Europe on a business trip and in like 2 business days bangs 3 guys. Apparently one had a porsche, another a penthouse and the third owned a restaurant or some shit.

    Frankly I am disgusted by the inequality facing men. Not all men. But in general yeah… men.

    If anyone wants to know the sh*t is on itunes, laughable etc

    1. I didn’t know about this podcast. Don’t get too fed up with it, though. Those women don’t seem to realize that they only qualify for a pump-and-dump. The guys just use them for sex. Meanwhile, these women lose the ability to pair bond and will delude themselves into believing they could lock that kind of guy down for a relationship. Those women are undergoing a cat-lady training camp without knowing it.

    2. Anthony Wiener,

      I searched for those ladies on Google and if the pictures I found were the right people, I’d say you’re being too generous when you rate them as 7s.

      I also wouldn’t give ten cents for the truthfulness of the stories they tell in their podcast. I think most of it is made up.

  11. Aaron,
    I came across this YouTube video that simply claims that the virus is a hoax. The virus is real, but its an attempt for the pharmaceutical industry to push their agenda – vaccines. Hopefully, YouTube has not taken down this video by the time you watch it. It also discuss remedies such and Zinc, Quinine, Tonic Water…

    1. This is a very plausible hypothesis. Look into Bill Gates and his funding of medical research based on forced vaccinations in African and India! That dude has children vaccinated with experimental drugs, leading to many deaths in its wake. It’s hair-raising stuff.

    2. I wouldn’t trust YouTube conspiracy theory videos if I were you.

      The guy’s logic is a bit off as well if (the video is gone now so I can’t watch it) he recommends quinine and tonic water (tonic water is basically a quinine solution). Quinine is a profit-maker for pharmaceutical companies, so if he’s concerned that this is a pharmaceutical company cash-grab then his solution is a mighty strange one.

      Not to mention that I think he is confusing quinine with hydroxychloroquine, which is the drug that has been suggested might be helpful against corona, though tests so far don’t seem hopeful. They both treat malaria and have “quine” in their name so it’s an easy mistake for a layman to make, I suppose, but it doesn’t exactly lend credibility.

  12. Just realized something.

    Women love objectively. This means that they go for objective, concrete, measurable things when they’re trying to find a guy, or other object. This is probably related to the fact that they can’t theorize/generalize, and possibly why they suck at computer science, chess, and math.

    Why do women choose objective standards? They need concrete, measurable standards because it helps them defer to the herd for decisions. If they were to interpret things subjectively, they would not rely on others to decide whether or not something is good/bad. Instead, they need some type of value system given to them. Simply put, objectivity is a crutch they use because they are incapable of (or because they wish to escape?) individualism. For example, other women and society can just tell them that they need 6 feet, 6 figures, and 6 inches, and they will blindly accept it.

    Because they use objective standards, they have nothing personal binding them to their choices. Their partners are just a shopping list of objective facts that they picked out, and therefore they are able to move on quickly if they have to. They’re literally just going from one collection of boxes to check off to the next. The irony here is that although men are disposable to women in this way, it is actually women who should be disposable/replaceable, since they are basically by and large very similar to each other.

    If you ask 10 randomly sampled men about their hobbies/personalities/careers, you will probably pick up a lot more variance than if you similarly sampled 10 women.

    Conversely, men love subjectively. The same thing could have a different subjective meaning from man to man. This is because we can see the abstract meaning behind things in a non-calculating, individualistic way. This is why less of us defer to the herd for decisions, and are therefore not the meme gender.

  13. Hey Aaron, what are you other books about? Haven’t been on the site lately busy with work but I’m trying to catch up. Cheers!

  14. Do you guys have a favorite movie ending? I mean the the end of the movie, not necessarily the movie as a whole (although there is plenty of overlap).

