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Pick-up Artist Jailed for Two Years for Creeping Out Girls

I recently wrote a post about a guy in the UK who is facing up to ten years in jail and may have to register as a sex offender for touching a girl’s elbow. It was a girl he knew from his school, but that did not help him. He just wasn’t good-looking enough. That poor guy is still awaiting his trial. As outlandish as getting sent to jail for being unattractive may sound, there is a recent precedent, which also happened in the UK. A guy who went by the name “Addy A-Game” was sent to the slammer for the same offense: not being considered attractive by the women he approached.

The BBC put out a piece with the title, “‘Pick-up artist’ Adnan Ahmed jailed for two years for threatening behaviour“. This sounds horrible, right? You imagine some dude pulling out a knife, trying to rape one of the many virtuous British girls. So, let’s read this article.

A so-called pick-up artist who targeted “young and vulnerable” women has been jailed for two years. Adnan Ahmed – who called himself Addy A-game – secretly filmed himself approaching dozens of women in Glasgow and Lanarkshire. Ahmed was convicted last month of threatening and abusive behaviour towards five women. The 38-year-old from Maryhill, Glasgow, has also been placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years. Police launched an investigation after his actions were revealed by the BBC’s The Social earlier this year.

What I see here are potential violations of privacy rights, but if he blurred out the faces of the chicks he recorded himself approaching, and manipulated their voice before publishing them online, he should be fine. Getting sent to jail for two years, on top of having to register as a sex offender is quite something. He must have attempted to rape a girl in broad daylight! So, let’s read on:

Five young women, aged between 16 and 21, gave evidence at his trial about how they had been intimidated by Ahmed in Glasgow city centre and in Uddingston, South Lanarkshire.

Wait, what? If some girl feels “intimidated” by you, you end up in court these days?

The trial heard how Ahmed approached two schoolgirls in a secluded lane in Uddingston, South Lanarkshire, in 2016, when they were aged 16 and 17. He called one of them “pretty”, tried to get her phone number and made her feel “uncomfortable” but she walked away.

I got it. If you’re ugly and call a girl pretty, you deserve to go to jail. Right, ladies?

Another woman broke down in court as she described how Ahmed followed her through Glasgow city centre and grabbed her head as he tried to kiss her.

This sentence seems to be missing some details. For how long has he followed her? Has he really grabbed her head? In the worst case, it’s her word against his. From a layman’s perspective, nothing has happened. Also, women are top actors. Plenty of them can cry on command. You have to ignore their performance in court and look at the facts instead.

A social worker who compiled a background report on Ahmed prior to sentencing described his behaviour as “entrenched.” Defence counsel Donna Armstrong said: “The accused accepts he was convicted and will change the way he speaks to women.” His two-year sentence was backdated to January when he was first remanded in custody.

This leaves me speechless. All it takes to end up in custody for ten months — the BBC article was posted in late October — is that a girl doesn’t like how you talk to her. Even if he had not been sent to jail, being taken into custody on such grounds is just as bad. You would wish that the government was as resolute in their fight against thugs.

On his personal homepage, this PUA presents his side of the story, which amounts to claiming that others have done the same, or worse, and didn’t go to jail. What the BBC article does not mention, but “Addy A-Game” himself does is that he had been convicted previously, among others for drug delicts and owning illegal firearms. It could well be that his existing record negatively affected the outcome of his trial as Western judges can dole out punishments quite freely.

Alek Novy did some further digging and found out that the apparent reason for his conviction is “breach of peace”, which is, of course, highly subjective as it only takes someone feeling “fear or alarm.” It’s not as if it takes a lot to find a hysterical or anxious woman to feel threatened by something. If this is the standard, guys could get locked up just for not looking like Chad. I can already see how this will play out: Have a 16-year-old stammer that she felt “really creeped out” when she saw Melvin walking down the street and now she has nightmares and can no longer prepare for her interview at Oxford, or something like that. That’s basically the story of the guy in the other article who may get locked up for ten years.

Imagine what message this sends to regular guys when they read that you nowadays get sent to jail for talking to a girl. If she gets upset because you don’t have the looks of a young Brad Pitt, you may end up for months in custody. Even if you don’t have to go to jail, you may never recover from this in your professional life. Great job, feminists! Enjoy this Pyrrhic victory, but rest assured that once England is a caliphate, which it is well on the way to becoming, you’ll be in for a rough awakening.

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8 thoughts on “Pick-up Artist Jailed for Two Years for Creeping Out Girls

  1. “Great job, feminists! Enjoy this Pyrrhic victory, but rest assured that once England is a caliphate, which it is well on the way to becoming, you’ll be in for a rough awakening.”

    Well put, Sleaze! Although it’s a shame that it’s gonna end like this, nonetheless it’s true. The solution is called ISLAM. And all you woke Western male and female simps out there, you brought it upon yourself:
    “Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.” (to quote “Morpheus” from The Matrix)

    1. How is islam the solution? Islam is a virus that needs to be wiped out in Europe. European men need to have an awakening to take back its countries.

    2. @Deus
      “Demographics is fate”.
      It’s ineviteable. Europe is dead.
      Islam will win, it will self-destruct later. But before that it’ll drag down everything great that Europe has been.
      Time to get our asses outta here.

  2. Nah dude. I live in Canada but roots are in Europe. I’d go fight in a war if it meant saving Europe from Islam. All the alpha males died during World War 1 and 2 and left all the weak betas to run the lands.

    1. That Europe lost its best men in WWI was very commonly stated in 20th-century books. After WWII, of course, we couldn’t acknowledge that we’ve lost great men in this unnecessary war. It is true, though. The bloodshed of these wars has probably sealed the fate of the white race.

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