Why Women Past Their Best-Before Date File for Divorce

As you may have heard, there have been some dark clouds hanging over the British Royal Family. Prince Harry and the single mother he wifed-up, Meghan Markle, want to live their own life and no longer take part in the various gigs the Royal PR Troupe has to endure. In the comments section, we have been musing about how long it will take before Meghan will divorce Harry. Note that Meghan has gotten knocked up by Harry and given birth once already. Her setup is complete. [EDIT: I made a mistake. Meghan was not a single mother when she married Prince Harry. She was a divorcee, though. This does not change the subsequent argument substantially as it only shifts single motherhood into a potential future. The fundamental issue is you-go-girl-ism.]

One of my readers pointed out that Meghan is now close to 40 and surely could not do any better than marrying a real Prince. Sure, if Meghan were perfectly rational, she would not even dream of divorcing Harry. Doing so would be insane. However, when analyzing human behavior, not just female behavior, using rationality as a criterion is not necessarily the best approach. I point this out because my audience tends to be closer to being hyper-rational than having normie, er, neurotypical sentiments. So, don’t think like a rational person. Instead, imagine how a poorly behaved toddler would act. Think of stimulus and response, and waste no time considering negative long-term consequences: they see something, and they want, like right fucking now!

Some of you may now think that I am far too dismissive. To that, I would respond by pointing out that Meghan Markle is, or was, a single mother. Barring exceptional cases, like the father dying in an accident, a single mother ended up in her situation by choice. True, it probably wasn’t a smart choice, but it was a choice nonetheless. To your future single mother, getting raw-dogged by Chad, Jamal, or Tyrone feels pretty damn good, and all the you-go-girl propaganda also has an effect. Thus, why wouldn’t a woman who cannot properly assess long-term ramifications of decisions made in the present think she can raise a child on her own? She may be fully aware that Chad won’t stick around, but that won’t bother her because she has been told that she is strong enough to do “the most difficult job in the world” all by herself.

A lot of women get divorced way past their best before date, which is likewise a highly irrational decision. To an observer, this may indeed sound bizarre. Yet, put yourself in the shoes of such a woman. Maybe she was a very attractive 20 year old once and still believes that she is every bit as good looking as she was back then, even though she is now 40 years old. Not all women were beautiful when they were young, but women tend to dramatically overestimate how good they look. Add to that a constant barrage by mainstream media on how desirable older women are and you end up with a dissatisfied below-average to average wife who compares her reliable albeit average looking husband to a composite of the looks of her (gay) yoga instructor, the fame of Kanye West, and the money of (pre-divorce) Jeff Bezos. Recall that not even Brad Pitt was “alpha enough” to avoid divorce, and he’s about as alpha as anybody can get.

While the dissatisfied wife is getting off with her vibrator and phantasies of a chimera of a guy ramming her, she is only getting more and more convinced that she could do so much better. Every day is the same for her, except for those few hot minutes with her vibrator. Apart from that, her life lacks excitement. She needs something new! After taking a long look at her husband, she decides that today is the day. She needs to get divorced, like right now! (Remember the toddler?) The dumpy female hero of our story does not get her ultimate wish granted, however. Only if she is lucky will she get the occasional guy who would pump and dump her, but nobody would ever commit to her. The guy shrugs, signs the divorce papers, and is secretly glad he’s gotten out of it, even if it costs him half his life’s savings.

After many months of little success getting the guy she deserves, the ex-wife may make an attempt at getting her now ex-husband back. However, her regrets will only ever be the result of the world daring to not fulfill her wishes. She could have figured out in advance that she won’t do that well in the dating market anymore. In fact, her supposed loser of a husband was the best she could have gotten. Yet, only once he is gone will she realize what she had in him.

If you look at women divorcing their husbands from this angle, you’ll realize that it does not matter that, for instance, Meghan Markle will most likely not find another guy as wealthy as Prince Harry. Should she one day wake up and realize that Prince Harry is not Chad Thundercock, divorce as well as fantasies of seducing the most attractive and most successful guys on the planet with ease will quickly enter her mind. In the case of Meghan Markle in particular, you have to take into account that she managed to lock down one of the most eligible bachelors on earth despite having been a single mom and despite her relatively high age. She’ll probably think that she’s done it once and that she can do it again.