    Mine are:

    1. It’s a Wonderful Life

    2. Gone With the Wind

    3. Grand Tarino

  15. FaceandLMS rated my face. I’m 4

    ⦁ BAD
    ⦁ Norwooding, Crown-thinning.
    ⦁ Acne and unhygienic skin.
    ⦁ abnormal flat back of skull
    ⦁ GOOD
    ⦁ tall, masculine skull
    ⦁ eyebrow thickness is good and masculine but the actual hair is somewhat sparse.
    ⦁ browridge, masculine.
    ⦁ Pockmarks and discolouration
    ⦁ eyebrow
    ⦁ BAD:
    ⦁ EYES: scleral-show under pupils
    ⦁ EYES: upper eyelid exposure
    ⦁ EYES: non-straight, drooping lower eyelid
    ⦁ EYES: palprebral fissure length is about average but the width is too wide; rounded “Doll’s” eyes.
    ⦁ Negative Orbital Vector
    ⦁ No downard-pointing medial canthus
    ⦁ Misshapen, bulbous “wings of the nose” and drooping nasal tip.
    ⦁ flat, low cheekbones
    ⦁ overprojected nose = rhinoplasty
    ⦁ From the profile angle, your jaw
    ⦁ maxillary forward growth: average.
    ⦁ from the profile angle, it seems as if there is too much maxilliary downward growth below the point of the nasal base. your nasal base ends too high up because there is too much lower-face growth below the nose.
    ⦁ oversized ears
    ⦁ GOOD
    ⦁ Eyespacing
    ⦁ Forward-growth of the maxilla

    Ramus has good height potentially but it is invisible and too inclined => Jaw angle implants.
    Poor gonial angle
    Forward growth of lower jaw
    Philtrum-length to chin-height ratio

    1. Some corrections:

      UPPER and OVERALL:
      ⦁ Norwooding, Crown-thinning.
      ⦁ Acne and unhygienic skin.
      ⦁ abnormal flat back of skull
      ⦁ Pockmarks and discolouration
      ⦁ Middle-eastern/South Asian apperance in latest pictures.
      ⦁ tall, masculine skull
      ⦁ eyebrow thickness is good and masculine although the actual hair is somewhat sparse. In some pictures, your eyebrows look thick with good hair-density but they look unkempt and scruffy and very “ethnic” (middle-eastern, south Asian)
      ⦁ browridge, masculine.

      ⦁ EYES: scleral-show under pupils
      ⦁ EYES: upper eyelid exposure
      ⦁ EYES: non-straight, drooping lower eyelid
      ⦁ EYES: palprebral fissure length (horizonatally) is not attractive; the palprebral fissure width is too wide (vertically); rounded “Doll’s” eyes.
      ⦁ Negative Orbital Vector
      ⦁ No downard-pointing medial canthus
      ⦁ Misshapen, bulbous “wings of the nose” and drooping nasal tip.
      ⦁ flat, low cheekbones
      ⦁ overprojected nose => rhinoplasty
      ⦁ From the profile angle, your jaw
      ⦁ maxillary forward growth: average.
      ⦁ from the profile angle, it seems as if there is too much maxilliary downward growth below the point of the nasal base. your nasal base ends too high up because there is too much lower-face growth below the nose.
      ⦁ oversized ears
      ⦁ nasolabial folds
      ⦁ Eyespacing
      ⦁ Forward-growth of the maxilla is average. It is not recessed at least.

      ⦁ Ramus has good height potentially but it is invisible and too inclined => Jaw angle implants.
      ⦁ Poor gonial angle
      ⦁ Forward growth of lower jaw is good
      ⦁ Philtrum-length to chin-height ratio

      I will be on FaceandLMS livestream on this Saturday.

  16. If any of you guys are looking for movie suggestions right now: The Last Boy Scout with Bruce Willis and Damon Wayons. It’s a sleeper action/dark comedy directed by Tony Scott (of Top Gun among others) .

  17. So I found this channel of a guy who goes around filming government building and police stations etc. Linked video is of a sketchy detective that appears to be drunk on the job getting roasted by a civilian:

    He knows his rights really well and is usually able to gain the upper hand in any given confrontation with a law enforcement officer or city worker. It’s pretty entertaining. Granted that if these occasions weren’t being filmed then he could quite possibly be taken advantage of, beaten within an inch of his life or shot, then have drugs or weapons planted on him.

    1. This is a fascinating concept. However, this guy is asking for trouble. Exposing corrupt cops is bound to get those corrupt cops to strike back eventually. All they need to do is show up at his house with evidence they intend to plant, and then it’s the word of two cops against his.

    2. That’s true. I don’t know what steps he takes to protect himself at home, but I doubt he’s a sitting duck in his home situation. I imagine surveillance and alarms at the very least. Also, it might help that he usually shoots these videos on the road. But I agree, he’s got to be crazy to attempt this regularly! He seemingly has a serious vendetta. Or he just happened to find a particular niche that’s good for promoting merchandise.

