The “Get a Life!” Insult

I recently came across a tweet by a strong, empowered woman who was afforded a seemingly rare moment of introspection due to the ongoing Covid-19 PsyOps operation. She wrote that sitting at home all day made her aware that her hobbies consist of the following:

  • going to bars
  • eating at restaurants
  • frequenting non-essential businesses

Now that those options have been taken away from her, she is left to her own devices, which means that she only has the most important device in her life left, i.e. her smartphone.

At first, this tweet gave me a good chuckle. However, I then remembered that women I did not want to meet up with or keep seeing had a small number of verbal attacks in store, ranging from the utterly bizarre (“you’re probably gay anyway!”) to the humorous (“keep fucking your 18 year-olds, pedo!”) to the psychologically manipulative. In the latter category, you have the guilt-trippers who tell you that you need to grow up, that you have commitment problems, or that you are a sad sack of fecal matter because you “have no life”.

I got the “get a life” or “you have no life” insult a few times, the main reason being that I view socializing as a means to an end. It’s normally nothing I enjoy. In particular, the idea of hanging out with a bunch of random people is rather inconceivable to me. However, as long as your women keep their hopes up that you will commit to them, or at least keep banging them, they may tolerate that you have stacks of books to read, video games to play, movies to watch or sheet music to practice. Your obscure hobbies she’ll likewise tolerate. She may even feign interest. You’ll only turn into a weirdo once she is ready to move on.

The supposed insult that you don’t have a life is quite humorous as it comes from people (women) who lead rather vapid existences. Their life consists of their job or studies, which they generally don’t have much interest in, and their spare time consisting of shopping, hanging out in bars, mooching dinners off beta cucks, getting fucked by randoms, partying and getting drunk or high on drugs, and watching TV shows. What they absolutely hate is being alone all by themselves.

That many women hate being alone is no exaggeration. If you haven’t you should see how an extroverted woman without any interests reacts to not having access to the Internet for a few hours. They freak out, not knowing what to do with themselves. I’ve seen women having a meltdown because they couldn’t go online, for instance because their phone has died due to their own negligence as they had forgotten to charge it. Of course, for some unfathomable reason, it’s your fault. Also, the more sexually active among you may have gotten calls from ex-girlfriends or fuck buddies who wanted to come over because they are bored. Yes, you read that right: they contact a bunch of guys, asking if they want to fuck them, just so that someone keeps them company. It’s quite sad.

In contrast, most guys have deep interests. They are able to occupy themselves with goal-oriented tasks. Heck, even when we go out to a club it’s with a clear goal in mind as opposed to just wasting time. We want to bang. When we play video games, it’s not just to pass some time. No, not at all! Instead, we’re busy climbing global rankings. This is an entirely different mode of existence that a large number of women just won’t understand. They need external stimulation.

Sure, you can now say that a dude watching movies get externally stimulated, but even in that case, it is much more likely that a guy doesn’t just watch random movies but instead did a bit of research beforehand. Most of the women I’ve met had no interest in even doing that. Instead, they expect you to entertain them, or to find entertainment for them. Thankfully, women tend to be quite malleable, in particular if they are really into you, and end up liking whatever you like. However, the other side of the coin is that many of them don’t seem to have any interests. Instead, they change their interests like fashion, or like boyfriends. Thus it’s projection if they accuse you of having no life.

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9 thoughts on “The “Get a Life!” Insult

  1. This is more apparent with strippers, cam whores, pornstars, models, party girls etc..
    I have often noticed that I can have a more intellectually stimulating conversation with a chimp at the zoo relative to them. I literally have to dumb down the conversation with these thots. These thots are all about stimulus, seeking new stimulus and upgrading to a new stimulus – loud clubs, being part of the “IN” social crowd, random sex, alcohol, drugs, money are all sources of stimulus that motivate these particular thots.

  2. Women only like things if it’s “trending” on social media. It’s like how they pretend to like sports. Over the years here in San Diego I’ve seen women pretend to like American football. None of them liked basketball. Why? Simple, San Diego hasn’t had a basketball team since the 1980s. Now they don’t give a shit about football either because the Chargers moved to LA a few years ago. I like both, plus MMA and boxing.

    I’ve never seen a woman take interest in philosophy either. Why? Women aren’t inquisitive. They just except shit. If you question your surroundings they see you as “negative.” I saw a unique type of feminist on YouTube one time who said that if women controlled everything we would still be living in mud huts. Not just because men are better at architecture and engineering, but because we question the utility of our surroundings. Where women just want everyone to be “happy.”

    Not a lot of good female comedians either. Comedians question everything, and make fun of things the average person takes at face value. That’s why we laugh at their jokes.

    1. @ “Not a lot of good female comedians either.”

      There’s a great polemic by the late C.H. on this issue:
      Christopher Hitchens: Why Women Aren’t Funny

      He even specifically taped a rebuttal on the dykes who got upset about his original article:
      “Christopher Hitchens: Why Women Still Aren’t Funny | Vanity Fair”

  3. Camille Paglia cracks me up. Despite all of the scathing things she has to say about feminism, she still feels the need to use the label “feminist” on herself. Why not just drop the meaningless label? But she’s great to read, and a good author to tell feminist women to read, because her gender and self-identified feminism means they won’t immediately discount what she says.

    I’ve read that Paglia claims she basically identifies as a man, and always has, and this does bring up the fact that occasionally, I’ve come across a woman who appears to have “the brain of a man.” It’s rare, but I’ve met a few who definitely do have a variety of interests, intellectual and otherwise, and who tend to make arguments based on logic as opposed to emotion. I’ve noticed, though, that even in these women, there exists a certain proneness to irrational and intellectually dishonest thinking that you often don’t find in the brightest men.

    1. The only thing I disagree with her about is that she hates the 1950s in American history. Probably because of the homophobia of the era. I saw her in an interview with Jordan Peterson and she wholeheartedly agreed with him about women getting away with being passive aggressive with men because we can’t call them outside. If a man behaves that way to another man there are serious repercussions. Some women will even taunt you that you want to hit them when they know that you won’t.

    2. I know I’m getting off topic here. But those women who mouth off to men because of their privileges is like firing a slingshot at a lion through a cage. I always hoped that those bitches would get their ass handed to them by another woman. It would be a fair fight, and justice would be served.

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