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71 thoughts on “Open Thread #49

    1. lmao i entered tinder 2 weeks ago so far those hoes macthes aint responding to my messages, only one was interested.
      yet how much guys this hoe chats in her matches?

  1. So a “relationship doctor” recommends that you “cuck up” for Christmas and give your wife a hall pass so that she can have all the dicks in the world for an entire day while the husband is… I don’t know… Watching out after the kids at home I guess, or something else which she is not bothered to do…
    She also said that a lot of women are interested in the idea.
    Even though commenters are bashing her idea, somehow I think that this type of idiocy will just continue to be pushed until it’s considered as something normal.

    Disgusting to say the least.

    1. This happens to middle-aged white women all over the world, so let’s not blame only the German ones. I looked into this scene a little bit some time ago. It is indeed shocking who deluded those women are, ignoring countless red flags. The bigger issue are those who find their black or brown lover in Africa who fucks them for money, and they keep sending them money, similar to a long con. I hear that this is similar to what Thai hookers pull off with Western tourists.

    2. >>The bigger issue are those who find their black or brown lover in Africa who fucks them for money, and they keep sending them money, similar to a long con. I hear that this is similar to what Thai hookers pull off with Western tourists.<<

      Yes, here we have some double standards: The man who pays some thai hookers for sex / love is being labeled as disgusting pedophilic rapist ("cut off his dick!"), the woman who pays some african lover is being labeled as poor victim.

  2. even ugly thots give me a hard time ,dont want to come to my city ,you have some advice?
    have this thot saying she feels like a slut if she comes over to my town and then i needs to come to her.
    “everytime i came to the guy it ended in sex i feel such a whore i wont come to you”, i guess i am not chad enough.
    met this one on fb with a fake profile without pic
    though did show her myself.
    she gave me number but isnt willing to come
    should i drop or try and after 3 days drop her off?

  3. Looks like Justin Wayne is back. Wonder when he will admit it is money or status that gets these girls, and not game (if I remember correctly, he was somehow connected to MTV):

    1. I exposed Justin Wayne on my old blog, based on information I received from a girl he tricked. He only claimed to be involved with MTV. This was his entire shtick.

  4. Hi Aaron. Martin the escort customer here again.
    Also huge fan of your blog and books. (read 2 of them)

    I have something that might interest you.

    2 years ago I fucked an escort, very standard.
    Later I wrote a review about her on a escort review board.
    Another user asked me “is she this girl from this TV show”.

    And yes, she was in TV, in one of those “bachelor” shows, where lot of hot girls offering themselfes to some male models.
    But she was on the show after I booked her.

    In the show, she of course presented herself as the innocent cute girl, waiting for Mr. right.
    At this point she must have had at least 100+ customers in her escorting side job.
    I also later found her on facebook, she found a boyfriend after she quit with the whoring (she was not on the escort agency anymore).
    He obviously knew nothing about her past.

    How much would you guess is the % of hot girls who are doing something like this (or camwhoring) on the side ?
    I would guess it’s quite high, what is your opinion about this ?

    I also wonder if this even matters today, because even girls who don’t sell their bodies probably had 100 dicks after a few years.

    1. Great comment! I think the numbers are pretty high in big cities. I would not be surprised if it was between 25 – 30%. Among the more attractive women, I would not at all be surprised if it was in excess of 50%. To use one figure, published by Seeking Arrangement (cf. In 2019, the University of Cambridge had over 1,000 part-time whores registered. Now, take into account that the average woman at this university, as I can confirm based on first-hand experience, is more likely to be unattractive than the opposite, and that it is safe to assume that only the more attractive among the female student population sign up for SeekingArrangement. Thus, I consider it safe to assume that around half of the hot female students at Cambridge make some money on the side by spreading their legs. On top, there are other ways to find sugar daddies or to make money with whoring, such as IRL escort agencies, strip joints, or just going to expensive London nightclubs, looking for some guy to milk dry, literally and figuratively.