Lastly, you should not mistake this post as me bashing women. Not at all. I never do that. There are plenty of examples of men who made similarly colossal mistakes. A good example is boxing champions who retire from retirement and enter the ring again, to invariably dismal results. Muhammad Ali’s comeback was a disaster, for instance. You can probably find examples in any competitive field. In all cases, it holds that you’ve had your time window and once it has closed, it’s closed. Age is relentless. You don’t have to look for athletes to attempt an ill-advised comeback. Just look for your random menopausal woman who thinks she can ditch her husband and trade up.

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44 thoughts on “Why Women Past Their Best-Before Date File for Divorce

  1. She can’t handle the critiques of the British press and now wants to come to America and get fawning coverage without criticism because of her race (e.g. Beyonce, the Obamas).

    Also given that she grew up in Hollywood, being a Kardashian clone is probably of higher value to her than being a Royal Princess.

    I nominate Prince Harry as King of Simps.

    1. I came across this too when I looked up more evidence of Prince Harry being a cuck. It is cringe-worthy.

  2. ” I point this out because my audience tends to be closer to being hyper-rational than having normie, er, neurotypical sentiments. ”

    Man, this is a huge compliment.
    Thanks, Aaron!

  3. “the most difficult job in the world”

    I’ve been wondering a lot about this one. Like, how hard is it really to raise kids?
    Given how much fuss adults made about a lot of things they do and how hard they have it, once I grew up and had to do these things, too, I found that they find it hard because they do most stuff in an un-organized, stupid manner.

    So how hard can that whole kids thing be? You accept that the kid is not an adult, hence irrational. You set borders and accept that you repeteadly have to. And you organize shit (literally with kids).
    I’m pretty sure I won’t find it that hard once I become a parent.
    Of course I will be told that I have “easy” kids. I can see that one coming.

    1. It’s not as hard as Oprah “the-most-difficult-job-in-the-world” Winfrey wants you to believe. In all honesty, if raising children would be difficult, we wouldn’t have the least intelligent of society outbreed the productive classes. Bill Burr has a nice bit on it. One of his lines is that any job you can do in your pajamas can’t be difficult. Here’s a short clip. I have not watched it, so it may not contain that particular line:

  4. This one is for “se Germans” who are participating in this comment section. I just happened to stumble upon this rendition by Bavarian comedian Fredl Fesl of Georg Kreisler’s legendary song “Mein Weib will mich verlassen” which might fit the coming attractions set to befall Mr. Harry “Simp” Windsor (but actually German-blooded Battenberg-Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha):

    1. Ahhh a fellow connaisseur.

      Well while we’re at it, let me throw in one of my favourite Kreisler songs, funny and dark and with the true message at the end, saying that beautiful women cost a lot of money.

      The song is called “Biddla Buh”

  5. Aaron,
    On a related note, there’s no shortage of mainstream relationship advice/news that highlights why women divorce men, often highlighting issues from infidelity, finances, to a lack of sex in their marriage, to communication, and the list goes one.

    Its very common that women always deflect the real issue of divorce and breaks ups to avoid accountability and responsibly in their relationships. It simple for women just to blame their husbands/boyfriends for everything. Once divorce has been initiated, women go on the prowl for an endless stream of cock, among all, they end up getting a lot of beta cock.

    So, when a woman has thoughts about terminating a relationship/ getting a divorce, is this an issue of “Attraction” or “Interest” on her part?

    For example, when a man loses his job and is unable to secure future employment, women often end up leaving their boyfriend/husband due to a lack of financial security. The lack of resources on a man’s part has an affect how a woman perceives her partner. That being said, is this an issue of “Attraction” or “Interest” on a woman’s part?

    Many women are quick to say that money makes a guy look attractive and well as unattractive for the lack of money. Is this an “attraction” or interest” issue. Would this be a main probable cause why women initiate breaks/divorces? The destruction of attraction and/or interest?

    Alek has discussed the differences between “Attraction” and “Interest” on a surface level. It has been mentioned that you cannot build/create attraction. I figured the same can be said about destroying attraction. I believe you cannot destroy attraction unless the woman gains so much weight you essentially lose attraction for you partner.

    What’s your experience on this issue and knowledge? Thanks…

    1. You could very cynically phrase it as the woman having extracted all the resources she can extract. Look up Briffault’s law. Also, keep in mind that the lover/provider dichotomy (“alpha fucks, beta bucks”) is not just the figment of the imagination of rabid MGTOWs. Then, take into account that women consider 80% of men to be below average, and you can conclude that most married women were never attracted to their husband to begin with. I know this sounds really bleak, but it’s the reality we live in. If that wasn’t the case, we would not have sky-high divorce rates and worse relations between the sexes than ever before.