  18. Here is an example of how Hollywood has always perpetuated the PUA bullshit. In the 1980s there was a movie literally called The Pick up Artist. It stared Molly Ringwold and Robert Downey Jr. Now, why the fuck would someone who looks like Robert Downey Jr. need pick up routines? Lol and he met his match with Molly Ringwold’s character. Molly was never even that hot, but they loved to put her on a pedastal in the 80s.

  19. I’ve heard that Apple and Google are planning to eventually build spyware into their devices software updates so as to help monitor and track those infected, as well as everyone you’ve been in contact with. So, if you are marked as infected, anyone whose bluetooth pinged off of yours within a given timeframe would be notified.

    I’m looking into jailbreaking my device and changing service providers anyway. Maybe that will help.

    1. I’d say that there is already spyware running on those devices. Some time ago Google started sending out summaries of your usage of Google Maps. Then I learned that they have tracked my movement for years. I was even more displeased when I learned that YouTube had a record of every video I had ever watched. I wiped those accounts clean but it’s quite possible that they still keep the data and just hide it from you, which is pretty commonly done in those companies. It was a big scandal when it was discovered that Facebook did that.

  20. Hey what do you guys think about this.

    We all know women are attracted to good looking guys but how do we explain when women keep fucking an average looking guy. I know this is anecdotal evidence but I’ve know some guys who were average in looks but they just had this alpha/ really cool vibe and they always got pussy. While I know other good looking guys who are still cool but it feels like something is missing. I wonder what it is? A vibe?

    Also what’s the biggest indicator of a woman views you as alpha or beta? Without her fucking just daily interactions with random people etc

    1. In my anecdotal experience, girls you described tend to all have daddy issues. They are attention starved, and the guy that shows them the most attention is the most appealing. There may be layers on top of that as well. For instance, I worked with a girl who looked like a model. But she had a terrible disposition, especially towards me. She married a guy that could be considered BELOW average looking.

      After I gave her what she dished out to me, she warmed to me a little. She even opened up about why she behaves the way she does. I found out she grew up without her father. She admitted that she acted like a bitch because of insecurities due to being an epileptic. People assume good looking girls are perfect, and secure. Average looking guys put up with more b.s. than good looking guys, and tend to cater to needy, scarred women.

      About good looking dudes that don’t get laid? From first hand experience, it’s because they don’t have confidence in their looks. They buy the bullshit that “it’s all about personality.” They don’t know the power of their looks, because PUAs, the media, society, and women have lied to them that “it doesn’t matter.”

    2. So then how would you know for fact if your good looking? I know Aaron touched on this before but.

      We all know that what women and men perceive good is different. Like my friends would tell me I’m good looking but I feel like I’m average. But then I also previously and still kind of do have the issues with anti game. I guess what I’m trying to say is it feels like if you’re not hot/ a model in terms of looks then for women you’re Jsut considered average ya?

      And then in reality 90% of men are being settled with women as they don’t perceive them as good looking so they view them as a provider?

    3. Your friends tell you that you’re good looking, women tell you that you are good looking, I tell you that you are good looking. Yet, you are convinced that you are not. I don’t want to belittle you at all but take some time and think about this. Your self-image is simply off. Now you only have to realize this yourself.

    4. If you think you have anti-game you should hear some of my anti-game stories. They are like world renowned 😄 The signs I didn’t pick up on are ridiculous.

      You probably are good looking if your friends tell you. If girls tell you are, check you out, frequently find ways to touch you (like rub their tits against you) then you are definitely good looking. There is some variance in what they prefer, we have a recent thread on this. But it tends to be more uniform than what we want. One thing I’ve noticed is the only girls that actually tell me I’m good looking are the less attractive ones. The hot ones that see me checking them out will give off signals if they find me attractive. Makes sense, because they don’t need to try as hard. Or the average girls might just know there is no risk, because they can tell I’m not into them anyway.

      Your 90% figure is probably accurate. Remember the statistic that found a majority of women think that 80% of men are below average looking? They especially settle when it comes to marriage. They wait too long and/or are too picky when they are young, so they rush into it with a beta provider as baby rabies sets in and the wall approaches.