    2. I once bumped into an ex of mine that had since become an escort. I would be suspicious of any attractive woman that inexplicably has lots of money. If she doesn’t have a good job or rich parents then something is up.

    1. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan as I find him quite long-winded. He’s also a pretty shallow thinker. On top, based on the few interviews I’ve listened to, which are casual conversations, I gained the impression that he does not like to challenge people very much. If I were a cynic, I’d say that Joe Rogan offers a platform for megalomaniacs to pontificate to the world about how great they am.

  5. Former famous rapper annually virginity tests his daughter to check if her hymen is still intact.

    “Performing this medically unnecessary and harmful test violates several human rights and ethical standards including the fundamental principle in medicine to ‘do no harm’. WHO recommends that this test should not be performed under any circumstances.”

    To the above, maybe so. But I don’t hear the media outcry for the millions of boys that have been forced to undergo circumcision. I’ve also never heard of a case before of a woman dying or having part of her vagina amputated from virginity testing either.

    1. The trailers were horrible. The movie is a box office disaster. Reviews ripping the movie to shreds are probably a lot more entertaining than the movie itself.

    2. The movie is horrible. Watched it yesterday on fmoviez. Feminist crap fest galore. A shame that James Cameron had a part in this…

    3. John Connor is killed off in the first few minutes. And the savior is now a Latina with the stature of a hobbit. Oh well, ‘go woke, go broke’.

      Apparently there are plans to make a female “John Wick” film given the John Wick films have made so much money. Of course, if it does bad, it’ll be due to toxic masculinity. If it does well, it will have nothing to do with free-riding off the John Wick name.

    1. It depends on your goals. If you’re writing serious books and want to gain some mainstream recognition, you are arguably better off with a regular publisher. Otherwise, publishing via Amazon’s Kindle platform is fine.

  6. I would like someone to share their experience about paying hookers, brothels, sex tourism…

    Things like: pay upfront or after, when and if to discuss the prices, how to organize a sex trip, famous forums/communties about that, what to look out, how to find agencies/brothels etc…

    I have had 2 experiences, 1 good and one not so good, maybe because i paid upfront

    1. Only done it once and my experience was good. I live in SE Asia though. Paid for the “massage” upfront (she did actually massage me for a bit, hence the phrase “happy ending” as it’s the ending for the massage). Paid for the sexual goodies after. Got the price for the HJ and BJ beforehand, but didn’t pay until after. She offered to fuck me for the price of the BJ.

      I had a good experience.

      I’d stick to word of mouth from sane people you trust as far as finding these places. Just my opinion.

    2. There are a few forums, but you have to keep in mind that prostitutes are not inanimate objects. Their performance can be highly variable. If she’s into you, she may fuck your brains out and offer anal on the house, but if not, she’ll just go through the motions. Or what if she’s super horny because she’s on her favorite drug with one guy, but with the other, she’s suffering from a massive hangover? Thus, you can’t take review sites at face value.

      If you want to use review sites, I’d look for consistency in the feedback, but you should also be aware that anybody can write a review, so it may be fake. Thus, it is arguably better if you saw hookers lined up in person, so that you can assess if you like them and if they react positively to you. Sure, they’ll all pretend to, but they are still women. I recall one street hooker in Berlin who beamed when she saw me walking past and tried chatting me up, while she ignored dozens of guys who walked past her before that. I spoke to her for a bit, just for giggles. Then I asked her how much and for what services, but when I flinched upon hearing the prices, she hastily added that we may be able to negotiate and that I’d get a freebie as a first-time customer on top. Sure, this could have been a routine, but I don’t believe it because you see the same behavior in jaded club sluts who may have had as much dick as some prostitutes. When a woman is really into you, she’ll act differently, and that’s nothing she can fake.

    3. I was looking about pattaya sex tourism guide. I have made only shallow research but it seem to me that things changed during years. Prices got higher, quality of girls lower.