    2. Aaron,
      I researched Briffault’s Law. In laymens words, it’s a trade-off between sex and resources between a man and a woman.

      There was a research paper that I read a long time ago. I’m not sure how accurate the research is but it claimed that women are not capable of “LOVING” men the way men would love women. It also maintained, that women aren’t wired to love men the way Western Society projects it.

      You mention…
      “….women consider 80% of men to be below average, and you can conclude that most married women were never attracted to their husband to begin with”.

      1. Wasn’t the study bias? While, men rated women on a normal distribution curve?

      2. Can you deduce that if women were never attracted to their husband to begins with, that they are more likely to be dead beat mothers to their husband’s children and be a terrible wife? And more likely to abandon their kids/family without any remorse?

      3. If women were attracted to their husband to begin with, would this suggest they are more likely be better wives and mothers and less likely to leave their family?

      4. What about women who come from broken homes? Studies have suggested that they are likely to be very promiscuous, terrible mothers/wives, and etc…
      These women who come from broken homes, are they part of the 80 percent who did not find their husband attractive? Studies from these types of women are quick to highlight that divorce is often due to abuse in a relationship? Or is this just fake news and research as well?

      5. The study suggested that 80% of women were never attracted to their husband begin with. However, you have mention that looks is a lesser concern for women since resources play a greater role. Does this mean that “looks” plays a greater role than what was previously though for many years?

      6. If looks and resources play a huge role in a relationship, how does “compatibility and chemistry” fit into the equation of a relationship?

      Ultimately, women want is a buff billionaire Chad despite what women ramble in mainstream dating advice.

    3. 1) Online dating has confirmed this, i.e. large-scale data collection. Women find 80% of men unattractive. Welcome to the black pill.

      2) The divorce rate isn’t at 80% yet, nor are there 80% single mothers, so you are reading a bit too much into it.

      3) I’d say so.

      4) I don’t know, but women (and men) from broken homes have their work cut out for them. Also, social scientists are quick to make excuses for the behavior of any group they want to protect, e.g. women and (non-Asian) minorities.

      5) Resources play a greater role for entering long-term relationships. However, with the welfare state, this is no longer necessarily the case. Some people have jokingly remarked that women have better sex in socialism. This is due to there being widespread equality, read: poverty, so they can go for the man who makes their ‘gina tingle as opposed to someone who can provide for them. In other words, they don’t have to compromise in socialism as well as in the welfare state.

      6) Look up the lover/provider dichotomy. Yes, the best guy is a Chad with a fat wallet. However, if she needs a provider, she will ignore sexual chemistry, and simply cheat if she feels horny.

    4. But online dating has a huge bias build in. It starts out with the skewed gender ratio (65-80% on most plattforms are male), online dating tends to attract a certain demographic so it lacks validation and it’s not real life. I believe that most women don’t like most men (Guys do that, too.). But I think the top 20% is different for every human, it’s not always the same people.

      Most people in relationships are average and most man make average money (because most people are average) . Would you really marry a guy that you don’t have any attraction to for 2500-3000€ a month? This whole ‘resource’ thing baffles me all the time because most guys don’t have any noticeably resources, they just barley keep the lights on.

    5. Online dating has completely penetrated the market and is nowadays the most popular way of finding both short and long-term partners. Your argument made sense ten years ago. Yet, it no longer holds. Sure, we’re not talking about the same 20%. On the other hand, the spread is not nearly as wide as you may think (or hope). I have addressed this very issue in a recent post.

      Furthermore, your understanding of “average” is off. In terms of income, the average is distorted, which means that the median (!) is below the average. Most men consequently make less than the average.

      What country (and region) do you refer to? 3.000 EUR/month before tax could be solidly middle class or barely enough to scrape by. In other parts of Europe, you’d live like a king with that amount of money. Resources matter for long-term relationships. Plenty of women literally chase after guys who have good jobs.

  6. This thot has a Cleopatra complex. This divorce needs to happen. I want to see as many public spectacles of female nature in action as possible.

  7. Wow……this thread reminds me of my own parent’s divorce when I was only 7. Not too long ago my mom told me that my dad was emotionally abusive. Why? Simply because he told her that no man would want a single mother with 3 kids (of course this was after she already told him that she was leaving).