    5. Interesting, thanks goodlookingandsleavy, would you be able to link the thread you’re referring to? I may have missed it..


      We know that anti game is real but technically if a woman is attracted to you then wouldn’t she just forgive your behaviour and still be attracted even with anti-game?

      Because say if chad has major anti game a woman would just fuck him alone for his looks.

      So would then anti-game only apply to average looking guys?

    6. About female variance in what they prefer, here it is:

      About my anti-game, I’ll just give another example. So back in the college days I was at a punk rock show here in San Diego and saw a smoking hot brunett with perfect tits. She saw me checking her out and gave me a big smile. I was so retarded back then that I don’t even think I smiled back. I expected girls to do EVERYTHING, just like the movies.

      She proceeded to walk, along with her friend, unnecessarily between me and my friend. She faced me, showing off her great tits. Then she would walk by over and over, I believe hoping that I would finally notice her. I did, but I did nothing. My friend commented later about her behavior “was she lost!?”

      She wasn’t lost.

      I was.

    7. Moral of the story is: you can’t win if you don’t play. Women want hot guys really bad but will never do more than what I’ve described in my stories. So if you don’t try, someone else will. They will accept those dudes like some guys accept less attractive girls. And they play it off like the guys have “better personalities,” “more confidence,” “a better sense of humor” etc.

    8. Hey GoodLookingAndSleazy,

      I’m glad to see you’ve learned from your mistakes, but you seem too hung up on your past failures to me. How about some stories about how you succeeded in plowing some hot pussy?

      One time I was at a party and this chick showed up. I answered the door and she gave me this ‘wtf do you want’ kind of look. I figured she must not be into me at all, until she started drinking. She started feeding me shots and telling me about how she was going to take advantage of me later. I didn’t want to waste much time so I led her into a spare bedroom while groping her amazing ass. As soon as we were behind closed doors I started savagely undressing her and pulled my cock out in front of her face. I ended up finishing on her ass and left her there to go finish partying. She found me passed out on a couch in the basement the next morning and gave me her number. I think she was offended when after she asked if I had a girlfriend, I asked if she had any kids. She was a single mom and I didn’t want her getting any ideas, but I could have played it differently and banged her out a few more times easily. I remember she had some of the best teeth I’d ever seen.

    9. This was a great line, though. You could probably have banged her afterwards regardless, depending on the kind of persona you portrayed before that happened. If you treat them poorly from the get-go and you end up fucking them, then you know that they are fine with it. They may even get turned on by it.

    10. Moral of the story is: you can’t win if you don’t play. Women want hot guys really bad but will never do more than what I’ve described in my stories. So if you don’t try, someone else will. They will accept those dudes like some guys accept less attractive girls.

      Women aren’t men though. Men settle for less attractive if they couldn’t get in with the attractive.

      Most girls will wait until a hot guy makes a move. If most women accepted a less-attractive guy making a move because the attractive guy isn’t making moves – partner counts would be a lot higher than they are. But they’re not. Women would rather go without than bang a “lesser” man.

      This is especially getting ever more true. Women are becoming more and more “strict” with their standards. Society sells women the idea that settling for less that your dreams is insulting. So yes, some women will settle for the guy they’re less interested-in because he made a move (unlike the guy she originally wanted but didn’t make a move).

    11. @Aaron – thanks man. I think you’re right. It takes me a while to internalize things. People tell me stuff and then i take in the info but don’t agree or accept it until reality tells me otherwise.

      I know I’m not ugly but the problem is I compare myself to the best which is also bad. I’ve hooked up and had hot girls interested in me. They were 7-8.5/10 and if they’re attracted to then logically it Not ugly since women don’t potty fuck or waste their time with guys they’re not attracted to. This took my a while to accept and comprehend for some reason.

  21. I agree with you Pickernanny. I’ve always admitted that I’m fucked up, and explained some of the reasons why. What I have been doing is explaining precautionary tales to prove a point. And it is somewhat therapeutic for me.

    My memory is crazy. I remember everything, good, bad, or indifferent. I’ve seen 2 therapists and a psychiatrist. Didn’t really help. Especially the drug peddler. He asked me if I had a girlfriend, and I said no. He then said “why not?” I said it had something to my confidence. He ubruptly told me to talk to the therapist about it. So it was a rhetorical question. He was just talking shit.