      I read that sex can range from 1500 baht up to 4000 depending on amount time and quality girl. That is excluding all the other costs (bar fines, drinks, entrance, meals etc…) That is about € 50 up to € 120. To me it seem doesnt really worth it. Here in italy i can have decent sex starting from € 100 up to € 250 for top model quality. Better yet you can find in germany or any eastern europe country. Even greece could be a good option.

      Its sad, i mean i remember some tv interviews where guys said that they used to go in pattaya and have sex multiple times a day for about as little as € 15-20 per shot, its sad tha those times are over

    4. Here in italy i can have decent sex starting from € 100 up to € 250 for top model quality

      That sounds very nice. Are those prices you get just by default or do you have to be in the know and barter?

      Just to confirm. So this is for good to amazing quality? Basically 100 euros gets you good quality?

      Are those girls you get on the street? From connections? From an escort agency?

    5. What i am referring to are Independent escorts and agency escorts. Which are top quality you can get.

      You can easily find them online if you know how to skim trough the fake profiles.

      For independents, prices start from 50 up to 150 for 30min.
      They range from poor quality to medium/high.

      Agency have top girls, model tier. Prices start from 150 for 30min and 200 for 1h.

      Street whore mongering is very adventurus: you can find hookers of varied quality, prices are usually very low.

      I think best option is agency or find trusted good quality independents

    6. Can you post a link as an example, where one can see what these 100 euro escorts look like?

      Try to go for one link, as the software will probably moderate your comment if you post multiple links. Thanks.

    7. Lucas, please post multiple links. If it gets flagged as spam, I’ll take care of it. I think that in the spirit of collaborative investigating we get multiple sample pictures. If it is indeed true that you can fuck a solid 8 for 100 to 150 Euros in Italy, then casual dating must be dead, maybe with the exception of college students who are on a tight budget.

    8. I will post the book from the only one i went to but you should keep in mind two things: i am an incel so my standards about women may be very stretched. And that i live in napoli. Here there are a lot less escorts than in roma or milano. Less escorts = worse quality = sometimes higher prices.

      Anyway, here:

      for my ratings, she is a solid 8 even if she is 29. I rarely meet women like that on the streets.

      For that, cost start from € 100.

      If you want to spend at least € 150, you can have agency girls (in roma and milano). They are much better quality:

      If you want to spend less than € 100, you will have mostly milf escorts or normal everyday girls.In my opinion, in this case you are better off looking for a street hooker. You can find hotties on the streets for € 30-50-70. But you need patience and also there is risk to be caught from police.

      Dating is far from dead: people here prefer to buy dinners and stuff to girls in the hope that she will give them sex. Some even go far to say that they do it because they like and enjoy to make the girl happy this way and that they are “seducing her”. I cringed so hard when i heard it.

      Also i recall one episode where one guy proudly said to a group of people that he 1 time every month go to an expansive club. He said that he spend € 150. I dont know if only for entrance or drinks included but its a lot of money anyway. He said that there girls are very “easy” but that sex its not guaranteed and that you “need to be a good gamer anyway”. Basically implying that he doesnt get sex everytime he go, which is very stupid if you think about it because these girls probably work for the club to lure guys like him.
      I mean, how stupid you need to be to have a plan like that.

      What i am trying to say is that its not money the problem, guys here throw a lot of money already. They need to feel that they have “won” the girl. They just cant see themself to handle money to a girl to have her spread her legs directly. Even if they do, they need the “girlfriend experience”.

    9. Thanks for posting this. The first link seems to only work if you have an account on that site. The third one would be more my type than the second one, but both are certainly way above the quality of a regular girl. Banging such a girl for 150 euros seems like a really good price. As we’ve discussed before, and you also mention in your post, you can spend a lot more on a woman looking not nearly half as good while getting nothing in return.

    10. Something must have gone wrong when I clicked on the first link the first time. Anyway, I had a look at her. She would not be worth 150 euros, in my opinion.