    He was right. She dated here and there but nothing long lasting (she was in her early 30s when she left him). All I heard from her and my older sisters was feminist bullshit about how “strong” she was for making the decision. I grew up thinking my dad was mean, and that men are pigs.

    It got worse when my mom hit her 40s. The dates for her dried up all together, and I noticed an obsession with cleaning her house which still exists to this day. But hey, “she didn’t need a MAN!”

    Over the years I’ve noticed a softening of how she talks about my dad (He passed years ago). She realizes that he is the only man that ever did or ever will love her. I realise that my dad was not the source of the verbal fights that tormented my childhood (children reflexively favor their mothers in such situations I believe). My mom is an extremely difficult person to deal with. She argues in the typical female fashion (unfair and illogical). And changes her mind at the drop of a hat. Oh well, like I’ve mentioned this place has become like a diary for me lol.

    1. your mom is similar to mine.
      single mom,cleaning obsession and changing her mind on top of a hat,arguing very female like. still my mom have it worse then your mom ,i am only child she game me birth at 35 and never been married ever. i was told my dad is dead but later she admitted that she left him when she was pregnant. and those moms do turn the kids against their dad. luckily my relationship with my mom is good tho.
      also i know my dad is younger then my mother i would assume he was 5-8 man at the time, i am also was told he is 185cm(6 ‘ 1) while i am 177(5 ’10).
      this sucks tho. wish i was taller.

    2. I have other “mommy issues”. About 2-3 years ago my mom started to object to my life decisions and couldn’t just wish me well on my way. It’s like a combination of thinking I’m competition (just ridiculous of course) plus the crab mentality.

    3. 5’10 isn’t bad. I’m 5’11 myself. I look a lot like my dad did before he gained a lot of weight from drinking, eating poorly, and lack of exercise. He was a really handsome and masculine looking man. My sisters stopped even referring to him as “dad” and for years just refer to him by his first name. I never did anything this petty. He had it rougher than myself. He grew up without his own father due to PTSD from WWII, and his mom kicked him out when he was 15. I have a lot in common with him, which is why I think my sisters have so much animosity towards me. He was sensitive and nice to people who were nice to him, but if a guy messed with him he would fuck them up (which is why he lost his job as a Teamster truck driver). I think that was the last straw for my mom, as he wasn’t even a provider any more.

      Have you seen your dad since you found out that he is indeed alive. I’m glad you get along with your mom, but I do think it was wrong that she told you he was dead. My sister simply tells her son that our dad is dead when he inquires about it. He knows nothing about him and even her husband knows nothing. I was only 22 when my dad passed and really wish I had made an effort to contact him. If he was still here I definitely would. It was like I just thought he was gone forever when my parents split even though I could have easily contacted him.

      Those similarities between our respective mothers are stark. It must be a single mom thing. Does she repeat feminist rhetoric like my mom did.

  8. I think in the long term (next generation or so) it might be a good thing that some women never find a partner. My reasoning is this – those women are likely to be bitchy/overly picky with men and would be unhappy no matter what guy they get. Therefore, their negative genes are rooted out as they will never reproduce. It also frees up a guy’s time and money as he ages because he won’t have to deal with those hags or their children. Sure it might suck for a younger guy because he’s not getting consistent sex but once he gets older his life will be a lot easier. Thoughts?

    1. Stupid reasoning. Women who want to get laid can do so if they are persistent enough or lower their standards. Also they can get artificially inseminated.

    2. The welfare state is making sure the worst genes are being passed on en masse. For the time being at least.-

  9. How high is the probability that Hollywood actors like Brad Pitt took it at least once up in the ass to get forward in their career? The casting couch is a thing over there, after all.

    1. I wouldn’t rule it out. Didn’t some male actors who were or are known for their pretty faces allude to that years ago? I vaguely remember reading about that.

    2. I’ve actually wondered if Quinton Tarantino went down on Harvey Weinstein to direct movies. I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but I think Tarantino is highly overrated. How did he get such great casts so early in his career? His casts made his movies even watchable. Again, this is just my opinion. To each his own.

    3. You raise two issues: first, him being overrated. I think this is the case. Take Pulp Fiction: if this movie would use a linear narration, it would be quite mundane. You have to watch it twice for that very reason. This is deliberate obfuscation, and it is very transparent. Yet, there is no shortage of hipsters who waffle about how “creative” that movie is. I found it insufferably pretentious. (Still a pretty good movie, though.) Second, his career is, in my opinion, inexplicable. His first movie, Reservoir Dogs, had a budget of a little over one million. He was an unknown back then. Yet, he managed to enlist several stars for it. How did it happen that he got to work with Harvey Keitel and Steve Buscemi? Did they work for free? Imagine you show up in Hollywood and say that you’ve written a screenplay and now want to work with a bunch of established actors. The agents of those actors would not even laugh at you but simply ignore you.