    So I’m working on it. GMoney gave me great advice. I’m too much of a perfectionist. Firstly with myself. Always blaming myself if a girl says no. And if I can get past that, then maybe I can get less picky with women. So yeah, I’m woring it, but Rome wasn’t built in a day 🙂

    1. Did you say at some point that you had some really awful family (female) members that psychologically wounded you from a young age? If so, I can relate to that. How old are you?

    2. Yes sir, that is correct. Narcissistic abuse. I hope it’s cool I don’t share my age. I’m embarrassed by it considering my lack of experience. I’m not young, but not really old either. I’ll just say that I’m young enough to where women are still attracted to me.

    3. I’m sorry, bro. I feel ya. I had the same issues. People would cringe if I started on about it here, though lmao. But it did ruin a lot of my potential. I’m a million times happier and mostly unaffected by life now, however. Have you been doing your meditation and self-improvement? Just curious. What kind of therapy have you done? I never had the money for therapy when I was younger.

    4. Thanks man, much appreciated. I did theropy with 2 different clinical psychologists. I think most of the people in my extended family have. We’re a pretty messed up family haha. The patriarch (my grandfather) died when I was 8 years old. Everything went to shit after that. The crazy thing is that almost all of us are good looking. The women are crazy as fuck though.

      I have only meditated once, to get to sleep and it did help. I need to get Aaron’s book on it and it might be the last piece to the puzzle. I know nothing will ever be perfect but it will probably help with my anxiety, depression beating myself up etc.

    5. Hey guys, very interesting. I feel I’m in the same boat as GLAS but maybe not as good looking. I think I also try to perfect each interaction when in reality it’s Jsut random and should happen naturally. People often think I get pussy but in reality it’s the opposite. If fucked some decent women but nothing really to brag about. I feel like getting pussy is the last piece of the puzzle I want to accomplish in life. I Jsut don’t know and am always second guessing myself. Did I send the right text, did I pursue to much, did I do this and that. It’s fucked Up. Coaching with Aaron helped but I’m also dealing with trying to solve my Brain fog issue so I keep forgetting some fundamental things which bite me in the ass.

      Then when things fail I always end up blaming my looks and say we’ll if I was better looking than this woman’s list forgive me beta behaviour. I don’t know sometimes it feel likes such a mess. I’m 28 btw.

    6. I meant to say.

      I blame myself and say. If I was better looking than the woman would forgive my beta behaviour. Because it seems like that’s who are chads really can act sensitive or cool or whatever and women don’t really care and think it’s hot because of their looks. Right?

    7. @Deus

      I don’t think a girl would forgive beta behaviour just because you’re better looking. Take my friend “Clark Kent” for example, I wrote a guest post here before about him. He’s buff and better looking than most men but so beta in his behaviour that his gf of 2-3 years just walks all over him. They’ve had a dead bedroom for about 2 years now and she doesn’t make time for him. It’s gotten so bad. Now they typically meet for a meal once a week and spend something like just 3-4 hours together in public places.

    8. It’s tough to be a guy. I appreciate being my sex and don’t envy your positions.

    9. I don’t think that the average woman is better off than the average man. A big issue is that (single) women, overall, seem to be a rather unhappy bunch and very few of those who settle down are content with their partner because they compare him to some Chad who railed them in some dingy club bathroom ten years ago. An average woman is, by definition, unable to get an above-average man, and that is the case if we do not use the yardstick women use for sizing up men, according to which 80% of men are below average. In contrast, a man may not amount to much in his life, but at one point they accept it and then they still have their hobbies and interests.

  22. Does anyone recommend and books or websites that they follow that also discuss similar topics such as the ones here or real news etc. I feel like Aaron’s website is special lots of interesting people and the advice is always solid/ sound.

    1. If you’re looking for similar communities, I’m afraid they are none. Blogs are an anachronism in today’s age, and the discussion culture on social media like Facebook, Reddit, or YouTube does not lend itself to community building.

      For news, you can check ZeroHedge (very alarmist, but some good content) and the various propaganda outlets of countries that oppose US hegemony, such as RT, Al Jazeera, or Global Times. I’d recommend you read those sources at least as critically as mainstream outlets. I consider them more trustworthy than Western mainstream media, though.