    11. If it is indeed true that you can fuck a solid 8 for 100 to 150 Euros in Italy, then casual dating must be dead

      That was my exact reaction. If hotties go for 100-150 euros in Italy, that changes everything, fundamentally. My second thought then is “I have to see some evidence of this “.

    12. The first one is just a six with tons of makeup.

      The third one however… let’s just say that if I lived in Italy* and I could bang girls like her for 150 euros.. I’d never bother with with trying to get free sex ever again.

      Reason I say this is because looking at average Italian salary… that’s just a day’s work. Average daily earnings….

    13. “The first one is just a six with tons of makeup.”

      I kind of prefer the body type of the first one to the third one. But I’d bang all three for 150 euros each.

    14. The theory that guys with low amount of sexual experience tend to over value women appearance is once again confirmed i suppose. I need to start working asap so i can go there weekly.

      Still, not joking when saying you hardly meet someone hotter than the first girl. That make you understand how critical the situation is

    15. Lucas, could you post some more pictures of the third girl? I’d like to get a better look at her face.

    16. Overdrive, just search on google escortofitaly and you can look at all the girls.

      Also just wanted to clarify, first girl is example of medium quality which cost 100€.

      Second and third are examples of the top quality and start from €160 (30m) and 200 (1h)

    17. This is beyond ridiculous. I wonder if she has any takers. You can find women like that at your local dive bar. They buy you drinks, pay for the cab, and fuck you for free.

    18. Thats not uncommon, useless to say that you should stay away from that. Nonetheless,its laughable the quality of girls / prices on that sites. If that is common in the usa, you’re fucked i presume.

      Btw, stay away from any woman who dont show their face in the pictures, big red flag

    19. Just found this and wanted to provide some info about the quality you can get in Austria.
      I’m regular escort customer, fuck around 1-2 per week.

      Here are some of my current favorites:

      The first two are 170€/hour, the second two 250€/hour.

      They all look very close in reality to the pictures, and have very nice faces as well.

      For that price you get kissing, sex as much as you want (with condom) blowjobs without condom. Most also do anal for extra pay (like,+50-100) if you are into that.

      Especially this Amy girl, she is like the best whore I ever had. She is super enthusiastic and makes it seem like you are the greatest guy who ever walked on the planet. Like she sucks on your dick while looking into your eyes with this super sexy look.

      In Austria/Germany we also have FKK sauna clubs which have even better quality, but I prefer to fuck at my appartment, so I’m not that much into them.

    20. By “as much sex as you want” you’re implying that you’re taking viagra. Otherwise, most guys would find it difficult to bang a chick three times an hour or so.

      Why do FKK sauna clubs have women of better quality? I find this surprising as the prices there are lower, if I’m informed correctly.

    21. Some whores have the rule that you pay for exactly 1 time, so you cum and that’s it.
      The escorts I book from the agencies, you just pay them per hour so if you want again in that period, you can.
      I mostly do 1 1/2 hour bookings these days because that is enough for me to have 2 times sex

      The whores in the FKK sauna clubs a very hot on average, because they have to walk around naked it creates a little bit of competition, an average girl would not get any customers there.

      With escorting you have to be more careful, the images are often fake and lot of average women hide there
      (the idea is, some horny guy books them, then she is not nearly as hot in reality, but because the guy is horny and she is already there, he still does it with her… so this tatctic works for them)

      But the problem with the sauna clubs is, because most of the customeres there are one-timers (tourists) it creates a minimal service mindset in the whores, basically they just try to to the minimal work for the maximum amount of money.

      and also I just prefer having sex in my own bed

    22. Thanks for the elaboration. I think I’d go for the sauna club and behave like a gentleman. I’d assume that this would lead to better service. Besides, what kind of choice is it to pay less for a hotter woman? I’m saying this half-jokingly as I understand your argument. Also, I don’t think I’d like the idea of inviting a whore to my place. How could anyone trust them?