    4. Thanks Aaron, glad you agree. Tarantino just mixes up the scenes, and somehow this makes him a genius? Nobody else does that not even himself anymore.

      He just injects enough anti-Nazi propaganda to keep his employers happy. It’s ok to say “nigger” as long as you kiss Jewish ass.

    5. I watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood on the weekend, which is pretty long-winded. The 2h40min could have been condensed to 90 minutes with great ease. I think that one is his worst movie yet. Oh, there is of course also a random scene in which a bunch of Nazis get torched with a flame thrower, which has zero relevance to the plot. I would not be surprised if Jewish movie financiers make you include such nonsense in your movie in order to get funding. The budget of that movie was around 100 million bucks (excluding marketing). It completely eludes me what that amount of money was spent on as there are no impressive CGI effects and no monumental set pieces either. Tarantino must have had a bathtub full of coke and a harem of expensive hookers on set for months on end. Supposedly, DiCaprio was paid $10m. Brad Pitt probably a bit less as he wasn’t the main guy and then there was Margot Robbie, who surely was paid less than any of the two. Let’s make a generous back-of-the-envelope calculation and say that they got $20m together. What happened to the other $80m?

    6. I thought Kill Bill was pretty good (good ol’ scene mixing). There’s that one he did about some black woman and I couldn’t sit through it.

    1. Why is Musk a cuck? He got out of his first marriage really cheaply, considering his wealth. Didn’t he also keep his kids?

    2. Have a look at his new pregnant girlfriend, a new thunderstorm is already forming over his head.

    3. I just looked up the girl. I can tell by looking at her, and by the way she revealed the pregnancy, that she will be a terrific mother. If I met this chick in a club or somewhere and she was dtf, I’d treat her like a pure slut. But if I had billions of dollars, I’d never touch a chick of her looks level. #ClownWorld

    4. Upon reflecting on this a bit more, I think one could make a plausible argument that Elon Musk is an insecure dude who gets involved with such women in order to impress other men. It’s a classic captain-save-a-ho move. Look up pictures of the young Elon Musk! That guy was a really unattractive geek who was badly balding. He got a lot of cosmetic surgery done. You can bet that women used to ignore him and that this has shaped his personality.

    5. Don’t take what i’m about to say the wrong way because I believe your analysis os highly plausible, but that’s some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. I’m just thinking about all the Russian and Japanese supermodels I’d be banging out if I were him, instead of prancing around in a suit with some busted goth whore leeching off of me. I’m starting to think that it’s just in some guys biology to be simps.

    6. Simping is the natural state of man, I believe. For at least like 95% or 99% of men. To get out of Simp mode take conscious effort and development.

    7. Impressing other men with this pieces of junk? This guy has to have very very low self-esteem. I recall to read that some of his big shareholders were pissed about his choice in women. There are interviews of this guy were he barley could hold back his tears because of his crazy ex that he married and divorced like 3 times. Diagnosis: co-dependent beta male

    8. Wow, Grimes – a mentally unstable and likely to be drug-addicted music “artist”. Even if this due to overcompensation of insecurities, but man, I’ve considered him intelligent enough not to impregnate such a nutcase, even if she was his freakiest experience in the sack so far…
      Wouldn’t have happened if prostitution was legal in the states.

    1. You can imagine that he has hit rock-bottom if he has decided to vent his grievances in public. The remaining question is for how long he has suffered privately beforehand. I think even one or two years ago compromising pictures were floating around that showed him next to his sweetheart, with him looking dead inside.

    2. Like you said, with him looking dead inside even years ago, he must fully realize now that the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze. It’s a shame that someone like ol’ Harry was never taught about or seemingly never had adequate experience to realize female nature, or to at least select a proper mate. He was in the arguably one of the best possible positions in life to pass on his genes with a high quality mate, and with his social ties and connections always having the upper hand in the relationship should his wife decide to act like an ungrateful cunt. He gave away any leverage he had, probably thinking that his acts of devotion would in turn grant him the witch’s eternal love and affection. That’s what a real man does this day in age after all. Btw, his older brother in comparison seems to be much happier from the few photos I’ve seen of him and his wife together.

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