  23. Hey Deus,

    Check out some of the content on YouTube. There are several dating coaches that share Aaron’s philosophy, or I should say the TRUTH. I always liked Good Looking Loser. He’s funny and entertaining as well. In one video he explains why mean girls act the way they do. It’s liberating stuff. It also coincides with my story about the hot, epileptic coworker. Alpha M is cool too. He has a great video on the difference between confidence and arrogance. There’s a few others who’s names escape me at the moment.

  24. anyone ready the art of seduction, has decent reviews but don’t feel like readying it if its some PUA you can seduce women with your words kinda book.

    1. It’s mental masturbation at its finest. I read about a chapter or two more than a decade ago. Trash.

    2. In PUA land, you need a college degree to get laid. The Art of Seduction is required reading.

    3. This reminds me of how David DeAngelo ran his seminars. He had a table stacked with books and spent a large amount of time holding up books and telling the audience why they need to read it. This was a key moment for me as it made me realized that the “seduction industry” is built on bullshit. I knew guys who got laid, and they weren’t the book-reading type.

    4. Save your money. I remember how the book would compare targets of seduction (the women you wanted to hook up with) to victims, as if I was going to be victimizing them in some creepy way. It’s not a good mindset to adopt, and it contains tons of mind-numbing fluff. There’s also nothing practical to apply in your life from what I gathered, just a bunch of abstract nonsense with some vague historical references. Buy Minimal Game instead. It’s a much quicker read and you’ll walk away with a much better understanding.

    5. The style of seduction that Sleazy teaches is very much about sex, and has a strong emphasis on physical escalation as a means of getting a girl horny, or of screening girls for whether they’re DTF. The Art of Seduction isn’t really about sex at all. Greene’s tactics are more about taking advantage of someone’s desire to be loved, and sex is more a means of getting someone to become more enamored with you so that you can use them for whatever your nefarious purpose is, as opposed to the end goal being the act of sex itself.

      The book isn’t going to tell you how to approach, how to escalate, etc. In fact, it pretty much assumes you know how to get laid, so if that’s your issue, I’d definitely skip it. I think the PUAs recommended this book basically as an advanced way of refining your game, but frankly, none of this stuff is really necessary, and it makes seduction way more complicated than it needs to be.

      I’m a big fan of Robert Greene’s other works, particularly the 48 Laws of Power, but this is my least favorite of his books. Someone who’s banged a lot of women and who isn’t a scummy snake oil salesman would give way more valuable advice than an intellectual like Greene. As with any of Greene’s books, I’d say read them if you’re curious, and perhaps try out the techniques, but at the end of the day, what matters is what gets you actual results. If any of the techniques don’t work for you, then discard them. And if your own experience contradicts anything he says, listen to that.

      But TL;DR if your goal is to get laid, you’re better off completely ignoring this book. If you want some history lessons, read it, but don’t expect it to help you with your game.

    6. Robert Greene is a charlatan. Think about it: if he were an such an expert on seduction and power, why is he making a living as a self-help author as opposed to being the next JFK? Wouldn’t it be much more lucrative and efficient to live on his knowledge rather than live on preaching his knowledge?

      Greene belongs in the trash alongside Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Robert Kiyosaki, et al.

    7. Thanks guys. I’ve read minimal game years and years ago. But I was young and couldn’t comprehend it. I’ll re read it.

    8. @Old Anon From what I know about Robert Greene’s background, he never wanted to be a politician like JFK. The career he chose for himself was that of an author, and by some metrics, he would be considered very successful at that. A lot of writers could only dream of writing a New York Times bestseller, let alone five of them. Of course, some might argue that he whored himself out to the masses to make a quick buck, and hasn’t produced anything of scholarly merit, but the general public has always been his target audience.

      I’ve read that the 48 Laws of Power is basically a plagiarism of Baltasar Gracian’s The Art of Wordly Wisdom. From what I’ve seen of Gracian’s work (which is on my list to read, and looks excellent), I can definitely see the resemblance. Still, I think none of this should detract us from asking which of the laws, if any, we might be able to use in our own lives.