    23. Well, the thought that she could scout out my appartment and later send her chad boyfriend to steal something (or she could just take it) certainly occured to me.
      But I’m quite a minimalist I have nothing worth much at my appartment anyways.
      Also the agency I use has a very good reputation, so I see it as very unlikely.
      I just guessed I don’t have to be so paranoid.
      And if my neighbors find out I don’t give a fuck. It’s not illegal what I do so they canont do anything anyways.

      Actually, my neighbor is a super ugly man and has a super ugly wife.
      One day, an escort came to my appartment, and she had the super slut outfit. High heels, nice miniskirt, top, all that stuff.
      And she was walking up to my appartment and my neighbor observed it.
      The look on his face was so priceless… like a mix of envy and hate and hopelessness. Was a great experience 😀

      You know all the people in my appartment complex are those ultra conservative family people.
      I like the idea of me ordering whorse every week like pizza and they cannot do anything against me 😀

    24. I had to laugh when I read your comment. The episode with your neighbor would fit right into a music video (if they’d still make them) or a porn movie, as a prelude (if they cared about setting up a story). I hope you can hear me clap through your screen. Well done!

    1. I think he is great and I hope that he’ll become the Prime Minister of Italy once again. My favorite Salvini moment is him addressing a crowd of pro-migration activists and telling them that they should leave their addresses and he’ll make sure to burden them with a few illegal immigrants each, and all the expenses this will entail. When Salvini goes off the script, he’s fantastic. I would even say that he is the most charismatic politician in Europe today.

  7. Aaron

    How easy is it to lay/fuck strippers and pornstars if you meet them at a strip clubs? Is it just a matter of asking “how much?”.

    There’s an enormous amount of PUA literature about hooking up with strippers. You have always emphasized the idea that girls are either going to be attracted to you or not, as well as the importance of physical escalation.

    For the most part, a lot of these girls will often engage in light hearted foreplay just to get the guy to spend more money – just simply teasing him away. I’ve gone to strip clubs intermittently. However, every time I try to escalate the interaction, I’m always met with some sort of verbal objection. For instance

    “I need to be in a relationship to have sex”
    “A lot of customers, don’t expect anything in return. They genuinely care about me”
    “I don’t have sex for money. Sex is so special and intimate”.

    Is this how strippers would milk their customers, hoping they would buy into her verbal objections and possibly get them to spend more money, or is it simply the case that she may not be attracted to the guy enough despite how much money he may spend on her?

    1. From what I know, sex with strippers is normally negotiable. Yes, their primary objective is to milk you for as much money as possible while giving you very little in return. However, if you are upfront and say that you’d pay a certain amount for sex, I’d be surprised if you didn’t get a fair number of takers. “Stripper game” was simply the further evolution of a scam, a scam on top of another scam, in fact, considering that the very idea of “game” as they teach it is nonsense.

      Forget about spending smaller amounts for lap dances, hoping that this would lead to free sex. Instead, make a clear offer: 100$ for 30 min, or something like that. I bet that they will change their tune right away. You’ll see all her objections evaporate.

  8. How do you deal with stds from kissing?

    this issue becomes a problem for me , all the last girls i have been with come kissing me on their on and this last time i started to develop some symptoms(mild brain inflamation,skin bumps,nasal congestion).

    is there an east way to protect myself from stds via kissing.?

    1. Besides refusing to let her kiss you? The best you can do is get vaccinated against orally transmitted diseases/infections like the flue and HPV. There is no vaccine against herpes yet and that stays with you for life, so…

    2. Another issue is mononucleosis. There is no vaccination against that either. On the plus side, it is certainly possible to have sex with women without kissing them.

    3. if you bring mononucleosis up , i got it when i was in 4th grade and didnt grow an inch from 4-6th grade
      lost my height advantage and remained average height since then to my adult mode.
      coincidentally my asocial/autistic/anxiety tendencies started at that time.
      this disease is garbage and i got a very bad timing with it.

    4. I’m sorry to hear that. Mononucleosis can be brutal. I’m quite surprised how little awareness there seems to be around it, considering how easily you can get it and how much it can mess you up.

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