The Incel Phenomenon Affects Women More than Men

Men are the favorite punching bag of the liberal mainstream, in particular if they are white and straight. While it is not the case that the Incel crowd is defined by skin color — from what I gather, a significant part of it consists of Indians working in the United States — the scorn that is heaped upon them is nonetheless staggering. In fact, the few mainstream articles I read about this scene almost seemed to revel in the fact that all those men cannot get laid and it’s even better if it’s a white man who can’t get his dick wet. Upon closer reflection, though, it strikes me as incredibly short-sighted that the media is making a mockery out of this scene as they ignore that there is a much bigger problem: women who cannot find a partner.

Incels, i.e. involuntarily celibate men, are a direct response of the rampant hypergamy in today’s dating landscape. As we now know, women consider 80% of men subhumans. They all want to only fuck Chad. The effect is that a small percentage of men monopolizes sexual access to women. In turn, women are happy to share such guys with other women. They would rather wait for another quick pump-and-dump than go for a guy who is not in high demand. For short-term dating, it is clear that regular men are the losers, while a small number of men get more pussy thrown at them than they could ever pound.

However, dating does not only exist in the short-term. Eventually, women want to settle down and have kids. Despite all the rhetoric about being stunning and brave by pursuing a career that consists of putting together PowerPoint slides in a cubicle, it is a biological inevitability that women eventually want to have children. Sure, hopping on Chad’s dick once every six weeks may be nice for 26-year-old Becky, but sooner or later it will dawn on her that she will not be able to tie down such a man. This is when she will wonder where all the good men are because nobody will want to put a ring on her finger.

Right now, women can laugh at incels all they want, in particular if Chad blowing a load on them is a recent memory. Yet, incels are a fairly new phenomenon. In earlier times, men and women would pair up early and settle down. Today, incels are the first generation of a changed environment in which women deliberately forego settling down so that they can get pumped and dumped for a decade or two by guys who have no real interest in them. Sure, women like that have existed since time immemorial, but now they have reached a critical mass. We no longer speak of “fallen women” — instead society cheers on those women who go forth and spread their legs.

Today’s Stacy is going to get a bit older. While she had fun fucking Chad, and waiting for her next turn, men she chose to ignore came to grips with their lack of desirability and developed lifestyles in which women play no part at all. The key point is simply that today’s incels would have been determined providers twenty or thirty years ago. Instead, they figure out how to live on their own, without a woman breathing down their neck. Some kick ass at the job, learn new skills in their spare time, and find fulfillment in pursuing various hobbies. Others have ambitions that are more confined to video games and smoking weed. It does not matter how they spend their time because the outcome is the same: if a man spends his teens and twenties being completely ignored by women, chances are quite high that he will stop pursuing them. They just don’t care about them anymore, at least for relationships. Plenty of guys in my corner of the world take weekend trips to Eastern Europe and go wild with the local prostitutes.

The end result of all of this will be that older incels and older women will not be able to enter a relationship. Those women may desperately want to, but the men they are after will have reached a point where they just won’t care anymore. Should Chad want to settle down, he’ll pick a young, healthy woman as opposed to some used up slut.

Now, ask yourself who is able to do better on their own, men or women? In general, women are more extroverted than men, which means that they will be screwed. Being an extrovert means nothing more than requiring external stimuli and external validation. If you’re an extrovert, you may not have many intellectual interests or hobbies that fulfill you. Instead, other people make you feel fulfilled. This is why older single women report a “void” in their life, while your typical male without a partner, provided at least a slightly above average IQ, will have too much to do, and too many interests to pursue. There is already plenty of evidence of this. The most striking one is that the number of women in their 30s or 40s who are on anti-depressants has been skyrocketing, just like the number of women in those age categories who commit suicide. Thus, the real victims of inceldom are women, not men.

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13 thoughts on “The Incel Phenomenon Affects Women More than Men

  1. But wouldn’t most women rather rot alone than be stuck with some old dorky guy? Also, I see plenty of women in late 30s having no trouble locking down guys.

    1. LOL. You must live in a parallel universe. Maybe go to a dating event for people above the age of 30. You’ll find that men are a distinct minority there.

    2. I’m a 35 yo guy with a GF but see plenty of women my age who just refuse to settle down, I dated one like a year ago who was early 30s and like that. I’m not saying you guys are wrong, but some women just don’t seem to care at all about men.

    3. “Like a year ago”, “like that” — if there is one linguistic marker that is specific to the sexes, then it is the inflationary use of “like” and other fillers. Anyway, it does not matter what those women say. They will simply end up, in the vast majority of cases, as spinsters. It is also quite likely that they simply phrase their inability to secure a man as, “not wanting to settle down”, which is about as absurd as some guy saying that he refuses to have sex with some super-hot chick who would be way out of his league to begin with. Aesop covered this topic in one of his fables.

    4. Thanks for answering my question, but why do you have such a hard time believing that I am a guy and what I’m saying is true? Aaron and Alex, if you want I can send you an email with pics and explain the situation better as it has bothered me for some time. I have moved on and am dating a great girl from eastern Europe but still think about that one from time to time.

    5. Richard, aaron will probably ask you to have a consultation to speak about personal issues.

      Anyway, i wanted to give my 2 cents here: i think that it is true that older women still can have a lot o attention if they want. But from what kind of guy? I was skimming trough facebook profiles, there are a lot of milfs (40-50) that pose in pictures like teens and that get thousands of likes. But if you analyze who these men are, you will easily conclude that they are undesiderable.

      So it is true that they would probably be able to lock one of these, but they simply dont register them in their radar, same thing for men about women they dont find attractive

    6. I thought about sending an email but bottom line is the girl wasn’t interested enough, better just to move on and forget than ask ‘why’.

  2. This is why I always scorn the fact that older women are easier to met..on the one hand it’s great they are friendlier but in the back of your mind you know are just that great big bag holder … . lol

    1. Emma Watson is a great warning example for women. I don’t think she is particularly good-looking, but she certainly could have settled down with a decent guy in her early twenties. There are plenty of examples of successful child actors faring horribly later in life. She may join them.

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