    9. @Deus If the choice is between reading Minimal Game and The Art of Seduction, then absolutely read the former. You’d be better off reading one book about seduction – Minimal Game – and then meeting as many women as possible (via any means, whether that’s day game, night game, online, hobbies), and learning the rest through trial and error, than you would trying to comprehend all of the “theory” that’s out there. Of course Aaron’s other books are good if you want to learn more, or to specialize in a certain style of game, and there are a few other authors that, in my opinion, have written some good advice on the subject, but it’s really 90% about what you learn in the “field.”

    10. 1. The NY Times Best Sellers list is a purchasable marketing tool and not indicative of actual popularity.

      2. Authors are not powerful; they are discardable tools to make money for publishers. And Robert Greene’s girlfriend is not one that many would want to “seduce.”

      3. The 48 Laws of Power is a waste of paper and ink. It’s clear this was written by an idiot for idiots. Looking at the table of contents l see that many of these “laws” contradict each other and are so vague he might as well have written nothing at all.

      4. Know yourself, know your surroundings, and plan accordingly. Everything else is unnecessary fluff and will hinder rather than help you.

    11. “Seduction is a game of psychology, not beauty, and it is within the grasp of any person to become a master at the game. All that is required is that you look at the world differently, through the eyes of a seducer.”

      “What will seduce a person is the effort we expend on their behalf, showing how much we care, how much they are worth.”

      The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene.

      Imagine: 5’2, poor, bald, indian janitor with 6’0, blonde, white woman.

      It’s all about your looks if you want genuine sex.

    12. Thanks for the input guys, just trying to find ways to pass the time as i dont watch movies and tv shows for quite some years. I dont want to corrupt my mind with other bullshit books. I’ll give minimal game a re-read and ive purchased Aarons other books to support the site so I’ll check those out too eventually.

    13. Thanks a lot for your support!

      A few years ago I made the decision to consume fewer TV shows and movies. I even lived without broadband Internet at home for two years. I quickly got used to it, but I can no longer do that as I now have to work from home due to Covid-19. There are always more books to read, though. Nowadays, my favorite genre is history.

  25. Aaron you should make a series about the harsh reality of dating and basically making article about one truth. such as looks, height, how fast a girl fucks you, lust vs attraction etc

    Also a good article would be your 10 commandments to being a man or “alpha” etc.

    Just some ideas.

    1. I’ve written books about this topic and several articles on the importance of looks or height. Check out the archive, there is a lot of content in there. If you want more, go through my old blog or my forum.

    2. “Alpha is a state of mind, not a demographic.” By Rollo Tomassi

      Give me a fucking break. Alpha and Beta male is a scam. There is no Alpha and beta male. Period. RedPill guys make money selling this stuff. It’s stupid. I can shave my beard with pink female razor, if i have Looks, Money and Status women will suck my dick, it doesn’t matter how alpha i am. I the real world losers feel like losers because they are losers, nobody gives a shit about how “alpha” you are.

  26. Last of Us 2 has gone so woke that around 70% of employees have quit during the game’s development span:

    I’d really love to see this game flop, or at least receive so much criticism that they think twice about making another installment.

    1. Hopefully, the first one was great. Atleast uncharted 4 was decent and had minimal SJW bullshit.

    2. Uncharted was, for the most part, pretty entertaining. What annoyed me was the “fight” against that skinny black woman who beat up the main character who casually knocks out guys twice his size. What is worse is that the game removes your agency and has you watch getting slapped around. It was some of the biggest bullshit in gaming and one of the reasons why I eventually sold my PS4 as that kind of narrative just doesn’t appeal to me and games by Naughty Dog used to be some of the biggest on the platform.

    3. I watched part of the leaked gameplay. It’s absolutely horrible. The scene with Joel will alienate a solid 90% of their audience. I’m not sure the game will be a horrible flop. It seems with the really big franchises, the next release will be the disastrous one. Fallout 4 was a good example: shit game, great sales success, and the sequel tanked. The same pattern was observed with the new Star Wars movies. The Last of Us Part III probably won’t get made. I wonder how much studio awareness normies have. It’s probably enough to seriously affect whatever game Naughty Dog releases next. They’ll probably have to change the name of the studio to recover from the woke garbage they are about to unload on the unsuspecting public.

      On a side note, the concept of “video game leaks” is ludicrous. In almost all cases it’s guerilla marketing and the leaks come from the manufacturer. When this is not the case and a leak is genuine, the footage gets taken down quickly, like it was the case with The Last of Us Part II and also with the very recent, and very minor, Cyberpunk 2077 leak.

    4. I agree 100% the fight with Nadine was bullshit, how could this bitch beat up Nathan, though i did like his smart ass remarks. Its inevitable that more games are going to have this especially since 90% of the men in the industry are probably low t soy boys.

    5. God of war was decent, while playing it i didn’t really notice too much SJW stuff. Days are gone now when masculinity is revered in video games. the cofounder of naughty dog seemed like a decent dude back when he was involved in the company.

  27. A buddy of mine is 6′ 4″, jacked, and has never really had any problems with getting laid. He recently became single, and is drowning in pussy. I’ve enjoyed hearing tales of his exploits, and I recently made a comment to him that I needed more friends like him, since many of my friends can’t get laid and are quite envious of me when I talk about my sex life. He seemed to have trouble wrapping his head around the idea that a guy couldn’t get laid if he wanted to – like, the entire concept was just foreign to him.

    This brings up the idea that the average guy and the Giga Chad live in completely separate realities. Doing something like a threesome on the first date would be unimaginable for many guys, yet for some, it doesn’t even sound surprising. And most women seem to share this reality in which sex is abundant. A woman on Tinder told me a while back that I should have no problems finding a fuckbuddy that only does anal. I didn’t bother to contradict her, but it seemed to her like that should be possible for anyone, because she could put in her Tinder bio, “looking for a fuckbuddy that only does anal,” and get thousands of matches. There are some Giga Chads who could likely do the same.

    Does anyone remember TylerDurden’s Secret Society post? It was all the rage back in the day in the PUA community. The above observations kind of prove that yes, there sort of is a “secret society” in which casual sex is abundant and normal, and to which nearly all women, gay dudes, and only a minority of straight men belong. Of course, what TylerDurden failed to realize was that by and large, the straight guys in that minority are there because of their looks. Was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the above, or on the secret society idea.

    1. When I first read this blog, and Aaron casually talked about fucking girls right after you meet them my initial reaction was “bullshit!” After reading a few of his books, I was won over, I told my friend and he had the exact same reaction.

      So yes, it is a secret society of sorts. That’s why I always say that PUA mentality permeates society. Even people who don’t read their crap believe in it. In my experience most guys don’t think girls even care about a man’s looks for instance. Deep down they probably do, but it comforts them to think otherwise. They take advice from women, they think women are superior to men in almost every way including mortality (LOL!). I wonder what percentage of the Western male population is even red pilled at all.

      But back to pulling girls the first night. You know the old saying “my place or yours? ” I mean it’s always been out there in the culture, at the end of the day it is undeniable. Yet they are steered away from believing it at the same time.

    2. I recall that post, which was quite hyperbolic. I just looked it up. It’s a highly manipulative piece of writing as he opens with, “A secret society exists. Around 52% of people on this earth are a part of it. Of that 52%, 50% are women, 2% are men. Of that 2%, 1% of those men are gay, the other 1% are players.” Nope, that is not how it works. However, that wasn’t his point. Instead, the underlying message is that if you learn a bunch of magic tricks and a few seminars to the tune of $5000, anybody can be part of that secret society.

  28. Oh, absolutely, you thoroughly debunked the kind of techniques he taught in Debunking the Seduction Community, but I’m especially interested in the idea that the Giga Chad and average Joe live in completely separate worlds, even though the reasons for this were certainly not what the PUAs claimed.

    1. We’d also have to consider socio-economic and sociological aspects, which are issues the PUAs of yore never seem to have touched. I think it’s quite safe to say that IQ/educational attainment and sexual precocity negatively correlate, i.e. the biggest sluts are most likely not found at MIT. The “secret society” exists both in large cities with a sizeable crowd of young or maybe not-quite-so-young professionals. The housing situation essentially forces them to live on their own or with roommate, which determines their lifestyle to a large extent already. Then there are college towns where there is simply a relatively large transient student demographic. There, though, the issue may be access because if you don’t live on campus, you find it difficult to meet those women.

      Nightclubs are a very good example of such a secret society as a restrictive door policy will keep average Joes out. There are clubs in which it is not at all uncommon that chicks get railed in the bathroom. Secret-Society Giga Chad does that, while Joe is slouching back home after he has heard from the bouncer that he can’t come in, “not tonight”.

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